ANP Report for November 02, 2003

Racial Comrades: One of the best things about being myself, is that I am not one to seek "popularity" if that means going along with the herd, and/or "being a nice guy" when you know the DIFFERENCE between RIGHT and WRONG...GOOD and BAD...and not accepting idiocy, cowardice and corruption in the overworked name of "unity." Living in Metro Detroit, where we have the LARGEST concentration of arabs outside the entire Middle is a given, that I dislike this alien invasion of what was ONCE..."MY LAND." That being said, I have to give the "arab people" OVERSEA'S a LOT of credit. Credit for their COURAGE, their ENDURANCE and their willingness to SACRIFICE for what they believe in and hold dear. Folks, I gave up being a "White Supremacist" a LONG time ago. I honestly don't see todays White population as being "superior" to just about ANYBODY, in so many ways. Having been involved in this "struggle" since 1967, when I first joined Lincoln Rockwell's ANP as a youth of 16, I have had my eyes opened pretty clearly to the "attributes" of the so called "Aryan" population. And I'm not really referring to those small "w" whites out there, I'm targeting the supposedly "racially aware" ones. Since the 1960's, a period of OVER 50 YEARS..."WE" the "racial movement"...have been SUPPOSEDLY "building a resistance" to the anti-White elements in America's society, that ARE DESTROYING EVERYTHING WE HELD AND SUPPOSEDLY HOLD DEAR. And "WHAT" has been, and IS the RESULT? Over in Iraq for example, they have been OCCUPIED by the planets most powerful FORCE known to man...yet, in LESS THAN A YEAR...THEY are already bleeding their oppressors DAILY! They COULD be holding "PROTESTS"...or "MEETINGS"...or "PUBLISHING"...or "TALKING"...but NO, they are into DIRECT ACTION against almost hopeless odds. And in MY eyes, WINNING...just like in may take time, but they LIVE there and have the TIME and the "INCLINATION," which will GROW with each day of repression and act of liberation. ZOG will eventually be "bled out," as eventually its ability to endlessly occupy dies. Here in AMERICA? Well, lets look at the LATEST news of OUR heroic struggle. A 24 year old "Aryan Nations Candidate" for City Council has been arrested out in Idaho a few days ago, along with another "uniformed" AN member...for assaulting a mexican in a local store parking lot for having a "Mexican flag sticker" on his car?! WOW! Now THAT sure would have LIBERATED a LOT of White America's many PROBLEMS, eh? And THIS is a POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVE of "OUR STRUGGLE"? He can't even figure out WHO the REAL ENEMY IS?! The "National Alliance" has had another "CELEBRITY" undergoing "POLITICAL PERSECUTION" lately too. They had fund appeals, and radio programs, and websites in support of one "Artie Wheeler." Artie was supposedly arrested on bogus "weapons charges" and was such a DEDICATED, TOP-NOTCH fellow that the NA went ALL-OUT to support him. Well, a few days ago HE pled GUILTY and in order to CONFIRM "why" he should be cut a "deal"...stated that, hell "HE WASN'T EVEN WHITE...HE WAS A MULATTO?! Was this done to gain "SYMPATHY," or was he REALLY a NON-WHITE?! If the in hell did he get to be such a NA POSTER BOY? If the former, WHERE has the COURAGE of the WHITE MAN GROVEL and even DENY ONE'S HERITAGE to "save oneself" at the feet of judah. Over in the Middle East, we see young men AND women actively FIGHTING and even becoming "SUICIDE FIGHTERS" for THEIR Folk, and most if not all of them are not the "dregs of society" that we see all too frequently in "our ranks." They are not HABITUAL DRUNKS, or scowling, bald headed TATTOOED "CARNIVAL FREAKS," or EX-CONS (not for political actions), or HIGH-SCHOOL DROP OUTS, or second rate "ROCK STARS," or SLEAZY GROUPIES, or COSTUMED "COMMANDERS," need I go on? Their LEADERS are NOT..."BUSINESSMEN" SELLING..."TRINKETS," "ENTERTAINMENT," "SHOWS," "EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL" et al. THEY have ALL the "education" they NEEDED