ANP Report for September 21, 2003

Racial Comrades: According to "Forbes Magazine", the ECONOMY is IMPROVING for America's RICHEST PEOPLE. The Total Net Worth of these bloodsucking parasites, ROSE $955 BILLION DOLLARS this year from 2002, in their latest ranking of the nation's "400 wealthiest individuals." Having said that, I'd like to share an experience I had yesterday as I went weekly grocery shopping at the local Food-Monster. After returning cans, and shuffling through coupons, trying to save a few bucks and adding up every item, so as not to "go over our budget"...I proceeded to the check-out. In front of me was a Pakistani who had his groceries divided into two piles. I thought to myself, what the hell...why's this alien doing this idiocy? It was SIMPLE. One pile was "paid for" utilizing GOVERNMENT COUPONS, and I noticed that where I for example purchased "off-brand" grape juice for MY kids...this greasy ALIEN got "Welch?s," a more expensive BRAND NAME! Of course, I was so damn pissed off that I couldn't restrain myself from a few "loud comments" about how I hoped that half MY purchase would be picked up by the "GOVERNMENT" too...after all, I've been PAYING TAXES for 35 YEARS and would like a "helping hand" too...well, the "looks" I got from the "white" cashier and others in line, made me once again realize that these sheeple are BRAIN DEAD drones. THEY'RE HOPELESS. They just don't "get it". They seem to think somehow that "we" OWE IT to these creatures FLOODING OUR LAND...and that "we" if not happy about it, ought at least "keep our opinions to ourselves." This from a "white" woman, making probably $6 or $7 an hour slaving for a rich capitalist, with piss-assed benefits, and little respect?! Comrades, it got me to do some SERIOUS THINKING. People, just "what IS an AMERICAN"? What I mean is, if I asked you to picture and/or describe lets say an Italian, or an Iraqi, or a Nigerian, or a citizen of could probably give me a pretty complete description of those individuals of that nation. But, WHAT would you DESCRIBE as an "AMERICAN." Now, back in the last century, you COULD probably give a pretty complete run-down on what a typical "American" was like. In fact, if you ever get the chance, go to your local video store and rent the WWII propaganda series "Why We Fight." It?s so SAD...seeing what those American's fought for, and the REALITY of TODAY...that you'll laugh and shake your head in disbelief. Disbelief, in how those White Warriors who kicked ass all over the world back THEN...came home...and virtually SURRENDERED EVERYTHING they "held so dear," for a materialist "dream" through the "G.I. Bill." How was it that these battlefield veterans who fought so bravely "overseas"...let their world turn upside-down almost overnight, without even a muttered complaint? Is THAT what MATERIALISM does to a person? Makes them GIVE UP all the "principals" or "beliefs" that they ONCE held to be true? HOW IS IT...that RACIALISM was ONCE not only held to be DESIRABLE by TENS of MILLIONS of our FORBEARS...was even the LAW of the LAND...and is suddenly so "wrong"? How it is that un-natural HOMOSEXUALITY...was ONCE DESPISED and OUTLAWED by ALL NORMAL people...but, today is all of a sudden just "GREAT"?! I could go on and on. HOW is IT...that what was ONCE accepted as the now a LIE, and visa-versa? But, to get back to my first thought...IF being an "AMERICAN" is MEANINGLESS...because EVERYONE and ANYONE can "be one"...WHY "be one"? Can anyone honestly give me ONE item that makes being an "American" SPECIAL? It used to be, that belonging to a "nation" gave one SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES and SPECIAL PRIVILEGES. But, in TODAYS "America"...WHAT is so "special" when ANY featherless biped who can creep, crawl, sneak or be carried into our "borders"...and manages to STAY for a certain amount of time..."BECOMES" an "AMERICAN"? I guess the bone I'm picking is this..! .I'm 51 years of age, I've been employed since I was 16, never received ANY "assistance" from ANYONE, even when I lost my job of 25 years they DENIED me UNEMPLOYMENT...and along comes this FOREIGNER (along with millions of others) and poof! HE GETS "HELP" with MY/YOUR TAX DOLLARS. WHY isn't "America" looking out for me and mine (or, YOU and YOURS)? Its not like I'm "well off", hell I make so little I didn't even "qualify" to get that recent tax pittance that Bush and Company handed out last month. WHY doesn't "MY" government i.e. "MY AMERICA" care about HOME GROWN "AMERICANS" just as much as they do for ALIENS?! Are we "poor Whites" the FORGOTTEN and/or EXPENDABLE creatures now? As "America's" major corporations send their DECENT-PAYING JOBS MAKE BIGGER PROFITS...they (the people IN POWER who either ALLOW or MAKE "things happen") are FLOODING "America" with UNSKILLED ALIENS to COMPETE with "home grown" American's for the low-paying, crap "jobs" that are left! Is "America" simply a "CORPORATE ENTITY", where the "NOBILITY" of the Old Europe of the "Landed Gentry"...have now created a NEW "ARISTOCRACY" of "MONIED NOBILITY"...who in turn are turning "America" into a fiefdom where a VERY FEW "hold ALL the cards," and the REST are basically "wage-SLAVES" competing to simply live a SUBSISTENCE "EXISTENCE"? (Can anyone say South America?) Back in the middle of the last century (when America was 95% WHITE, per 1955), a MAN could EARN a good enough living that a WOMAN could stay at HOME and FULFILL her ROLE as HOMEMAKER and MOTHER comfortably. TODAY, even with BOTH parents out slaving (and not having the time, or ability to function fully in the role that parents should, because they HAVE to WORK)...the working and middle-class are scratching to make both ends meet! What?s WRONG with this picture? Boy, its sure NOT the "picture" of America PORTRAYED in that old WWII propaganda series, with its ALL WHITE SCHOOLS-CHURCHES-COMMUNITIES-ETC...that "we were fighting to save from evil Nazism," ad nauseam! lol As I left the Food Monster, I passed negroes of course (if it WAS "only them" like in the "old days", sigh) as well as a gibbering MEXICAN FAMILY, THREE ORIENTAL FAMILIES, and a carload of hollering ARAB "youths." ALL these "families" had in tow, at LEAST 4 or 5 KIDS. What about "WHITEY"? In the "movement" I often count MORE MEN with TWO or LESS (many without ANY) White children at all, than FAMILY MEN with the FUTURE from their loins in evidence. What?s WRONG with this PICTURE? I know most "white men" are emasculated drones...but, don't they even ENJOY SEX anymore? Oh, maybe I've got it wrong...they DO "enjoy sex"...they just DON'T "enjoy" the RESPONSIBILITIES of being a GOOD ARYAN FATHER? It might cut into their "fun time," or their "fun money," or maybe THEY simply haven't GROWN UP yet THEMSELVES? You know the kind, the THIRTY, or FORTY YEAR OLD...who "still can PARTAY" with the best of' them. Well, I don't know where this ANP Report was going off to...but, I sure got a lot off my chest and asked a lot of "questions" that perhaps MIGHT make a few of you ponder the "answers." To be honest, sometimes I think I live in the frigging "Twilight Zone" FEW seem to SEE what I SEE...or, if they DO...CARE enough to "do something"-"ANYTHING"- to break out of this growing nightmare. As a student of history, I have never uncovered such a land or such a people as I now see surrounding me in "America"...nor such a willingness to SURRENDER ALL THAT IS THEIRS so the indigenous White population. That little 14 year old girl out in California, who is innocent and courageous enough to stand up and want to create a "Euro Club" on her High-School campus...sure deserves BETTER than the "white adults" surrounding her. How did it ever come to this? For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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