ANP Report for April 22, 2004

Racial Comrades: Being "what I am", as Chairman of the American
Nazi Party it is at times a mostly frustrating business. You have to
deal with morons, like the "leader" of some Hollywood "nazi"
org...who wrote me that HE thought that "Hitler and Mein Kampf wasn't
so important, as Hitler didn't invent National Socialism...he only
promoted it"!? WHERE do these creatures get such ideas? I guess he
thought HIS "improvements" to the National Socialist doctrine were
far superior to the "original." LOL It reminds me of my kids
sometimes taking "liberties" and attempting to "redefine" the
latitudes of old dad's "directions" to them. Hey! THAT ISN'T WHAT OLD
DAD SAID or MEANT. Listen, ADOLF HITLER laid it ALL out for us...we
don't need to be like the "Christian Church"...with 101 various
"interpretations" and multitudinous various "sects," all filled with
the "new Revelations" of the "Inspired Costumed Fuhrer's" of
Fantasyland. Mein Kampf IS the BIBLE of the National Socialist
IDEOLOGY...and your pitiful "writings" are NOT needed as an addendum!
LOL It's funny and strange in a way, how "Nazism" seems to attract a
goodly number of people with a bloated "Fuhrer" complex. It's like one
moment they are a complete NO-BODY...but, like Venus springing from
the foam full bloom...they suddenly APPEAR out of NO-WHERE, complete
with "COSTUME" and "TITLE," and I've even seen some with a little
"moustache and forelock"! LOL Sad thing is, these play-actors
actually find an "audience" the JEWISH "Fuhrer's" FRANK
COLLINS/COHN of the "NSPA" and his more recent brother "Commander" BO
DECKER/GREENBAUM of the once widely acclaimed "KNIGHTS of
FREEDOM/AMERICAN NATIONALIST PARTY"...did. You might not want to
admit it, but these TWO JEWS were ONCE widely acclaimed as "MOVEMENT
PERSONALITIES." ONE LOOK at them and anyone even slightly aware of
the racial-jew...SAW "what they were"...but, there you have it. "Our
Movement" LOVES stimulation...something "new" and "media prone."
And then when the EXCITING "stimulation" wears off, they quickly turn
away...looking for "SOMETHING NEW," to tickle their jadedness. Look
at poor old Matt Hale. ONCE he was the media-whores' "POSTER BOY OF
HATE"...they could DEPEND on old Matt to give them a juicy, choice
bit of "HATE" splash across the jew-tube screen. Folks fawned on
Old Matt, boy o' boy, HE was "getting the word across" matter
that the "word" was mostly JUST WHAT THE ENEMY WANTED HIM TO
SAY...while surrounding himself with RAPISTS like the creep who
HEADED HIS "WHITE RANGERS", who impregnated the 13 year old daughter
of his Illinois State Leader...or, the HEAD of his "SECURITY WHITE
BERATES" who turned out to be a PAID FBI PROVOCATEUR/INFORMANT...or,
the great "RaHoWa" BAND BOY George Eric Hawthorn/Burdi, the darling
of "Hate Rock" (and lest we forget, FOUNDER of "RESISTANCE
RECORDS...that all time "MOVEMENT MONEYMAKER" machine)...who when
his star was no longer shining because he FACED JAIL for PUMMELING a
GIRL and faced a little TIME in the GULAG... Burdi bolted and became
a RACE-MIXER MUSICMAN instead! NOW, poor Matt sits ALONE in a ZOG
courtroom facing JEW-JUST-US. And you know, whether you believe it or
not...I once told Matt on the phone...when he first was considering
becoming the "Pontifix Maximus" of the WCOTC (I even suggested he
use that "World" instead of simply "COTC" to overcome any "negative
obligations" that the OLD "COTC" of Klassen might have left behind)
that he should NOT take that role and INSTEAD simply CONCENTRATE on
becoming a MOVEMENT LAWYER instead...something I believe that
EVERYONE would AGREE we NEED! But no, he was just shutting down his
"National Socialist White Supremacy Party" for failing to get
anywhere, and I guess he had visions of greatness with being the
"MOST extreme of the EXTREME." Hale was young, and he hadn't yet
realized I suppose, that 90% of the "movement" is HOT AIR and IDIOCY.
A sad assed paper-tiger. But, as time went on...he SHOULD have
figured it out...the "movement" wants ENTERTAINMENT not prefers the word "FREE," to "$ACRIFICE"...and
certainly they want the "LEADER," the "GUY ON THE WHITE HORSE" to "DO
IT ALL "painlessly, quickly, on a dime...and of course ALL BY HIS
LONESOME. People, WHY do you THINK that Hale was SURROUNDED by
ALL he HAD to work with, AND he begin to BELIEVE his own PROPAGANDA
out of desperation. Being "older" one has the ability to measure the
PRESENT to the PAST. A perfect example is today?s "economic climate."
