ANP Report for October 27, 2003

Racial Comrades: Well, the "news" lately has almost been enough to want to make most "NORMAL" folks pack it in. Lucky I guess, that I'm simply not "normal"! lol On the ADL website, in the "Law Enforcement" section, I read that four more "skinheads" (one a young woman who just beat a "hate crimes" rap) got busted outside ANOTHER frigging BAR...for beating on a negro patron. Seems just as they started in on him, there was a cop car a few yards away making a traffic stop. OH WELL....will insanity never end? When will these people first off realize that the average negro or what have you, has NO influence on the affair of this nation...beyond being an annoyance and being repulsive. Guess going down on a SYSTEM POLITICIAN, or a CORPORATE BIG-WIG is a little too mind-blowing for their drunken state of "revolutionary activism"! Listen, REAL Racial Revolutionaries STAY AWAY FROM "BARS"...and DON'T have "racist emblems" all over their CARS and THEMSELVES. Play acting POSERS do! Have you ever noticed that 90% of these people..."leaders" or "foot soldiers" alike, usually bring all the CRAP DOWN on themselves by their STUPIDITY. Take Matt Hale. Now some of you might say..."how can you speak like this when he's sitting in the can..." Simple. For a guy who got a "Law Degree," I have to honestly question his basic COMMON SENSE. First, he has as a "Head of Security" a FBI MOLE. Didn't he do ANY "reference check" on such an important position? Now, we hear that his ILLINOIS STATE LEADER...a "Jon Fox" is going to roll and testify against him for the Feds! That's WHY I have to GAG when I see these "public orgs" handing out "leadership roles" to just about ANYBODY who opens a P.O.Box. There is simply NO "reality" in the Racial Movement" when it comes to REALITY! These people are playing stupid and DANGEROUS games, and then when they get "save me!"...I feel worse for the innocents whom they brought down WITH THEM when they get nailed. Listen, I am a hard nosed pragmatic. I believe totally in LOGIC. IF you are out there targeting yourself playing "LOOK AT ME" damn well better be SURE that you?re SQUEAKY CLEAN, and even that is no guarantee that you?re not going to get smacked by the system. 99% of the "leadership" is to BLAME though. All these BUSINESSMEN SELLING CRAP...from "T-Shirts" to "Flags"...ALL designed to "OUT YOU," as well as the ones who hold these money-making "GATHERINGS" which are nothing more or less than MONITORING stations where ZOG can go and get up-dated on "who-what-where"...ESPECIALLY when the "party" gets rolling. WHERE are the LEADERS...SETTING the PROPER EXAMPLE? As much as I respect Tom Metzger and all that he has done and sacrificed...I hear that HE...the major proponent of "Lone Wolf" is "attending an up-coming Aryan Fest"?! I realize it gets "lonely" being a REAL advocate of SINCERE revolutionary tactics...especially when almost the entire "movement" is still in that system play-pen of "SHOW & TELL"....but, does ANYBODY else out there SEE "something" WRONG here? It ONLY takes ONE "outing" to TAG YOURSELF what "MESSAGE" is being sent here inquiring minds would like to know? "Do as I say-not as I do"? On the bright certainly appears that the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) activists, which as Ecologists are 99% White...are sure SHOWING WHAT A FEW DEDICATED PEOPLE can "DO." Right now, hundreds of "MILLION DOLLAR HOMES" are BURNING in what was once beautiful OPEN LAND out in California. It was, until the wealthy parasites to whom you OWE EVERYTHING that you SEE ABOUT YOU...think about that a while....went in and "developed" it, ESCAPING from the MAD-MAX of where WE "live" (exist) as wage slaves among the zambono's. These people (ELF) are SHOWING...that YES, "CAN BE DONE," if you have the NERVE, ORGANIZATION, INTELLIGENCE and GUTS to carry the battle TO the enemy instead of "protesting" and "complaining" about what he's doing TO you. Same thing over in Iraq. Seems old ZOG jew boy "Defense Minister" Wolfowitz was enjoying his tour of prostrate Iraq...UNTIL....some dozen odd missiles flew into his grand hotel where he was sleeping! LOL On TV I thought he was going to pee his pants, the way his voice was quivering and shaking! Yeah, those stupid, ignorant, backward "sand niggers" you all sneer at...are not only CONTINUING their STRUGGLE...they are upping the ante every day. So much for that much vaunted "White Superiority." I think we are just about "superior" in our cowardice, greed, and gullibility, now a days. lol I'm not even going to mention appealing for the October "Fall Building Campaign," "YOU" out there have made it pretty damn CLEAR where your collective "priorities" are. So be it. Go on collecting your "CD's," your "trinkets," your costumes and tattoo's....and I'll go back to my previous operation of plain old unvarnished "National Socialism." You folks don't really want "WHITE REVOLUTION" want "ENTERTAINMENT." I hope that all of you out of your teens CHOKE on IT, as the system tightens the screws. I feel truly sorry for the children, THEY at least deserve better. While Merke the big pharmaceutical firm dumps 4,000 more workers last week, and the auto companies announce a new record of MILLIONS of CAR SALES in the new burgeoning market in want to see more "nigger cartoons," or hear about the latest purchase of a "new media outlet" that will cater to the ENTERTAINMENT "needs" of the same old sorry crowd, while its operators rake in the bucks rather than listen to the alarm clock at 5:30 AM. LOL Really the "laughs" are on YOU. Meanwhile your kids are being taught to be IDIOTIC, SLOTHFUL, GREEDY, SELFISH, COWARDLY little mongrelizers...who daren't say "boo" much less THINK "evil thoughts" unapproved by Big Brother. Hey, sounds like their just like mommy and dad, eh?! Give' em another advance on that allowance to "buy something"...isn't THAT the American way? Then they're out of your hair for a while, and you can enjoy "beer & nigger-ball" in peace...kind of like mom sleeping like the dead with Prince Valium. What an "example" we "white folks" are...I wonder just for WHOM though. Well, gotta go. I don't want to miss my favorite "program" on the jew tube. This week it?s some "white folks" eating puss filled boils off an Indian leper, to achieve "fame & glory"! Yeah, right. Enough for today........ For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman

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