ANP Report for January 01, 2004

Racial Comrades: As the Old Year is dying on the vine, and the New Year is approaching...all I can say, is that for the Racial been "quite a year." In the past year, we have all had our eyes opened to a lot of "skeletons" in the Movement "closet," which even if so many in the past refused to "read the signs," now pretty much clears the air about the "why" the "movement leadership" bye and large STINKS. I'll give a brief repeat for those new readers, which are joining our audience each week...and suggest that they review past ANP Reports in the archives...for further details, about the "leading personalities" with feet of clay. First off, we have the late-great William Pierce...who thought so LITTLE of the staff that he had assembled around him over thirty years...that on his death bed, when asked WHO he would wish to assume leadership of the NA Inc. business outfit, replied that "he had several men in mind, but ALL OF THEM WERE DEAD"!? So much for a great mind planning ahead, eh? Or, the VALUE and QUALITY he placed on the people around him! Of course, we now know according to Vic Gerhard his NA LAWYER, that Pierce was a DIRTY OLD MAN who had a fixation with "PERVERTED SEX," and had a "dominatrix" girlfriend under half his age with whom he reportedly made "porn videos," him pushing 70. LOL David Duke, the perennial PHONY "great white hope" went off to the FEDERAL PEN...after PLEADING GUILTY to gambling away tens of thousands in PATRIOT DONATIONS, among "other" things. And the head of "EURO" and right hand pal of Duke..."Vince Breeding"...according to the SPLC website turns out to be a full-fledged PORNOGRAPHER...with a filthy inter-racial website and magazine, in which he refers to himself as "THE MUNKY"...some kind of negroid pimp-like term, fitting a filth-monger I suppose. And then poor old Pastor Butler...why he has an INTER-RACIAL PORNO "STAR" in his home. Along the way, we have Klanners shooting themselves in the head...during "initiation ceremonies" (although that's not too much worse, than the Klan leader who shot himself in the MOUTH last year..."testing" his body armor...when the round rebounded BACK and actually knocked out a few teeth...yeah it's TRUE check the SPLC magazine with sad photos) or the skinheads who beat on a guy outside a bar...where the cops were parked! Jeez! Well, today I can add to the seemingly endless list of (VIABLE?) "Representatives of the White Race." Seems that "NSM" has a leading "officer"...who is a convicted RAPIST. (There are even more sickening "details" that OPP infers, but I'm not even going there...) You can read those sordid details on the (or, .com?) website. Yeah, it's a well known "anti site"...but, IF it isn't TRUE...lets see some LAWSUITS to clean these "peoples" clocks. BTW, they also state that the Kostumed Kommander himself is...YES, after years of denial every time it's raised...on ZOG "DISABILITY" (it has been stated by former disgruntled members, that it's a "MENTAL" ride...but, as I personally don't know...I won't state that as a "fact") and that his seven kids who live with mom, are on the government checks themselves, poor little kids. Perhaps daddy OUGHT to get to WORK doing whatever he CAN to PROVIDE for those children, instead of playing DRESS UP...and EMBARRASSING the Cause with his outdated and silly "Hollywood Nazi ala "blues Brothers" antics. After all...WHAT WOULD HITLER SAY? Look folks, I DON'T get a rush EXPOSING these types of "personalities" slithering within our Resistance "movement"...BUT, how in hell can we even PRETEND to be "examples" for our Folk to ADMIRE and EMULATE...IF we are "ACCEPTING" of such behavior... we might as well as come right out and CONDONE IT! AREN'T THE "ACTIVITIES" OF THESE PEOPLE THE VERY SAME THINGS THAT WE CONDEMN IN THE...."You Fill In The Blank"?! All I can say is that I'M not a HYPOCRITE...and that I'M 100% against such un-Aryan "behavior"...and IF YOU'RE NOT, I feel sorry and disgusted for you. Also, for those of you keeping count...we have ANOTHER Racial Activist, since poor old Chester