ANP Report for July 19, 2004

Dear Comrades: Recently I wrote a "rebuttal" to a statement by a
fellow who stated that "Big Government" was THE "problem" that was
effecting America. He went on to denigrate National Socialism under
Adolf Hitler, as not a viable alternative as well. I thought you
might enjoy my reply -
Dear Sir: Having received this, this morning and being a believer in
the National Socialist ideology...I felt impelled to reply. First off,
Bob seems a bit confused in linking Jewish originated "Marxist
Socialism" together with Aryan "National Socialism."
While he condemns "Big Government," he seems to forget that unless
one lives out in the boondocks in a cave, far and away from the mass
of society...some form of rules and obligations...MUST take form for
the healthy living arrangements of those said masses of peoples.
Bob wants ONLY a "Police Force" to protect him from the "bad
guys"...WHY? Why not simply take his viewpoint a few steps further
and ask why he simply doesn't wish to "protect" HIMSELF?
Lets face it, unless we wish to live a "Third World" nation
existence, we NEED and yes...DESIRE
"Law Enforcement,"

"Fire Departments,"

"Road Building & Civic Repair,"

"Controlled Public Lighting & Power."

"Public Education," and yes EVEN a

"NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM"...along with, hem- a National ARMY for
the defense of the nation, eh!
But, the KEY word, an HONEST and UNCORRUPT one.
Whether you like it or not Bob, this IS the 21st Century...not the
Medieval days, of "City States."
Under "A.H.'s" National Socialist State, the government LOOKED OUT
for "ITS" own unique people. It did not give away BILLIONS to foreign
lands, it HAD a "National Health Care Program," higher education was
FREE to those who had the abilities to utilize it and "Trade
Schooling" was an alternative to those who wished to learn a Craft.
Under the NS Labor organization "Strength Through Joy"...workers
were entitled to a PAID HOLIDAY...and a fleet of Cruise ships were
built that sail the entire European costal areas for these
recreational purposes, you wouldn't want to partake of those Bob?
Bob, you seem a bit over concerned about your "money", when we
National Socialists are more concerned about the "value" of the
"Standard of Living."
In the NS German State, there was NO real "pornography," NO "substance
abuse," NO massive third-world alien invasion of "immigrants," NO
"feminism" (WHO started all that crap in America anyways- Steinem,
Abzug, Alread...ALL jews btw), NO "gun control" (the NS "hunting
laws were so advanced, progressive and humane that they are STILL on
the books in present Germany and were adapted by many other nations
after the war-including America) as the citizens were ENCOURAGED to
own and know how to safely use firearms.
I tend to have a "litmus test" towards something that I find of
interest. It goes like this- " IF something is denigrated and
degraded, to the point of National Socialism,
Racialism, etc. I LOOK to see just WHO is SO OPPOSED to whatever I am
In this case it is easy to see "WHO" hates both National Socialism
AND Racial Survival of the White/Aryan people...and since it is the
CORRUPT "Jewish System" and its unprincipled "capitalist for PROFIT
at any price," along with the bought & sold "politicians" who never
have the people's best interests in mind (all those creatures who we
have to thank for the present day America)...I get to figuring that
IF they hate National Socialism so badly, it MIGHT just be GOOD for
ME, eh?
None of us would be "against big government," or ANY "kind" of honestly LOOKED OUT FOR THE BEST INTERESTS AND
In 1955, America WAS 95% White/Aryan in the make-up of its
population. TODAY, according to the last US Census...ONLY 23% OF THE
Recently an OFFICIAL CENSUS statement was released stating that
Whites can expect to be a MINORITY in America by "2050"...isn't THIS
issue of a bit more concern than "how to keep those precious pieces
of paper"?
Bob, I also find it a bit "strange" that for a fellow who "HATES BIG
GOVERNMENT" live in Lansing, the State Capitol- BIG GOVERNMENT
personified. I would have expected you to have fled that morass of
corruption and deceit, if only to salve your soul from having to be
surrounded by it 24/7.
Yes Bob, National Socialists DO believe that it is only PROPER to
have a "welfare system" that HELPS those sincere and needy people who
are temporarily "down on there luck," or the abandoned ELDERLY who
after a lifetime of labor...DESERVE to be treated DECENTLY in their
last years. It's called COMPASSION...the opposite of SELFISHNESS and
There is NO good reason that one fellow should be a "BILLIONAIRE"
and another FAMILY HOMELESS, or the elderly HAVE to "choose"
between EATING and/or purchasing their vitally needed MEDICATIONS.
But, under your outlook would let them "sink or
swim"...without a blink? You wouldn't have gotten very far back in
Jamestown Bob...if the Folk hadn't WORKED TOGETHER to build and
survive in a truly Aryan Socialist fashion...America might have been
still-born. You probably wouldn't have taken part in "Barn-Raisings"
either, for the poor family that suffered such a loss...I can see you
now, perhaps...." If they can't AFFORD a new barn, I'M certainly not
going to chip in some of MY seed-grain so they can start over!
Is that REALLY you Bob? You sound like Scrooge before he saw the
light and was saved by the Spirits! LOL, Funny thing about that
"Evil Left" too, since THEY AQUIRED POWER over the government...NOW,
they are the "CON-SERVATIVES"...those who seek to "CONSERVE" what is
status quo.
Personally, looking at this toilet-bowl of a nation, with all its
filth and degeneracy...I DON'T SEE MUCH WORTH CONSERVING. I sincerely
hope that YOU don't take this rebuttal to what you sent a
"personal attack." It isn't meant to be. I simple felt that as a
National Socialist, I am obliged to defend my beliefs when I see them
as either misunderstood or misinformed. For White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

ANP Staff Note #1 We wish to state again, that if you are
"underage" and contact us...stating such...that we are unfortunately
unable to reply to you. Why? For the simple reason that we do not
need your folks causing us "legal problems," for "influencing" their
children "negatively." Sorry, but that is the way it is. #2 Those
Official Supporters who have not kept current in their pledges, are
being dropped from the rolls. Unlike other orgs that puff-up their
ranks with dead weight, we prefer sincere and dependable people and
will not tolerate dead-ends. We'll give everyone until the end of
July. #3 We are still requesting funds to purchase a de-humidifier
for our printing area, please if possible send in a donation to help
achieve this necessary goal. #4 The video "Racist Cartoons" is
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when cartoons weren't "PC." You'll NEVER see these on the Tube!
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