ANP Report for February 28, 2004

Racial Comrades: Often I am asked by people not of our Faith, "Why
bother any more?" in regards to my adherence to Racialism and even
more so...National Socialism. They rightfully point out our lack of
significant growth as a "movement" to any real degree, and any REAL
support from even our own Folk...those whom we are "fighting
for"...and the overwhelming "acceptance" of the present state of
affairs, as proof that we are doomed to failure...forever. Ergo, in
their minds only a fool, or an idiot would endeavor to continue to
press such a Cause. After much thought, the best I can come up with
is the following. #1 I do not believe that the current affluent
society will continue forever. Those Aryans who buried their heads in
the sand, or sought not to become "involved"...will through
circumstances beyond their control...HAVE to become INVOLVED, if only
to SURVIVE as a free entity. The same goes for their extended family
and friends...there WILL come a time when, with their backs to the
proverbial wall...a significant number WILL have the anger and the
courage to DO the RIGHT THING! We MUST be PREPARED to channel that
anger. #2 I also envision a time, when the "movement" will no longer
HAVE to depend on the human refuse, the losers...the idiots, the
fantasists, the flesh out our ranks, therefore making
our task of developing a REALISTIC Revolutionary Dissident Movement
much easier. With QUALITY "normal" people...people who HAVE...SKILLS,
a SERIOUS struggle for the liberation of our Folk will be much easier
to achieve. Unfortunately at present, a SIGNIFICANT portion of the
movements rank and file (along with the "leadership" too) is made
up of UNDER-ACHIEVERS in every sense of the word. And I'm NOT simply
implying the "money situation." Unlike in Hitler's Germany as an
example...where he gathered together the very BEST elements of a
perverted and degenerate jew-capitalist society...and welded them
together into an "IRON FIST" determined to LIBERATE their Folk at ANY
"cost"...we see ourselves swamped with "revolutionary posers," in the
shape of grown men who get a "kick" out of playing DRESS-UP, young
men who prefer getting drunk and acting like jerks, and a high
percentage of people who want to "PLAY STORE" selling trinkets off
card tables like the kid down at the corner with his lemonade stand.
Even our enemies are not kind enough to "FEAR US," for "what we do"
or "what we MIGHT ever do" them we are a FARCICAL JOKE, and
that is not only SAD...its DISGUSTING. #3 By getting what Rockwell
used to refer to as "FRESH BLOOD," we will have the POTENTIAL to
finally cut out the "FUN and GAMES" and get down to "BUSINESS." An
example would be this latest "Beer Fest" that was held out in AZ last
month. Billed as the "biggest AZ WP gathering"...the news reports
were most revealing. And having been to hundreds of "movement
gathering" over the past four decades, I can believe and VISUALIZE
what the jews-reports stated. Around 300 people, mostly "skinheads"
with a scattering of "oldsters" from various orgs seeking their
"support," sadly resembling a SYSTEMITE POLITICIAN making a photo-op
at a factory site and looking out of place...the "participants" paid
$30 to stand around in the cold desert...listening to "hate rock" and
DRINKING assorted "ALCOHOL"...ALL DAY LONG, until not a few put on a
really "ARYAN" show of staggering inebriation. The "speakers" were
Billy Roper, who according to the reporter there basically stated
SOLUTION" WHY bother "SPEAKING"? Richard Butler, who LOST his
CHURCH/COMPOUND...BECAUSE of the DRUNKEN skinhead element that he
allowed to play "security" with firearms, and to all extant and
purposes, were more DEADLY to HIM that all the "JEWS" in the
world...was carried up and onto the stage, to bother "exhorting"
these creatures as "Aryan Warriors." I would have thought that simply
SEEING these types would have given him an immediate coronary! And to
my surprise, my good friend and comrade Tom Metzger...who I always
operations. After what the "skinhead" element has COST Tom and
associates over the years...I surely believed that attending a
NON-PRODUCTIVE DRUNK FEST would have been a NO-GO simply as a matter
of PRINCIPAL...but, I guess not. The reporter went on to say that up
on the hill overlooking the "Fest" stood the ZOG, taking down "over
eighty" license plates of participants alongside an INFORMANT in
"skinhead" dress who has been operating in the "scene" for over TWO
YEARS! No doubt, he pointed out "who and who" as the cameras clicked
away? LOL One interesting occurrence was the arrival of four young
men...three "long haired goths" and a "half mexican-type wearing a
white power tee-shirt" who were WILLING to PAY the $30 entrance fee
and take part. Now HERE comes the part where I wonder...are "we"
REALLY "revolutionaries"...willing to UTILIZE "ANYTHING" to ACHIEVE
those 14 WORDS, or just good old "PARTY BOYS"? The four were FORCED
to LEAVE...because the one with the tee-shirt was "TOO DARK." Yet,
