ANP Report for November 23, 2004

Racial Comrades: With "91" of ZOG's paid mercenaries killed in
November so far in Iraq alone, and an untold number "wounded" (how
many disfigured for life...?) for those of us who lived through the
Vietnam times...this is all becoming very "deja-vu." The U.S. loses
"6" and claims "6,000" of the enemy...soon, Iraq will be totally
"de-populated"! LOL WHO actually BELIEVES these stories and staged
"photo ops" served up for the public sheeples consumption? Now we
have another story of Iraqi POW wounded being shot and killed in
front of the PRESS no less! Was this just a fluke, OR was it staged
for a REASON? Remember back in the old "War Movies" how the Americans
were always so "GALLANT" and so "CORRECT" in their behavior towards
the enemy...well, we of course know that it was a load of crap...but,
that was at least "HOW" the ZOG Mercs were PORTRAYED. Then along came
jew Spielberg with HIS versions of war, and HE "let it all hang out"
gleefully, gloatingly! Those evil Nazi bastards were killed no
matter if they were wounded, OR surrendered...and if they WERE
dead...hell, shoot'em AGAIN! Oy Veh! Was this attitude by accident or prepare the mindset of the Aryan kids send out as
cannon-fodder to destroy the other enemies of Judah....or simply the
"realistic attitude" of a hollywood jew towards the wars created by
his kind? I tend to believe its a trend and NOT a "mistake" or
aberration. LOOK at WHO Emperor Bush recently chose to replace Holy
Roller Ashcroft...a frigging MEXICAN...who believes that the GENEVA
CONVENTION is "outmoded and anachronistic" in today?s world! After
CENTURIES of WAR, Aryan man came along and at least AGREED to a FEW
"rules" that were thought to make "civilized man" less of a savage
barbarian on the battlefield...poison gas was outlawed, wounded
POW's were to be treated in as humane a fashion as possible, etc...
EVEN evil old "Uncle Adolf" has NEVER been accused of violating
the Geneva Convention, except against the Soviet Union, who never
agreed or signed, or followed said Convention. Just as the jew and
his "values" have decomposed and infected our Aryan Folk and, the jew wishes to subvert his "tamed Aryans" who fight
as mercenaries for him...into bloodthirsty, intolerant killers, who
have no pity or remorse for whatever action they are paid to commit.
So be it; because when a LOT of these young Aryans COME HOME, after
their eventual DISCHARGE...and SEE, and personally EXPERIENCE the
sorry "FUTURE" that awaits them here in the "Homeland"...I'm certain
that a fair number will be willing to give the corrupt, capitalist
SYSTEMITES and their ZION MASTERS a bit of the same stick that they
were taught. You see, these "wars" are PROVIDING the Resistance with
what we have so desperately NEEDED for so long...FUTURE POTENTIAL
SOLDIERS! The "WWII, Vietnam Era, etc" military fodder were able to
be BOUGHT OFF with at LEAST a potential of a "good economic life,"
with all that, that entails to keep them SILENT and "DRONE-LIKE." WHAT
are these youngsters likely to face? The very SAME that ALL White
Working Class people are facing...economic OBLIVION. DECENT PAYING
JOB anymore, as so MANY "White Collar" jobs are being sent overseas by
greedy capitalist systemites, I don't THINK so. So we are going to
have tens of thousands of ANGRY, TRAINED, and "what the hell" YOUNG
PEOPLE finally (and don't forget all the trained NON-Whites as well,
who will ALSO hate the system), who are going to be LOOKING for an
OUTLET for their frustrations and inability to not only NOT "get
ahead in life"...they won't even be "living the lifestyle" of their
PARENTS, with whom they grew up and were spoiled! Never underestimate
the GREED of this SELFISH, MATERIALIST current generation. They MIGHT
not fight for "honor," or "principals"...BUT, "getting theirs" vs. the
"other guy" is right up their alley. Come on, let's face it
honestly. "MONEY" or lack of it creates a LOT of "opportunities" for
