ANP Report for January 26, 2004

Racial Comrades: Today's ANP Report is going to be a simple catharsis
for myself. Yeah, I'm going to blow off some steam and "let it all
hang out," as the Hippies used to say. LOL To start off, I want to
bring up the subject of my "making myself available" to all and
sundry...24/7/365...and the gripes about my not doing so, to
everyone's satisfaction. I have these lonely people who "write me"
just about EVERY FRIGGING DAY...with what I would call "nonsense"
messages. Now I'm NOT talking about being spammed by the
"enemy", these are "SUPPOSEDLY" racially aware people. Now I
have found on the whole, that 99% of the is folks who
HAVEN'T sent the Party a flat DIME, OR they ONCE sent in the price of
a PACK of SMOKES (which most of the time we can't even remember ever
receiving?)...and NOW they think that "I" should be available to
their beck and call as a pen-pal. Now, for those Comrades whom I do
"value" for being either sensible and/or decent $upporters of our
efforts...I will ALWAYS make a sincere effort to share my time with I enjoy the interaction, and respect their part in helping
to "share the load" when it comes to providing "gas" to run the
Party's machine. Yet I am ONLY HUMAN, in that I must share my time
between WORK - FAMILY- FRIENDS and PARTY. AND I'll give you the
the almost 40 years of my "involvement" in the Movement, I have NEVER
been "re-reimbursed" ONE SINGLE PENNY for "all" that I have done. In
fact, its "cost" me and my family TENS of THOUSANDS of
TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY...that I have GIVEN, not to mention all the
"other effects" that I have sacrificed when people to do the job were
found "wanting." Yet, this morning I received a filthy letter from a
guy who berated me for not "answering" his numerous nutty and
profanity filled messages...while "other leaders" do (supposedly,
and IF they do, they must have a LOT of time on their hands)...and
claiming that "I'm only in this for the MONEY"!?! " For the
Money." Yeah, I sure made out over the years pal...especially when I
lost my job of 25 years a few years ago...because of receiving too
much of that glorious, wonderful (NEGATIVE) PUBLICITY, that the
Poohbahs out there worship as "Manna from Heaven"! These people seem
to think somehow, that "EVERYTHING" that we DO ACCOMPLISH, and WANT
TO somehow "FREE." Well, I'm sorry to DIS-ILLUSION
you friend...but, WE LIVE and OPERATE in the REAL WORLD. And unlike
"FANTASYLAND"....NOTHING, except OUR LABOR...comes for "FREE." And
when the Staff gets a bit tired, or a bit "burned-out," or perhaps
"morale" is not a high as it might be (IF people put their $UPPORT
where their MOUTHS are) things tend to "slow down" a bit in our
operational standards. Can YOU honestly BLAME them? I see so MANY
"frog mouths" out there, that TALK sooo BIG ...when it COSTS THEM
NOTHING. But, to DEPEND upon them for CONSISTENT $UPPORT to "make
things happen" a futile and DANGEROUS pipe-dream. I have LEARNED
over the years, that 99% of the "people" are FULL of HOT AIR when it
comes to being able to DEPEND upon them. They are full of "atta
boy's, fanny pats, and go gett'ems," and that's about ALL. The BIG
"difference" between the "Third Reich" period, and QUALITY
of PEOPLE. Adolf Hitler had WINNERS to build toward SUCCESS....we
have bye and large a disturbing milieu of LOSERS, FREAKS and
FANTASISTS...who even IF they themselves refuse to get in the
trenches with those of us on the front lines, even REFUSE to FUND
those that ARE risking EVERYTHING...for THEM. I'm going to state
CLEARLY here I hope...IF you do NOT want to get IN the BOAT and HELP
PULL THE OARS....DO NOT BOTHER US! We don't hold "meetings" so we
don't NEED "warm worthless bodies" to applaud one another as we give
rousing "speeches" in the basement, or some rented hotel
a mutual mental masturbatory fantasy session. Therefore, we can afford
to be CHOOSIER when it comes to whom we bother to ASSOCIATE with. If
your a NUT, who states that you intend to be "Fuhrer of
Canada"...PLEASE, go in the bedroom and POSE before the MIRROR, while
the music plays. DON'T BOTHER US. If you have a "SECRET
PLAN"...PLEASE don't share it with us...simply GO DO IT...we have our
own plans. PLEASE don't send us..."INFO ON THE JEWS, ETC"...we
ALREADY are aware of everything that is NEEDED to get us up off our
FAT ASS'S, and INVOLVED. You see, we've "GRADUATED." LOL And again,
please DO NOT send us other "groups, movement personalities, etc"
tired old RIGHT WING propaganda...its mostly NUTTY and NONSENSE and
WE have outgrown that dribble and tripe LONG ago! Look,
"Kike,kike,kike-nigger,nigger,nigger" isn't a "THRILL" to us jaded
and pragmatic REVOLUTIONARIES any more, In other words...we WERE in
"racial kindergarten".. .but, WE GREW UP into MATURITY now. You know
folks, using the WORST "racial slurs" you can create, along with the
VILEST profanities...does NOT make you a "hardcore fanatic"
makes you appear as an ILLITERATE, street bum. Constantly demeaning NOT the mark of a SUPERIOR likens one to
those you belittle. Its kind of like this "TATTOO" thing that bugs me
so much...the ONLY people I have EVER viewed COVERED in
TATTOO'S...before the "skinhead" fad, was in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. And
they WERE NOT White. Am I incorrect here? SAME goes with these
"PIERCINGS", they are HARDLY "Aryan" in MY eyes...they remind me of
Congo Cannibals with the BONE in their NOSE! Our "White Race" has
REALLY sunk to new LOWS in the current Age...yet, do WE really have
to "join in"? Lincoln Rockwell PREDICTED back in the 1960's, that
"integration" would NOT "bring up the level of the negro, but INSTEAD
bring DOWN the level of the that OF the negro." I'm sorry
to have to admit that he was more correct than he ever could have
envisioned. And even IN the "racial movement" is this sadly and
disgustingly so. The ANP is LOOKING for an unfortunate MINORITY of
Aryans...who are STILL their VALUES and LIFESTYLES.
SACRIFICE for the welfare of the Folk. IF you are NOT one of those,
there are a plethora of OTHER "orgs" out there...from "gay nazis" to
"fantasy freaks" of all stripes...each HAPPY and EAGER to take you in
as a "brother or sister", as long as you play their silly little
games of make believe. Its almost funny, if it wasn't so sad...NS
Germany THOUGHT that 99% White America was DECADENT back in the
40's...what if they only were around to SEE it TODAY! For White
Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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