the reporter stated that the OWNER of a particular "RECORD CONCERN"
("Panzerfaust")...was several shades DARKER than the "spic"! I guess
you get "special treatment" IF your a "MOVEMENT CAPITALIST," eh? In
my mind, IF we ARE sincere "REVOLUTIONARIES"...recruiting "longhairs"
and even useful "half-spics" who have their HEARTS and MINDS in the
"RIGHT PLACE"...for "JOBS" that a bald, tattooed, drunk couldn't
"ACCOMPLISH"...might just be SOMETHING to CONSIDER? Oh yeah! You got
me...we're NOT really SERIOUS yet folks, are we...we're into HAVING A
"GOOD TIME," right? Mario MIGHT have the skills and the guts to
"liberate" some serious FUNDING for the Struggle, things that Max,
Razor, or Snake haven't learned or done beyond "liberating" those
"cold cases" from the arab Party Store when they're driving around
drunk and dry...but, after all Dennis Mahon and the boys had a great
time "talking" about assaulting a "Nuke-Missile Site" and taking out
D.C. in a fermented, fantasy wet-dream. Give me a break. These type
of people don't even have the sense to consider talking intelligently
in front of the informants known to attend these "events"...much less
EVER "do anything." Could you IMAGINE such a scene at a "Nuremburg
Rally," or even a meeting held by the likes of a BOB MATHEWS? Enough
said, I'm sure you all get my drift. #4 Just as few ever thought the
SOVIETS would collapse "overnight," or GERMANY be "re-united" in a
very short period of I believe that CAPITALIST ZOG is
digging its own deathbed through its MATERIALIST GREED, CORRUPTION,
"INTEGRATION," and IMPERIALIST campaigns. The ONLY question
IS...WHO will be PREPARED to take ADVANTAGE of the situation, once
that door is opened. Will the PRESENT hodgepodge called the
"movement" as it stands today? NO! Of course not. The PEDDLERS will
simply NOT capable, nor WILLING to give up their "FUN" and ADAPT to
the REALITIES of REAL "Guerrilla Theater" ala "DIRECT ACTION." They
remind me of the "Shoot in the Foot" gang! LOL, They are a BIGGER
"danger" to THEMSELVES...than to ZOG. Their ONLY "worthiness" to as "POSTERBOYS of HATE" that the SYSTEM can POINT a
FINGER at for the MINDLESS SHEEPLE. "OOOH Save us from the RACIST
TERRORISTS...they're EVERYWHERE!" But, that is WHY we MUST set our
hopes on the FRESH BLOOD being available...because THEY will give us
the SKILLS, DEPENDABILITY, and RESOLVE that we will need to be
successful. #5 Our only hope of interesting these types to even
consider "our way," is to DISCARD the SILLYNESS and STUPIDITY that
characterizes and stereotypes the PRESENT "movement." We are going to
HAVE to START being "FOR SOMETHING" positive, and NOT simply a "bigot
circle jerk" lodge of the "Blues Brothers Inc." In past
ANP Reports, I have expounded upon those "ISSUES" that MIGHT catapult
us into the mindset of the AVERAGE WHITE AMERICAN and interest them
beyond the "Race Issue." And let me state CLEARLY that "Seig Heils"
and "Stiff Armed Salutes" just AIN'T gonna cut it with Joe and Sally
six-pack. IF our present "movement adherents" are too THICK or too
lost in the PAST to accept that...well, it simply goes to PROVE what
I am stating. People are NOT going to $ACRIFICE or even FIGHT and DIE
for "something" they perceive to be a "HOBBY" or an "EXCITING
PASTIME" to dabble in when they're a bit bored. They WILL do all
those things though, IF it's something they BELIEVE IN heart and soul.
And although it MIGHT just be ME... events like "Beer Fest" and
carnival like "demonstrations" with a collection of WEIRDLY COSTUMED
yahoos...are NOT the instruments to build that needed inspiration
that will set fire to their HEARTS and MINDS and kindle into a
Struggle of LONG TERM duration. Because let there be no doubt about
it, the coming "Dirty War" will be of a long term duration and NOT a
"weekend affair." And it's going to take MATURE people, who don't feel
the NEED to daily fog up what talents and abilities that they do
hold...with overindulgence of DRUGS, ALCOHOL, or what have you. Bob
Mathews once stated that a TRUE ARYAN REVOLUTIONARY...ought to be
able to sit down to dinner with a group of race-mixers...and be able
to get up and leave afterwards to "take care of business," with his
dinner companions thinking that he was the nicest guy in the world.
ability to swim in the sea of the fish to ACHIEVE the SUCCESSFUL
completion of the operation. Think a "SKINHEAD" could accomplish
THAT? Sure he might...IF...he wasn't a WALKING BILLBOARD for
Ashcroft's "poster boy/terrorist of hate" road show. But that's not how
it it? Comrades, I've carried on since 1967 because I truly
THROUGH FOR US. BUT, if we REFUSE to ADAPT to the game plan that Fate
sets forth for us...NOTHING in heaven or earth will allow us to
succeed. Right now we are like a fisherman utilizing a hoe, it simply
running OUT of precious PREPARATION TIME, before that window opens.
For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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