ANP Report for August 23, 2004

Racial Comrades: I don't know what its like economically in YOUR
part of the country, but in Michigan...if your a White's
getting bleaker and bleaker. Workers here lost another 25,000 jobs
last month, nearly two-thirds came from the "manufacturing sector"
which totaled 16,000 NEW folks out of work. According to "Official
Stats," Michigan now has around 686,000 "manufacturing jobs"
left...DOWN from around 900,000 five years ago! Car lots have a three
month supply of autos sitting there as folks can't afford to buy,
resulting in more "lay-offs." The unemployment rate is now
"officially" listed at around 7%, NOT counting those who lost jobs
long ago and are off the unemployment-benefit listing roster. Despite
Emperor Bush's TAX BRAKE FOR THE RICH...which was "supposed" to give
them more money to "hire new workers and expand their
business's"...according to Patrick Anderson of the consulting firm
Anderson Economic Group in Lansing the State Capitol..." employers
are just not hiring." Yeah, their SOCKING THAT TAX REFUND AWAY, and
laughing all the way to the bank, sucker! "Michigan's status as a
travel destination is supporting the economy right now" said
Anderson. WELL, now THAT'S a wonderful FUTURE to count upon!
Tourists?! And when the money dries up NATIONWIDE...well, maybe we'll
get "TOURISTS" from the frigging THIRD WORLD, spending OUR tax money
they got in "FOREIGN AID," eh? LOL, There is always a "bright side" to
any rotten situation though. As a result of massive job cuts, low-wage
jobs that went begging a few years ago NOW have their PICK of
applicants! PAWNSHOP owner NORMAN GORNBEIN has received over 200
calls for a job opening he has. About half those calls are from "top
notch candidates," GORNBEIN stated. He went on, "A lot of them are
just overqualified. How can you hire someone with a Masters Degree
for $7 or $8 an hour"? (cackle-cackle) I've been doing this my
whole life and I've never seen it this busy"! (No doubt referring
to his trade...) While Bush the Capitalist Hand-Puppet stinks, Kerry
has "promised to create TEN MILLION NEW JOBS in his first term in
office" doubt the EXPANSION of Zog's MILITARY will play a key
role in that as they wind up the DRAFT. You see, boys and
girls...when you have "over-population" and the economy is dropping
like a stone...KILL OFF THE EXCESS, like they have so often in the
past! Well Whitey, are YOU gonna STAND for THAT? " I fully understand
we face challenges in some of our manufacturing communities," said
Bush. " In some parts of Michigan, the recovery has lagged. But,
there are good signs. (yeah, more and more of those frigging little
brown MESTIZOS hanging around EVERYWHERE, that you LOVE so much you
rotten scumbag) The economy is strong, it's getting stronger." What
he MEANS is...the PROFIT MARGIN for the 3% ELITE who control 80% of
the WEALTH in the U.S. growing by leaps and bounds. And at YOUR
expense...White Worker! Whitey, I'm going to give it to you BLUNT
and right UP FRONT. ALL these silly and idiotic "racial-rightwing"
groups out there that KEEP YOU FOCUSED on "niggers and
going to be your bane. This IS an "ECONOMIC STRUGGLE," in spite of
what these trinket dealers tell you. The CAPITALIST SYSTEM is
determined to hammer YOU down economically, until you can not only
"pose NO threat" to them and their policies....but, will eventually
WIND the very same "GETTO CONDITION" of POVERTY that the
HAPPENS? Probably most of you will (sigh). BUT, I honestly believe that
there ARE a portion of you reading these words that can COMPREHEND
just what I am attempting to relate...and WILL see the need for
"RE-ACTION." This IS a White "Civil War" between the masses of
Working Class Whites...and the CORRUPT, GREEDY, UNCARING...WEALTHY
"ELITE," that CONTROL this nation. We NEED to "turn around our
sights," and "re-target" the TRUE ENEMY....instead of concentrating
on the ugly "SYMPTOMS" that these unholy creatures have FORCED upon
us! IT'S TIME TO START ORGANIZING WHITEY...and I'm NOT talking about
some infantile "rally" or "demonstration." I guess those movement
so...because it DOESN'T EFFECT THEM...THEY make a pretty good
the "nigger-nigger" rut, they can continue ENDLESSLY to PEDDLE..."
C.D.'S, T-Shirts, Pins, Flags, Games, Boots, Suspenders, et
al"...until Kingdom Come, OR the Muds take over, through the lack of
ANY kind of SERIOUS Revolutionary RESISTANCE. LOL Folks, Comrades,
WHOMEVER you are reading this...what else CAN I get you to
understand that the White Working Class is in one Hell of a fix, and
it simply is going to one-by-one drag us ALL down the tubes, IF we
don't get off our collective ass's and get SERIOUS in our approach to
what we claim that we are intending to "DO." Look, it's NOT going to
"get better." This is NOT an "Economic Slowdown." THE JOBS ARE BEING
back." It's a sad joke in a way. Once people thought that "MACHINES"
would REPLACE the White Worker. Turns out its SLAVE LABOR...both
being IMPORTED and those who are NOMINALLY "white" in
the large part. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf about the "right-wingers"
back in His day of Struggle, who "counted their pennies like a
jew...," and who REFUSED to "invest" in the BIG PICTURE, even to the
point of not subscribing to the Party publication...all the while
denying the ONE HOPE which might have had a serious CHANCE towards
success. They were "saving" so hard, for their "retirement"...but,
when the crap came down and the economic situation bottomed
out...they LOST it ALL anyway, when IF they had $UPPORTED the
National Socialist Party and its agenda, it might not have occurred.
Like George Lincoln Rockwell used to say..."IF THEY WON'T LISTEN,
THEY'LL HAVE TO LEARN..." the HARD way! Rockwell used to have
another slogan as well, it went like this....WHITE MAN, WHAT WILL IT
TAKE TO MAKE YOU FIGHT? I'm still wondering that today. For White
Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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