ANP Report for June 20, 2004

Racial Comrades: Since it is once again "election year" in the Tweedle Dee-Tweedle
Dum fantasyland of "D-MOCK-RO-SEE," I thought that it might be the time to state
CLEARLY...WHY...we National Socialists condemn said democracy as not only a SHAM and
a FRAUD, but also one of the MAIN obstacles of HARM in the liberation and well being
of our Aryan Folk. In the National Socialist ideology, we believe in the "Leadership
Principal" as the prime tenet of our organizational way of life. In the NS
world-view, the populace chooses a "Leader"...whether it be on a "National"
scale...or on a Local one. The Leader is then given the TRUST of the Folk to make
the best choices for their well-being. Along with this total authority of direction
tho' ALSO goes total RESPONSIBILITY for the choices made! THIS is what is lacking
in "Democratic" rule. Under Democratic rule, those who make a mess of things can
HIDE from the RESPONSIBILITY of THEIR actions...through the "mass involvement" in
the decision making process. A typical example would be...a rotten anti-White Working
Class piece of legislation is made into "law" MANY "hands" went into this
creation, that "NO-ONE" can SPICIFICALLY be called to ACCOUNT, because "everyone"
and yet "no-one" had the RESPONSIBILITY for its coming into being. Even ZOG's
"military" has now become totally infected with this "Democratization," if you
scrutinize the ongoing "POW PRISONER ABUSE" scandal of late. Everyone with a working
brain KNOWS that it wasn't just a "few bad apples" from the lower ranks that
"allowed this to happen" was set POLICY from the TOP on adapt
ISRAELI/JEWISH torture procedure. Yet, it seems that despite "investigations,"
"reviews" and "thousand page reports"....NO ONE can be be HELD
RESPONSIBLE for initiating them! How "DEMOCRATIC" CONVIENIENT. And friends,
THAT is HOW such massive CORUPTION is able to GROW within this system, to the degree
that it has. And what is much worse, is the fact that LACK of RESPONSIBILITY has
unfortunately become INGRAINED in our Aryan people like a cancer. This lack of
RESPONSIBILITY can be viewed overwhelmingly in our Racial Struggle as well. I don't
know about the age grouping of the mass of our readers, but being 52 years of age,
I can still remember back in the 50's when America WAS a 95% ALL-WHITE nation, and
basically quite "HEALTHY" compared to today's standards! TODAY, the "U.S." reminds me of a
other White Americans still living...WATCHED as first we started down the slippery
slope towards the ABYSS. FIRST it was negro "civil rights"...then jewish inspired
"feminism"...then "gay rights" Third World alien INVASION of our homeland, to
name just a few of the destructive items that we have experienced, as the WEALTHY,
CORRUPT "ELITE" (the jews and their "spiritually jewish" white traitor allies)
churned ahead to flood our nation with CHEAP NON-WHITE labor, to SMASH the White
UNIONS and began the road toward a "Latin American" style workforce. A labor pool
willing to slave away for subsitance pay, and fewer and fewer "BENIFITS" the CORPORATE
RATS sent more and more of our PRODUCTIVE INDUSTRY...OVERSEAS. Now, I'm not "patting
myself on the back"...but, even as a KID way back in 1967 at the age of 16...I was
able to SEE and EVALUATE and UNDERSTAND this trend, and get "INVOLVED" as I did,
joining George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party, AND "sticking with it" over
all these past decades of anti-White "change." WHERE were the "OTHERS"? Where ARE
all those "OTHERS" who SAW what I SAW...and EVALUATED the INFORMATION...and
UNDERSTOOD "where" it was all heading and "JOINED the MOVEMENT" to "stop it"? Over
the years, so MANY have come into the Struggle...only to blaze up in righteous wrath
for such a SHORT period of Service to the Folk...and then "burn out" and DISAPPEAR.
