ANP Report for October 17, 2003

Racial Comrades: Being a National Socialist and not some kind of a right-wing reactionary, I understand that my IDEOLOGY involves much more than simply the "Racial Issue". Unlike most other "racialist organizations", the American Nazi Party IS concerned about SOCIAL JUSTICE for WHITE WORKING CLASS people, the people whom we believe "make or break" revolutions against the "powers that be" within any given state or nation. People who make up the wealthy class, for the large interest in upholding that system, whereas the very poor...are so concerned with basic "survival" on the whole...that they rarely "get involved" until the issue has swung so close to a definite end, as to tip the balance over the edge of no return. Often, we National Socialists...are derided by CON-servative reactionary elements abounding in the "white movement" some kind of "communist" or left-leaning "Red"...simply because these people understand so little about REAL political I! DEOLOGIES. They seem to think that jewish MARXISM, is the same as "ARYAN SOCIALISM"...and nothing could be further from the truth! Perhaps, this is why in the past, the jew-capitalist systemites...were able to utilize the KKK and other rightist outfits as strike-breakers and union busters...against the interests of their own White brothers and sisters. By clever twisting of half-truths, the evil jew capitalist system has over the years been able through their incessant "vilify" Socialism among the Aryan mass's. But, let me ask you...are FIRE DEPARTMENTS "evil"? Are the POLICE or the MILITARY inherently "evil"? Of course NOT! But, these ARE "examples" of SOCIALISM! Let us pause and ask ourselves just "what" Socialism "is". In brief, Socialism is the uniting of the community in its' efforts and resources to achieve an end result that individually could not be attained. It would be kind of difficult to DEFEND the Racial Nation, if everyone fought "doing their ow! n thing", eh? Same with building a road, I suppose that everyone COULD pave the spot in front of their own dwelling...but, isn't pooling monies to have it done in a UNIFIED and TIMELY manner...much better? Taken a step further, America WAS founded upon the Aryan SOCIALIST spirit. An example would be the old "barn raising" get together. Say Farmer O'Brian's barn was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. Did Farmer Smith come by and remark "gee, that's too you another one for...", NO...the entire ARYAN COMMUNITY got TOGETHER...and held a Barn Raising Party to help an Aryan brother and his family! Now THAT is "Aryan Socialism" in action. Today, we can see the extension of those ideas, in perhaps the "meaning" of the idea of "Social Security". Despite its misuse by the capitalist-jews, Social Security for the ELDERLY who EARNED it, is a WONDERFUL idea. In fact, under National will be COMPLETE coverage of ALL the NEEDS of our Folk! s' aged population. It is a disgrace, that a White man or woman could work their entire lifetime and HAVE to "exist" on cat-food and "reduced goods", and freeze in the winter or bake in the summer...simply because too many PARASITES have leeched onto the program, and the Federal Government utilizes it as a "rainy day fund", when they need cash for their "NON WHITE AID" programs, at home and around the globe. Who could refuse to accept that in these days when "medical benefits: are being SLASHED by the systemites and their motley crew of money hungry fellow travelers...that a complete NATIONAL MEDICAL SERVICE, provided FREE by tax-dollars...YOUR tax dollars, would be a "Godsend"? IMPOSSIBLE? WHY! The system is taking OVER $200 BILLION of YOUR TAX DOLLARS to "rebuild" IRAQ...whats so crazy about instead spending that money...YOUR at HOME? Under National Socialism, these and OTHER Social Programs would and will be financed by REAL and FAIR taxation of t! he WEALTHY "Comrades" within our New America. That and of course, EXPROPRIATION of monies from those who have acquired it through illegal and UN-Aryan means and practices. Comrades, next week we will look at PROFIT SHARING as another instrument that National Socialism will utilize to ensure that those that PRODUCE the wealth...will have a reasonable FAIR SHARE of the profits made...along with those lucky one's who only "invested" their EXTRA WEALTH to get the "ball rolling". The only people who could/would object to "SHARING"...would be those infected with SPIRITUAL JEWISM...the greedy demand of "WANTING IT ALL". These folks will no doubt need a refresher course in Aryanism, taught in one of our healthy LABOR resorts...before they can rejoin THEIR people as true citizens of an HONORABLE Aryan nation. Until next week...NO SURRENDER! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman www.ame! ANP STAFF NOTE #1 - The September White Worker publication was mailed later than usual. We apologize for the delay, but the increase in size along with damp weather unfortunately slowed printing. The October issue is proceeding on schedule. We remind those ANP Report readers, that subscriptions are available for The White Worker, which is published monthly...$20 donation for a one year subscription. ANP STAFF NOTE #2 October begins the ANP FALL BUILDING CAMPAIGN, where the ANP seeks to raise funding for "Special Projects" above and beyond the "usual". Please give whatever $upport you can...large or without YOUR CO-OPERATION, we cannot function and meet our financial obligations. Please mark "Fall Build Fund" when mailing to our National Office. We thank you in advance! #3 The ANP will soon have operational a "ANP Forum Bulletin Board", where YOU can post YOUR ideas, comment! s, and thoughts. Unlike "other" similar style "boards", OURS will be CONTROLLED...and "LOONIES" will not be tolerated. It will be a resource for PROMOTING ARYAN REVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT...not...a venue for slandering, gossiping, fantasizing, self promotion, or selling crap. We will keep you posted on its upcoming availability. Thank you for your patience.

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