ANP Report for May 15, 2004

Racial Comrades: Nothing is more satisfying to an Aryan Activist,
than seeing a "do-gooder liberal race-destroyer"...get it a result of THEIR destructive activities, and at the
hands of their own petard. An example would be a lily-white NAACP
member getting robbed, raped, or replaced in their employment by a
non-Aryan. The same can be said about this ZOG system getting a good
taste of "NUREMBURG JUSTICE," over this Iraqi POW episode! For many
years, the National Socialist German population was tortured,
bullied, and KILLED...over..." I was only following orders," as NOT
being an "excuse" for the "maltreatment" of prisoners et al. NOW, the
great, sweet, loveable and "DEMOCRATIC" JEW-S-A is exposed as
playing precisely that role of vicious the new "Global
Village" of Kum-By-Ya. LOL, It will be gloriously interesting to see
just how FAR this is going to play out...will it eventually lead to a
troops and "officials"? Even such a demand if not fulfilled, MIGHT
eventually LEAD a huge POINTING FINGER at the JEW/ISRAELI abuse of
ARABS under their hateful OCCUPATION of PALESTINE as well! Will the
U.S. soldiers indicted "CUT DEALS" and plead "GUILTY," with a sly
wink and promise of being released at a future date...ONCE the hoopla
has died down? OR, will some of these people actually attempt to put
up a REAL defense...and point the finger of BLAME...further on up the
Chain of Command...until it is PROVEN that this wasn't just a "few
bad apples, doing their own thing," but a SET POLICY designed by ZOG?
And just WHO are these "CONTRACTORS" that ZOG is utilizing as
"interrogators" etc? Jew MOSSAD agents perhaps? It seems that NO
talking-head "reporters" are asking THOSE questions and DEMANDING
answers! Its pretty wondrous, when a multi-million man ZOG
"military".... HAS to USE unknown "MERCENARIES" in its ranks, isn't
it? I heard an Arab politician from California I believe yesterday,
and he made an insightful comment. He stated that if the U.S. thought
that they could defeat and occupy a BILLION and a HALF Arabs across
the Middle-East...they ought to think twice about a " WAR of
ATTRITION." And you know what? He's right. The Jew-S-A has around
300 Million people, and so FEW are "volunteering" to fill the
meat-grinders of Judah...that the system is quietly floating the idea
of REGISTERING both MALES and FEMALES along with "what skills they
have" in a Pre-Draft "test the waters" plan AND extending the age up
to 35! Now, how are you going to like THAT, White MOM and POP...ZOG's
going to eventually DRAFT your little MARY and SUZI into the integrated
legions of Imperial Zo??s "Military Might"...not to mention your SONS!
WILL? We at ANP HQ would really like to fact, I was
will it TAKE? Please write me and let us know! Because, anymore I
haven't the slightest idea "what" it will "take" to MOTIVATE you to
even part with a few measly Jew-Bucks to $upport our efforts to build
a REAL Dissident Liberation Struggle. LOL, On the "movement scene"
for all you enquiring minds...last week "A.N." set a new record in
ARRESTS...having THREE of their personnel grabbed by ZOG in three
unrelated "incidents"...I'm not even going to bother relating them,
lets just say it was the usual STUPID stuff involved. In California,
a "N.A. Unit Leader" who WORKED at a MEXICAN BAR as a "Bouncer"...was
shot by the beaners and only question here, is WHY in
HELL was an OBVIOUS RACIST...working THERE? Duh!!! And in Canada, a
group of "skinheads" in Toronto, went into a JEW CENTER where there
were "problems"...which resulted in a jew being killed and THEM in
deep crap. The thought processes of some of these people go beyond
me. Don't they KNOW just "WHO" the REAL enemy IS? (it's not the
little "non-whites" friends, they are only aggravating
"symptoms"...its the SYSTEMITES who hold the POWER i.e. CONTROL "what
happens & doesn't happen here in Zogland, And MOST of these evil
creatures are "white" scum...) Why don't some of these people, if
they have "death-wishes" or self-destructive syndromes...simply
immolate themselves like Buddhist Monks and have done with it, rather
than draw down useful Comrades who are simply "guilty through
association" with I suppose we'll all start hearing the
inevitable cry of "SAVE ME...LEGAL DEFENSE FUND." I'm going to be
cold, calculated and "cruel" here once again Comrades, the Movement
donated over $80,000 to Chester Doles "Defense Fund" and he PLED
GUILTY. The Movement donated over $40,000 to Matt Hales "Defense
Fund" when any intelligent observer KNEW that it was a LOST CAUSE
from day one. The Movement raised what, around $125,000 for the
German "Satanist" musician that was arrested over at the N.A.
compound area? I could go on and on...we are DRAINING ourselves so
much, that there isn't much left over for the REAL STRUGGLE. IS THAT
THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL? Back in Rockwell's days, in the
1960's...Comrades had to "serve the time"...because IF all the fines,
bonds, etc...were paid, there would have been NO Party left. It's a
tough call, but sometimes tough calls HAVE to be made by
SOMEONE...otherwise, we can all feel "weepy & sad" as we like...but,
end result is WE RUN OUT OF FUNDS and DISAPPEAR off the field of
battle. We the Movement also HAVE to stop the "OTHER" USELESS DRAINS
on our limited resources as well. Last night as I watched the tube, I
saw a program about Tim Russert and his program Meet the Press. And
lo and behold, who was a segment about but old DAVID DUKE, when he
was running for something or other. Well, Mr. Russert started off
with "Mr. Duke, I understand that Hitler is one of your hero's!"
