ANP Report for September 26, 2003

Racial Comrades: Often we are asked "why do we want to subjugate non-Whites," or "what gives you the right to expel all the negroes from America, when they have lived here for generations," etc, and ad nauseam. Well, today I'd like to set the record straight, at least from MY viewpoint...on "what it is" that I am striving for. #1 Being a RACIAL SEPARATIST, I DO NOT wish to "subjugate, make a slave of, or even HAVE AROUND"....ANY Non-White in MY "homeland"...except as a "guest, visitor, or tourist," and even then...ONLY in extremely limited numbers, and in situations (such as trade, or Ambassadors) that BENEFIT the Aryan people within our territory. Therefore, IF this is set aside for us alone, we will be utterly UNABLE to..." subjugate, harm, denigrate...etc. et al "...ANY Non-Whites in our Aryan Racialist homeland. Nor they us. #2 Our demand for a territorial HOMELAND for White-Aryans ONLY, is an idea already experienced by other Non-White beneficiaries around the globe. An example is...NIGERIA is a homeland for NEGROES...SAUDI-ARABIA is a homeland for ARABS...CHINA is a homeland for ASIANS...and of course, the BEST and most OBVIOUS example...ISRAEL is a homeland for JEWS. There is not ONE SOLITARY ALL WHITE NATION left on planet Earth that has not been, and continues in the stages of INTEGRATED NON-WHITE RACIAL MIXING...even ICELAND got its 30,000 "Vietnamese refugee's" some years ago! We demand, and will create ONE SMALL PARADISE that is the SOLE DOMAIN...of OUR KIND ALONE. And for our JEW-DAY-O/CHRISTIANITE friends who read this statement, I wish to make it quite clear that JUST LIKE the jew's claim to PALESTINE...I had a talk last night with my God, and he PROMISED that this will be given to ME and MY KIND...just as the jews were promised PALESTINE by their Jehovah! So, ok folks...that takes care of THAT and everything should be al right from now on concerning our demand for a Territorial Imperative. #3 Per the ECONOMY of our Aryan state...well, it WILL be based on "Free Enterprise"...but, of course NOT on the unprincipled JEWISH/CAPITALIST system of INTEREST SLAVERY and MONEY-CREATING MORE MONEY racket. It will be based on honest LABOR-PRODUCTIVITY-PROFIT SHARING...between ALL "parties" involved. No longer will the MANY LABOR and PRODUCE, and a FEW reap in ALL THE PROFITS based simply on their already being wealthy enough to have the "MONEY TO INVEST" in the first place. ALL "prices and profits" will be REGULATED and set to STANDARDS that BENEFIT ALL THE PEOPLE CONCERNED...BOTH "consumer" AND "producer". INTEREST RATES will no longer be set so strangely and vastly "APART" from one another, in the LENDING and BANKING fields. No longer will by "LAW"...the little man receive 4.75% interest for HIS lending the BANK his money in his savings account and the banks and credit lenders can demand 19%+ interest on THEIR loans such as "credit cards" etc. I can guarantee you that there will be NO "STAR OF DAVID" on OUR "Great Seal" and NO eerie "PYRAMIDS and ALL-SEEING EYES" of the MASONIC CULT either! Don't believe me...check it out. And God told me this BTW, that he's damn tired of being on these filthy jew-capitalist "cash" and wants to be permitted to return to the CHURCHES where he feels he belongs. We'll put instead..."IN OUR RACE'S ABILITY TO CREATE WE TRUST" ...I never thought God really wanted to be a shareholder in the Rothschild enterprise in the first place. #4 Since we believe in ARYAN SOCIALISM...I'm expecting that there will really be NO NEED or ANY PLACE for "ONE INDIVIDUAL" like a "BILL GATES" to be a "TRILLIONAIRE" in our new Aryan Republic...while there are Aryans who cannot afford to own their own little decent MODERN HOME, or Aryan youth who have the natural ABILITIES but not the "MONEY" to get a HIGHER EDUCATION or LEARN a SKILLED TRADE, or ELDERLY ARYANS who have to CHOOSE between EATING or going to the DOCTORS,...hell! OUR new homeland, there won't be any "87 BILLION to REBUILD IRAQ" because we won't be INVADING and CONQUERING