To the young, who know little different..."things aren't really so
bad"...BECAUSE its all they know. But check this FACT 1969
(when I graduated from High School) the United Auto Workers HAD 1.53
MILLION, their membership is around 624,585!
Where a kid out of school back then, COULD get a DECENT PAYING JOB
with few "skills"...TODAY...the jobs have been SHIPPED OVERSEAS for
cheap non-White labor. Hell, even "WHITE COLLAR JOBS" are being
"OUT-SOURCED" by our capitalist masters! CAN YOU PROGRESS THE
TIME-FRAME FORWARD ANOTHER 50 YEARS? We'll ALL be competing with
sambo and pedro to flip burgers...yet, I feel like a lone voice
crying out these FACTS to people who JUST DON'T SEEM TO CARE. I
attempt to interest you in subjects BEYOND "nigger & jew"...subjects
that damn well WILL "influence your existence" and that of your
CHILDREN...and in some zombi-like way, so many ACT "clueless." Is it
of me I cannot figure it out. IF someone was RAPING your DAUGHTER, or
KILLING your SON...would you "PROTEST" them? Would you WATCH as it
HAPPENED and THEN...."educate" your neighbors, about the bad guys
who did this? OR, would you "DO" what was "NECESSARY"? Is our
"Movement" ANY "different" from the DOCILE JEWS who lined up to be
"GASSED"...etc. et al? You YOUNG ONES who cover yourselves with
"slogans" and POSTURE like Bantu's PRETENDING to "fight" another
tribe of Congoids...stomping and you NEED "old men" to
"Movement" (rallies, demonstrations, gatherings, marches, etc) WERE
THE BALL FORWARD, and INTO NEW TERRITORY...or, are you going to STAY
in the SAFE ZONE we created long ago? The "Movement" as an entity, is
SPINNING ITS WHEELS...going NO WHERE...over territory already broken.
It's time to MOVE ON! "What" WE Old Fighters TRIED...FAILED in the
long run. Get over it. Do YOU have to INSIST on FAILING TOO? You
know, I read a news story about a White Collar worker who had his job
"out-sourced" to India...a year ago. He STILL doesn't have a job,
after sending out 1,000 r?sum??s...BECAUSE...he refuses to take a
"LESSER" job! So he's used up ALL his mega "savings" and is about to
go under...FEEL SORRY FOR HIM? Why? He's like our "Movement"...he
REFUSES to ACCEPT realities...and INSISTS on living in the PAST, even
though he ought to accept that the "good old days" are FOREVER
over...and DEAL with it. Only a FOOL will continue to FOOL himself,
once he KNOWS the score. MOST of YOU out there DO..."KNOW THE SCORE."
What's holding you back from ACTING "appropriately" is beyond me. Now
we are hearing more and more the words " Viet Nam " when it comes to
Iraq...check out my old ANP Reports...I was PREDICTING this a YEAR
ago! I'm sure no great "genius," but I DO have COMMON SENSE. I tell
it like I see it, and I don't sugarcoat my words to give you comfort
or a chuckle. The past two months have been held for the "ANP Spring
Fund Appeal." Except in a few instances, the incoming $upport has
NOT been what we NEED or honestly expected. Don't you respect an
organization that is HONEST with you? That prefers telling you the
UNVARNISHED TRUTH rather than candy-coated platitudes that give you
"Cause" that ARE the CAUSE of our repeated FAILURE as a RESISTANCE?
Time IS running out for old "Whitey" to get their act
you HAVE to wind up like King Theoden in the Lord of the Rings...who
moans " HOW DID IT COME TO THIS?"...when overwhelmed by anti-humans?
I have been "in this" for so long that I'm disgusted by those who
"claim" to "know the score"...yet do LITTLE or NOTHING in response to
it. I honestly don't care WHO I piss off anymore, as I SEE the
desperate nature that my Folk is facing...and the lackluster
"response" to it. Anymore, ONLY the CHILDREN have the "right" not to
have to face the holocaust that is fast approaching, in my mind. The
ADULTS will ALL DESERVE what comes their collective way!
Unfortunately, the "orcs" of TODAY...will not be "choosey" to whom
they inflict their tender mercies upon. And THAT does bother me, a
bane that will allow us to be subsumed and destroyed as a Racial
Entity on the North American continent. The "epitaph" will be..."
They fought OVERSEAS, while they subserviently succumbed WITHIN
"...what an epitaph. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda,

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