ANP Report for September 05, 2004

Racial Comrades: Nothing pleases me less than having to spend time
dealing with the dysfunctionals within the "racial movement," but
because of the inference that WE...the American Nazi Party...are
"involved" in this issue, I feel the need to set the record straight.
It appears that some "Hollywood-Nazi" fantasy dress-up org, is
attempting to hold a "rally" (yes, another collection of
carnival-clowns with a dozen different set of home-made costumes,
standing around waving various ill-made placards...while a crowd
pelts them with refuse) at the historical site of Valley Forge. Now
I could care less about these "LOOK at ME!" re-enactors of what they
imagine National Socialism is "supposed" to be...per "Time-Life," or
the "History Channel" (certainly NOT per Mein Kampf)...EXCEPT...that
they go around billing themselves as "America's Nazi Party," because
apparently no one has heard of the name they chose for themselves.
You see, the jews-media has been contacting the mistaken
belief that WE are sponsoring this ridiculous affair, and I have had
to spend precious time and effort enlightening them to the truth...
lest the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY be smeared as another ludicrous
"street-theater" group of costumed entertainers. Comrades,
it's very irritating when these (poorly) "self-styled" re-enacters'
of the 3rd Reich shuffle out of their bedrooms in mommy & daddy's
house (or Zog's subsidized housing project) and appear in
public...and pass themselves "National Socialists." I wish
that instead, that they might suddenly find an interest in the CIRCUS
or perhaps "Star Trek"! LOL, NONE of these people have apparently
ever READ or STUDIED American National Socialism, much less Commander
Rockwell (although their leader assumes the "title" of "COMMANDER,"
when unlike George Lincoln Rockwell who WAS a Commander in the U.S.
Navy...this person never even served in the military in any capacity)
or else, they wouldn't ACT in the manner they do. An example
would be their "appearance." Rockwell himself wrote in the preface of
the "Official Stormtrooper's Manual" issued in the 1960's, and I
QUOTE completely, "It is important for the new Trooper to notice
that we are NOT Germans; we do NOT wear German uniforms, titles, etc.
Such things are prohibited in the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY. This is not
because we do not greatly admire the Germans and the German Nazis, --
but because we are AMERICANS. (End Quote) Yet, these wanna-be's call
themselves "Obersturmbannfuehrers" and put together a hodge-podge of
costumes to make a Sado/gay-bar patron blush. LOL, I'll make this
short and hopefully CLEAR to EVERYBODY...the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY does
NOT engage in stupid, silly, useless and unnecessary (as well as
DANGEROUS to the poor naive participant...who could get
RECOGNIZED/ARRESTED/BLACKLISTED and lose family, friends, job...all
for NOTHING) "public activities" which ACHIEVE NOTHING POSITIVE,
ANYTHING POSITIVE, among an uncaring populace. Comrades, IF your
going to RISK least risk it going for the "GOLD RING."
Otherwise, much more can be achieved working intelligently ALL SUCCESSFUL revolutionaries have in the PAST.
Well, that ought to be enough on the (pleeeez!!! throw rocks at me!)
"theatrical crowd." Labor Day is coming up, and its a SAD one for
millions of White Workers out there. Decent JOBS are disappearing
like snow in a July sun, BENIFITS are becoming a thing of the past,
personal DEBT to the banking/jews is at an alarming all-time high,
PRICES are climbing as INCOME is falling...and there is NO "way out"
this time around. Unskilled White Workers are being forced by this
unscrupulous CAPITALIST COMPETE for crap JOBS...with
non-White ALIENS, abroad AND here at home. Even "SKILLED" White
Workers (who for years THOUGHT that THEIR jobs were secure, per
the "lowly" manual laborer) are finding THEIR jobs' too, being
outsourced or "jobbed out" some "Paki-Indian" or Chinese!
Yes Comrades, after literally DECADES of PREACHING and WARNING of "what
WAS coming"...and being IGNORED by the White population...I am living
to SEE the coming of the End of "life as we know it"...for Old Whitey.
Now us despised "odd-balls" can take a deep breath and say with
satisfaction.... I TOLD YOU SO!!! Sound "hard"? Come on, YOU
wouldn't LISTEN and ACT when it COULD have been EASY to clear up the
mess and set things now, as Commander Rockwell used to
that I have been INVOLVED and the rest of Old Whitey was "too busy,"
or "didn't believe," or "DIDN'T CARE"....OR...was concerned with ALL
the SIDE-BAR "issues" of the CON-servative "right-wing," INSTEAD of
the issues that REALLY counted...and I was a "voice crying out into
the wilderness "with few caring to LISTEN, LEARN, and COMPREHEND.
Well, your gonna LEARN...NOW...and quick and hard. The only real
question in my mind is...are there ENOUGH mature White MEN and WOMEN
alive to "DO" what is NECESSARY to seize the future and hold it for
their CHILDREN? Or, is the "movement" forever to be mired in the
swamp of FANTASY POLITICS where everybody COLLECTS "gee-gaws &
trinkets"...or else makes an embarrassing spectacle of themselves for
the "TV Camera's"? To tell you the truth, I still have faith that "out
there" are numerous Aryans willing to $ACRIFICE and "DO WHATEVER IS
NECESSARY" ACHIEVE those 14WORDS. Are YOU one of them? For
White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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