the world in the mighty service of making the world safe for bigger INVESTMENT CAPITALISM and HIGHER PROFITS. Nope, we will EXPECT NO "AID" from ANYONE...and WILL concentrate EVERY PENNY of OUR PEOPLE'S "TAXES" benefit OUR people ALONE where WE live. #5 We won't have a "population decline," because we will REWARD and PAY our people to COPULATE...AND...HAVE CHILDREN, instead of PENALIZING them as the present system does in its many ways. And these children will LEARN through out their TWELVE YEARS in the CLASSROOM. When they "graduate," they will EITHER come out with a EARNABLE SKILL learned in their last four years, or will in selected (through PROVEN PERFORMANCE SKILL...NOT DADDY'S MONEY) to take a seat in an institution of "HIGHER LEARNING." Of course, ALL "education" will be FREE and provided by the Aryan community in expectations of the general "reward" given to it by the "PROFESSIONALS" that graduate. BTW, Medical Care will be a NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE, uncontrolled by the AMA and like Masonic outfits...and unlike today where graduate "Doctors" are KEPT LIMITED each year on PURPOSE so as not to "FLOOD THE FIELD" with competitors...we will graduate as many COMPETENT "PROFESSIONALS" as are honestly NEEDED in each and EVERY "field" out there. ONLY "lawyers" will be scrutinized as a "vanishing breed" as the "necessity" for them will be greatly lessened through the SIMPLIFYING and SANITIZING of the "LEGAL BRANCH" of the new Aryan state. Wouldn't it be great and understandably more SANE to have the "laws" COMPREHENSIBLE to each and every that they would KNOW the "LAWS" and be able to DEFEND and PLEAD their "cases" themselves...rather than having to resort to one of these "creatures"?! #6 We will RESTORE the meaning of HONOR and honorable RE-INSTATING DUELING as a "RECOURSE by LAW." This will simplify and control the terrible tendency in this jewish society towards LYING and TRUTH TWISTING. "MEDIA PEOPLE" please take our society, people who are KNOWINGLY "VILIFIED," "SLANDERED" or "LIBELED" by another...will be taken to a "Court of Honor," where the denigrated one can present their "case." If found guilty, the accused WILL be obligated to have to take to the "Field of Honor." In the case of being falsely accused, of course the accuser will be obligated to the same fate. #7 "Rights" will be EARNED by CITIZENS through gradual steps through adulthood. After graduation from "High School" will come a period of SERVICE to the FOLK through time spent in the LABOR CORPS...ALL CITIZENS...will HAVE to participate regardless of "position of wealth or influence." "Military Service" will be VOLUNTARY unless in time of war. As each individual EARNS through his/her SERVICE to the FOLK the reward of FULL CITIZENSHIP...they will in turn accept RESPONSIBILITIES that coincide with these REWARDS. These circumstances will of course be "ironed out" by the will of the people themselves, as "career politicians" will no longer exist...instead, ONLY the BEST will be selected and culled by the Folk to be even considered as potential "Leaders." #8 Many things, such as "entertainment" and "news" will of course...once taken out of ALIEN channeled into a healthier and more productive realm than we can even imagine. Once FREE of these ALIEN influences, ARYANIVITY will become the norm, and insanity, pornography, and lies no longer existent, except in the hidden backwaters of the sewers of depravity, as they ONCE were. Well, enough for today. I simply though I might share a FEW of the THOUGHTS that I envision our "future" to be...of course, FIRST WE'LL HAVE TO EARN IT...won't we? For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman PS- October starts the beginning of the ANP's "FALL BUILDING CAMPAIGN" where we attempt to raise extra needed funding towards reaching our goals, above and beyond the "usual". If you can...please give. We thank you in advance for whatever $upport...large or small...that you can offer!

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