ANP Report for January 11, 2004

Racial Comrades: When you think of a National Socialist, what
exactly is the "IMAGE" that forms in your mind? Is it that of a
is it that of the stereotype "nazi" of the hollywood jew creation?
You know, either the monocle wearing, uniformed roboton...thirsting
to wake in the morning and start off their day..."shooting
harmless/defenseless jews, from his bedroom balcony..."? lol OR,
perhaps it is the "scowling, tattooed skinhead...ranging in packs,
looking to harm lone innocent minorities for fun, when they are not
getting either drunk or committing various crimes against
society..."? Sometimes I really WONDER just what it is, that people
who slap on the "Swastika" as their "symbol"...honestly
envision...since, according to MEIN KAMPF, they certainly
DON'T...LOOK, ACT, PROMOTE, or even LIVE a National Socialist
LIFESTYLE. While I will be the first to admit that NO ONE is
"PERFECT," and that even myself fall far short of what a National
Socialist a perfect world. Still, I am confused that so many
in the populace at large...even the "racially aware" populace...have
these misconceptions about the TRUE NATURE of National Socialism. A
National Socialist believes in WORK...whether it is to EARN a LIVING,
striving to achieve his IDEOLOGY, or simply enjoying a HOBBY...a
National Socialist gives it their 100% effort. Yet, a great number of
so-called "nazis" seem to think that "old fashioned" or "corny"
example being the number who instead of getting gainful
employment...instead receive a ZOG GOVERNMENT HANDOUT, and try to
actually "justify" it as a "revolutionary act of bleeding the
system"?! What kind of "negroidal" thinking is this? In Mein Kampf,
didn't Hitler himself write that a STREET SWEEPER who was the BEST
STREET SWEEPER that he could be...was to be HONORED above a "foreign
potentate"? When we sink to the level of "look'en for a handout,"
ESPECIALLY from the ZOG SYSTEM...we have SUNK to a NEW LOW! Plus the
fact, that can we ever really TRUST an individual who DEPENDS on the
SYSTEM for economic survival? IF this person is DEPENDANT on the
SYSTEM...would they ever honestly be willing to CUT OFF their being a REALISTIC THREAT to said system? Personally,
I sincerely DOUBT it. Another instance that I feel unhappy about, is
the fact of letting IDIOTS, LOSERS, and FREAKS "slide," simply
because THEY claim that they are "one of us." Look at it this way, if
you had a business of repairing automobiles with a good crew of
QUALIFIED and KNOWLEDGEABLE mechanics...would you hire a guy who
"liked cars" but knew NOTHING about their OPERATIONS...simply because
he WISHED he was a mechanic, but wasn't willing to LISTEN, LEARN, and
BECOME one? OF COURSE NOT! You would tell him in no uncertain terms,
to WORK to BECOME a mechanic...and THEN after he UNDERSTOOD "what"
that encompassed...AND showed a willingness to BE a "MECHANIC" in
EVERYTHING, including "name"...then he could join and fulfill his
role as one should. I am amazed at how FEW "nazis" I have ever met,
who ever even READ "MEIN KAMPF," or Rockwell?s "WHITE POWER." Yet,
they somehow supposedly picked up their National Socialist
IDEOLOGY...from "WHERE"? Off TV? Out of "Time-Life"? From viewing a
"Spielburg Thriller"? Comrades, to me that equates with a
"Christian" who has never read a page of their "Bible"! What kind of
COMMITMENT are these types showing towards what they "CLAIM" to
"BELIEVE"? Perhaps this is "WHY," we have so-called "nazis"...who
think that a lifestyle that includes abusing "DRUGS, ALCOHOL,
society is permissive about such un-Aryan behavior...and they are
simply "nazis fitting in." Well, that's NOT "ok" in MY viewpoint!
