ANP Report for October 05, 2004

Racial Comrades: Well, the 2003 "Official U.S. Census" came out today, and even IF
you accept it at face-value it looks like a DARKER FUTURE admitted by the
powers-that-be...for WHITE people here in America. Why I state that is very simple,
go to your local Post Office and check out the "Wanted Posters" there, many of the
ARAB, MEXICAN, or God only knows "what"...are listed by the system as "white." Now
IF they also used that yardstick for applying "race" in the Census count...well,
obviously they are counting a LOT of "whites" that AREN'T there. Anyway, here's the
picture as Zog of last year, "officially" WHITES are already a MINORITY
in 280 of America's 3,000 or so counties (and lest you the LARGE
counties that they control, not Booniville USA). Robert Lang of the Metropolitan
Institute at Virginia Tech stated : "The majority will be the minority and we'll
reliable the minorities the majority. It?s just a matter of time. "Is that a bland statement on the subject, or what? LOL, it?s like, "OUR WHOLE WORLD IS
GONNA DIE, but that?s THAT, eh? " Wayne county, where I live is now a MINORITY
area... Roderick Harrison, of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
says: "We are still far in virtually all these places from a point where minorities
are getting real representation" (read, POWER). Well, I'll tell you what my
friends, just because the FACES of the creeps in POWER are "still white," doesn't
mean that they ACT for White INTERESTS?...far from it, or we wouldn't be IN the
position of BECOMING a MINORITY in OUR OWN LAND! But, the day WILL come, where these
"white" shoved aside by those smirking brown faces, and perhaps
THEN they will suddenly "discover the problem" of the ALIEN INVASION...when THEY
lose their privileged position of gobbling the $lop from the public trough. And
Business School (and had it NAMED after himself in the bargain, lol) . Now, many
folks out there are always whining to us about "how the jews don't own
everything?," and of course there aren't enough jews in the entire world for them
to "OWN EVERYTHING"....BUT, they DO utilize what they DO control (and it is
extensive for such a small minority) to INFLUENCE the world around them
drastically. While you and I are scratching to pay our bills....this guy has $100
MILLION just laying around to "donate" to a University. And might you just think
that he MIGHT have a "say" in WHAT that University TEACHES or EXCLUDES? Duh... And
so it goes with POLITICIANS too, they are BOUGHT and SOLD long before any shell
game "elections" are ever even held. I watched the "Debate" between Bush and
Kerry...I listened closely and heard NOTHING about the interests of AMERICA'S WHITE
I DID hear them BOTH though SPECIFICALLY bring up the point of America's invasion and
destruction of secular BENEFITING the PROTECTION of ISRAEL! As IF this
TINY percentage of a people on planet Earth DESERVES a "SPECIAL MENTION"! THAT my
friends...SHOWS more CLEARLY than anything I could say...WHERE the POWER and the
INFLUENCE stands. When you HAVE to CATER to a race of people that compose a tiny
fraction of the worlds KNOW...WHO holds the reigns of POWER and
calls the tune. Talk about "calling the tune," recently the Office of the
Comptroller of the Currency" raised "concerns" that CREDIT CARD COMPANIES might not
be giving card holders enough "information" about expanding card INTEREST RATE
INCREASES. Yes, it seems that these companies CAN now "legally" jack rates up to
29.99%...and I call THAT nothing less than INTEREST USURY. These higher rates
reflect the jew Greenspan's of the Federal Reserve, recent three rate hikes. Credit
Cards are to the jew-capitalists, real "MANNA from HEAVEN"...LEGALLY able to EXTORT like a LOAN SHARK
from desperate and foolish people...who "never thought" that there would come a TIME
to PAY. It kind of reminds me of the White population and their guilt ridden
"civil-rights" nonsense...IF I would have presented the picture of what we as a race
are facing today, back when this evil all started...they PROBABLY wouldn't have
BELIEVED me. I can hear them now..." They ONLY want to sit up FRONT in the bus
Rock..." LOL Now I wish to take the time to announce this fall's ANP FALL BUILDING
FUND. This is when we TRY to bring in badly needed funds to finance our
work...BEFORE the "Holliday Dry Spell" takes effect. You know, when everybody is so
busy making those Kosher Cash Registers "RING," Jing-A-Ling! Until everyone is so
tapped out, that they have "nothing" to finance the Struggle...its all been spent on
Chinese made crapola. Please, IF you enjoy these ANP Reports (and I hear from so
many of you out there that you do...) if you believe that the effort the American Nazi
Party makes is IMPORTANT (and once again, so many of you write that you are glad
that a REAL National Socialist movement exists, among all the peddlers, fantasists,
and oddments called the "movement"...) and that you agree with our approach towards
building a REAL RESISTENCE ORGANIZATION, vs. a re-enactment club, or a beer-drinking
fraternity....than we sincerely request that ONCE a YEAR you kindly SHOW your
$UPPORT with a little MORE than "just words." Any amount will be gratefully
appreciated, although those who donate $20 or MORE...will receive a set of American
Nazi Party Lapel-pins. As an example, of one of these multi-colored pins has a
Swastika in a Cog-Wheel in the center, with the words...American Nazi Party - White
Worker Power in a circle around the edge. Along with the pins, we will also include
a set of our recently produced "ANP Policy Booklets"...the latest, which will be included with October?s White Worker Newsletter, is..."The Jewish Question."
These are easy to read and understand Policy Statements to educate Aryans in a
"Kindergarten" manner...something that unfortunately has been overlooked in our
movement, where huge "Scholarly Tomes" have predominated...which are seldom read or
understood, and gather dust on a shelf somewhere. For ANP Official Supporters...the
Fall Fund Appeal donation MUST be SEPERATE from that of your regular monthly
donation to receive the "appreciation gift" I have just mentioned. Comrades, I
realize that for your sacrifice it perhaps "isn't much." But, if I could I would
offer this thought...your SACRIFICE will help build a REAL RESISTENCE to the bleak
and black FUTURE that now grows every single day for your precious little White
CHILDREN. Is there honestly...ANYTHING...that you would not be willing to DO or
SACRIFICE to protect them and provide them with a more hopeful one? The costumed
and the fantasy street performers have had their chance, along with the "Movement
for Profit" Pooh-Bahs they have shown themselves to be impotent to EFFECT any REAL
RESULTS for the past 50+ YEARS! It?s TIME to grit our teeth and prepare something
that MIGHT at least give ourselves a fighting CHANCE at RACIAL SURVIVAL...and that
my friends, is going to take a LOT more than WORDS and public POSTURING for the
cameras of the enemy. I hope that we can count upon each and every one of you
reading this to give those who have broken a New Path, away from the "play-pen" of
the costumed "con-servative right-wingers" a realistic FIGHTING CHANCE. WE are
willing to carry the ball, but we need YOU to provide US with the TOOLS to get at
it. Can I count on YOU? For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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