ANP Report for May 02, 2004

Racial Comrades: I don't know if all of you will agree with my
viewpoint today, but since so FEW of you bothered to even send in a
penny (I'll take that back, one comical individual did send in
2 cents lol) to $upport our two-month "Spring Fund Appeal," I
honestly don't care. I have become accustomed to writing these
messages first for myself, and next for those Comrades with whom we
have come to rely upon come thick and thin...and for the few open
minded newbies among the many who visit our website...and come to
LEARN something no one else has dared broach to them about the events
encompassing us today. Living in today's "American Society," I
honestly cannot understand HOW the simple daily events that we all
experience...doesn't raise the WRATH and COMMITMENT of more Aryan men
and women. It's not simply the "non-Whites" of all the varying
descriptions literally FLOODING "our land" that does it for me...but,
all the OTHER circumstances as well...from immorality, corruption,
"jobs," taxes, prices, "entertainment," education, - EVERYTHING! It's
ALL going rotten to the core. Yet, complacency is the order of the
day. One thing I meant to get around to say, is that after being in
this "movement" for around 37 years and observing the situation, it's
OBVIOUS that the "movement" as a whole is SHRINKING each decade that
passes. Think not? Hell, it used to be that there were "activities"
EVERY WEEKEND around the country (although I'm VERY glad that this
stupid idiocy HAS virtually ground itself out) attended by LOTS of
folks. Nowadays, it takes the street-performers literally MONTHS to
attempt to patch one of these carnival events together, and whereas
before it was usually ONE group that held an "activity" these
actors in dress-up, have to gather together a number of orgs to have
even a PITIFUL looking "demonstration," etc. Yes, the "NUMBERS" are
going down...and I think that it's GREAT! Why? because what is
happening is that we are seeing a separation of the "WHEAT from the
CHAFF"...the dysfunctionals are LEAVING because it's becoming SERIOUS
to be a dissident in today's POLICE STATE of America, it's not just
FUN & GAMES anymore! A chance to PRETEND that your a big tough
"Stormtrooper" with a HUGE BELLY hanging over your belt...OR, a
"Commander" that NEVER HELD THAT RANK in the military, as COMMANDER
ROCKWELL DID. The "skinheads" ranks are dwindling too, more and more
your seeing GROWN MEN in their 30's or OLDER...swashbuckling around
their beer fests, as this FAD is going the way of all the rest. Same
with "Christian Identity." I've been around long enough to have
experienced BOTH "Great White Hopes"...and I knew at the time that
the hopes pinned on them were faulty. BOTH were aimed NOT towards the
NORMAL element of White Society in general...rather on limited
interest groups, carrying "issues" that were NOT of concern to Joe &
Jill Six-pack. Yes, as the numbers do the
wonder what these guys will "DO" once their market shrinks enough
that they can NO LONGER MAKE A CRUSTY LIVING OFF of the "brothers &
sisters"? Get a REAL JOB?! LOL Sorry, can you honestly see DUKE
sweating away in a FACTORY, or filling shelves at 7-11? Because
THAT'S ALL THEIR REALLY FIT FOR! (not that honest work of ANY kind is
something to be ashamed of, I just cannot picture these conartists
DOING honest, blue collar LABOR. I mean, can you SEE Thom Robb or
William Pierce driving and unloading a semi? LOL) Already, Vince
Breeding, Dukes "National Director" of " EURO " has quit the
"movement" to further his career as a PORNOGRAPHER. NO, I'm NOT
kidding. In any case, getting back to my present...LESS
is BETTER, because the QUALITY people are STAYING the course and
getting a whole hell of a lot "MEANER" in their attitudes. And I
myself would much rather have TEN PEOPLE who are READY to
and MYSELF as well. Movement adherents are finally beginning to
realize the SERIOUSNESS surrounding them, and are at LEAST
considering the "ALTERNATIVE" to what in the past has POSED as
