ANP Report for November 20, 2003

Racial Comrades: Well, today we continue with our regular
on-going series of EXPOSING the CORRUPT ABSCESSES...within the
"White Racial Movement," as well as a few thoughts on the
"direction" of our OBVIOUS failed propaganda efforts...from the
PAST to the PRESENT. On the 'net, I've been seeing various
"movement personalities"...actually GLOATING...over being listed
on the front cover of the latest "SPLC Report" magazine.
Somehow, they seem to believe that "making the
cover"...shows...what "great leaders" they are?! Bye and large,
it seems to be some kind of a "badge of honor" to have made the
"publicity whore hit parade"! LOL Frankly, OUR not being picked
to be included among such "publicity seeking company," is a
VINDICATION of our belief that one need only to USE ONE'S
BRAIN...and WORK BELOW THE RADAR, and this kind of negative
TARGETING is lessened immensely. Interestingly, the enemy SEE'S
digging out the DIRT and SKELETONS, that many of them would
desperately HIDE from YOU. Now, while the SPLC is of course the
ENEMY of our the same time they ARE LIABLE to being
FACTS. They can "TWIST" the true, but they CANNOT "invent"
totally incorrect "facts" without paying a legal price. It's
a disgusting shame, that these so-called "white spokesmen" have
so MUCH to EXPOSE. So here's a "back-handed thanks" of a sort
(for helping us to clean up our sacred Cause), for OUTING
ANOTHER "movement personality"...who leads the unsavory
life-style of an UN-ARYAN in our eyes. VINCENT BREEDING is
DAVID DUKES...RIGHT HAND MAN. A long time associate of the "NA,"
he is currently "National Director" of "EURO"...Duke's latest
"organization," while Duke is "away." Vince has gone by many
FAKE NAMES over the years, but his newest is "THE MUNKAY." What's
THAT? Well, go to this link
to FIND OUT. It seems that DUKES CLOSEST PAL (Yes, that's the
INTER-RACIAL PORNOGRAPHER, with a filthy porn website AND
magazine! I find it VERY difficult to believe that David has
been UNAWARE of the PROCLIVITIES of the guy he put in CHARGE of
the group he LEADS, after all how does that old saying go?
"Birds of a feather..." Once again I THIS the type of
"SPOKESMEN"...that YOU desire, to "REPRESENT the WHITE RACE"?
After you read the article, YOU judge. I can only reiterate...WE
have PULLED THE WOOL over our collective eyes for so long, and
STILL think we are so GULLIBLE and DESPERATE for "leadership" of
"ANY KIND" that we will kowtow before their FALSE FACES. Now on
to the thoughts on propaganda.... After seeing the TOTAL
FAILURE of "movement propaganda" over the past DECADES to
ACHIEVE ANY REAL SUCCESS in "awakening and recruiting"
significant White SUPPORT...I have come up with a totally NEW
and really drastic "U-Turn" in the "direction" we perhaps OUGHT
to take. Everyone knows I'm sure, how the JEW who smears a
"SWASTIKA" on his OWN door...or the NEGRO who BURNS a CROSS on
his OWN lawn...gets massive SYMPATHY for HIS CAUSE, and equally
MASSIVE "NEGATIVISM" for "OURS," through such actions. The White
SHEEPLE react just as programmed...when faced with such "OBVIOUS
HATE" and "INTIMIDATION." We ALSO all KNOW...IF we are
HONEST...that you can throw out a 1,000 "Pro-White Leaflets,"
and your LUCKY if you get ONE SERIOUS "response." In TODAY'S
"climate"...little ol'Whitey...just does NOT "get it." I have
numberless people writing daily, who simply for some
reason...REFUSE to BELIEVE...our FACTS and ARGUMENTS. So be it.
