ANP Report for December 07, 2003

Racial Comrades: "CAN'T WE JUST UNITE THE MOVEMENT"? Comes the repeated whine, just about every other day to ANP National Office. Yeah, and "unite" with my reply! Did you all manage to catch the recent AP wire story about the "Klan Initiation" over in Johnson City, Tenn.? Seems that about a dozen bright boys of the 'Hood, were inducting a new "member." They tied him to a tree with a NOOSE, blindfolded him with a HOOD, and started "shooting him" with a paintball gun. Well, as he was been smacked by the pellets...some KKKMan by the name of Freeman age 45...was shooting a weapon up in the air to make noise. Seems one of the rounds came back down to earth (DUH) and entered the top of KKKMan Murr's HEAD...and exited down from the bottom of his skull. NEED I SAY MORE?! Are THESE the types of "racial warriors" that we're suppose to "unite" with? If there was ever a clear example of NOT putting weapons into the hands of "CHILDREN" (mentally anyway) this is it. YOU can unite with self destructive idiots, I personally want to SURVIVE...and if fall I LEAST make the price worth the prize. On another note, I would like to comment on the recent case of the 400 pound negro beaten to death down in Cincinnati by the ZOG ENFORCERS...that has so many in the "racial right wing" all in a glee full tizzy. While you have "movement spokesmen" like Kevin Strom of the NA (who simply LOVES David Duke, the Duke that's presently in prison for PLEADING GUILTY for GAMBLING AWAY tens of thousands of Patriot donated dollars...birds of a feather perhaps, once again. Along with old Ed Fields hooking up with NA, yeah that's the SAME Fields who was SUED by GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL for smearing him with being a "JEW AGENT" and who settled out of court, PAYING ROCKWELL THOUSAND$ as well as PRINTING A RETRACTION OF HIS SLANDERS on the FRONT PAGE of his "THUNDERBOLT" newsletter, back around 1965) who is NOT known for HIS role in "STREET ACTIVITY" where you might just get a ZOG nightstick along the side of your head...DEFENDING the ACTIONS of ZOGS "FINEST," against this mentally impaired negro, who honestly was ONLY acting like a negro does behave. (Who with a working brain expects MORE?) LOL Listen Kevin, those very SAME "COPS" that you admire so much...would be more than happy to smack an ARYAN ACTIVIST around with equal glee. This kind of ATTITUDE (they beat on a nigger...rah! rah!) is CON-SERVATIVE RIGHT-WINGISM at its WORST. EVERY "police encounter" that I PERSONALLY have "experienced" over my political lifetime has been NEGATIVE...and its been "WHITE COPS"...99% of the time! COME DOWN out of the MOUNTAINS of FANTASYLAND, and INTO the REAL WORLD of everyday life and you'll come to KNOW that the "ZOG ENFORCERS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS." The ZOG Police State is OUT of CONTROL, and no matter what DELUSIONS you might have...that old CON-servative crap of "support your police"...should have an ADDED ADDENDUM - " IF THEY SUPPORT YOU"! And Kev, sorry to mention this...BUT, THEY DON'T (or, maybe YOU and NA...DOES have "POLICE SUPPORT"? It would EXPLAIN a LOT of "things" I've often WONDERED about in the past). The second item I would like to mention Mr. Strom, is your incessant babbling about "South Africa." I know that YOU are paid pretty well out of Patriot Donations, being on "NA Staff" and not having to set that alarm clock at night...BUT, the WHITE WORKER population have many OTHER "CONCERNS" on their minds than those COWARDS who GAVE UP to the Bantus' and Zulu's, without a shot being fired! ITEMS like JOB LOSS, WAGE FREEZES and BENEFIT CUTS...while YOUR droning on about "Boers" ad nauseam...WE are STRUGGLING TO ECONOMICALLY "SURVIVE," buddy! AND, when one of us gets angry enough to even go OUT among the distribute a few pamphlets...those SAME ZOG COPS you cheer their DAMNDEST to BRING US DOWN. And, PLEEEEZ....DON'T