"meaningful activity." In this case, the taking down of Matt Hale
along with all the others who have fallen this past year through
STUPID "activities," INNOCENT-LIKE "trusting" of losers, bums, and
informants, or the LOVE of all that NEGATIVE "publicity" that our
"movement" USED to be so enamored LEAST it has SHOWN CLEARLY,
"what to expect" IF you follow in these poor souls footsteps. The
spark of light is FINALLY making it through that DEDICATED and
INTELLIGENT portion of the Dissident Struggle, that it's OBEY & SERVE
the SYSTEM...or, RESIST. And I myself personally believe that WHEN
you "RESIST"...YOU RESIST TOTALLY...with ALL and EVERY "resource"
at your disposal. Whether it be MONEY, TIME, SKILLS,'s ALL put
on the line! I never heard of WILLINGLY "fighting" with one arm tied
behind your back...and WINNING. ZOG is weakening daily, look at
Iraq...Falujah was comparable to their "ALAMO"...and ZOG didn't have
the WILL to pay the price needed to WIN. Soon, probably before the
"election," the DEAD will number over a THOUSAND and the WILL to
continue will reach a crossroads...but, all the hatred of the jew
controlled ZOG SYSTEM around the globe will continue to GROW and
EXPAND. Look at the release of those PICTURES of the "democratic &
freedom loving" Zogites TORTURING Iraqi POW's...NO amount of
blustering or "promising" will EVER erase those images from the mask
of ZION, to the entire world! And btw, THAT kind of "TREATMENT" is
in store for ALL of US...if we piss around and LOSE this Liberation
Struggle...have NO doubt about THAT. What was also quite interesting,
is that those photos SHOWED just how FAR that the SYSTEM has
"RUINED" our WOMEN...that little White girls would be so corrupted to
HAPPILY take part in such degradations...and PHOTOGRAPH themselves
"doing it," to proudly show the folks back home. Sorry you sadists
out there, I don't believe in TORTURING people, much less folks who
BELIEVED the softsoap bullcrap about the U.S. obeying the GENEVA
CONVENTION, etc. In fact, I really don't believe in "surrendering"
oneself to your SWORN ENEMIES in ANY case, but that's another matter I
suppose. The fact is, the MASK of ZOG is OFF....can any of you
honestly "HOPE" for ANY degree of "sympathy, consideration, or pity"
from these evil demons? I can't! We need to START building those
SECURE SMALL CELLS...each with a SPECIFIC "SKILL" of use to the
Resistance Struggle. Lets cut to the chase, its GONNA COST
the REST that might give the remnants of our Folk willing to face
-off, a fighting chance. Instead of that NEW "car", "patio",
"Bar-B-Q", "DVD Player" etc. et al.....we better start acquiring
those objects that might ensure the SURVIVAL of our KIDS. And can the
crap about "later" you REALLY know WHEN it might just ALL come
crumpling DOWN...and it will be TOO LATE to "DO" what you CAN do NOW?
In the White Worker Newsletter, I have gone into the creation of
"building Cells," among other things...if you would like that
info...then send in a $5 donation and order an ANP Info
might start you in the "PROPER DIRECTION". Those of you who "know it
all already," well I hope your right...its too late to LEARN, after
it all hits the fan. As Chairman of the American Nazi Party, I DON'T
advocate sending you out into the streets as cannon fodder...I
already KNOW through my own EXPERIENCES just what will probably
befall you...and it's senseless to me. I much prefer giving you well
thought out "advice" that makes you THINK for YOURSELVES...rather
than "trust" to the exalted "POOHBAH"...who usually has HIS "best
interests" in mind. I'll leave you with this thought...IF a "PONTIFIX
MAXIMUS" like Matt Hale...COULDN'T SAVE HIMSELF...what are these
puffed-up Primadonna's gonna "DO" for YOU, when your slammed by ZOG
simply for "exercising your Constitutional Rights"? (as if we have
any anymore! LOL) I'LL tell you up-front...NOTHING. Remember, it's
OBEY & SERVE...or...RESIST. Your call. for White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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