ANP Report for February 17, 2004

Racial Comrades: One of the things in life that has never ceased
to astound me, is that America is supposed to have a population of
around 300 million, and out of these there are let us suppose 100
million "Whites." That really is quite a lot of nominal "Aryans"
isn't it? Yet, out of that 100 MILLION FEW...seem to find
the ideology of NATIONAL SOCIALISM interesting and/or appealing. Oh
sure, there is a surfeit of books, movies, etc on the "subject," and
to be also sure there is also a sizeable number who are "into" the
Third Reich "Military Machine" or the "uniforms, trappings, and
symbolism"...but, IDEOLOGY...not many. I myself cannot understand
this at all. But, there again I have never really "fitted in" among
this "society," so I guess it would be quite difficult for myself to
understand people who prefer "Beavis and Butthead," "Friends,"
"watching sports," or "cars zooming endlessly around in a circle"
"entertainment," to think like me. Even the "cartoons" for kids
nowadays, are stupid and ugly...rather than cute and humorous. What a
level we have sunk as a people, at least to MY thinking. You know, we
are not really that different from South Africa in a lot of ways.
Over in South Africa, the Whites were fairly organized in a
"Resistance" mode...far more advanced that here in the U.S. in any
case. They could actually FILL large STADIUMS with throngs of
racially aware Whites who at least LOOKED as if they might live up to
their "WORDS." But alas, they were only WORDS and nothing else. I
remember once, when the AWB actually CAPTURED the majority of the
presiding SA government in a hotel, and then LET THEM GO...after
being "promised a discussion meeting" with said officials to "address
their grievances." Of course, NOTHING came of it after they were
FREED...DUH. I remember another time, when the AWB led an armed car
"DEMONSTRATION" through negro areas...and one car got lost and was
CAPTURED by the blacks. ..while in front of the reporters and
"TALK." And in the end...they simply PROTESTED/DEMONSTRATED/TALKED
their way into "what" they are now experiencing. And here in America,
is it ANY "different"? The Racial Dissident Movements biggest
"success's" are TRINKET PEDDLING OUTLETS..."GATHERINGS" where folks
LISTEN to "MUSIC," BUY CRAP, give firebreathing "SPEECHES," and BRAG
about "WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO." LOL Then we have these perennially
PHONY posers..."running for election," like DUKE...who KNOW that they
are DOOMED to FAILURE even IF they "get elected," as we SAW from when
Duke GOT into the LA. Legislature. WHAT DID HE DO? WHAT DID HE
at the TAXPAYER TROUGH though, he DENIED EVERYTHING that WE $upported
him to ACHIEVE. But, there again at least he didn't have to break his
LIFELONG record and GET A REAL JOB like YOU and ME! LOL, Just THINK
about that is a guy, who except for a VERY brief
period of a few months where he had a "con-servative talk radio job"
at a JEW OWNED radio station...has NEVER held a REAL "get dirty" JOB
that I am aware of, in ALL HIS LIFE. HE LIVED OFF of PATRIOT "GIFTS &
DONATIONS." And I have known "David" for quite a while, ever since
the early 1970's when he was a REGULAR FEATURE in the NAZI Party's
Monthly Bulletins, etc. as an ACTIVIST. All this crap about him
"doing a prank" at "ONE DEMO" while he was a just
JUDAS...he DENIES his PAST as if it is something he is ASHAMED of?!
