ANP Report for October 06, 2003

Racial Comrades: Do you remember that old rock & roll song that had the refrain " ...and the beat goes on...," over and over tirelessly? Well, the recent U.S.Census report from DANIEL WEINBURG...who "oversees the bureau's housing and household economic statistics department" (love those titles!) stated a few days ago, that "official poverty levels" INCREASED to 12.1 percent of the population (remember, these are the "official" stats- there's a hell of a lot more borderline and otherwise that are ignored or fall through the bean counters fingers), or around 35 MILLION Americans were in POVERTY. It rose from last years figure of 11.3 percent, and the increase was significant among the "blacks, married couples, and SUBURBANITES in the MIDWEST"! At the same time, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan stated that: " The economy is moving in the right direction...," I suppose he was referring to that report in Forbes magazine that I mentioned in my last ANP Report, that stated that America's Top 400 richest people altogether were worth a TRILLION dollars?! lol In 2002, close to TWO MILLION PEOPLE were added to America's POOR, and this trend in NOT including this year (2003) where we see the numbers of bankruptcies and foreclosures skyrocketing, as jew interest slavery per high-interest loans and credit cards kick in! Syracuse University economist Tim Smeeding stated that: " Everyone's taking a bump down, and you haven't seen the worst of it," as more and more manufacturing jobs are being lost to America's workers, as decent paying employment is sent overseas. AND THE BEAT GOES ON.... I noticed that one of the dinosaur carnival orgs, has now got a section on their website where "Proud White Men"...can PLACE PICTURES OF THEMSELVES...for ZOG to download and collect. I thought better of Roper, I really did. Perhaps they ought to have a "fill out form" as well, where they can give ZOG a COMPLETE dossier of each and every Racially Aware Aryan in the entire Resistance? Maybe I'm missing the point....perhaps this is a clever PLAN to cause UNEMPLOYMENT among ZOG's SNITCHES and INFORMATION COLLECTORS...after all, who's going to need them, when "WE" provide all the material they desire! LOL AND THE BEAT GOES ON... NA now has THREE of its membership officially listed on its website front page, needing "help" after playing the "PUBLIC PUBLICITY GAME." Having been incarcerated or unemployed through such totally unprofitable "actions" as "OUTING THEMSELVES." I guess some folks who refuse to LISTEN have to LEARN...the HARD way. That's honestly too bad, but I HAVE been trying to explain to these types what such actions are likely to involve. Of course, NA DID get a lot of NEGATIVE "PUBLICITY" through the sacrifices of the "expendables." I don't see much of a change anywhere though, in the overall scene...they still are pushing "Adopt a Chair" for their compound "meeting hall." I wonder if they ever peddled their "Pierce Memorial Bricks" for the "Pierce Memory Lane" walkway that they were $500 a PIECE? Hot Damn, but THAT'S revolutionary isn?t it! LOL Perhaps they are intending on bashing ZOG over the head with a chair..."once the revolution gets under way..."? AND THE BEAT GOES ON.... Recent "Anti-Alien Invasion" reactionary "protests" in Little Rock, and Chicago were pitiful embarrassments to the White oppose the mass of Mexicans and their "white traitor" allies in the thousands...18 "protesters" chanted away in Arkansas, and 20 poor souls in Illinois. Sad, very sad. Though perhaps there IS an upside to this nonsense, as it appears that MANY people are finally WAKING UP and REFUSING TO BE A PART OF SUCH SUICIDAL NONSENSE! Thank God, I'll keep on pounding away until they TOTALLY disappear. Until, ONLY the SYSTEM PROVOCATEUR "organizer" and a few loonies...are left stumbling around on the "Court House Steps." You see Comrades, the very FIRST STEP...TOWARDS REAL REVOLUTIONARY a true REVOLUTIONARY MINDSET. Before, you get to "doing it" have to be CONSTANTLY CONDITIONED to a REVOLUTIONARY VIGILANCE! You have to think, live, breath...a REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT in your DAILY LIVES. Only then will you be ready for that "next step." Working together we can throw a monkey wrench into that "BEAT," and start up a NEW "tune." Lord knows, after hearing that "song" for decades, I think it's time for a change. My friends, since I have pneumonia from working outdoors, I'll end it here for today. I hope you'll all understand. Stay strong, fight intelligent, and NO SURRENDER! For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Note- October is the beginning of the ANP Fall Building Campaign, where we attempt to raise needed $upport above and beyond the "usual." These funds allow us to realize certain projects that otherwise would be unobtainable. Please help with whatever size donation that you can afford. Large or small, together they all add up! You may mail all $upport to our National Office, please earmark "Fall Building Campaign." Thank you in advance.

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