Duke got all flustered, and just about yelled..." Hitler is NOT one
of my heroes, in fact he was a DISASTER for the Western man! " Yep,
Duke the guy who SOLD his MAILING LIST of patriotic financial
$ a ZOG POLITICIAN...among many "OTHER" things that I
have written about in previous ANP Reports (see the archives) is
getting out of prison for gambling away tens of thousands of
donations along with other crimes, of which HE PLED
planning a "Come-Back" Party later this month. He is insinuating that
he is planning on "running" in ANOTHER "Great White Hope" election
con-game. As IF being a part of the ZOG SYSTEM would ever positively
effect the LIBERATION of our FOLK, and achieve the 14 WORDS. Anyone
who can embrace the idiotic FANTASY of "VOTING the enemy OUT" of
their wealth and power by this stage of the game, is DELUSIONAL
indeed! That or a PHONY CON ARTIST. I seriously urge any of you who
feel the slightest inclination to give him any of your hard earned walk down the street...and find the first negro that you
come across, and give HIM your money INSTEAD. Then at least you'll
KNOW that your money will go for many of the same things old Plastic
Man would spend them on, but it will NOT be WASTED on another FALSE
"HOPE." For you who embrace NATIONAL SOCIALISM...well, YOU HEARD
about the terrible old JOOS...after ALL the books ALREADY in no big feat. Let's be HONEST here folks, it was WRITTEN so
HE could SELL it to YOU. BTW, Did you KNOW, that DUKE the "Klan
Wizard" took ROCKWELL'S book " White Power"...and WHITING OUT all the
references to the ANP/NSWPP, National Socialism and ROCKWELL, and
poorly typing IN "KKK" and the like...REPUBLISHED it as the "White
Primer" back in the late 70's? Yeah, that was just after I
believe he wrote "AFRICAN ATTO," a BLACK POWER MANUAL on how to
MURDER old SELL to BLACK SAVAGES! As an "author" he also
has ANOTHER "book" to his credit...this one a PORNOGRAPHIC "SEX
HOW-TO" cutie, the name of which alludes me at present. And this is
the TRUE "face" of David, despite the PLASTIC SURGERY that he flaunts
as a "regular guy," a "REPRESENTATIVE" of the WHITE WORKING MAN &
WOMAN...give me a break! Do yourself a favor White Worker, before you
DONE IN HIS ENTIRE LIFETIME. I don't know about YOU, but I'm damn
tired of these "representatives," IN government or OUT..."TRYING" to
"represent" ME...when they never broke a sweat in HONEST BLUE COLLAR
LABOR. They remind me of King George Bush the 1st..."feeling my
pain"...when he didn't even know what the SCANNER at the grocery
store was for! LOL Look, we NO LONGER NEED these PROP-MEN to
"represent the movement"'s time each one of US...became our OWN
representative. In SECURE SMALL CELLS, you don't NEED "Great White
Hopes" as talking fact...we need to start to observe the
EFFECTIVE and got the job DONE! Personally, I'm finished with all the
useless, blabbering "TALK." Aren't YOU? Everywhere around the globe,
the NON-WHITES are taking on ZION...all EXCEPT the "mighty" White
man. The Street-Walkers are preparing ANOTHER "protest" over the
Brown vs. Education, down in Arkansas later this month...geez, as IF
anyone even CARES about the "White mans viewpoint." I'll TELL you
what just MIGHT grab their attention, better than any whining
circle-jerk...but, it would probably scare most of you half to death
as you sit on your ass in front of your glowing computer
I'll leave it to your imagination. But, THAT'S just "what" it's going
to HAVE to come to my friends, unless some benign ALIENS land from
Outer Space and do the job for us. Maybe we ought to open a "Special
Resistance Chapter for Arabs," THEY seem to have the cajones to "do
what it takes"...something selfish old pale-face lost somewhere after
WWII. Incredible isn't it? All those Aryans, eager, willing and KILL other Aryans...and then they return home, where
jewish-materialism turns them into gutless cowards. And their
OFFSPRING, who get to REAP all the "rewards" of their parents
capitulation to the jews and their integration et al...are even
WORSE. Yeah Whitey, WRITE US and TELL US...just "WHAT IT WILL
TAKE" make YOU stand on your feet like ARYANS, and RESIST. We're
all curious as hell. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda,

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