ANP Report for November 15, 2003

Racial Comrades: Boy! You turn the spotlight on the abscesses'
in the body-politic of the "white racial movement" and you get
more mail in a week, than you get in a month. Seems that there
are a goodly number of folks out there, who for one reason or
another...think that we ought to keep "our dirty laundry"...out
of the common knowledge of the rank and file. I wonder if they
really are promoting this out of "loyalty to the Cause", OR
because THEY stink just as badly as those whom we expose?
Myself? Well, I believe that it?s LONG OVERDUE to focus on the
"WHY" that our "Movement" has been a sad, continuous, grinding
FAILURE...beginning with the "LEADERSHIP"...or as George Lincoln
Rockwell called them in his book "White Power"- the SHIP
WREAKERS. (you may read WP free on our website in the Rockwell
section) You know, there just MIGHT be a "REASON" for the way
that our Cause has "operated" over the past 50 years...that
ANSWERS a hell of a lot of the questions, for that failure. IF
you have "leadership" that is CROOKED, CORRUPT, IN IT FOR THE
BUCK, or downright "TURNED" by the system itself...for past
"INDISCRETIONS" easy to see, "why" these "leaders" have
gathered around them so many LOSERS, CONS, PERVERTS and out & out
LOONIES, as they have. It is being widely reported (so no, I'm
not simply stirring the crap pot for illusory "fun") that one
"Bianca Trump aka Wendy Iwanow" an INTER-RACIAL "PORNSTAR" who
is best known for her role in "Little White Girl - Big Black
Man" and a frequent "co-star with the grossly ugly and obese jew
Ron Jeremy"...was arrested yesterday at the home of (how
sad/how sick) PASTOR RICHARD BUTLER, head of "Aryan Nations?"
Yeah, this is the same org. that Buford Furrow...the nutter who
shot up the jew day care center in California, and THEN drove
himself to the FBI building to SURRENDER...belonged to, as
"Security Chief?" No, she wasn't arrested for her disgusting
race-mixing pornography...but, for FELONY FRAUD charges. Perhaps
FRAUDULENTLY portraying an "ARYAN WOMAN"? lol This shocking
episode reminds one of the "Cathy Daniels" S&M affair in
Arkansas...where she was touted by the "AN" but dumped them to
join up with the SPLC...and became "involved" with a negro
lawyer whom she reportedly lives/co-habits with. Nor, is this
aberrant behavior simply the domain of "AN." FAR from it! LSN, a
News-Service that digs out a lot of "hidden dirt" that movement
"personalities" would prefer be hidden from the light of day,
has reported that the late WILLIAM PIERCE...who was around 70
years of age...apparently had an "interest" that went beyond
"White Nationalism" and selling crapola at an exorbitant profit.
"Suzanne" was a "white woman" in her 30's(?) who just happened
to be a "PROFESSIONAL DOMINATRIX," and that the two of them
spent the pensive hours up on the mountain top...making SEX what was snidely referred to as the "LOVE SHACK."
All this while Pierce was STILL MARRIED to one of his MANY
(6-7?) foreign MAIL ORDER BRIDES. Now is this REALLY the KIND of
"LEADER" that WE of the Aryan Revolutionary Struggle are
OF IT? And IF NOT...WHY NOT? Are "leaders" like THESE...really
much DIFFERENT...from a "Bill Clinton," or a "Jessie Jackson"?!
Comrades, I honestly DON'T take any pleasure in relating these
UN-Aryan episodes. In fact they fill me with SHAME that people
sacrificially scraped together PATRIOT DOLLARS, plead GUILTY to
it and STILL in some UNIMAGINABLE way be considered a "great
white spokesman"! WHO is WORSE? These creatures, or the people
who think their droppings aren't offensive? Have WE the
"Racially Aware Aryans"...sunk so dismally LOW in OUR
STANDARDS...that we are WILLING to ACCEPT such "behavior" from
our "LEADERS"? Or, is it that the "movement" itself is so filled
with rejects who live lives COMPATIBLE to these kind of
activities...that they find no fault with such behavior? Now
"Wendy" the "Latin Princess" as she billed herself, MIGHT just
be a "likeable" individual. She MIGHT even have "regretted" her
life...but, do we ACCEPT such creatures into our ranks with open
arms (no pun intended)? I SAY NO! I say that UNLESS we start
advocating and implementing a STRONG DEGREE of QUALITY CONTROL
on "who" we ALLOW into our ranks, we will NEVER #1 attract AND
keep the QUALITY, DECENT, ARYAN Men and Women we NEED to achieve
SUCCESSFUL operations in our Resistance-Liberation Struggle, nor
#2 will we achieve that LEVEL of "SPIRITUAL" aggressiveness that
IDEALISTS find within "do the things" that NEED
to be DONE! Once again, I invoke that axiom- WHAT WOULD HITLER
SAY? HOW do you think HE would look upon such "activities" by
these "movement personalities"? I'm certainly no "prude," yet I
remember what Joan of Arc DID first off, when she assumed
Command of the Armies of France...FIRST THING SHE DID was order
OUT all the "CAMP FOLLOWERS" (tramps, prostitutes, medicine show
fakes, entertainers, et al) so as to begin to BUILD and CREATE a
REAL, DISCIPLINED ARMY...which for the first time, ceased LOSING
battles and SEATED the King of France, back upon his Throne.
to BOTTOM...WE will NEVER achieve success either! "Our side"
LOVES to continuously point a finger at the CORRUPT-DECADENT
ones in the SYSTEM'S ranks...yet, for some unrecognizable
reason...cannot SEE (or does not wish to see) the VERY SAME
"type" of individuals in "OURS." It has long been accepted that
a PERSON is KNOWN by the "company they keep" well, as their
own demeanor, attitude, and behavior. It's a tough call for many
of you, but it's time to LOOK around you with OPEN EYES and see
the FACTS as they ARE...NOT as you might "WISH THEM TO BE." I
had a fellow write me the other day, asking ME "why" he should
affiliate with the ANP rather than another so-called "Hollywood
Nazi" re-enactment group out there. My answer was simple. I told
him to take a good LOOK at the PHOTOS on their website...and IF
he felt he BELONGED hook up with them instead. IF
your a wanna-be PLAY ACTOR of the 3rd Reich, along with
"Unterfuhrer titles," homemade "uniforms," and a strangely
UN-Aryan bizarre DON'T want to attempt to
become an adherent of the American Nazi Party. We won't have
SUSTAINING, MORALISTIC and SPIRITUAL (not to be confused with
"religious") man or woman who LIVES the LIFE of an HONORABLE
ARYAN...and are WILLING to SERVE, WORK, and SACRIFICE for your
FOLK without needing a title or other little fanny pats ...we
NEED your affiliation to progress with our Task. Straight up,
we're NOT going to "kiss your ass" to keep you "hanging around."
We are expecting each Comrade to pull the same load as each and
every Comrade does. If someone proves a "weak link," we REMOVE
them from the chain of our organization...what good are we do NOT deal in the "warm body" game, of filling
those folding chairs. lol This Struggle is for REAL. It is not a
GAME, or an "EXCITING HOBBY." UP should KNOW what
you "getting into" and what is EXPECTED of YOU. If you don't
SOCIALIST...doesn?t bother us in the first place. I think that for
the FIRST time in at least MY tenure in the "movement," we are
forming a SERIOUS attempt at building an Elite Cadre of >> REAL

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