ANP Report for May 30, 2004

Racial Comrades: Well, in my last report I asked the question of you
readers..."WHAT would it TAKE to get you to FIGHT"? And I must say
that I was surprised at the turnout of replies received, almost two
hundred! The main gist of your replies fell into two basic
categories, both of which seemingly overlapped. The first was..." It
wasn't TIME yet for Direct Action "...and the vast majority were
inclined to add that they were against involving themselves in
"ANYTHING ILLEGAL" in their "fighting" the destroyers of our Folk and
Nation. Secondly, the general consensus was..." I'm not getting
involved UNTIL there is an EXISTENT and GROWING campaign already in
action." That?s it folks. In fact one guy wrote and stated that HE
"might" consider it...IF..."we" made the "National News FIRST"?! OK,
I'll try and address each thought pattern. First off, if it ISN'T
"time"...when WILL it BE "time"? THAT I don't have the "answer" for.
I THOUGHT that the system HAS been at WAR with the Racially Aware
White Community for the past 50 YEARS? I guess that only the "White
folks" are unaware of this? ALL other paths of "resistance" have been
PROVEN to be FUTILE and USELESS...last week there was a pitiful
"demonstration" against "Brown vs. Education" down in Kansas. Although
it was a multi-group effort, organized from "across the nation"...and
received a TON of "pre-publicity" from NEWSWEEK to the local
publicity hounds LEFT their "demonstration" 45 MINUTES
EARLY...because the cops were letting the Marxist counter-protesters
who numbered several hundred...cross police lines and ENTER the
demonstration area, which spooked I guess the "mighty whites" into
leaving. BTW, the "mighty whities" were BUSSED to the demo-area, in a
ZOG POLICE BUS...where no doubt ALL were fully photographed, taped
and filed away for future use. Duh. Can we say STUPID boys and girls?
I'm sure that if ZOG would have asked for a complete dossier from
each participant, these fools would have provided one...just to
fulfill that inner need to get their concerted faces on the jew-tube!
And these are SUPPOSED to be "REVOLUTIONARIES"?! Well, if so...all I
can say is that each and every one of them are now completely
COMPROMISED for any FUTURE "serious activity." But, PERHAPS that IS
the point of these SIDESHOWS anyways? I have often wondered about
those "LEADERS," who in today?s POLICE STATE climate...insist on
OUTING their FOLLOWERS. To the second general response...IF one WAITS
for the "OTHER GUY" to "START OFF DOING IT"...WHEN will it ever
BEGIN? I will be the first to agree that it takes an exceptional man
or woman to step into that arena, and that not everyone is capable of
doing so. That said, I still believe that "IF" you yourself simply
"CANNOT GET INVOLVED" can still FINANCE those who
wish to get started at LEAST...PREPARING the WAY. Before ANYTHING is
ever done in ANY endeavor...there is always the PREPARATION
stage...if one wishes to have at least a modicum of a hope for
SUCCESS. So WHERE'S the $UPPORT for those willing to address this
issue? IF you want someone to "FIGHT YOUR BATTLES FOR YOU"...the very
LEAST that YOU can give them the resources necessary to
SURVIVE the onslaught of an overwhelming foe. From the general
consensus of your remarks, this is what I see....YOU want SOMEBODY
ELSE to get to "DOING IT"...FIRST. And, YOU want it done on the
"CHEAP"! LOL What a menu for VICTORY! Very interesting.... On the
"Movement Scene"...more idiocy and weirdness last week. A 40 year old
"Neo-Nazi" was arrested in New York last week, yeah he had built a
concrete block "bunker" in his basement...where cops found "Nazi
literature, uniforms, guns, thousands of rounds of ammo and
nail-studded bombs. His neighbors told the jews-media that he had
"SWASTIKA TATTOO'S" and for a year had hung effigies of BIN LADEN and
SADDAM HUSSAIN from his FRONT PORCH. (anybody ever tell this guy
that BOTH these men are vicious ENEMIES of the JEW?) Also in New
York, a BLACK "Nazi" SACRIFICED his GIRLFRIEND in front of an "Altar
to Adolf Hitler" that he had in his house. Jewish "Nazis," now Black
"Nazis"...what?s NEXT? Now to "Aryan Nations"...seems one of the guys
who ran for "City Council" out in Idaho last years, is going away for
a LONG time. Seems he saw a cop outside his house, took a potshot
through the window...missed...and then meekly came outside and
surrendered. And then we have the continuing saga of poor old Richard
Butler, who's "friends" seem to get stranger and stranger. A short
while ago we wrote about the inter-racial "PORN STAR"...a "Bianca
Trump"...being arrested in his company. Well, this time it was
reported on the "LSN News-service"...that a "Karalena N. Zuber OR
Sigmund S. Zuber," take your pick, as the creature is a TRANS-SEXUAL
who had an operation to become a "woman"...was arrested in the company
of Butler, for spitting on a ZOG Cop. Something is VERY wrong here
folks, a person is KNOWN by the "COMPANY THEY KEEP"...and the old
Pastor has sure been keeping some STRANGE "company" to say the least.
