ANP Report for December 22, 2003

Racial Comrades: In a world of decay, where "entertainment" has
usually sunk to the level where you would prefer your children NOT
view it...the "Lord of the Rings" a most refreshing and amazing
alternative. It saddens and sickens me that in today's
"entertainment," one feels like one has traveled to the Catskill
Mountain kosher "resort" area...home of the well known "JEWISH HUMOR"
as typified in the movie "Dirty Dancing." One emerges feeling not
satisfied and cheerful, but rather UNCLEAN. This area was known as
the "birthplace" of many of the careers of the JEWISH "COMEDIANS"
that swamp us with their perverted filth, disguised as "humor." Now a
days, one cannot view just about ANYTHING without some kind of
DEVIANT SEX being introduced in some form. Hell, the latest "Charlie
Brown" Christmas Special...had the little boy being expelled from
kindergarten...for "SEXUAL HARASSMENT"! Was this NECESSARY? Is this
NECESSARY? Its funny, but for those of you who HAVE read Hitler's
book Mein Kampf...he relates to the very SAME the
"entertainment" of HIS time. HIS answer, was that in an ARYAN
state...there need not BE any entertainment...that a WHOLE FAMILY
could not sit down and enjoy together, without the cringing, or
fast-forwarding of "certain scenes" to "protect the children's"
sensibilities, or the ADULTS sense of VALUES. But you see, TODAY'S
"entertainment" is is KOSHER to the CORE! That is
why "Lord of the Rings" is SO refreshing. First off, there in NOT
ONE NEGRO "hero" (or even one negro...unless you count the
Orcs/Golblins lol) to be seen! It is a virtually ALL ARYAN WORLD...a
world of OUR FOLK. Has anyone else noticed the "SIMILES" in the LOTR,
to OUR OWN racial situation? The Hobbits could be the arch-typical
White Suburbanites...lost off to their own little
world, where they seek the path of endless self-gratification,
uncaring of the growing turmoil of the world around them?
Saruman could be the typical small-W white SYSTEMITE
CAPITALIST/INDUSTRIALIST LEADER...who sells out his own folk, for his
own gain and profit! Gandalf is a "Hitler" like leader, who comes at
the 11th rouse the Folk and LEAD the various Aryan Tribes
in their war for SURVIVAL....against the EVIL the form of
SAURON. For Sauron the "jew," wishes to gather ALL the NEGATIVE and
EVIL forces in the world...allied with the "ASIATIC"? Harradrim from
the East, along with the savage WILD MEN who hate the "ARYAN RACES"
(Hobbits, Elves, Men) in a war of EXTERMINATION of the entire ARYAN
"MIDDLE EARTH." The ELVES, whom Tolkien portrayed as "Blond,
Blue-eyed, tall and beautiful"...could be likened to the epitome of
Aryan ideals. "Men" who inhabit Middle Earth, are the REMNANTS...of a
ONCE POWERFUL RACE of "Numinor"...who ONCE ruled, but fell from grace
and power...THROUGH GREED and MATERIALISM. Sound familiar? Although
the movie, does have a very FEW instances where it departs from the
books...such as Arwen, being a "warrior woman" doubt to salve
the PC Women?s Lib crowd. on the WHOLE they are excellent viewing. If
anything, there are so many "scenarios" in the film that fit "OUR"
situation...that I can state that in a National Socialist would be awarded a status of MANDATORY VIEWING, and
placed alongside Leni Reifenstahl's masterpieces Triumph of the Will
and Olympiad. AMAZING that a film CAN be produced in this
age...WITHOUT...the mandatory "SEX/NUDITY" scene, the mandatory
"NON-WHITE HERO" scene, the "TWISTED HERO" character, or the "happy
ending" where ALL the RACES...."live happily ever after in one big
global village"! LOL, I particularly love Gandalf's quote, where he
case! Where each one of us looks around us in REVULSION and
DISMAY...wondering HOW can it BE...that WE are the ONLY ONES to SEE the
EVIL enveloping our lives. We too, could sit back and "enjoy" what
time that is left....OR, we CAN make up our minds to COMMIT OURSELVES
to ACTIVELY FIGHTING that which we find so FOREIGN to our FOLKISH
WORLD-VIEW...of the way life SHOULD BE, for OURSELVES and even more
so...our CHILDREN. It is strange in a way, back in the 60's when I
"discovered" Tolkien....his work was embraced by the "leftists" as a
simile of WWII and the "Evil Nazi Menace" (something that Tolkien
himself refuted that HE never intended it to be) and here we are
decades later..."rediscovering" this Saga, with a whole new
perspective. How the wheel goes round. My "Yule Tide" gift to all of
you, is to encourage you to SEE these films, and then READ the BOOKS
for an of course much more in-depth understanding and enjoyment on a
truly Aryan scale. For those of you who bother to enter the forests
of Middle Earth, I know you'll find it the BEST "present" you could
possibly receive and one you'll enjoy for a lifetime. I myself cannot
tell you the times I enter the pathways of Hobbiton, or the Mines of
Moria to escape for a short while...the travesties of "Modern
Amerika" gone mad. Best Wishes! for White Worker Power! Rocky J.
Suhayda, Chairman

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