ANP Report for August 06, 2004

Racial Comrades: I guess it's time to write up my "message" and
amuse those of you who reach the end of your "steam kettle" and tune
in once again, after blowing off some steam earlier and then having
felt "better" go about forgetting about it (you know, the Struggle
you CLAIM to belong to) again for a while. lol You know, July was
the DEADEST month that I have ever seen in "our movement" in the 30+
years that I have been involved, and observed. That's most amazing, as
CONDITIONS for "Revolutionary Activity" are the BEST I have ever seen
and each day brings worsening scenarios by the legion to exploit.
Because Comrades, for a REVOLUTIONARY...WORSENING conditions are
DESIRED...unlike a "CON-servative" who moans and groans over "what's
happening" to create this toilet-bowl of a monstrosity called the
"Jew-S-A"...a true REVOLUTIONARY rejoices in the POSSIBLE prospect of
having at LEAST a "chance" of forcing through CHANGE as "Disneyland is
morphed into the land of Mad Max." DECENT jobs are DOWN, prices are
EXPLODING, the ZOG "wars" have reached the THOUSAND point in DEAD and
many more "wounded" for life, the "candidates" from ALL the crappy
political whore-houses are so OBVIOUSLY PHONY that a high point of
the population are turned off and away from the "democratic shell
game" of the Two-Party fraud called "elections"! Yet, WHAT IS THE
"MOVEMENT" DOING? Preparing to EXPLOIT those "windows of
opportunity"? Zilch. The "high-point" of the summer so far, was a
"Meet, Eat, and Shoot-Wind" at each other little "picnic" by a few
dozen old men (along with the usual "skin-head" hangers on, who buy
the junk) SELLING CRAP, chewing over the OLD DAYS, and making
"SPEECHS" to EACH OTHER...out in a public park at the "Aryan Nations
Congress" a few weeks ago. Then there was the "punch-up" at the
Democratic Party convention by a handful of "skin-heads" with the
scum who attended, as the "skins" wasted their time...HANDING OUT
LEAFLETS to attendee's! Just "WHO" were they attempting to REACH, I
wonder?! Duh This "movement" is SO damn dysfunctional that thank
God we have NATURE and the effects of the ENEMIES "POLICIES" to
further our agenda, or we would be done for! You see Comrades, TIME
and the "workings" of what the system has CREATED is furthering our
goals even if we ourselves are spinning our wheels, and/or sitting
around scratching our collective ass. An "example" would be the over
population of this country and the effects out West of the LACK of
WATER per the usage of the rapidly rising tide of the MEXICAN
INVASION on this nations infrastructure. They are LOSING local
resources and NEED WATER so badly, that they are planning on DRAINING
THE GREAT LAKES and pumping the water through the river
the parched western region! Living in Michigan, I am more aware of
this than perhaps other areas of the nation are. Big deal you might
say? Big deal it is, as when you lower the water effect
the entire coastal area of the region....the DOCKS, the CHANNELS, the
SHORELINES, even the ECOLOGICAL nature of the Great Lakes themselves.
