ANP Report for March 20, 2004

Racial Comrades: Do you know what the term "DENIAL" refers to? It
basically means that an individual REFUSES to ACCEPT....FACTS or
REALITIES...which are unpleasant to them. In the case of drug addicts
or alcoholics, it might mean that they refuse to accept that the bear
has them...and it is going to be near impossible for them to better
their long as they REFUSE to ACCEPT that they even
HAVE ONE. The same could be said about the "White Nationalist
Movement." A vast majority of these people obviously appear to prefer
"believing" that this is still the last century...where perhaps IF
they had gotten off their behinds and their pocketbooks...something
MIGHT have been achieved to stem the tide which now HAS overwhelmed
our Folk. But you see, back THEN they were still in DENIAL that the
situation was desperate enough to lay EVERYTHING on the a
very small percentage of us did...and MAKE a STAND for "all those
things" we professed to hold so dear. The "best" that we could
expect from the "movement" on the whole, was for it to produce
"educational publications, etc.", that were passed around mostly to
ourselves like kids collecting baseball cards....or, holding endless
"meetings" that were usually attended by the same old faces spouting
the same old verbiage that we had heard a thousand times. These
"publications and meetings" were chock full of "FIGHTING WORDS," that
just about NEVER made it beyond the walls of the assembled
"faithful" and wound up like Hitler described in Mein Kampf from his
day...NOT in an issuing FORTH to do BATTLE with the described
FOE...but, rather in a limp and rather exhausted fashion of the
listeners sallying out having felt that they had already DONE their
DUTY by simply "ATTENDING" such a mighty demonstration of
"opposition" to the ills that they railed against! LOL It apparently
was felt that by "SUBSCRIBING" to a naughty "RACIST PUBLICATION," or
(GASP) even going to the extent of "ATTENDING a GATHERING" was
service to the Folk beyond even the "Call of Duty"...even when all
the while, the ENEMY and his AGENDA...steamrollered FORWARD
unhampered one iota by such "fanatical resistance." LOL, Comrades
look, I've been "involved in this" since I first joined George
Lincoln Rockwell's ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16. And over those
LONG decades of constant DEFEAT, I have had to watch as this "racial
movement" has for all intents and purposes...been FORCED BACK and
DEFEATED...just about every step of the way. It WASN'T because of
"lack of numbers," I personally have SEEN and KNOWN literally
THOUSANDS of people who came into and left the "Struggle," but
BECAUSE of ANY "lack of real success" became disillusioned and
confirmed in their opinion that it was a "lost cause" WASN'T
because of "lack of funds," I have observed certain "orgs and
personalities" who had access to literally MILLIONS of
dollars...although they were squandered on the SAME OLD-SAME OLD
nonsense that accompanied our defeats, INSTEAD of at LEAST attempting
"SOMETHING NEW," while those who WOULD attempt a divergence from the
well trodden path of failure were basically starved of funding,
because the "masses in the movement" were basically SCARED of
climbing OUT of the PLAYPEN and engaging the REAL WORLD. And LOOK at
the "State of the Movement" TODAY. It's honestly very little DIFFERENT
from way back in the 60's, except that the numbers are SMALLER than
back then! Sad isn't it? "We" have FEWER people around now, than
DECADES ago. Yet, the "agenda" of the "movement" hasn't CHANGED's STILL..."put out propaganda"..."subscribe to this NEW
publication"..."attend this meeting and hear the SAME OLD BLAH-BLAH
TALK." Although, I must admit that today there ARE twists...NOW you
can "listen to music" (if that's what you really want to CALL it)...
OR, there is a LOT more in the way of "collectable trinkets" to
BUY from the movement-capitalists than in the old days. LOL Still,
we continue along the path to the the rats following
the Pied Piper...or, the "SHEEPLE" if you are going to be blunt,
following the ZOG system. EXCEPT for "episodes" like the White
Knights in Mississippi during the 60's, or The Order in the 80's, or
the Aryan Republican Army of the 90's....ALL very few in numbers
btw...the "movement" STILL adheres to its policy of "HOLDING a
DEMONSTRATION" as the "HIGH POINT" of Aryan "resistance" to the
extermination of our CULTURE, VALUES and RACE as a whole. It's
sickening really. As a student of history, I have NEVER known a
people who ACCEPTED their collective DOOM so docilely. And to add
insult to indignity...the VAST MAJORITY...won't even FINANCE those
WILLING to carry the brunt FOR them, in more than "spare change."
What has HAPPENED to a race of people that USED to govern the globe,
and for whom NOTHING was "unachievable"? In my view it started back
in the 50's with the JEWS and their CAPITALIST henchmen, imbuing
GROSS MATERIALISM into the spirit of our Folk. You see, after our
Folk had "too much to lose"...they became FEARFUL...fearful of losing
the "good life," the "easy buck," the "American Dream"....and INSTEAD
of acquiring the SPIRIT of being WILLING to FIGHT to KEEP what was
theirs...they instead became COWARDLY LITTLE SHEEPLE who preferred
being "protected" by ZOGS "sheep dogs" (enforcers) than willing to
DEFEND THEMSELVES. It became INGRAINED in them..."don't fight the a cop"...until they have become emasculated. No wonder
"COMMANDER GREENBAUM" of the hollywood "nazi" Knights of Freedom of a
few years ago...NOW made $600,000 over the Internet last year SELLING
"Penis Growth" pills! LOL Guess there ARE a LOT of "white men" out
there who have shrunken cajones. LOL Comrades, INSTEAD of harping
endlessly about the transgressions of the "JEWS" and the
"NIGGERS"...perhaps we ought to turn the mirror upon OURSELVES and do
a little DEEP, SOUL SEARCHING. For you "Oldies" like myself, let's
CONSIDER the "WHY" that our Cause is WORSE OFF than 40 YEARS AGO, and
"WHAT" we CAN and MUST "DO"...IF we are not going to continue as an
animated corpse of a "Struggle." And for you young ones and relative
"newbies"..."WHAT" YOUR GOING TO "DO"...if you really want to SEE
CHANGE, and SURVIVE as a VIABLE RACIAL ENTITY. If you fall in behind
the tired old Pied Pipers of STAGNATION...I tell you now that it's
OVER and "WE" have LOST...and no amount of FANTASY THINKING is going
to CHANGE or ALTER those FACTS. You may continue to FOOL yourself
that these useless "activities" are at least "something"...but, deep
in your heart you KNOW the TRUTH. Instead of PASSIVELY "accepting"
the limitations set upon us by not only ZOG...but our OWN PHONY
"LEADERSHIP"...we need to change direction and OBSERVE those
globe...and LEARN from THEM, and ADAPT these lessons to our own
situation. The TRUTH is that "SOME THINGS" WORK...and "SOME THINGS"
DON'T. You can pretend all you like that a feather duster will open
that can of corn all you may wish...but, your gonna STARVE
pal...until you accept the reality that it just isn?t so. Same with
what we are facing. But it's going to involve COURAGE, INTELLIGENCE
and $ACRIFICE on YOUR part to ACHIEVE those goals...are YOU...UP TO
THE TASK? Based on the past 40 years right before our eyes to
review....I myself wonder. Here's your "choices"...sweet words of
glowing comfort from your Poohbah-Personality of the same old-same
old...OR...Old Rocks up-front evil, nasty, hard cased "TRUTHS." Your
call, but please study your CHILDREN for a few moments before you
cast your DECISION. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda,
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