ANP Report for January 19, 2004

Racial Comrades: I believe that today is another day best spent in
"answering questions" that are repeatedly sent to us, for the benefit
of getting them out of the way before folks contact us. Question #1
About replying to youth under the age of majority. ANSWER #1 We DO
NOT reply to MINORS for the very simple reason that we do not wish
their PARENTS to hassle us LEGALLY for "corrupting or influencing"
their children. I realize that I myself joined the ANP back in 1967
at the age of 16, but that was then and "TIMES HAVE CHANGED"...for
the worse. Youth can "do" anything "adults" can in terms of support
and activism...they must simply do it "unofficially" until they are
18. I would suggest though, that young people CONCENTRATE on their
EDUCATION...BEFORE "anything else" without one, life can be even
bleaker than one might envision. Question #2 Can Aryans outside the
U.S. become ANP Official Supporters? ANSWER #2 Yes, any Aryan
from anywhere may become an ANP OS. It must be understood that as an
American based organization, our aims and goals are focused onto
where we reside, and no "help" for overseas National Socialists can
realistically be expected from us. Unlike other "hollywood nazi"
style orgs, we do NOT allow 1 individual to open a PO Box and then
become an "official poohbah" of his/her respective nation with our
auspices...such actions are a silly joke, and a dangerous situation
for the organization that allows such behavior. All too often, these
orgs find that these "Officers & Representatives" are of either a
SHALLOW NATURE or OUTRIGHT FREAKS in some form...and then must face
the continual embarrassment of such creatures. A recent exposure of a
RAPIST as an "OFFICER" in one such hollywood nazi grouplet is a
typical example. In the ANP, ONLY National Staff are full members and
appointed representatives of the ANP, and therefore allowed to speak
for the ANP. All other Comrades are considered to be Official
Supporters. Question #3 What do you think about Chester Doles of
the NA pleading guilty rather than continuing to fight for his
innocence, after receiving around $80,000 in movement donations for
his legal defense. ANSWER #3 I guess you have to be in those shoes
before you can make that call. At the same time, $80,000 is one hell
of a LOT of cash for the movement rank and file to come up
with...simply to be pissed away. I could not even imagine a sum like
that coming our way to help us build our infra-structure and improve
our capacity to fight! It is a bit ironic, that money will be given
once someone is "in trouble"...but, appeals to buy the materials to
simply "keep going" are usually ignored. I stated in the past (check
previous ANP Reports) that Doles would go down...despite his having
hired a supposed JEW and a RIGHTWING POLITICAL "personality" to
"defend" him. Now these people HAVE the movements MONEY...and Doles
goes down the river. Hell, it would have been perhaps better if he
simply got a "public defender" and pled guilty and that $80,000 could
have been inserted INTO the continuing STRUGGLE. I'll go out on a
limb here again, I predict Matt Hale will cop a plea as well, just
like Alex Curtis did. It appears that few of these people are like
TOM METZGER and willing to go "balls to the wall" when it comes to
the crunch. I may be wrong, we'll see. Question #4 Aren't you
"afraid" of being "hated" by many in the movement, after all the
"EXPOSURES" that you continue to do about the CORRUPTION in the
movement? ANSWER #4 No, honestly I'm not and IF any of these
creatures would attempt to front me up close, they would find someone
that they are not used to. I'm not a "blow hard" or a coward like
most of these creatures...I stand on my record of almost four decades
of service to the a FOOT SOLDIER. "ANYONE" who harasses' ME
or mine, will receive EXTREME RETRIBUTION in reply and I'll let the
courts sort it out afterwards, if it gets that messy and I'm caught.
SOMEONE has to point out that OUR collective "backyard" is just as
crappy as the neighbors (i.e. the SYSTEM) and not being a FRAUD or a offends and appalls me...that so many simply "accept"
the NON-ARYAN "ACTIONS" of these people as a necessary given. THESE
Struggle. Question #4 You appear to not "concentrate" on denouncing
"jews and niggers" like all of the other websites I've seen. ANSWER
#4 It is because I view our problems as being on the whole, based
largely on OURSELVES....the White Folk. WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. As
well, MOST of the real "power" is NOT in the hands of either "jews"
or "minorities"...but, corrupt and evil "whites"...who either ALLOW
or MAKE HAPPEN everything negative that effects us. It's too easy an
out and incorrect to boot, to "blame someone else" for our own
shortcomings. That's what immature children do, it's time the movement
grew up and accepted RESPONSIBILITY for a change. Most of the
problems that Non-Whites do cause are simply "symptoms" of what the
wealthy, capitalist elitists ALLOW them to do...for personal
GAIN...or out of a very twisted sense of "progress," usually a
combination of both. Question #5 You seem to be quite "pessimistic"
over the movements chances of "success" and usually unsympathetic to
those arrested by ZOG. ANSWER #5 I am VERY PESSIMISTIC of ANY
"success" as long as the Struggle is conducted as it has been over
to pull our collective heads out of that hole and SEE things as they
ARE...not as we WISHED them to be. IF we continue along that OLD
PATH...we HAVE lost. As for people NOT LISTENING and HAVING to LEARN
the HARD WAY...about being WALKING TARGETS...and bringing harm to
both themselves and those associated around them, I have NO
"sympathy." I'm SUPPOSED to be dealing with ADULTS here folks, I
already HAVE three small children to raise properly...that's quite
enough for me to handle regarding issues like these. I try and
EXPLAIN the RESULTS of such nonsense that they participate in, and
after they get slammed...its "help me! help me!".....IF they simply
would have LISTENED and CONTEMPLATED what I said, opposed to the
"glorious heroic martyr" crap their "leaders" prattle to
them...before they ABANDON them to their fate (after reaping all
that wonderful NEGATIVE "publicity") they wouldn't have their ass in
the fire. BTW, you would THINK that folks would LEARN from the
"experiences" of those gone down before them...I just don't know.
Question #6 What do you think about those "leaders" who PREACH ONE
STRATEGY and then DON'T FOLLOW IT themselves; I.E. "staying
undercover" yet THEMSELVES attending "gatherings" etc? Isn't
this a bit of "do as I say, not as I do"? ANSWER #6 I will say this.
"LEADERS" need to SET EXAMPLES of THEMSELVES to those that would
follow them. To his credit, Matt Hale supposedly did eat a non meat
(fruitarian) diet as put forth by Klassen?s "Creativity"...if for
example he didn't, and helped make the Burger King fortune...I would
say he was a hypocrite and a fraud. Or, a leader who was anti
substance abuse, yet abused them himself...the list could go on and
on. IF a leader states that "gatherings and public exposure" are a
NO-NO...I would expect that individual to WALK that matter
how much he missed the "atta boys" or the adulation of the groupies.
There is NO "in between" takes ONLY ONE "OUTING" TAG
you for LIFE. This isn't supposed to be the "Elks" or some "social
club/fraternity"...its SUPPOSED to be about building a Dissident
REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE. I really can't see the "I.R.A." or "El Queda"
hosting little bull crap "gatherings" can you? Yet again, so many
WONDER "WHY" the Arabs won't FINANCE our Liberation Struggle against
a "common enemy"...they probably view us as CLOWNS. lol Well, that's
enough for today. For a last item that I ought to mention...if you
wish to $UPPORT the ANP...please, simply check out the "support"
section of our website for various options. I can't tell you the
number of people who write wanting info on "how to join." Thank you
for today. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman,

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