ANP Report for July 02, 2004

Racial Comrades: After thinking about the recent "Protocol"
announced by David "Riverboat Gambler" Duke last month, and his
motley circle of "WP BUSINESSMEN ASSOCIATES"...who all agreed that
"evil violence" to achieve the 14WORDS...shall NOT enter their minds,
speech or deeds. We decided to go it one better and announce our own
set of PROTOCOLS, hence to be known as "THE PROTOCOLS"! LOL, We
sincerely hope that the entire "movement" will heartily embrace these
PROTOCOLS, and that through our "Gandhi/MLK" approach to
"REVOLUTION"...we MIGHT be taken off the ADL "Hate List" and be
accepted as just "another political party"...full off hot air, self
aggrandizement and no real substance. So HERE GOES.... PROTOCOL
#1 (wish we had a trumpet or something to "announce"
would be so peachy keen!) YOU (this means ALL racialists in
agreement...) will NOT ever do such naughty things as SPREAD NAILS
on an expressway that runs through coon-town, late at night, while
all those negro-loving wigger whiteys are traveling to and from their
favorite niggerball game (or whatever)....forcing them to have to
pull over and stop in an "unfriendly" neighborhood! Such INTERACTION
is really not necessary to "expand" the outlook of these brain-dead
sheeple...think of the "situations" that might occur if the
porchmonkeys were to come scampering down over the embankment to
"help"! Plus, if the expressways were regularly SHUT DOWN...the cops
would have to empty out of the donut joints or wake up from their
naps in the parking lots and, gee how CRUEL can you get? PROTOCOL #2
YOU will NOT ever utilize that nasty, silent toy, the SLING
shoot out the windows of ARAB (or any "other" kind of alien
establishment) PARTY STORES etc., as it should be of no real concern
to REAL "white civil-rights advocates" that these "business's" are
springing up like toadstools...after all, as a real CON-SERVATIVE
would state...they're adding to the tax-base in the "American
Dream", eh? And isn't (unprincipled) "Free-Enterprise Capitalism"
what we are all fighting for? PROTOCOL #3 YOU will NOT put CHEWING
GUM into library books that you find "offensive." Neither will you
SUPER GLUE the locks to any establishment/corporate buildings.
After all, these are both "PUBLIC" and "PRIVATE PROPERTY"...and
"PROPERTY" is next to Godliness you know! You must RESPECT "PROPERTY"
above all else, even human lives! PROTOCOL #4 YOU will NOT find out
BIGSHOTS" and/or especially the enforcers in blue...and send LETTERS
to their neighbors (OR employer) informing them that "So & So"
is..." Having an affair at work, Molests his dog, Beats
his family", or (GOSH) "Is a SECRET EVIL RACIST"! Hurting peoples
"reputations" is what the ENEMY (the bad guys) do, NOT us "white
civil-rights activists." YOU will NOT flood people you don't like
with phony "SUBSCRIPTIONS" to every thing under the sun. Once again,
hurting peoples CREDIT is NOT something guys in "white hats" DO!
PROTOCOL #5 YOU will NOT (definitely not!) shoot out "garbage can"
transformers on power-pole's, nor cut down power pole's, nor pour
water in mail collection boxes in "enemy territory"...think of the
awful DISRUPTION you would cause in the lives of those involved.
Nasty! Nor will you start fires in abandoned houses, dumpsters,
jungle lots, et al on windy nights...don't you think the firemen have
enough to "DO"...pumping iron, playing cards, cooking and be kept rushing, HERE-THERE-EVERYWHERE? Where in hell
is your consideration? PROTOCOL #6 YOU will NOT distribute let us
say "BLACK POWER" FLYERS announcing a "DEMONSTRATION" to be held at
such'n such a "time & date" to be held at "City Hall" or the "POLICE
STATION," etc in negro neighborhoods, etc...telling them some AWFUL
YARN to whip them up...just to see how many show up and their
"reaction." Neither will you distribute at night, thrown from your
car, leaflets advocating "ACTION AGAINST WHITEY"...or JEW vs.
ARAB...or MEXICAN vs. know what I MEAN. This kind of
activity could start trouble between the various "ethnic groups"
struggling for HARMONY in this wonderful JEW-S-of A. This is really
not "KOSHER" Comrades..."white civil-righters" should NEVER stoop to
such a dastardly level of activity! Now Comrades, these are JUST a
FEW of the emerging PROTOCOLS of the "modern white civil-rights
activist." I'm sure that IF YOU THINK, that YOU can come up with even
MORE "non-lethal" but NAUGHTY "activities" that we can all set our
stamp of approval upon. SO LETS GET THINKING.... Around the globe,
most successful "Resistance Struggles" are utilizing "VIOLENT
ACTIVITY" (illegal, TOO!) to attempt to ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS. But,
as ARYANS we are "ABOVE" all that...RIGHT? We are going to declare
should TOO! Don't be late. Don't miss the gate! NON-VIOLENCE "works,"
er DOESN'T IT? After all, we have such glowing goodies as the
I & II," along with Holy Roller Father ASHCROFT and his SECRET POLICE
OF POWER"! For God's sake, this is "AMERICA"...the "LAND OF THE
FREE," (what IS really "free" here?) So JOIN IN THE PROTOCOLS, and
send in a few of YOUR OWN best suggestions for adding to the ever
growing list of "THINGS WE WILL NOT DO" achieve those 14WORDS.
Time IS running OUT! For SOMEBODY...gee, I just wonder WHO? For
White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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