ANP Report for November 01, 2004

Racial Comrades: Well, BIG news in the "racial movement" as of
late, eh? Old Tom Martineze is deciding to "return to the fold, as a
Racial Leader." You know Tom, he's the guy who was the NA Philly Unit
Leader for many years under the "Pierce Days"...who betrayed and
caused the ultimate death of Bob Mathews, Leader of the Order
Comrades...and who came to TRUST him, because of "all he had done"
for the "Publicity Whore Wing" of the Struggle. OH WAIT! Uh, I'm
sorry...I messed up's NOT old Tom Martineze who's being
hugged and tugged by so many "net activists," (even some "WELL
KNOWN" one's... who surprise me considerably, as they can't vomit
enough nastiness about NON-TRAITORS and SNITCHES in the Racial
Struggle, but "accept" THIS dude like he was the prodigal son, or
some returning HERO from the Homeland Wars.) it's the creature who
Feds and even returned what was left of the $200 Grand that Mathews
provided him with that he hadn't's FRAZIER GLENN MILLER.
Now Comrades, at one time I ADMIRED Glenn Miller a LOT. Yes, with the
help of a LOT of good White people, and that Order money didn't
hurt...he built quite a glorious "Above-ground" organization. I know,
because I was a member and Unit 101 (of Michigan) Leader, who
traveled about once a month with a crew of Comrades down to NC and
donated a LOT of money (at one time a $1,000 donation...) and
activism to the WPP in the 80's. IF Miller had NOT become a SNITCH
for the ZOG...I would be happy with him getting "involved" again.
BUT, DO WE EVER FORGIVE A TRAITOR? And IF we start here, which
traitor is NEXT? I don't bother with "chat rooms" and "forums," as I
have limited TIME...what with WORK, FAMILY and American Nazi Party, I find that MOST of the people involved are what
I term "net-nazis." These are BULL-SHITTERS and BLOWHARDS of the nth
degree. Recently, someone pointed out to me that "I" was being
vilified by a little ex-JEWSPAPER geek who goes by the handle
"Edburg" but who really is named Gordon Ipock who lives down in NC.
He's a NA/Duke suck-wad, who like all prattlers of the pen believes we
can "EDUCATE/TALK OUR WAY" out of this growing hell that has
encompassed our Folk. One comment of his, states it
least for me. He wrote something about " can be effective, or
be like Rocky Suhayda." Referring to assembling sheeple to be sheared
perhaps, with trinkets, safe-words, and the smoke & mirrors of those
he admires...instead of being HONEST about what we are NEEDING to
"DO" if we are to SURVIVE as a real Racial Entity...per, little old
"ME." LOL, Yeah, Gordy...I let it ALL hang out don't I? And I realize
that it SCARES the hell out of a LOT of these "racial warriors" out
there, who BLEAT a good spiel...but, are literally TERRIFIED that
THEY...YES, "THEY"...not "might," but WILL HAVE TO GET TO "DOING
PRAYING...for our CHILDREN to achieve those 14 WORDS. But, amazingly
Gordy (as well as Will White Williams, and a host of others...who
BTW, were also associated with Millers' WPP) are literally MUM on
the same message-board as this NARC, and the VNN operator Alex Linder
seems so "AWED" by Miller's "PAST" (all except his role as snitch, for
which he went underground for a period in the FEDERAL WITNESS
PROTECTION the "Mighty Whites" never got around
to "paying off" the NA's SPIC TRAITOR yet either...) that he's
working with Miller to "publish ANOTHER (YES, SIGH...that will SURE
scare the bejesus out of ZOG, IF it isn't being "FINANCED and
PRODUCED"...BY "them", eh?) Newspaper"! What IS strange, is that
these individuals spend endless hours ranting against and about EACH
OTHER, ala "the NA leadership are crooks and traitors, the nsm'ers
are gay costume fetishists and nuts, some "WN" is SUING another "WN"
in the Jew-Zog "legal-system" get the point. But, SILENCE
about and towards "ROUNDER" a.k.a. Glenn Miller?! Folks, I realize the
NA squabble in the end...about MONEY...over a MILLION to control
is a LOT to piss on each other about. But, is this sordidness MORE
IMPORTANT than a TRAITOR slithering his way BACK INTO OUR
ASSOCIATIONS? I have often enough stated in the past that "WE" are
our "OWN" worst enemies. When the collective "movement" decides that
an OPEN ENEMY to us can be "FORGIVEN"...well, I opt OUT. You people
out there might be "awed" by the slick "PERSONAS'" that 9/10ths of
these PHONY POOHBAHS build up for themselves...and a LOT of them with
a HELPING-HAND from that very same "JEWS-MEDIA" they are always
prattling on about...but, I KNOW THEM FOR JUST WHAT THEY ARE. I have
been around and involved as a FOOT SOLDIER for over 30 years, and
I've SEEN exactly "WHAT" lies behind the fine "FRONT" that these
creatures attempt to project to the NEW and the GULLIBLE, and the
DESPERATE...I was once one of you too. But, through EXPERIENCE and by
"ADDING UP 2+2" these posers just didn't "square." I'm damn PROUD that
I'M the ONE who Gordi Ipock chose as THE "alternative" the
trinket peddlers, the soft-soap" pushers, the "we can still vote 'em
out fella's" LIARS. There IS...ONLY ONE REAL ALTERNATIVE...and these
creatures are even unwilling to TALK about it! How anyone can still
have ANY "faith" in their ability to "DO" ANYTHING beyond increase
their "product line" and their INCOME that they LIVE OFF OF, is beyond
me. Comrades, I'm telling you right up front..."I" AM NOT THE "COMING
WEEKEND, AND ALL BY MY LONESOME. But, I am going to help BUILD the
best damn RESISTANCE APPARATUS that we can build. And it's LONG
overdue that anyone SERIOUS, knowing the score and understanding the
OUTCOME if we DON'T get to "DOING IT"...doesn't climb into this
trench with me. Since the 1960's, I have SEEN and EXPERIENCED the
FAILURE of the "movement" to even "HOLD GROUND" in the face of the
enemies onslaught...isn't it TIME to FACE THE TRUTH and ACCEPT the
FACTS? Even 30 MORE years of the SAME OLD/SAME OLD...will finish us
off as a PEOPLE. Those who REALLY wish to know more...please read
the Archived ANP Reports...they will give you an idea more in depth of
what I'm trying to relate to you. Comrades, the ENEMY is NOT "at the
gates"...he's well entrenched INSIDE the CITY already. The ONLY
choice I see us having, is who, when, and where....NOT "if." For
White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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