INSTEAD of dragging the old fellow out to these useless "protests"
like the one mentioned above (to leach "publicity" off the fame of
his name) perhaps it might be better to do a little "CARE-GIVING" so
as to keep him out of the "company" of these FREAKS and UN-NATURALS?
But, then again "we" the "movement" DON'T care for or pick up our
fallen and our "Old Fighters," do we? "WE" much better prefer them to
"fade away" gracefully from the "scene"...or, better yet...ENTERTAIN
us, and go out with a "BANG"! Honestly, the "movement" is a SHAMEFULL
bunch on the whole; they DON'T $upport their "champions" when they
ARE "in the ring" with more than begrudged chump-change...and after a
LIFETIME of SERVICE to the Folk, they are expected to crawl away and
"die quietly" so as not to cause any anguish or guilt feelings
among those "SPECTATORS" in the ranks, who WATCHED while the MAN IN
THE ARENA...FOUGHT THEIR BATTLE. I can't tell you the times that we
receive messages from folks with addy's like "Whitewarrior"@ or
"SStrooper"@... requesting US to write a nasty missive to some negro
or jew...FOR them. Like WHY in hell should WE do THEIR dirty work FOR
them? Not that we would ever jeopardize our operation by engaging in
such stupid and childish nonsense, but is says a LOT about these
characters that they would even ASK! I also at this time wish to
share a little "advice" for many of you out there that frequent these
"chat-rooms" and "Forum Boards". BEWARE! These places are like
watering holes for the ZOG INFORMATION COLLECTORS to gather "dinner."
They "ACT" like they are "one of us"...and then PRIME and PUMP the
participants for INFORMATION. I recently saw a program where Morris
Dees displayed WHOLE GROUPS of College kids who were doing these
activities, and any intelligent and honest person will admit that
ZOG no doubt does it too. Recently, we and a number of other "orgs"
out there have been getting a number of messages from purported
"supporters"...telling us to quit hammering on the "they
aren't our biggest real enemy," our biggest target SHOULD
guessed it yet, the MUSLIM-ARABS! HOW OBVIOUS CAN YOU GET? Yet, there
again...that "Nazi" in NY obviously bought into it...yet I would be
willing to BET that it WASN'T some "Muslim" that came and dragged him
away, eh. I sincerely HOPE that this latest FLOP by the "entertainment
industry" down in Kansas, will mark the END of these PATHETIC
"side-walk shows," and that the days of being PUBLICLY EMBARRASSED by
a small, motley bunch of costumed "mimes" who apparently NEED the ZOG
to PROTECT THEM...while they "PROTEST" the ZOG...are KAPUT. It's not
HOLD THEM through OUR OWN EFFORTS...lets do as the early
"Christians" DID, and lay low and ORGANIZE in the "catacombs"...UNTIL
WE CAN! Comrades, STUDY those "Movements" that SUCCEEDED...even the
"enemy" ones...and LEARN from them! I'm tired of all this silliness
and stupidity that seems to have a stranglehold over "movement"
thinking. How many drinks from that carton of milk do you have to
swallow...before you grasp the fact that its SPOILED? For White
Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

ANP Staff Note- #1 You may receive an
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Movement "career" of Party Chairman Suhayda, who first joined George
Lincoln Rockwell?s ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16. Now you may
receive a several hour video comprising "news-clips" of dozens of his
activities that he participated in. From bloody street fights and
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picketing his home with a M1 Carbine, to having "news informants"
infiltrating meetings at his home. All of these are "activities" that
he grew out of as he learned and evolved from a "publicity hound" to
a Revolutionary Dissident. This video is for "entertainment" only,
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