in SIX MONTHS to get to "DOING IT." What's WRONG with "US"? Lets be HONEST. "OUR SO-CALLED LEADERSHIP"...IS and HAS BEEN...for the most part, very SIMILAR to the SYSTEM POLITICAL WHORES out there; smiling and tap-dancing to the "everythings ok, buy this toy" beat, of the professional huckster. They are more concerned with their "popularity" and becoming "known" per the jews-media freak shows that demonize and make us look even MORE pathetic than we are as a "movement"...along with MAKING A NICE LIVING on patriotic dollars...than actively biting the bullet and CRUSHING the EVIL surrounding us. Once again being totally HONEST...they are NOT interested in BLEEDING the BEAST...but rather in ENLARGING their PRODUCT LINE, to SELL to YOU the "milk cows" your "desires." And unfortunately, 95% of the "movement" are the VERY SAME CONSUMERS (simply a different and smaller "market" lol) snapping up this assorted crap in the ridiculous vision of it being a "revolutionary action." LOL "Hey, look at ME...I own all 87 versions of the "Angry White Killers" CD's! OOOH AHHH!!!" "Yeah, I've covered myself with really HATEFUL tattoo's and I can't SPELL or use proper GRAMMAR (and I'm too dumb or lazy to even attempt to learn to utilize a "spell check" program when I tap out my infantile rants in my childhood bedroom) but, I'M a REPRESENTATIVE of.... "White Power"!!! Comrades, I flinch when I see these people utilizing the SWASTIKA, same as I did when "bikers" found it popular as a "shock item" back when I was a kid and first start studying National Socialism. These people REALLY are NOT "National Socialists"...the vast majority are nothing more than wanna-be "white" gang bangers of a peculiar sort. Only THEY haven't the moxie to even match the negro's in ferocity of eliminating their opposition OR even setting up FINANCIAL "outlets" like the non-Whites do with their drug running. Sad. Once AGAIN, I put the most of the BLAME on the so-called "LEADERSHIP" of this "movement." Has ANY of these "LEADERS" had the decency to tell these kids that they are RUINING THEIR LIVES and WASTING THEIR POTENTIAL as Political Soldiers by their STUPID "actions"? Have they told them of the VALUE of EDUCATION and LEARNING SKILLS? Not only in "real life," but as use to the Struggle itself? Of course NOT! They are all too afraid that they MIGHT alienate their telling them that "what they are doing" is not only a waste of time...but SILLY, STUPID, and SUICIDAL in todays Police State climate of repression. I like to revise that motto "Christians" have, to- " What would HITLER say and do" about such behavior? I'm sure many of you could GUESS just WHAT his opinion would be. I know I can. I also guess it would also mean the END of their "BUSINESS'S" as well...if the youth (along with the elderly crap collectors as well) stopped funneling their dollars into "fun" and instead into REAL "Direct Action Resistance Operations." How MANY of these "WELL KNOWN LEADERS" have LIVED A PRETTY COMFORTABLE LIFETIME OFF OF YOU AND ME?! Rockwell used to state that he based his racism, not on "skin color, etc" but on PERFORMANCE of the individual and/or group involved...what are we to surmise from the PERFORMANCE of the "LEADERSHIP" of the LAST FIFTY YEARS? You tell me. It's sickening, William Pierce is heralded as one of the "greatest leaders" of our "movement"...WHAT did he gain these accolades? Simple. He built the BIGGEST BUSINESS in the entire history of the "movement"...and in todays JEWDIZED-CAPITALIST worldview....THAT makes HIM a "SUCCESS"!? I knew Pierce back when he was with the American Nazi Party in the late 60's early 70's, before Koehl threw him out because HE wanted to be "Chairman of the Board" in toto...I remember hearing how at Rockwell's funeral, Pierce HID IN THE TREES because he was afraid of being "on TV"! I have in my files a letter from Rockwell where he admonished his Troopers for referring to Pierce as "Dr. Pussy" in reference to his "renowned habits," yet Pierce is best remembered as the AUTHOR who