How is it, that I MYSELF can Serve for almost FOUR DECADES now...and the "average"
movement individual lasts about a year or two...when their "great expectations of an
easy victory," don't achieve fruition? It's confusing to me, for I believe that
ONCE an individual becomes AWARE of what is OCCURING, and becomes "INVOLVED"...they
have an OBLIGATION, a clear and mature fight on for the
"DURATION" until they see things corrected and put to right! In the military they
have a term for these kinds of people, the people who join the battle for their
side, KNOWING that what they are fighting for is a NECESSITY made OBVIOUS by their
OWN call to arms that THEY themselves CHOSE in the first place with NO
coercion....and then leave the field of battle, and their Comrades as well as "what
they were striving for in the first place"...they are known as DESERTERS. That USED
to be one of the WORST things that a person could be labeled, way back when our Folk
still held "HONOR," "PRIDE," "ONE'S WORD," and RESPONSIBILITY to be one of the HIGHEST
VIRTUES that we as a race VALUED. And just "why" do you think we as a people LOST
those ideals? I believe that it boils down to DICIPLINE, or the lack thereof...that is
our problem today. Viewing the world as an observer, I find that the present set of
white featherless bipeds on the whole, are far too imbued with the "INSTANTANIOUS
GRATIFICATION" syndrome. They want it NOW...quickly, easily, and CHEAPLY. A typical
example would be their eating habits, per "Fast Food." Instead of going HOME and
cooking a HEALTHY meal...they grab GARBAGE for themselves...with a result that is
humorous to the "people watcher," who counts the obese and sickly from a seat in the
"Mall." LOL, But LACK of the minutest form of DICIPLINE is also DANGEROUS, as it
breeds APATHY, LETHARGY, and COWARDACE. Recently, Dave Duke and a few old
"right-wing con-servative" pals held a meet, eat and pat themselves on the back
"home-coming party," for Duke being released from the Federal Pen for gambling away thousands
of Patriot donations, among other things. Well, these old phonies...who bye and
large have ONE thing in common-they virtually ALL-LIVE OFF OF THE MONEY SENT IN BY
SINCERE PATRIOTS TO FUND THE STRUGGLE...agreed, ONE..."not to reveal all the
SKELETINS in each others closets, and TWO..."to DENOUNCE VIOLENCE in the battle to
Liberate our Aryan Folk"! What MORE can I say folks? These "hero's" STILL think that
we can "TALK" or "BARGAN like a jew in the bazaar"...the entrenched enemy that holds
sway in America, and is INTENT on DESTROYING us and our children as they have been
doing now for decades, and who just about have the whole ball of wax through our
IN-ACTION in regards to ANY OTHER FORM OF RESISTANCE, other than farting gas as we
sit on our ass! I realize just what is REALLY involved here, unlike US who damn sure
want to SINK the frigging "BOAT"...these creatures don't want to even ROCK the
BOAT...lest they might LOSE their little MONEY-MAKING SCHEMES, and have to buy an
alarm clock. LOL, so for THEM, it's "BUSINESS as USUAL" (and I honestly
MEAN-"BUSINESS"), more of the same old-SAME OLD of the PAST 50 YEARS...that has
brought us NOTHING but CONTINUOUS FAILURE and DEFEAT. How anyone can see these
hucksters as "leaders" is beyond me, unless a person was a complete COWARD and
wanted a "SAFE" EXCUSE to be "involved," and what could be safer than following
these Pied Pipers of Whining and "Protesting" because they KNOW that these
"Prominent Movement Personalities" are GUARRANTEED not to advocate ANYTHING beyond-
BUYING THEIR OVER-PRICED "MERCHANDISE." LOL, Comrades, far too often people are
"looking at the other guy" to see what "he's doing"...rather that keeping their
sights upon the MAN or WOMAN in the MIRROR...and FOCUSING on what they SHOULD be
DOING themselves. Personally, I think that that is quite a job in itself, YOU ARE
NOT YOUR BROTHERS "KEEPER". Getting YOURSELF squared away, and into "action" should
be your #1 PRIORITY. If you can't PROPERLY LEAD YOURSELF...what in hell are you doing
concerning yourself with the actions of OTHERS? START practicing DICIPLINE, if only
in the beginning in SMALL ways. DON'T eat that extra Pork Chop...say NO, and put that
next "cold one" back in the fridge...give yourself 15 more minutes before you light
that smoke up...ANYTHING that causes you to DENY yourself an EASY craving or desire,
is a FIRST STEP towards gaining that DICIPLINE that you NEED to become YOUR OWN MASTER.
Its not easy, but you CAN do it...IF, you really wish to. And once you have
introduced REAL discipline into your life, you will suddenly discover that many of
those things you THOUGHT you were "incapable" of...WILL be within your ability. IT'S
CALLED "WILL" POWER. Something that so many Nazis like to view, per "Triumph of the
Will"....but, once again the MEANING of the phrase, seems to zoom over their head.
LOL DICIPLINE is the KEY to CONTROL over your OWN life. And DICIPLINE will LEAD to
being willing to embrace RESPONSIBLITY in how you live and all you do. Comrades,
please believe me when I state that I really DO have "sympathy" for those who feel
the burden of our at present "unrewarding results" per the Dissident
times of course, I feel it too! BUT, being a mature adult, I ALSO realize the
OBLIGATION that I bear towards my FOLK...all those who trod the path before me,
along with those LITTLE ONES today, who look to ME and YOU for a BETTER FUTURE
than the one that the current " GREATEST GENERATION" bestowed upon them. Let's
face it...all those "Hero's" from WWII and their progeny...SHIRKED THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES,
and we are presently paying for it. Are WE to CONTINUE along that path and INTO the
ABYSS...OR...are WE finally going to DO the RIGHT/WHITE thing, no matter "WHAT" the
"COST" or how DARK and DIFFICULT the road may be? Mighty Oaks GROW from that tiny
little Acorn, but FIRST it has to be PLANTED before it can even began to grow.
Plant that "acorn" of RESOLVE in your HEART and MIND that you ARE going to EVOLVE from "what you
are"...and GROW into a person WORTHY of the name of ARYAN. No one can do it for you,
but IF the "superior race" is so easily discouraged from even ATTEMPTING the
act...perhaps we aren't so "superior" after all. For White Worker Power! Rocky
J. Suhayda, Chairman

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