ANP Report for February 02, 2004

Racial Comrades: There is an awful lot of hot air RHETORIC in the
racial movement about "educating the masses," as if simply leaving
the "safety" of your home and entering into the REAL WORLD outside,
wouldn't be ENOUGH "education" for anyone to realize the situation is
desperate in the extreme for decent and wholesome White people.
LOOK....IF you are 17 years of age or younger...YOU ARE ALREADY A
MINORITY IN AMERICA...according to the last U.S. Census, ONLY 23% of
the American population under the age of 18 are of WHITE/EUROPEAN
heritage! YOU are LESS than a QUARTER of the American population
ALREADY...this is not counting the disparity that will GROW as the
NON-WHITES have more and more children, while old Whitey spends
his/her time accumulating those jew-bucks and plastic pleasures
instead of CHILDREN of their own. Today, most White people do not
even reproduce "replacement children" for the man and woman
involved...usually having ONE kid, like a dog or a show
they aren't queer, or are "family people" too. LOL, White America is
an OLD race of people, and through its greed, selfishness, and
cowardice...its DYING. I wonder if our Folk will honestly have the
guts to ACT SOON, before it's beyond the point of no return. I look
over the situation of the so-called "resistance," and "WHAT" do I
CROOKS like DAVID DUKE, who is currently in PRISON for GAMBLING away
Patriots donations (not to mention his SELLING of PATRIOT DONOR
MAILING LISTS to ZOG-SYSTEM politicians to make himself easy cash!),
and HIS "answer" is SELLING you ANOTHER BOOK about our racial
demise?! Now this may keep him from having to get a REAL JOB where he
has to set the alarm and get his HANDS DIRTY...but, I sure as hell
don't see how ANOTHER BOOK is going to alleviate our "situation" one
iota! Same with the "NA" peddling "girly calendars," PLEASE tell me
just "HOW" these trinkets are going to roll the clock back for our
Folk? These people remind me of a "jew," who would PEDDLE "ANYTHING"
to make a buck. I wonder sometimes IF they are just "jew spirited"
CAPITALISTS...or something more sinister, meant to DERAIL any REAL
efforts to EVOLVE our Dissident Struggle into something REAL and
EFFECTIVE. Over in IRAQ the "PATH" is being clearly SHOWN to those
who have REALLY "had enough." Without ANY "big super weapons," the
Iraqi Patriotic Resistance is BLEEDING the Imperial Zog Enforcers one or two or more a day...not counting the cost in
DRAINING ZOG'S TREASURY, they utilize "road side devices" to hit Zog
casualty free, and for how LONG can Zog stand the "COST"? I have no
great love for Arabs, but I can RESPECT COURAGE, LOYALTY and
SACRIFICE by anyone when I see it. And I wonder and ask
myself...WHERE are these MY Folk? Idiots or system
provocateurs (your call) continue to "hold rallies," host
"gatherings," SELL TRINKETS...and I wonder they HONESTLY
believe that ANYTHING that they are farting around with, EFFECTS the
PROBLEM one iota? It HASN'T in the past 50 years that the movement
has being DOING those things, it DOESN'T really seem to be EFFECTIVE
TODAY, does it? And I myself with the assuredness of a sleep-walker
feel that it WILL NOT be the "ANSWER" that will save the downfall of
my people in the FUTURE either. There are TENS of THOUSANDS if not
more, of "racially aware" Aryans out there across America. Out of
these masses of people who ALREADY "know the score"...are there NONE
who will pick up the baton that The Order carried as far as they
could? Are there NONE who will FINANCE the "Cause" in an honestly
REALISTIC manner, when I KNOW they ARE capable of doing so? IF you
willing to FOOT the COST of the "war"....what REAL hope can you have?
I have been told that our ANP website "needs more content" by
various much MORE "bells and whistles" would it
take to motivate anyone to ACT LIKE THE ARABS...or, is it simply more
"ENTERTAINMENT" you seek, to DIVERT you from taking that last LOGICAL
step that comes after "knowledge"? I ASK YOU CLEARLY...what MORE do
you NEED to "know," before YOU get yourself SERIOUSLY INVOLVED in the
SOLUTION? I speak even more CLEARLY here, some "pass out
literature"...would a piece of PAPER really "motivate" DO
"what has to be done"? Or, is something LACKING in the soul, the
CHARACTER of today's Aryan Folk...that NON-Whites HAVE...but we have
LOST. After about 40 years, I myself have lost just about every
material "hope" that I ever strived for through service to the Folk.