Duke VIOLATED his KLAN OATH of SECRECY when in the 1970's he
attempted to SELL the KKKK MEMBERSHIP/MAILING LIST to another Klan
Leader (Bill Wilkinson) who was in competition to him with another
Klan group, and later was outed as a FBI ASSET! Luckily, he was too
GREEDY (wanting around 50,000) and Wilkinson wouldn't buy it...he
DID videotape the whole sordid affair secretly though, trying to
"ruin" Dukes "image"...alas, Duke simply left the KKKK gutted it of
EVERYTHING that its supporters had managed to build...from H.Q. to
printing equipment...and formed ANOTHER Duke SCAM, the "NAAWP,"
which he also moved on from after it had been milked for what it was
worth. THIS WAS KLAN PROPERTY people...NOT "DUKES"...but, he had put
it under HIS O'Henry so nothing could be done. Ask Karl Hand, his
"right hand man" in the KKKK about that one...he can give you an
earfull I'm sure. Or, Tom Metzger as well. You know, I measure men by
the way they TREAT those whom put their whole world in their
"care"...whether they LOOK OUT for their followers' BEST
INTERESTS...or, use them like EXPENDABLE TISSUES. Listen as I tell
you of another "incident." Back in the 1970's there was a lovely
young woman named MARY BACON. Now Mary was America's TOP female
JOCKEY, she had been photographed in "PLAYBOY" magazine and had a
huge contract lined up as "COVER GIRL" with one of the nations
biggest cosmetic firms. She became racially aware and joined Duke's
Klan, now INSTEAD of keeping her UNDERCOVER for possible future use,
or even simply because he was AWARE of "WHAT MIGHT/WOULD OCCUR" in
her life if EXPOSED as a RACIST/KLANNER...he had her as a STAR
WAS RUINED from then on...EVERYTHING, from no more "mounts" to ride,
to no "covergirl" campaign either. I have a whole file I could dump
here, but I HOPE you get my POINT...and "THIS" is the grand
"SPOKESMAN" and electoral "CANDIDATE" that the "movement" falls
behind with their CASH and ACTIVISM everytime he gears up his
"roadshow"..."for the White man"? JUST HOW DESPERATE ARE YOU ACCEPT...someone like THIS as YOUR "REPRESENTATIVE"?
Like the South Africans who were so DESPERATE to AVOID "what they
KNEW deep in their HEARTS that they HAD to DO"...YOU FOLKS FOLLOW
SUITE...and will GET the SAME ULTIMATE "RESULT." Once back in the
early 1980's, I had one of these big "Movement Personalities" SHOW ME
A MAP OF THE U.S...that he had. Seems a number of these POOHBAHS had
gotten together "MASONIC" like, and DIVIDED the COUNTRY up into
"SPHERES of INFLUENCE"...kind of like a group of "Amway"
salesmen...where each one had his own protected "MARKET," which the
others agreed not to "hedge" upon. So ANY "newcomer" or uncooperative
UPSTART who might wish to ACTUALLY FIGHT the ENEMY without having to
come under the "benevolent direction" of the ruling potentate, and
with his OWN "vehicle"...was to be OSTRACIZED and KEPT DOWN...just
NAIVE...we are talking about PEOPLE'S LIVINGS here, and the EXTANT
that CAPITALIST BUSINESSMEN will GO to KEEP from having to punch
that time clock. And THAT my friends is what the "resistance" has
BEEN in the main for the last 50+ years...CAPITALISTS SELLING TRINKETS
and ENTERTAINMENT...and racist CONSUMERS BUYING IT. All the while the
"rubes" are assured that subscribing to the latest "publication" was
a real "patriotic/revolutionary" ACT destined to WIN our Cause...even
though the reader had already READ the same "material" over a dozen,
or even a hundred times. But they eagerly COMPLIED because the
HUCKSTER told them that it was NECESSARY...and the COWARDS yearned
for the "EASY" way out. And STILL after all these years...the
"Barnums" and the suckers are STILL carrying on, business as
usual...with the USUAL "results." Yeah, we're GOING DOWN as a RACIAL
ENTITY...unless something CHANGES big time. Sorry friends, but it's
the TRUTH. Something 99% of these HUCKSTERS will NEVER it
would be BAD for BUSINESS, eh? Why BOTHER buying all this NONSENSE...if everyone concerned already knows and accepts...that today's
"Aryans" are not only mindless loons who LOVE "MTV"...but, are for
all intents and purposes gutless COWARDLY FANTASY ADDICTS as well.
