ANP Report for March 28, 2004

Racial Comrades: Today?s ANP Report will be a bit different than
former one's. The main body of the message, will be a letter we
received from a supporter, that really made my day! It's items like
this, that keep me from throwing in the towel...perhaps, just
PERHAPS...I'm getting through to a FEW of you of the SERIOUSNESS of
what it is we are facing, and the path we must consider, IF we are to
start overcoming it. First off though, a few interesting "tidbits" I
noted in the news recently... (A) Those two White men I recently
wrote about, the ones who "defaced" the black-power fist monument in "SUPPORT of WHITE POLICE," after two ZOG enforcers were
gunned down by a negro (see earlier ANP Report Archives) ...well,
they were "sentenced" for their "public support." A week in jail,
Community Service (working for free, "helping" minorities) $1,000
fine each, and 5 years probation. Plus, the one who is a County
Commissioner is facing an effort to "remove" him from his position.
STUPIDITY of RIGHT-WINGERS confound one? I can think of a DOZEN
"better activities," that they MIGHT have considered "doing." (B)
Talking about the "police," The "Detroit Free Press" 3/22/04 had an
article about "Michigan Reading Month"...lead story was about "Police
Chief" Negress Ella Bully-Cummings with a photo showing her holding
her FAVORITE book..."GREEN EGGS & HAM" by "Dr. SEUSS" (jew). Now
THAT'S what I'd call DEEP READING for a Chief of Police, eh? I wonder
if she gets through it all at one go?! LOL (C) The Pentagon's "CHIEF
FINANCIAL OFFICER" resigned last week, after 30 years of "service."
Yeah, RABBI DOV ZAKHEIM, a graduate of (no kidding) JEW'S COLLEGE
in London in 1973, was appointed by RONALD REAGAN in 1981. He
described himself as a "CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN." And you wondered
where the money all went? LOL (D) You know, its difficult enough
promoting National Socialism to the brainwashed sheeple with all the
ENEMY PROPAGANDA spewed around out there...but, last week we received
two items that were the proverbial "straw." The FIRST was a flyer
from the "Mystical Knights," a "klan fraternity"...who's main reason
for folks joining...was that " THEY ARE NOT A GANG OF ANTI-GOVERNMENT
NAZIS IN WHITE BED SHEETS..."! Weeell doggies! How about THAT.
Jeeez! And the SECOND was an Internet "newsletter" put out by "Aryan
Nations" LAWYER...EDGAR STEELE. Now HE had wrote a missive about "
Gun Control "( how these right wingers LOVE to fondle these
"guns"...but, NEVER put them to the "USE" that they were CREATED
for... ) and to "SHOW" just how evil "gun control" WAS...mentioned
how them EVIL OLD NAZIS grabbed them guns...and "MURDERED 11 MILLION
"UNARMED PEOPLE"?! Now to be "FAIR," I e-mail him requesting the
FACTS about how he came to the conclusion that them bad-o, old
heard a peep from him in his defense of his statement lumping them
Nazis in with the SOVIETS, CAMBODIAN REDS, et I bring it up
here. WHEN are these right-wing types going to REALIZE and ACCEPT
that dumping on old Adolf and NOT going to CURRY ANY
FAVOR with the "JOOOS" in either the short or the long run? And again
STEELE claims to BE "ANTI-JEW"? You could have FOOLED ME
buddy...with such "jewish style, anti-Nazi" PROPAGANDA. As for the
"Mysticalizers," I think they've been smok'en them weeds from the
hills and ought? a let up a wee bit...but, at LEAST they never claim
an "ed-u-k-shun" so I'm not too surprised by their shall we say
(kindly) "ignorance"? LOL Now to the insightful message about one
of the Archived ANP Reports, I believe it needs no lengthy
introduction-- ENJOY!

Dear Sirs,

I agree with you completely in your statements of Nov. 2, 2003
about the Iraqi resistance fighters. They are much more courageous
and willing to wage a real struggle against their enemies than the
supposed "nazi fanatics" which receive so much attention in the
national media whenever they commit a "hate crime" and are hauled off
to the zoo to reside with the rest of the simians. If anything, True
Aryans should view the Iraqi resistance to the ZOG occupation as an
inspiration, because these "muds" are waging a successful insurgency
against the most powerful military force on Earth - the corporate ZOG
controlled U.S. military and their corrupt allies.

As you stated, rather than holding meetings, publishing magazines
or playing in hate-rock bands who have to perform in someone's back
yard in the middle of B.F.E. (where a small cadre of social misfits
and outcasts can get drunk, compare tattoos and talk about who's ass
should get kicked and what girl is being passed around as the oi-toy
of the month), these _revolutionaries_ are taking _real action_
against their enemies. Rather than setting up vendor booths selling
t-shirts, posters and CDs espousing action against their opponents,
they're _doing it_.

I think I know why this is happening.

