ANP Report for November 11, 2003

Racial Comrades: *** Rocky, Commander Rockwell believed in political action. It's time for the ANP to offer candidate for President and Vice President in 2004. Just think what a way to start the 21st Century with an ANP candidate for national office winning at this stage is not important but free publicity is. Ballot status is possible in about 17 states and write in status in 20 more. Tennessee requires 1 elector and only 25 signatures of registered voters. You are the closest thing to the original ANP- so here your chance to do what GLR never did- DO IT! Find 2 people with guts over 35 who have time to travel but get started soon. Don't miss this opportunity to get tons of free publicity and seize the moment for the Cause. A FRIEND *** Comrades, almost daily I get these kind of messages from you folks out there. This one came in the PO Box today...NO NAME...NO RETURN ADDRESS...NO CASH $UPPORT. "A FRIEND." I wrote it here exactly as it was written, I also got an e-mail today from an "unemployed male, living with his parents who was utilizing a library computer because he didn't have one"....DEMANDING that "I" and my adherents, go PUBLIC...wearing the "costume et al" get that "FREE PUBLICITY" that would "energize millions" to "our cause." What is it about this "free publicity" nonsense?! I could have ALL the "free (TOTALLY NEGATIVE) publicity" I wanted in about an hour...IF I desired it. DOESN'T ANYBODY READ WHAT I WRITE AND PROMOTE? If so, why in hell do they bother to "advise" me so stupidly? Do you NOTICE how these people NEVER wish to "show the way" DOING IT THEMSELVES. Or, how THEY NEVER SEEM TO WANT TO FUND...THEIR WONDERFUL IDEAS? ALL the "things" you folks all so casually "suggest"...I've been there/done that in my 36 year "service" to the "Cause"...and NOTHING EVER POSITIVE came of it. But that's beyond the point here. What I want to know, is WHY these people NEVER wish to EITHER...ONE-- TAKE PART THEMSELVES, or TWO-- SERIOUSLY FUND those who they are egging on to "DO IT" in the suicidal "publicity arena." lol Over in Vietnam, er Iraq...ZOG is losing troops on a DAILY basis now to the Iraqi resistance fighters. I'm old enough to remember the "Daily Body Count" (27 of ours - 2,354 of theirs lol) on the tube. Its 'Nam all over again. When will ENOUGH dead be "ENOUGH"? A THOUSAND...TEN THOUSAND...before ZOG crawls with its tail between its legs, like the last days in Saigon? And "OVER HERE"? Well, for all you "electioneering folks"...Dick Butler ran for Mayor of his home town last week. After residing there and "educating" the sheeple for the last 30 years with "our truths"...he got 2% of the vote. 2%!!! DOES THAT TELL YOU "ANYTHING" Mr. Legality? Or, was that one a "fluke"? We'll "do better" the "next time"...... Honestly, I have run out of "ideas" as to "how" to get so many of you out there reading take our "situation"...SERIOUSLY, and to ACT UPON IT IN A DECISIVE MANNER. ONLY 23% of the AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER the AGE of 18...are of WHITE/EUROPEAN ANCESTRY. LOOK at how FEW White kids even came around for Halloween "Trick or Treating"! ONLY 3% of the entire EARTHS POPULATION of WOMEN of CHILDBEARING AGE...are WHITE/EUROPEAN ANCESTRY. Need you really, honestly know "MORE"?! Sometimes I honestly think that I'm some kind of a freak (not withstanding all the cute messages from our opponents) in that not only do "I CARE," but I put myself ON THE LINE along with all that that implies to my loved ones and friends...and there are so FEW others out there who not only refuse to "join me"...but, they refuse to even BACK US UP WITH A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF $UPPORT to accomplish the task in a halfway realistic fashion. I'm tired, and I'm getting a bit disgusted with the "folks back home." I wonder how we the "Aryan Race" ever sunk so low to the position that we now assume. Adolf Hitler wrote that its lonely being a REAL Leader, I'm beginning to think that its lonely simply being a decent, un accepting MAN in this rotten un-natural society that surrounds me. If they aren't actively TAKING PART in this pest hole of perversity, today?s "white men" (and "women") are CRINGING and/or PRETENDING "it?s not so bad"..."YET." I honestly cannot for the life of me understand WHAT that "YET" has to become before they regain the simple DECENCY of their forbears and ancestors. And that idiot who wrote me above, actually...somehow thinks...that parading around shouting "LOOK at MEEE", is "DOING IT." JEEEZ. I sure as hell isn?t MUCH as a "special" individual...but, WHERE ARE AT LEAST "MY EQUALS" amongst my Folk? I always said that "we" were not the "superman" that we profess to wish to see our Folk become through EUGENICS, CAREFUL BREEDING, and a FAR OFF "DISTANT FUTURE." But, I never really realized how badly our racial "stock" have SUNK in the present era. And the saddest part is that so many pretend either that my conjecture isn't true, or that I'm "overstating the problem(s)." If anything, I bet that I'm UNDERSTATING them! And isn?t that the pits. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman

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