Doles (remember him, he's STILL sitting in ZOG gulag despite the $80,000 raised to hire a "well known, right wing, politician-lawyer"...) wised up TOO LATE about the "PUBLICITY PLAYPEN" and ZOG pulled him down. Yep, this time it's one of Billy Ropers (who picked up the publicity hound banner, but hasn't seemed to have LEARNED the DANGEROUS FUTILITY of it "YET" ) followers. This poor fellow, was "Vice Governor" (gosh! now THAT'S a damn NEW "title" I never ran across in the movement playpen, in the almost forty years I've been active!) of the N.C. "WR" coalition. Seems he was putting out LEAFLETS in broad daylight...and ZOG nabbed him and wants to hit him with a "hate crime/terrorist" charge...he's out on TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS bond! HASN'T ANYONE BEEN LISTENING TO WHAT I'VE BEEN STATING IN THE PAST YEAR? goes...WE ARE IN A ZOG POLICE STATE...and UNDER DRACONIAN "PATRIOT LAWS". Simple? This AIN'T the "1930's"...nor the "1960's"...or even the "1980's" I see that Glenn Miller who TESTIFIED AGAINST THE ORDER COMRADES, has recently stumbled out (OR been "SENT"?) and issued another of his "proclamations" (the last one was when he was drunk and "declared war" back in '86, he surrendered peacefully, per usual armed with hand-grenades et al...which he never used)...urging dissidents to "TAKE TO THE STREETS" ala the "WPP" days, or else we're all gutless curs. Yeah, come on out ya'll...and get COUNTED and IDENTIFIED. EVERYBODY got $2,000 BAIL handy? Comrades, times are getting TOUGH and they're going to get TOUGHER. MY advice is KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN...and do your "work" in an UNDERGROUND manner. And if ANYONE gives you that "coward" crap...just remind them about America's MOST SUCCESSFUL "Resistance" Org...the >INVISIBLE< Klan in the 1860's. An Org that WORKED in its time, using INTELLIGENCE and DIRECT ACTION when necessary and when feasible. Tough economic times are fast approaching many White Americans, and where we couldn't make any REAL headway with the pure "racial issue"...we DO have a solid chance here...IF we #1 SEIZE UPON THIS ISSUE, and #2 CLEAN UP OUR COLLECTIVE ACT and BOOT the CORRUPT and INEPT from our ranks. Since a gang of drunken "skinheads" shouting "Die nigger, die!" has NOT proved to be our collective spite of what our far thinking and imaginative "leaders" prophesied years back...I suggest that "hey White man, where's your JOB gone?" MIGHT have a bit more "APPEAL"? For the first time EVER...the rotten and corrupt CAPITALIST SYSTEM is Frankenstein's monster, the poly-glot RACIAL MIXTURE that they have CREATED in this land is preparing to OVERWHELM even the "liberalistic white," into a position that they will not be able to IGNORE. The QUESTION of the HOUR, is "WHAT DO WE DO." More of the SAME-OLD/SAME OLD...that only a nutter would refuse to ADMIT has FAILED...OR..."SOMETHING NEW"? I opt for at LEAST trying "something new." George Lincoln Rockwell used to say: "You don't have to drink a WHOLE carton of milk to figure out its sour." I say that its OVERDUE that we realize that FIFTY YEARS OF FAILURE is ENOUGH. What the movement HAS TRIED...HAS NOT "WORKED"...DOES NOT "WORK"...and NEVER WILL SUCCEED. For you jew minded materialists out there, I'll put it like this...IF you invested your a BUSINESS like the "OLD MOVEMENT," would you be "SATISFIED" with your "RETURN"? lol Time to CLEAN HOUSE, time to get SERIOUS about what we are doing. There are a LOT of good, decent, honest people involved as "Foot Soldiers" in this Dissident Struggle...its time for THEM to start demanding some ACCOUNTABILITY and some SUCCESS. And I'm NOT referring to a new "PRODUCT LINE" from Trinkets Inc. Either we are in this for REAL...or we ought to consider canning the whole rancid mess...its getting far too dangerous to play around with any more. Comrades, IF it's going to "cost us"...we OUGHT to at least make sure that it's going to be somewhat "worth the price." For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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