ANP Report for February 09, 2004

Racial Comrades: I thought today that I would wander around with a
few personal observations, that it seems as you get older, your mind
more often dwells on issues like these than when you were younger. On
the 16th of this month, I will have reached my 52nd year on this
tired old planet Earth. IF I was to be given three wishes as
"birthday presents" (regarding our Cause) I think that they would
be the following in regards to myself and the Dissident Movement
struggle that I have taken part in. So here goes Old Rock's picks...
#1 It may sound a bit "vengeful," but I would like to be able to
subject certain "others" to the same trials and tribulations that I
myself have faced...over my around four decades of struggle in
service to our Folk...and SEE just "HOW" they would make out,
utilizing the same "resources" and "abilities," to cope with all the
battles, ever present "problems," and stresses that I have faced and
in most cases managed to survive, to one degree or another of
"success." Just having survived 38 years in the "trenches," and
seeing so FEW who managed to even "keep up" alongside me...makes me
wonder...if perhaps I might just be "something special" in this
regard. Or, maybe I'm just a "nutter" who doesn't have the good sense
to know when he's beaten! lol #2 I would wish that each and every
challenge, whether it be physical, mental or "legal"...could have
been transposed to that of a PERSONAL CONFRONTATION ala/a duel
etc....instead of usually a lone, "little man" battling overwhelming
forces, created and imposed upon him by the "powers that be"...that
were able for the most part, to "heroically fight from a distance"
with "weapons" that so out-classed a working class Joe that the
"conflicts" were usually on the scale of ZOG vs IRAQ. lol One of the
greatest INSULTS to the true Aryan, is the way, for the most
part...that just about any SYSTEMITE SCUM who seeks to vilify, hurt
or offend you...can virtually hit us from a distance with impunity,
utilizing their corrupt system without any real PERSONAL risk to
themselves. Yes, I would wish EVERY hostile encounter to have been
upon a "Field of Honor," where the playing field is leveled to an
individuals personal WORTH as a MAN. And where one has to back up
their "actions" according to more than lofty "words" or twisted
"laws," which one NEVER agreed to in the first place or had ANY
involvement in the MAKING of...which are simply IMPOSED
upon one by those that hold the POWER. #3 And lastly, I would wish
that I could travel back as a spirit in time to the year 1967, when I
first got involved in all of this...and joined Lincoln Rockwell's ANP.
Then, I would be able to advise and give guidance to MYSELF, during
all those moments when I had to choose the proper action...and
instead of listening to those PHONY POOHBAHS who regularly used me (and others) as "CANNON FODDER"...I could give all the
lessons to myself that I have since had to learn the HARD WAY, oh how
life would have been so much easier. But, life is not made up of
"wishes," is it? They say that every man or woman dies...but, what
lives the way that person LIVED, and "whatever" they TRIED or
DID "accomplish" during their journey. My life has given me a NEW
VISION towards the STRATEGIES & TACTICS that the Movement must
implement, IF we are to have ANY chance of a successful Resistance
operation, here in America. My vision of "operations" is quit simple.
It is loosely "based" on the tactics of the "IRA." The Revolutionary
Cadres are "Secure Underground Cells" that are LOCALLY
our Struggle needs to function efficiently. The relatively small
"Above Ground Voice" for these Comrades, will be similar to that of
"SEIN FEIN," which needs very few, but highly skilled personnel to
effect their work in a professional and useful manner. The Cells get
the "work" done...the Voice "explains" the necessity of the
"actions." No more "pleading, begging, protesting, whining, crying,
gnashing of teeth etc"! Just "solving the problem" as any
intelligent, mature individual would do. Now can anyone really find
anything "wrong" in such a vision? If I am able to have had a hand in
invoking such a strategic legacy for my Folk I will be satisfied that
my own personal life was NOT "in vain." I wonder how many of you out
there could justify YOUR life and its resulting activity...or like
SURVIVAL, DADDY/MUMMY?"....just "WHAT" would you come up with that
was TANGIBLE and REAL? Or, given the NON "effectiveness" of current
"strategies and tactics" of the Racial Dissident Movement, and the
UNWILLINGNESS of racially aware people to $UPPORT REAL CHANGE with
your money and/or your life....will there even BE that question
asked? I'll even give you ANOTHER "tough one"...IF that question was
lol For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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