Being TOO TOLERANT when it comes to VICE is dangerous and potentially
LETHAL. Look at Hitler himself. IF he had not tolerated GOERING and
his drug abuse in the war years...the Luftwaffe wouldn't have been in
the sad state it was in...and NS Germany MIGHT have survived. But,
Hitler had this fondness for a "Old Fighter" comrade...when he should
have quit being the nice guy, and bit the bullet for the sake of the
entire Aryan Folk. This is not to say that Goering wasn't ONCE a
TOP-NOTCH fighter for National Socialism, he was UNTIL he allowed the
WEALTH and POWER of his POSITION corrupt him, and become a NEGATIVE
instead of a POSITIVE influence. But, Hitler stood back from doing
the correct thing, out of "whatever reason"...and HE/WE paid the
price for his lack of action. Unless WE take a more DECISIVE tack, we
too will find White posterity looking back at us...if there is to BE
any Aryans left. We MUST start DISCARDING the DYSFUNCTIONAL from our
ranks, and as well start up a level of "QUALITY CONTROL" over those
who REMAIN. IF we cannot "police ourselves," and at LEAST...STRIVE...for IMPROVEMENT amongst our adherents, we are NOT
"National Socialists" in the TRUE meaning of the words. We are
nothing more than "kids, playing at a perverse form of cowboys and
indians" a very dangerous arena. Let there be NO doubt about it,
the jews and their lackeys are clamping down on their control
world-wide in a desperate attempt to remain in power. In Hungary, the
jews have actually attempted to force through a make it a
TWO YEAR PRISON "publicly humiliate a jew"! We in
America are not far off such measures, with the "Patriot Acts" now in
place. And just "WHAT" will our little COSTUME WEARING, TITLE
BEDECKED "nazis" "DO"...once their "FUN" has been OUTLAWED? QUIT,
more than likely...since they have NO REAL IDEOLOGY...and their
adherence to "nazism" runs about as deep as what they're WEARING or
FONDLING at their "SHOW & TELL" little get togethers. National
Socialism is a TREMENDOUS STUDY and UNDERSTAND it. It is a complete WORLD-VIEW for living wholesomely, and
progressively for the Aryan Folk. So many have told me that tired old
jewish shibboleth about how it is a "difficult book to read and
comprehend"...yet I am only a High-School graduate, and I can grasp
its much for that kosher canard, meant to KEEP PEOPLE
FROM EVEN ATTEMPTING to READ and STUDY what they fear and wish to
keep hidden! Do you know that in Germany, and other counties...MEIN
KAMPF is a BANNED book? If it is SOOO "UNREADABLE"....WHY keep it
from the PEOPLE? And yet there are "nazis" who "cannot" read their
own "bible" of Faith.....I believe that it is nothing more or less
than MENTAL LAZINESS in action once again. NOT a proper attribute of
a REAL National Socialist, eh. Adolf Hitler wrote in MEIN KAMPF..."Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but rather to be worked at and overcome" appears that the FIRST "obstacle" that TODAYS "nazis" need to address, is that of turning OFF the jew-tube,
putting the BEER back in the fridge, shutting down the COMPUTER GAME
and the CD PLAYER, and cracking open a BOOK. LOL Comrades, KNOWLEDGE
COMPREHENSION brings everything into FOCUS so that one may ACT
intelligently and in CONCERT with OTHERS who believe as you do. I'll
tell you something about myself. I don't view myself as the "Mighty
Kommander Pooh-Bah" who is going to first conquer America and then the
world and then....NO, I view myself and the ANP as "Keepers of the
Flame" of PURE, unadulterated NATIONAL SOCIALISM in the 21st Century.
We are only PREPARING the WAY for HE WHO IS COMING, so that HE will
have "SOMETHING WORTHWHILE" to work with, something REAL, TANGIBLE
and not FANTASY ridden ...and believe me folks, "HE" AIN'T HERE ON
THE SCENE, yet. To answer the questions of so many of you that write
in to me...its NOT your "hair color, or your eye color, or what
Tribe or European nationality you personally are"'s IF YOU LOOK,
THINK and ACT WHITE...AND understand and strive to LIVE a National
Socialist LIFESTYLE every day is all that really matters. Hell, let's be realistic here, even IF one of these nutty "hollywood nazi" groups
"won power" and hoisted the flag over the White House...we STILL
wouldn't HAVE a National Socialist nation to live they DON'T
lot of snappy uniforms on the streets...but, "SYMBOLISM" ALONE is not
what we are striving for. Before this is all over, we might be seeing
more snazzy costumes than ZOG not only adopts the
"NAZI-FRITZ HELMET"...but the WHOLE uniform ball of wax, to entice
young people into their various "ENFORCER ARMS"...after all,
EVERYBODY loves a guy in a "spiffy uniform" eh? lol The greatest
WEAPON of the ARYAN has always been his/her BRAIN. This year, let's
make a concerted effort to start STRAINING that item a bit, ok? It's
no good being a lumbering lummox without a brain, unless your living
in California and are planning to run for Governor...and the jews
have already got their guy in office, thank you. Comrades, the more
you COMPREHEND, the more DEDICATED you will become and therefore the
more EFFECTIVE. A whole future of little WHITE CHILDREN are DEPENDING
upon your answering that Call to Arms. for White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman PS You may
receive an ANP Info Pack for a $5 donation from our National Office.

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