ANP Report for April 08, 2004

Racial Comrades: Well, today's ANP Report will no doubt "offend" a
portion of you out there...but, at times the TRUTH does we
had all best learn to live with it and move along. Today I'm going to
talk about "race" in America, more specifically...the "White" race.
To be blunt, unlike the Aryans who populate our European
homelands...MOST "White Americans" are a "NEW TRIBAL ENTITY"...a
MONGREL one. What I mean is that in Europe you will find PURE
"Irish," "French", etc...but, HERE...most Whites are like
myself, a "mixture." (I'm Dutch/Hungarian) IE, a totally NEW
"Aryan" type. Therefore, we MUST direct our "outreach" and propaganda
in a NEW direction...a "Pan-Aryan" one...that embraces ALL of the
various Racial/Tribal European factions, set forth by the late
Commander George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960's. Ok, now we get to
the "offensive" but realistic part. At the same time, we MUST
consider the factor of the injecting of ALIEN bloodlines into our
Folk that are NOT of EUROPEAN ancestry. And here I will bring up the
most seemingly "prevalent"...the "Ameri-Indian." Anyone who has
RESEARCHED the FACTS....KNOWS...that the "Indians" did not just pop
up out of the ground with the flowers and the trees, and populate
North America. Research PROVES that these peoples came from
ASIA...over the "Alaskan Isthmus" a nomadic people way back
when. If you look at PERIOD PHOTOS taken of REAL "INDIANS," back in
the 1800's...they LOOK "Oriental." Unfortunately, Hollywood
"portrayals" of "Indians" from the past...used ARYANS as ACTORS, in
these roles...and like the Medieval "portraits of Jesus" being a
BLOND, BLUE-EYED fellow...from the MIDDLE EAST no less...these
"images" are a bit skewed. What does this MEAN? To me it is simple.
IF you have "NON-WHITE" matter "WHAT" HAVE
NON-WHITE genes (to whatever degree YOU wish to "claim" is of
course, up to YOU). I can only state here what the ANP's Deputy
Commander J.V. Morgan stated when asked about HIS part-Indian
heritage in 1961. Hdo you feel about mixing of the races Morgan? I'm
against it! The way I feel is that enough damage has been done. We
have to stop it before it destroys us. What's done is done, let's not
make anymore mistakes!" And THAT'S how I believe WE must view it
too! WE'LL never be as "PURE" as our European cousins...but, we CAN
do the best we are able to stop the rot...and hold on to and build on
the RACIAL-ROOTS that we DO have. Talking about "RACE"...did you see
the Associated Press news article about the U.S. Census and 2050?
Yes, the ZOG has now come out and OFFICIALLY state that by "2050"
Whites will be a MINORITY here in the U.S.! They state that
"Whites" will be "49.9%" of the total population. At the same time, a
vast number of that "49.9%" will be OLD...VERY old, and HELPLESS.
Demographer Martha Riche a Census Director stated: "This poses very
interesting challenges. Institutions are going to be
transformed...Social Security is one of the obvious ones..." Now, I
MYSELF still stick to MY time frame of "2025"...for a FEW good and
obvious REASONS. First, I don't trust that lying sack of crap known
as ZOG. Second, the Census Bureau counts "HISPANICS" as WHITE! It
says so in the article. AND, if you check out the "Wanted Posters" at
the Post Office...ARABS are listed as "WHITE" TOO?! I'll leave the
end of the AP article to SUM IT UP...listen to Edward Kwanhun Rim of
the Pacific Rim Cultural Foundation, Inc. : "IT WILL BE A MORE
"WHAT"? So there you have it, all you PAMPHLET PUSHERS, you "HATE
& "WHAT" are you going to "DO," MORE OF THE SAME OLD/SAME
OLD? NO amount of SLICK TALK and "EASY/SAFE SOLUTIONS" from the
Old Guard Pooh-Bahs is going to SAVE the remnants of the "White
Race" way/no how. You've got one hell of a HARD CHOICE before
you Whitey....FIGHT...or go down the tubes. ALL your books, radio
shows, gatherings, protests, publications, rallies, and
POSTURING...has NOT...and WILL NOT, stem the tide. ONLY ONE THING
"IS." He/she is "WHITE" and they are in CONTROL of EVERYTHING that
effects YOUR life and the LIVES of YOUR CHILDREN. I'm sure you ALL
see the picture NOW? IF for some unknown "reason," YOU cannot get
off the pot and get started...AT LEAST $UPPORT...those of us who ARE
out there "preparing the way" for the followers of the "NEW PATH."
April is the last month of the "ANP Spring Fund Appeal"...where we
humbly request that you share a portion of your Income Tax
Refund...with the most enlightened Resistance Organization on the
scene: The American Nazi Party. READ those Archived
ANP'll "UNDERSTAND" where we are "coming
from"...and...where we desire to "go" We ALL have to go FORWARD, and
OFF the beaten track of the PAST...or, it's all over, for US, for our
CHILDREN, and for any kind of Aryan presence on the North American
continent...beyond a form of "existence" best observed in today in
South Africa or Rhodesia. YOUR CALL White MAN and WOMAN....if you
won't FIGHT YOURSELF personally...will you at LEAST BANKROLL those
that WILL? For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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