fall back on to your NEXT "favorite" subject of "white sex slavery, et al "...THAT was PIERCE'S "favorite topic"...and we are all now clearly aware of "WHY" that was all about, eh? Comrades, I think that more than a few of you NEED a short "description" of "WHAT" a National Socialist IS. First off, an NS is an HONORABLE individual...they DON'T...LIE, CHEAT, GAMBOL, "ENJOY" it "PORNO", WHORING, WIFE-SWAPPING, ADULTERY, CROSS-DRESSING or FUDGE-PACKING. An NS does NOT either engage in/or condone...EXCESSIVE DRINKING, DRUG ABUSE, or GLUTTONY. An NS is NOT a jewish-spirited MATERIALIST, or a CAPITALIST EXPLOITER, or a PRICE GOUGING PROFIT MONGER. An NS puts the GOOD of OTHERS...such as their FAMILY, or COMRADES...BEFORE his/her PRIVATE INTERESTS and GAIN. An NS, SACRIFICES for WHAT they BELIEVE...they DON"T...LIVE OFF of THEIR "BELIEFS." An NS is NOT..."ALL THINGS...TO ALL PEOPLE." An NS does NOT "WAFFLE"...supporting "CON-SERVATIVE CLOWNS" like a PAT PUKECANNON or a DUKE, one moment...and embrace the ORDER COMRADES the NEXT, if and when its "CONVENIENT" or gains brownie points with so and so. An NS understands that they are in SERVICE to the FOLK...NOT the other way round. MOST OF ALL....a NATIONAL SOCIALIST realizes, that NONE of US TODAY....ARE the type of PEOPLE we would wish our Folk to BECOME....but, we STRUGGLE so that our people CAN perhaps one day REACH that higher goal. FOREMOST in our MINDS, is the FACT....that it IS the "CHOICES" that each National Socialist MAKES...that is the DECIDING FACTOR of "who" or "what" we ARE! YOU can CHOOSE to NOT take that extra drink, YOU can CHOOSE to spend time TEACHING your CHILDREN the PROPER PATH, YOU can CHOOSE to do the dishes for your WIFE who cooked dinner, YOU - the MAN or WOMAN in the MIRROR - can CHOOSE to BE a GOOD LITTLE ZOG-LING...or YOU can CHOOSE...NOT to. Since Yuletide is fast approaching, I ask each of you to pause EACH DAY and consider "what" YOU can DO...for a LOVED ONE or a FRIEND. I'm NOT talking "material" here, Comrades. Each day...DO SOMETHING CONSIDERATE for that person you CARE about. Especially those of you out there in "Movement Land" who like myself, have "somehow managed" to HANG ON to your LOVED ONE. So many in the Movement are as DYSFUNCTIONAL in their LIFESTYLES as the COMMON SHEEPLE. Take a GOOD LOOK at YOURSELF and YOUR PARTNER. Do YOU honestly TREAT HER/HIM as you SHOULD...given ALL that they DO...for YOU and the KIDS? "HOME" is not/should not be the "battlefield" should be a REFUGE and FORTRESS that we can ALWAYS retire find, COMFORT, SUPPORT, UNITY and PEACE. If yours isn't, perhaps YOU should at least START to CONSIDER "what" YOU can DO to make it so. Hitler stated that the FAMILY was the BASIC ENTITY of the RACIAL NATION. If we are unable to keep this base healthy, then we are FINISHED and all our "efforts" at the "larger picture" are a SHAM. I am always AMAZED when I see "movement personalities"...who cannot even win the SUPPORT of their WIVES and/or CHILDREN?! If one cannot gain support from among those who "LOVE" them...what is wrong here? I will finish with this thought. "WE" are our own BIGGEST ENEMY. IF we had our "ACT" together...IF we at least TRIED to walk the walk and NOT just talked the talk...we would HAVE the grudging RESPECT of our ENEMIES as well as be a POSITIVE EXAMPLE to our FOLK. It's sad, that basically NO WHERE in the "racial movement"...can WE measure up to the ACHIEVEMENTS of those negros in the Nation of Islam. NO ONE "helped" THEM...they pulled THEMSELVES UP by their OWN EFFORTS. What is it that can be said about "US"...that we are in the "STATE" that we find ourselves. No, I haven't the time nor the inclination to "associate" with LOSERS...I tried that in the PAST...and I LEARNED a lot about THEM and MYSELF, while doing so. Birds of a feather, Comrades.......... For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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