Then we have a nice little infestation up here killing HUNDRED of
THOUSANDS of Ash trees, due to a little "importation" of a "Chinese
Beatle" of which they know of NO "defense" except cut them down and
burn them. Kind of like that damn Chinese "Snake-head" fish, that now
infests American waters...KILLING every other aqua-life that exists in
fresh water. This little beauty can SURIVIVE on LAND for several
hours, and walk on its fins from one watering hole to another,
killing and eating every other fish in the waters it infests. Grand,
these "immigrants," eh? It's bad enough that we have to have these
hideous BI-PED creatures flooding into America by the millions...NOW,
we have all the other "goodies" that tag along with them! Yet, WHAT
is the "MOVEMENT" DOING? You know, I like a lot of you sometimes like
to "fantasize" about the "what ifs". One of my favorites, is the one
about old dead William Pierce, and what MIGHT have been IF "I" would
have had that big old bag of "Order Money" dropped off at my door by
Robert Mathews... Pierce was an example of WHAT MONEY DOES to far
too many people. This man wrote the rip-roaring revolutionary "Turner
Diaries" way back in the early 70's, after Koehl booted him out of the
Nazi Party...and he started up the "National Youth Alliance," the
fore-runner of his "N.A". At LEAST by what he WROTE back in those
years...he WAS "REVOLUTIONARY MINDED." But, I guess that as his
"BUSINESS EMPIRE" grew, he got off that horse lest he LOSE that
MULTI-MILLION dollar income that trinkets and "music" was bringing
in. After all, in the end it was apparent that "expanding the
product-line" of goodies (to the absurdity of selling such items as
"suspenders") INSTEAD of funneling that money INTO...REAL
REVOLUTIONARY he expounded, back before he became
"successful," was THE real focus of his "dream." In my mind I would
have done a LOT different with those resources, if I was intent on
building an "above-ground" dissident organization. First off, I would
have MOVED the HQ/Compound OUT of BF-EGYPT and INTO my largest
"Chapters" area in a major population center. There, you could have
had people who could have "worked for free" per the running of
operational affairs...instead of having adherents having to almost
have to hire a Safari Guide to FIND the frigging Cult Camp. Of
course, having the organizations HQ accessible to the "rank and
file," might lead to closer scrutiny of "what's going on" THAT in
itself, might have been the whole premise behind the "Hide-away-Hills"
set-up. Next, I would have had EVERY PAID STAFFER...ON SITE...not
scattered off around the country. What a way to run an above-ground
organization! Then, with those MILLION$ order to PROTECT my
adherents from the negative "EFFECTS" of being "OUTED" by the
jews-media due to their "activities"...I would have had a ream of
PAID ORGANIZERS (like the early Union Organizers of the old days...)
who would have traveled the land constantly, and gone from city to
city as "POINT MEN"....holding the news-conferences, organizing
meetings etc, et al. The local Chapters or Activists could have
"housed" them for a week or whatever, and worked behind the
scenes...thus getting much accomplished but NOT getting EXPOSED and
having to suffer the "consequences" as so many who have been there,
know it the honest truth. With all that money, I would have given
"Educational Literature" to Activists...GOSH-GASP...FREE. Let's be
totally HONEST here folks. Ok, "books, trinkets, etc" are enjoyed by
those individuals who purchase them...BUT, "literature" is PROMOTING
the ORGANIZATION and isn't it GIVEN AWAY to the populace FREE? Of
course, you wouldn't give endless amounts to "unknowns," but to your
PROVEN ADHERENTS, why not. Hell, it is usually the case with
Activists, that the more they HAVE...the more they DISTRIBUTE. If you
have a "Cause"...isn't PROMOTING "IT" the #1 ISSUE? Not in this case
apparently...PROFIT MARGIN and PRODUCT-LINE apparently came first.
Disgusting. I also would not have allowed the org to be flooded by
the "skin-head" element to the effect that these people chased off
the "Main-Stream" people, and nor would I have gone to where "SELLING
SKIN-HEAD MUSIC," and their "lifestyle"...was the PRIME element of
PROMOTION. They would either have ADAPTED and FITTED IN to the
earlier "standards" set for membership, or...but, of
don't want to "OFFEND" your biggest "CLIENTEL" now, do you? And so
what you have is a BUSINESS catering to a certain sub-culture group.
