ANP Report for November 12, 2004

Racial Comrades: Recently I received a message from a Comrade who
was feeling despondency over the fact that after all he had
attempted, "he had recruited no-one locally" in his area over to the
Cause. My answer to him is important I believe, as just about ALL of
us...especially those of us who have been involved "in this" for a
long period of time (like myself, who first joined Rockwell's ANP
back in 1967 as a kid at 16) ...face "burn-out" because of the lack
of any real success over the years, after all our dedicated work and
sacrifices. After being involved for about four decades, I came to
the realization that our WHOLE PREMISE of operation was INCORRECT.
The "masses" did NOT care, do NOT care, and until they FEEL the
"heat" THEMSELVES...won't really give a rat's ass about all our "facts
& figures"...or TRUTHS either. We HAVE to ACCEPT that we the Racially
Aware and economically oppressed, angry White Working Class...are a
very small MINORITY in America at this time...and are ON OUR OWN,
when it comes to seizing the future for our children. And I'll even
take it a step further, UNLESS you personally are lucky enough to
have a TRULY TRUSTED Comrade or Cell of Comrades...who have PROVEN
themselves...YOU are on your own, as well. Listen, when you recruited recruited the very BEST asset for the Struggle that you
ever will. Forget about all the "others" out there and concentrate on
MOTIVATING that one individual that YOU can totally count upon...the
man or woman in the mirror! This person will never "turn you in," or
"narc on you." This person will "do" WHATEVER you command them to.
This person will never LIE or LET YOU DOWN, when they have "given
their word." This person will never "promise" you anything, and not
come through in the end. "ARMY of ONE." IF each of the
THOUSANDS of people in the "Movement" QUIT worrying about the
"others"...and INSTEAD concentrated on their OWN actions and
accountability ...we would be half way there. Comrades, often that's
how I myself have battled my own despondency when faced with all the
issues that I have faced daily over the years. If I let all the let
downs of broken pledges and "promises" from people get to me, I
wouldn't be here today. But, I have come to the hard conclusion that
"what I get" from various people who "support our efforts" is "icing
on the cake" and the multitude of lies, bullcrap, and lukewarm "atta
boys" that regularly swamp our time and efforts as the norm...well, I
"DO what I can DO" with the people and resources on hand, and let it
go at that. You see, unlike the large majority of posers and
hobbyists in the movement...who dabble and play around...I really
BELIEVE in what I promote, or I guess I wouldn't have "lasted" almost
40 years involvement as a National Socialist activist. I only honestly
regret all those years when I wasted so much time and effort being in
the "play pen" of FANTASY "dress-up" and right-wing reactionaries
that I was involved in. But at least I experienced it...and WOKE UP!
So many in the movement, STILL after 50 years of FAILURE of achieving
even ONE serious SUCCESS...insist on treading along that tired,
well-worn path. It reminds me of a string of ducks going across the
road that I met coming home from work the other day. Luckily for them
the traffic stopped so that they could behind the
other...or their "leader" would have led them to being scrunched in a
blind march to their doom. That's what our Cause has been like for
DECADES! "Because" that's the way it was done...we MUST continue along
that same old worn out path of FAILURE...simply BECAUSE that's the way
it was done. DUH! Do "Americans" have STUPID branded across their
foreheads?! Look at ZOG over in Iraq. Now their amazed that the Iraqi
Patriots are not "fighting to the death, Ala the Alamo" in Falluja. DUH,
these people are GUERRILLAS you idiots, they fight when and where
THEY choose...not in a pitched battle with overwhelming enemy
superiority...and kill their foes in 1's, 2's, wearing them down and
costing ZOG billions, while they can operate on a shoestring -
ATTRITION. It WORKS...Vietnam PROVED that. Yet, "our movement" STILL
wants to play the "demonstrate, protest, whine" game...when SOMEBODY
HAS TO CARE for that to work...and sorry kiddies, NOBODY DOES.