life's little goodies...or, NOT getting said "goodies" it WOMEN,
CARS, HOMES, name it...being "POOR" really stinks. I
think that a LOT of Whites are going to start EXPERIENCING just what
"living like a nigger" means (the difference being, that they aren't
USED to existing that way, eh?). Because let's face it Whitey, the
SYSTEM has YOU chosen for a NEW ROLE...that of "WHITE NIGGER"...and
WHAT are YOU going to "DO" about it! They figure, per your actions up
to the present...NOTHING. YOUR "leadership" (MEANING the "MOVEMENTS")
up to the PRESENT day, still is more interested in SELLING you the
latest TRINKET-LINE, than advocating and preparing you for the
Homeland Wars to come. By the way, that reminds me....IF YOU HAVE ANY
UNNAMED...please forward me that factual information, thanks. Folks, I
of course may be "WRONG" here, but when Mighty-Whitey starts making
"BUSINESS DEALS" with NIGGER "RAPPERS"...sorry, but "I" can't stomach
that...CAN YOU? Or, is there ANYTHING that these PATRIOTS for PROFIT
can't do in YOUR minds, that isn't "OK"? The November Issue of The
White Worker Newsletter is in the mail, along with the new ANP Policy
Pamphlet "Do jews really control the media?"...the next ANP Policy
Pamphlet will be concerned with suggestions on SURVIVAL in the up and
coming COLLAPSE that we forecast, in the Jew-S-A's approaching future.
You may receive these "Policy Pamphlets" in an ANP Info Pack which
contains the complete set produced so far, along with other
items...for a $5 donation to our National Office. A subscription to
The White Worker Newsletter is a $20 donation for a one year
subscription. Unlike many in the "Right-wing\Con-servative" camp,
who moan and groan over every atrocity committed against White racial
interests... we who are dedicated to eventual Aryan Revolutionary
activity, believe that unfortunately...WORSE is BETTER" as much,
that IF old Whitey REFUSES to LISTEN, LEARN, and AWAKEN (especially
after ALL the "EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES" that the Struggle has wasted
time upon over the last 50 years...time AND resources that would have
been much better spent on laying the groundwork and assembling the
needed resources needed to build a framework of REAL RESISTANCE
designed to seize the future for OUR children)...well, he will
simply HAVE to FEEL and EXPERIENCE that which WILL get him and her up
off their complacent ass and "GET INVOLVED." Comrades, OUR CHILDRENS'
BIRTHRIGHT and FUTURE, has honestly been TALKED to DEATH by the
"movement" that was intended to ACHIEVE and PROVIDE those 14 WORDS.
The movement's "Barnums and Showmen," the ENTERTAINERS, the
PEDDLERS for PROFIT, the "Book Writers & E-mail addicts," ...LOOK
AROUND you SEE ANYONE "preparing" YOU for what IS coming?
Well, THAT is the reason of being in the American Nazi Party. We are
not here to "entertain" you, we are not here to sell a "product
line," we are not even here to "educate" you...hell, there are tens
of thousands of you out there who ALREADY have a "Graduate Degree" in
what you NEED to KNOW. We exist to get YOU up and OFF YOUR ASS,
working, sacrificing and preparing to get ACTIVE to SECURE
YOUR CHILDRENS FUTURE. A people that is so far gone, that they will
refuse to ACT for their a DEAD entity. And although there
ARE a LOT of white MAGGOTS crawling all over the poor, diseased
"body" of Aryan Man...there is also a growing number who are getting
mad as hell, and are readying those "Flame-Throwers" to REMOVE the
vermin. Which are YOU...a maggot that CONSUMES, FORNICATES, and
DIES...or is YOUR finger on the button? For White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

ANP Staff Note - A sincere thanks, to those who participated in the ANP Fall
Fund Appeal. Your "Vote of Confidence" in $upport of our efforts, is
gratefully appreciated! Without YOUR aid we couldn't continue to
build for the future.

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