penned such bloodthirsty thrillers as "Hunter" and of course "Turner Diaries." This from a "leader" who NEVER...HANDED OUT A LEAFLET IN PUBLIC...NEVER ATTENDED A "NON-PRIVATE" ACTIVITY...NEVER PICKETED, GOT ARRESTED or JAILED, NEVER PERSONALLY BLOODIED OR GOT BLOODIED BY AN "ENEMY" in defense of the Folk...just WROTE and SPOKE "exciting" WORDS. All the while making a damn good LIVING off of doing it. Perhaps he was the COWARDS "anti-hero," and that is "why" so many claim to idolize him. HE was just like most of YOU. Full of enough hot air to sound off, but not enough to get his engine under way. LOL Often I'm asked if I believe that "its all over," that we've lost. Honestly I don't think so. And here is the scenario that I believe will eventually happen. Just as in 1930's Germany, when the "wealthy elite" saw the rapidly expanding threat to their WEALTH and INFLUENTIAL POSITIONS by the forces of COMMUNISM....they turned to, and started building up a "counter force" in the "Right-Wing/Nationalist" as the "white" elitists here, when THEY start LOSING THEIR POLITICAL POWER and WEALTH to the NON-WHITES, as IS GOING TO HAPPEN in areas like the South-West VERY SOON..."White Survival" in whatever forms it will be couched, will become THEIR "counter weight" to LOSING their unearned PARASITIC lifestyle of the "Rich & Famous." Make no mistake, the Non-Whites want POWER and WEALTH, and they are not going to be SATISFIED or SATIATED with the crumbs taken from the White Working Class! OUR whole dream of a National Socialist society based on RACIAL BETTERMENT and SOCIAL JUSTICE... DEPENDS on us NOT being "BOUGHT OUT" by a few token "BONES" tossed us by these creatures to do their dirty work FOR them. And THAT Comrades, is where we have to start APPRAISING our "LEADERSHIP" seriously and carefully. Do you THINK that the CURRENT BATCH of Poohbahs...WOULD CUT A DEAL...AND SELL YOU OUT FOR A FEW NICE PERKS?! Looking back on PERFORMANCE in the PAST...I'm past being CONCERNED...I KNOW that the majority of them would do just about ANYTHING to SECURE a FUTURE for the betterment of "you fill in the name." Look at DUKE, he ADMITTED, PLED GUILTY and went to JAIL...for GAMBLING AWAY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PATRIOT MONIES! Yet so many "ooh and aah" about his "BOOK" that he wrote "condemning them evil old bado JOOOS." Was HIS behavior REALLY any WORSE than a "JEW"?! At LEAST the jew is simply BEING a JEW...what more could you EXPECT from your sworn ENEMY? Hell, with friends like this, who NEEDS the JOOOS to make our Cause a concerted and consistent FLOP. Comrades, I GO BY A PERSONS ACTIONS...NOT WHAT HE "SAYS." If the "shoe fits," well these so-called"leaders" and "Movement Personalities" are just gonna have to wear those shoes"! LOL My suggestion to all, is that IT IS COMING...PREPARE FOR IT...and don't WASTE YOURSELF now on stupid and useless "activities" that draw the SYSTEMS ATTENTION upon YOU like a walking TARGET asking for punishment, before YOU CAN TAKE PART and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the REAL "ball game." With our numbers so small, we need not "sacrificial lambs" on the "Altar of Publicity"...but rather MATURE MINDED, SERIOUS MEN AND WOMEN who have ABILITIES to offer and the willingness to USE whatever they DO HAVE to achieve the COMMON GOAL of ARYAN SURVIVAL AS A RACIAL ENTITY with SOCIAL JUSTICE for the MASS of our Folk...the WHITE WORKING CLASS, not the current "JUST US" system of a "Corporate Elite" who see us as "white niggers" and WAGE SLAVES. Let there be NO doubt about it. We are involved in a WHITE CLASS WAR, where our "betters" view us as EXPENDABLE to THEIR plans for self enrichment. Like one REAL Leader once told me, "hang on to your weapons after the race-war is over...we have a lot of business to take care of and a PROMISING FUTURE to WIN for our little "white trash" kids". I couldn't have said it better myself. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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