All I can lose now, is my freedom and/or my life. Yet, as I sit back
and review the "movement" as a whole, I see only lukewarm
"involvement" to any degree of "action." EVERYONE seems to wish to
dance around that ONE "activity" that MAY give our people even a
small percentage of a CHANCE for SURVIVAL as a RACIAL ENTITY. ZOG
cares NOT about ANYONES "opinions" if they are not in lockstep with
the New World Order. When you are faced with a savage that seeks
total dominion over have TWO simple choices...SURRENDER and
crawl at the feet of the OPPRESSOR, or FIGHT BACK the best you are
CAPABLE of. You know its sadly COMICAL....I saw this program the
other night about the "militias"...all throughout this "historical"
program, the militias blustered on: "IF the system does "THIS" or
"THAT", it's the LAST's WAR!" Yet, the system pummeled
them OVER and OVER...and they did NOTHING. Here these guys invested
literally a FORTUNE in procuring "WEAPONRY"...yet, they LACKED the
ONE THING they NEEDED to USE IT. WHY did they even BOTHER? And that's
what I'm going to leave you to dwell upon...IF you are NOT going to
ever get off the pot...WHY BOTHER ANY MORE? Surely you can find
ANOTHER way to ease your GUILT, and simply "ACCEPT." By becoming a
"good little subservient Zogling"...THINK of ALL the ways you would
come out from under the gun...and then you could become an "accepted
member of your community," instead of an OUTSIDER and a OUTLAW.
Because, THAT'S how "WE" are viewed in this corrupt, evil and putrid
"society" of the "global village." We are PARIAHS...similar to the
Pagan Era where the "good people" burned and tortured those who
couldn't or wouldn't "worship" the "loving deity" of the times. We
HAVE to come to grips with the FACT that the "MASSES" are COWARDS and
are NOT going to be "educated" into DOING "anything." Just like in
Iraq, as the vast MAJORITY sit on their collective thumbs and let a
MINORITY do the FIGHTING. BUT, the "KEY" here, is that that
"MAJORITY" is too FEARFUL of that MINORITY...and its revenge and
retribution IF they BETRAY or ACT AGAINST them...that they "sit it
out," fear is a VERY successful weapon in any struggle. That is WHY
the FEAR of ZOG so paralyzes the movement from getting into any
semblance of a REAL RESISTANCE. So there you have it, any "acts" that
are perpetrated...are usually petty crime, vandalism, or stupid and
mindless (drunken) acts of mayhem...which ACHIEVE little, and
usually COST severely those who are involved in them. LOOK at
HALE...did HE "do anything"? OR, Chester DOLES...OR, ZUNDLE...OR, and
the list goes on and on. NONE of these people REALLY DID "ANYTHING"
REVOLUTIONARY...and ZOG devoured them anyways. So what's it to be? In
for the lamb...might as well go for the SHEEP? I myself will probably
be dead and gone when my little kids BECOME that MINORITY in FACT.
YOU too? Does it MATTER? IF it does MATTER...than the Struggle had
better start RETHINKING its STRATEGY and TACTICS...and bite the
bullet as befits REALITY. Our ANCESTORS couldn't "buy off," "pray
away," or IGNORE...GEINGIS KAHN and his hordes of MONGOLS...they
couldn't PRETEND "what" the MOORS wouldn't "DO" when they invaded
our European Homeland...Dracula/VLAD the IMPALER didn't sit back and
READ BOOKS, or "EDUCATE" his people when the Turks poured OVER the
1776...those individual FARMERS...were eager and willing to take on
the most POWERFUL Military/Kingdom in the entire WORLD, to ASSERT
THEIR RIGHTS and SURVIVAL. Where are WE? 187 MEN came from all over make a STAND at the ALAMO...although they KNEW they were
going to DIE doing it, yet THEIR "PRINCIPALS" seem to no longer be
within US. You know, more and more I am coming to RESPECT the
JEWS...even though I KNOW the role that they play in the demise of my
"WHATEVER IT TAKES" TO WIN...because they have come to realize that
LOSING is NOT an OPTION. You say..." but, we are only a small
percentage of the can we fight successfully much
they DO IT WELL. I believe we can too. BUT, we are going to HAVE to
QUIT following those "PIED PIPERS" of the "PLAYPEN" who have
positioned themselves as "leaders" and "personalities" in the
PAST...and pull the BLINDERS of the "EASY WAY" from our eyes. I CAN'T
SUPPORT CONTINUED FAILURE...can I make it ANY simpler for you? Worse
"CONDITIONS" will BREED more angry and discontented people, but
"WHAT" path will they walk...the path of "whining and
protesting"...or the NEW PATH? Will THEY pass YOU by, as YOU
continue to SIT ON YOUR ASS "READING" etc., or will YOU be the
PATHBREAKER? TOUGH times call for TOUGH choices made by TOUGH people.
For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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