ESPECIALLY not the system in POWER. I sometimes get letters from
folks asking "why" I denigrate "others in the movement" as "fantasy,
role-playing re-enacters." Well alright, I'll give you a clear
example of WHY I identify these sorry individuals thusly. Recently I
received a "press release" from a costume wearing group calling
themselves the "nsm." In it, their "Commander" Jeff announced that he
and the nsm would be running for PRESIDENT in 2008. Now if THAT isn't
DELUSIONAL FANTASY...I don't understand what IS! There must have been
either a pretty hefty buzz going on the night that was written and
sent out, OR the medication wasn't holding...because I really would
hate to believe that these people REALLY think that they're going to
even get on the ballot in 2008. Sad, but what irritates me the most
is not that these guys with their brown, Dickies work shirts and
Chinese made arm-bands BELIEVE that we the White Working Class can
"VOTE" our way out of this increasingly hideous hell-hole called the
"U.S."....but, that MOST of the people in the "movement" still do
ALSO! What is the matter with you people? If Bush and his capitalist
cronies can STEAL TWO ELECTIONS in a row (and believe me, they
did--not that their opponents were any better, lol) how can ANYONE
have ANY "faith" in this SYSTEM and its rackets any longer? Although
I still wonder how the "movement" at large, can STILL have any FAITH
in its so-called BUSINESSMEN-"LEADERSHIP"...who seem that they will
DO almost ANYTHING to get a plug in the JEWS-MEDIA, no matter how
RIDICULOUS or IMPOTENT they are made to appear by their ENEMIES.
Its DISGUSTING to what "LEVEL" these people will go to "get a
headline." I hear that poor Matt Hale is going to have to suffer
through having a bevy of "prominent movement personalities" show up
in the courtroom, at his up-coming sentencing. (On a side note: Any of these
important fella's visited CHESTER DOLES lately, or the ORDER
COMRADES, just to mention a few...? Naw, not too "newsworthy", eh.)
Now isn't THAT just what you would wish for, a bunch of publicity
seeking media whores putting on a spectacle when your facing the
hammer. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, but of course they
never are...they live like parasites off this "publicity"...BECAUSE
so many of you are so MISGUIDED that when they hold this crap up to
you as "activity," you act like sheeple and OPEN up your WALLETS in
gratitude thinking "I saw so and so on the JEW TUBE last night, they
MUST be "doing something"...never mind that being PUBLICITY WHORE tactic
was what GOT Matt Hale INTO this mess in the first place. LOOK people,
whether you wish to accept it or not...we are in a WAR for SURVIVAL
against this SYSTEM that is out to obliterate the WHITE WORKING
parade yourself around like a WALKING TARGET to be taken out...unless
your a FRAUD set up to "OUT OTHERS" or BRAINDEAD. You don't WIN a WAR
STYLES," Oh-oh, there goes the movement "businessmen/profiteers"
way of life because they can't make a living when it's for REAL because
who NEEDS all the "TOYS". The "problem" with being an advocate of
"Direct Action" vs. "playing the reactionary game" of show and tell...
is OBVIOUS to any thinking individual. A Direct Actionist CANNOT boast
about their activities and are suicidal if they try. They must simply
do their work and figure that the accolades will come after the smoke clears
and they "succeed." It's the same in any war, 99% of those who
REALLY soldiered on and carried the REAL brunt of the struggle and
got dirty, are unknown and unrewarded. It will be the same in these
Homeland Wars as well. The populace will remember the guy with the
glitzy plastic surgeon smile and the best little dance routine and
the ones who got dirty in the trenches will have to rest knowing THEY
fought, sacrificed and did what HAD to be DONE...for a decent FUTURE
for those children, for whom this is all about. Comrades, once again
I will state this simple request...if YOU will not climb into the
trenches with those who are there for YOU (eventually you will have
NO choice IF you wish to survive at a level above minority slavery)...
at LEAST $upport them with your cash. We have a supporter who
poured thousands into the Arizona "Initiative" to restrict the alien
Mestizo invasion, but had little for last months ANP Fall
Appeal...and although it "won"...I honestly believe that it will wind
up "overturned" by the ZOG Courts just like California's "Prop 187"
was back in the 80's, when all those "U.S. Citizens" VOTED for a
similar ballot proposal. It's simple people...IF VOTING WOULD
would OUTLAW it! The enemy is NOT going to allow you to "VOTE" them
from the throne of POWER and CONTROL. You're going to HAVE to wrench it
from their cold dead hands. It CAN be DONE, NON-Aryans around the globe are
SHOWING us the path to break the JEWS and their TOADIES grasp from
around our collective throats...what in God's name has become of US?
For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman

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