If they won't LISTEN...they will HAVE to "FEEL." It's also
getting to be in this decadent and corrupt capitalist, PC POLICE
STATE, that even DISTRIBUTING "materials" getting very
CLOSE to being a "HATE CRIME," and therefore a risky business
for Pro-White propaganda activists. BUT, what IF the Movement
turned the tables and started propagandizing in a TOTALLY
DIFFERENT MANNER? What IF, instead of "trying to reach" the
White Masses with our "truths"...we INSTEAD starting
distributing " BLACK OPPS" propaganda in "SPECIFIC-TARGETED"
areas. An "example" would be...ok, your lily-White city seems to
care less about your MESSAGE of ARYAN EXTINCTION...what do you
think they would experience, if INSTEAD of those "Whites Unite!"
signs, stickers, felt pens and flyers you been posting
around...and INSTEAD woke up one day to a CONTINUOUS CAMPAIGN of
"DESTROY WHITEY!" items everywhere? Do you think the same Joe
Sixpack, who gets your "White Power!" pamphlet on his vehicle
and tosses it on the ground...would REACT the SAME way, if he
received a "BEAT THE WHITE DEVILS!" instead? Same way with
JEWS. What IF " JESUS SUCKS ," or in ARAB areas..."ALLAH STINKS"
with a BIG "STAR of DAVID" alongside it, appeared everywhere?
OR, "EXPEL GRINGOS-LA RAZA!" in Mexican invaded territory? Do
you THINK it just MIGHT get ol' Whitey to START THINKING a wee
bit MORE about the situation...than our PAST efforts have? I
would just LOVE to see the TV TALKING HEAD, squirming away on
the they TRY to "EXPLAIN" these occurrences away!
"Yesterday, more "EXPEL GRINGO" messages were found across our
city as panicky citizens (Whites) confronted the Mayor,
demanding he "DO SOMETHING"...while "latino leaders" denied
that....". Can't you ENVISION it! Soon "COPY-CATS" would pick
up the message, and EVERYONE would start LOOKING at their
OPPOSITES through "different" eyes. You know, this is so damn
OBVIOUS a TACTIC...that I'm amazed "our movement" has been BLIND
to its potential EFFECTIVENESS for so long! But, then
again...IF your "leadership" is BOUGHT OFF...or, simply into
MAKING MONEY...instead of MAKING REAL RESISTANCE to what has and
is confronting our Aryan Folk, I guess the ANSWER is an OBVIOUS
one...tough, but OBVIOUS. If one were to utilize such tactics,
of course it goes without saying...its a "LATEX GLOVE
OPERATION," from "STEP ONE." This is ONE tactic that the SYSTEM
would NOT like seeing going operational. And for all of you who
haven't yet the "ability" for "DIRECT ACTION"'s a good step
in the correct "direction." It will FORCE you to START
"operating" in an INTELLIGENT "UNDERGROUND" fashion, it will be
much more EFFECTIVE in the long run in "changing peoples'
opinions towards OURS, and "who knows what"...such "POLARIZING"
of the RACES might "BRING"? After all, it's NOT "illegal"
long as you operate INTELLIGENTLY, and do NOT "harass or
threaten" a SPECIFIC "INDIVIDUAL." Many of you have been
"challenging" me to come up with a VIABLE ALTERNATIVE to the
FAILED "same old-same old" that has accomplished squat. Here it
is. Now run with it. REMEMBER, it's NOT a "one shot deal"...IF
its going to WORK, #1 it will HAVE to been done on a continuous
basis, and #2 I would suggest that you QUIT distributing "racist
items" as they will only HOLD them an "EXAMPLE" that
"Whites are PROVOKING these activities." That "white racists"
are "behind this evil blight upon our community," AND since they
will be LOOKING for "agitators," who better to ARREST and MAKE
AN EXAMPLE OF...than an Aryan exercising their "rights of free
speech"? Comrades, let's be TOTALLY blunt and honest here, our
people are NOT going to see things our way, without a little
"HELP"...all's fair in love and war, the saying goes...well, the
ENEMY has been LYING ABOUT US since day one. If we are too
"good" or "nice" to put off the gloves, and "DO"..."WHAT EVER IS
NECESSARY"....we've lost already. I'm TIRED of LOSING, aren't
YOU? For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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