First off, pretty much every white male born in America has a life
that is about 1000% more convenient and comfortable than any 3rd
worlder has, even in the present state of affairs. Although I believe
things are getting worse for us year after year, right now we still
enjoy a great deal of freedom and economic prosperity which is
unheard of in the 3rd world. Simply put, most people here are spoiled
by the ZOG world of entertainment, video games, fast food, cool cars,
pornography, etc. Even many of the supposed leaders of the White
Nationalist movement in this country are complete hypocrites and sex
freaks, just as you have pointed out!

Many of our fellow White Nationalists/Racialists pay alot of lip
service to the movement, yet still think they can accomplish
something through flyer drops and "bake sale" fund raisers. Perhaps
the desire for real revolutionary action eludes them because deep
down they enjoy living in the insulated, immoral society of
convenience we have fashioned for ourselves. They always have the
safety net of mainstream society to fall back on.

The Iraqi resistance fighters simply have nothing to lose. They
have no safety net, nothing to fall back on. Their safety net was
blown away in a hail of laser guided bombs last March. Many of their
families were slaughtered, but these deaths were brushed aside as
"collateral damage". They're pissed off, aware that their nation is
being raped by ZOG, and are taking action!

Most Iraqis have never known a leader other than Saddam Hussein,
and now they have two choices: follow the _fatwas_ issued by their
fundamentalist clerics and fight the "infidel invader", fight for
what they believe in and serve as honorable warriors of their cause,
or simply bow down and begin sucking on the corporate nipple of the
ZOG mammaries which have been shoved in their face. Many have opted
for the former, and I don't blame them.

Perhaps things have just not gotten bad enough in this country
yet. When things really start to spiral out of control, when the
armies of Aztlan begin marching in the streets of cities in the
American southwest, when the negroes begin burning down the _white
neighborhoods_ instead of their own filthy ghettos, then perhaps
skinheads will start forgetting about the trivial aspects of the
White Power "scene" and start to think about the big picture.

I myself am not an exception to this rule. I admit I could have
done far more than I have done for my people in my time on this
planet. I have tattoos (more for artistic reasons than political), I
was suckered into the "scene". At one time I believed that we were
accomplishing something, but that time is long past. I've read your
ANP reports and you're absolutely right. The WP "scene" is nothing
more than a glorified social club for white thugs who like to fight
amongst each other more than they fight their "common enemy". They
accomplish practically nothing. Few of them live up to their own
ideals. Their leaders are corrupt and seem to be more concerned with
trying to avoid getting a real job and earning an honest living!

For the record, I've held down a regular full-time job for the
last six years. I have been arrested, but I've never done time in any
prison, which is something i'm proud of and i've been criticized for
this. Apparently I haven't "served my time" for the White Race. I
have a checkered past, but i've become determined to get my act
together and start living a positive, healthy Aryan lifestyle. I
know, don't talk about, _do it_... and i'm doing it now.

This letter has gone on far longer than I intended. But after
reading your ANP reports I found that I agree with you about
_everything you say_. I just wanted to express my support for your
views, and in the near future I will be sending in some real $upport,
as much as I can afford. I was always told the ANP wasn't worth
looking into (maybe because you tell it like it is, no matter who you
piss off), but after reading your reports for myself I've come to the
conclusion you are _right on._ I'm an admirer of George Lincoln
Rockwell and i'm glad _someone _is still carrying on his fight for a
real _healthy Aryan race._

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Comrades, I noticed that Tom Metzger in his March "WAR Newsletter"
wrote that donations coming in to HIM have hit such a ROCK
BOTTOM...that it "INSULTS HIS INTELLIGENCE"...and he's considering
"THROWING IN THE TOWEL...." Its effected US too, to be honest. And
honestly I don't understand "WHY." WE are "OUT HERE" in the trenches
FOR YOU...and I would THINK that you might just understand that WE
NEED $UPPORT to "DO OUR JOB," that YOU all CLAIM that you want DONE.
March-April are dedicated this year to the "ANP Spring Fund Appeal"
where we are humbly requesting that you SHARE some of your Income Tax
Refund with the ANP. Like a father of two kids recently sent in $3.
Don't scoff, IF like he stated,...EVERYONE sent in even a small WOULD ADD UP. It reminded me of the "Widows mite" in a
way, it WASN'T the AMOUNT he could "afford" to send...HE TOOK THE
TIME AND SEND IT IN, even being "only" $3. I KNOW that
there are MANY of you who CAN "afford" to send in HUNDRED TIMES
what he KNOW it's TRUE...but, you would rather relate to us
"how your ready to DIE for the Cause...," but NOT yet ready to cough
up some SINCERE dough. How can I make it any CLEARER? WE NEED MONEY TO
OPERATE in the FASHION...YOU DEMAND...and we CAN'T "do it," without
YOU helping to FOOT the BILL. I'm REALLY sorry to HAVE to "keep
asking" (don't worry, after April I'll stop) but, as Party
Chairman...its part of my "job description," an EXTREMELY distasteful
one I can assure you. Please help, thank you. For White Worker
Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

[ANP Staff Note-- You may receive an ANP Info Pack for a $5 donation.]

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