But, back to my earlier surmise...WHY so FEW individuals, who unlike
because so few Americans make up their own minds, or THINK for
THEMSELVES anymore. So this attribute feeds on into a "movement" that
is supposedly made up of "rebels" against the system...but, in the
movement these people find the "Big Daddy" that will HOLD THEIR
COLLECTIVE HANDS and "tell them what to do" (especially "SAFE"
things)...even IF it just ain't working. Hey, it's better than having
to bite that bullet and MAKE those CHOICES like a mature
adult...wrong OR right...all on their own little lonesome. What
pathetic, slave like creatures our Folk have sunk to. Listen, you
want to hear words of "COMFORT" or "HOPE"? Well, sorry but you've
landed on the wrong planet Homeboy. HERE we say it as we see it, not
as we WISHED it was. Because unless we as in a COLLECTIVE "WE"...grab
our ass with BOTH HANDS...and get ourselves UP and AT THEM, the
future is not going to be very pleasant for anyone with "our color" or attributes. Good JOBS are FLEEING this nation. CRAP JOBS are being
COMPETED for by third world slave laborers, canceling YOU out. DEBT
is snowballing, BOTH individual AND governmental, to proportions where
it WILL be make or break time very soon. The ENVIRONMENT is becoming
sewer like, with our children suffering accordingly. And the nation's
INFRASTRUCTURE is crumbling in its old age. The "political leaders"
are ALL WHORES and the CORPORATE SCUM are out to suck you dry. Our
children are DYING in PHONY CORPORATE WARS meant to accumulate every
bit of valuable resource into their greedy hands. And I could
continue the list almost endlessly. Yet, YOU want to be TITILLATED by
the same old garbage about the "niggers and the kikes"...OR..."HOW
SUPERIOR" "whites" are in regards to any and every other featherless
biped on planet Earth. Once again, SORRY...but, I just DON'T SEE that
"superiority"...among TODAY'S "Aryans." I think that on the whole that
they are a pretty SORRY LOT...with all their "piercing, tattoos,
music,...EVERYTHING...that makes the average WHITE SHEEPLE what they
ARE at present." Listen, you want to BE "superior"? Then WORK and
STRUGGLE to BE "superior." Find out just WHAT it IS that you wish to
be "superior" to...and THEN attempt it! In my viewing around me, MOST
"whites" have MORE in COMMON with those "inferiors" than with their
ANCESTORS. It's ALL in the CHOICES you MAKE. Do you take the CORRECT
WAY or the "EASY WAY" in how you "LIVE" in this cesspool called
"America"? I don't know whether to LAUGH or VOMIT, when I hear all
these "whiteys" claiming to be "offended" by the "niggerbowl halftime
show" antics. WHY were you all wasting your brain cells viewing a
bunch of millionaire, race-mixing negroes and their disgusting "white
team-mates" playing a friggin' KIDS GAME and making MORE in an HOUR
that YOU will make in your LIFETIME? Have you no sense of PRIDE or
SHAME...that "THIS" is your "ENTERTAINMENT"? And yet you will comment
upon the "simplicity" of the "average negroes desires" in your "jokes
& slurs"...look at your own first. I will finish up with a comment
upon those whom the JEWS and the SYSTEM "hold forth" as the "MOST
DANGEROUS" and the "BIGGEST BADDEST"...did you EVER THINK that your
sworn ENEMY just MIGHT have a teeny-weeny little REASON for
TRUMPETING these certain "somebodies" as our possible
"salvation" least in the eyes of those Aryans who have had
ENOUGH and are READY to "FIGHT"? That just PERHAPS, getting the
"stamp of approval" by the ADL as an example...just MIGHT sway
someone NEW into stepping into these DEAD END ROACH TRAPS...rather
than consider ANOTHER (possibly to the jews & the systems) more
EFFECTIVE form of Racial Dissident Resistance? Kind of how ROCKWELL
was given the "SILENT TREATMENT" back in the 60's...while kosher
groups like the Birchers were propped up with ENDLESS "PUBLICITY"?
Hell, the Soviets used to SET UP "magnet orgs" to COLLECT and DIFFUSE
dissidents...they were PROTECTED by the "POLICE" and PROMOTED by the
"MEDIA"...and were not only WORTHLESS, they were DEADLY to
you honestly believe that the CAPITALIST ZION itslef wouldn't take that
route too? LOOK AT THE RESULTS and then MAKE YOUR JUDGEMENT about the
I've made mine on a LOT of them and no I'm not just a paranoid
nutter...there is a LOT of QUESTIONS to be answered and
addressed...based on decades worth of EXPERIENCE dealing with these
outfits. Just remember that old Aryan "saying": "FIRST TIME SHAME
ON YOU...SECOND TIME SHAME ON ME." We don't HAVE to join the "South
African Experience." For White Worker Power! Rocky J.
Suhayda, Chairman

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