And a tiny one at that. I often wondered, IF he wanted to get into
the "music industry"...why not the OBVIOUS one...which would have
been perhaps "PRO WHITE COUNTRY"? There at least, you would be
gearing towards a lot of people who are NORMAL and somewhat usually
"receptive" to many of your ideas. Let's face it, the "skin scene" is
a VERY TINY segment of the White population (like "Punk Rockers"),
and getting SMALLER as each year passes bye. Many if not most, are
nothing more that "white gangers," and NOT really "into" the
Political Struggle. Their understanding is so shallow that few have
any idea beyond "hating minorities"...what this "Struggle" is really
about. And NOBODY among the Movement "Leaders and Personalities"
cares to attempt to TEACH these people ANYTHING in terms of them they are nothing more than CUSTOMERS for their
crap. It's little wonder that while the ARABS (and other anti-jew
warriors) are kicking ZOG's ass around the this
"movement" of ours, posting a few "STICKERS" considered a
"REVOLUTIONARY ACT"! LOL, Any thinking person WOULD have thought that
as conditions WORSENED in America, Revolutionary minded people would
have picked up the gauntlet and got rolling. But, no...OUR "young
recruits" are gyrating drunk on the "Mosh floor" to "ROCK MUSIC" that
sounds like it's coming from some kids in a "Garage Band." "Our
Movement" has degenerated into "ENTERTAINMENT," pure and simple. From
WORDS"....NEVER seeming to get whipped up ENOUGH to carry over into
and when it is CONVENIENT, and when it isn't...well we just "forget
about it" for a while, until "something jerks our chain"...and THEN
we MIGHT toss a few coins into the hat as a salve to our conscience
like a mental masturbationary act of "well, this is my "REVENGE"
nigger...," instead of staying the course EVERY SINGLE DAY like this
Movement NEEDS if it is to become more than just a PAPER TIGER filled
with HOT AIR. A sorry, sad, pathetic JOKE. Being in the "position"
that I am in as Party Chairman, and having been around since the
60's as an observant activist...I KNOW that 99% of the "orgs" out
there are in the same predicament. They are tossed some chump-change,
and EXPECTED to change the world...NO "warm bodies" INVOLVED...NO real
cash to finance a REALISTIC effort. And yet those kosher
cash-registers keep a ringing, and the malls and the eatery parking
lots stay jammed! Hell, you "whities" care MORE about your frigging
LAWNS...than about your CHILDRENS' FUTURE! If you put the EFFORT into the
STRUGGLE, that you do on your CARS...we would be half way there! In
our own case, IF it hadn't been for THREE dedicated Comrades who put
their MONEY where their MOUTHS are FIRST...we would not have been
able to achieve the "De-humidifier Fund" goal. Isn't is sad that
instead of the MANY carrying and sharing the burden...once again, its
a FEW GOOD INDIVIDUALS that "MAKE IT HAPPEN." So many of you have been
on "vacation" I guess, that I let July "slide" when it came to
attempting to achieve anything solid. (sorry if that offends you,
but unlike "other poohbahs" I prefer TOTAL honesty up front, even if
it might not be welcome) I figured that by your ABSENCE and your
SILENCE, you really didn't want to be "bothered"...kind of like
handing out literature at the Fair I once did, folks just wanted to
have "FUN," not have REALITY shoved in their I finally
took a brief "rest" from "all this" myself. To tell you the truth, it
was kind'a nice...not having to deal with the whole "mess," and
instead concentrate on my FAMILY and FRIENDS for a change. Now August
is here. Are you ready to get going again, or are we going to have
another month of inactivity? You know, I'm NOT the "Lone Ranger," I'm
willing to do "my end" of things...BUT, it's up to YOU to do your end
as well. We here at Staff can only WORK with the TOOLS and RESOURCES
that YOU make available. Bush or Kerry, it makes no difference...this
nation is going OVER the EDGE. It's TOO LATE to "stop it," or even
"reform" it. This evil capitalist SYSTEM has got to GO. And the
condition from just about EVERY angle, our "movement" is IMPOTANT to
effect REAL CHANGE on the scene at present. Instead of getting those
we already HAVE up and off their collective bottoms and into ACTION,
the catch-word is still "try and recruit" MORE. WHY? So that they can
continue in this seemingly endless circle-jerk of "Meet, Eat, and
TALK"! I for one am getting very TIRED of the HOT AIR, and FANTASY
mentality that pervades our Cause like a cancer. Perhaps it's time
somebody out there with balls as big as the Order Comrades, conceived
an "ARYAN MUSLIM" organization, that dispensed with all the CORRUPTIVE
"INFLUENCES" that permeates the "movement" and got down to business.
Some days I'm honestly EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED to be a White/Aryan,
when I observe just how SHELFISH, COWARDLY, and SILLY my race has
become. If it wasn't for the CHILDREN, I would say they DESERVE
just what's coming to them. For White Worker Power! Rocky J.
Suhayda, Chairman

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