ANP Report for September 13, 2003

Racial Comrades: Lord, does our "movement" LOVE diverting junk! Recently I received a message from a Comrade (one of many such that we get on a regular basis) which contained a "link" to another website selling..."U.S. Army Surplus" crap. There was the inevitable "Blond female" dressed up in an "outfit," holding the ONLY item that they DIDN'T offer...a WEAPON. Now friends, let me explain myself. Having "toys" to play with and fondle is of course fun, and for MOST of you reading this...a pretty "harmless" pastime. BUT, haven't YOU been READING what I have been writing and advocating all these years?! Besides all the MONEY that you waste (if you are truly a Revolutionary proponent) buying and stockpiling these assorted items...WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU GOING TO "DO" WITH THEM? ?Why, I'm a going to FIGHT the enemy with'em Rock" might be your reply. OH YEAH? And just WHEN and WHERE is that going to occur? In ALL my 37 years involved in this "movement," I have yet to hear of ANYONE that springs to mind...fighting the B.D.U.'s, and face paint. Since when did the I.R.A. get all "dressed up" to get their work done? Same could be said with our own "Silent Brotherhood" Comrades. Seems to me, that they BLENDED IN with the "POPULATION" in order to be EFFECTIVE. I'm amazed at times, about how people in our Cause, will go off on just about any tangent they can uncover or AVOID getting down to the nitty-gritty of things as they stand. A perfect example of this, is the creation of "bigger and better" of the SAME OLD and the USUAL....rather than taking that tiny step FORWARD, and maybe "over that line"...into the "DOING IT" phase. There's one business outfit out there, that likes to crow about their "media outreach"...and regularly they come up with ANOTHER "gimmick" "reach the people". A "new" website (yeah, another one) a "radio program", a ?new slick periodical" etc et al.....WHICH IF TRUTH BE TOLD-IS ONLY PREACHING TO THE ALREADY CONVERTED. And you know what I call that...ENTERTAINMENT. And ENTERTAINMENT simply KEEPS people "busy" ON THEIR COLLECTIVE ASS'S...DOING NOTHING to LIBERATE our Folk. Yeah, I honestly believe that this "media building" is a bunch of CRAP. WHY? Because, the PEOPLE out there that your hoping to connect with and "SAVE"....DON'T GIVE A FLYING FIG, about CARING or WANTING to be SAVED. Another, leader of a fairly new "Dinosaur Org" is picking up the failing torch of "public activities." He thinks that with enough "publicity" (always negative, btw) he will "inspire" the masses into suddenly becoming "aware" of their sorry status as an Aryan in America, and then they will flood the streets in righteous protest...and the evil doer's will head for the hills...leaving us angry White folks to once more concentrate on our lawns, fishing, and niggerball games (all White of course) on the jew tube (in the control of the previous bunch, no doubt! lol) . Comrades, lets get REAL. IF...and I mean IF...these "tactics" of the FAILED PAST "worked"...we wouldn't "be" where we're all at NOW, would we? But, they are nice "SAFE ACTIVITIES," compared to "what" we ALL KNOW MUST BE "DONE," eh? Folks, I really hate to always have to be the one to point out the "turd in the punchbowl"....but, so few of you seem to SEE what I SEE. While so many Racially Aware Whites continue to fart around with almost ANYTHING that keeps them from having to face the REAL "END GAME"....our RACE as a Racial Entity, is growing smaller and smaller...weaker and weaker. As David Lane, the originator of the 14 WORDS within his gulag cell as an Order POW stated...several large "inner cities" contain MORE "non-White YOUTH"...than SEVERAL of our WESTERN STATES combined, we do everything in our power to AVOID what NEEDS doing. Instead of PREPARING the Racially Aware YOUTH within our collective Dissident Movement for "WHAT" they SHOULD b! e "DOING"....the "leadership" of the majority of the movement insists on treating them as a "MILK COW" in a corralled pasture...SELLING them CRAPOLA that they neither NEED or can UTILIZE in the WAR that IS...YES, IS...UPON US! And then there is that other bunch, who instead of LEARNING from our PAST FAILED HISTORY as a Dissident Struggle and EVOLVING "something NEW and DIFFERENT"...continues to promote these totally ineffective ideas to a new generation, under political "conditions" that makes even Stalin envious. Is it COWARDICE, IDIOCY, or something more SINISTER at play here? Recently, ANOTHER N.A. member LOST HIS JOB, as the result of "putting out literature" in his people who IF they couldn't CARE LESS...were no doubt OPPOSED to what he was promoting. And for WHAT?! To get N.A. a little (NEGATIVE) "publicity"? Losing your job over "public activities," I've been there, done that folks. And it isn't pleasant. Can anyone say "BLACK-BALLED," when you TRY and find another one, and your former employer "pass's on the WORD" to your new prospective one? And anyone who believes it "can't happen, per the LAW," well buddy I've got a bridge in Brookline I'd like to sell you. If you?re going to get LEAST...make it WORTH IT! Let me make it PERFECTLY "clear"...we LIVE in a POLICE STATE. We LIVE among people who presently at least..."DON'T CARE." And there in ONLY "ONE THING," as distasteful as it may be to accept...that is going to LIBERATE "US." THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. And I would also like to state CLEARLY, that your "anger" SHOULDN'T be "directed" at little "no-bodies" that happen to be should be targeted at those corrupt creatures in the places of POWER, wearing those "Brooks Brothers" suits! The "WAR" is NOT off in some distant time...we are ALL "ENGAGED" NOW. There is NO "savior" coming....its up to the MAN and WOMAN in the MIRROR. For the time being in any case...WE ARE ALL WE'VE GOT. Lets be HONEST with ourselves folks, we've ALL SEEN "Waco" and "RUBY RIDGE". We've all SEEN what is happening in PALESTINE and in IRAQ. ZOG has NO problem KILLING and DESTROYING anyone who stands in the way of its global Capitalist Crusade to make the world safe for BIG PROFITS at ANY "price." Curtis, Hale, Zundel, Dole, just to name a FEW...were all willing to "play the game" of being "within their rights, per the holy of holy's"...the "CON-STITUTION." Yet, WHERE are they now? At MOST, some of these people "might" have committed "MISDEMEANORS"...yet, HOW are they being TREATED? And yet we are supposed to continue along with "BUSINESS as USUAL"? There WILL come a time when the "masses" WILL be more attuned to our "message," but it isn't now. And WHEN that TIME DOES come along..."what" is going to BE the "direction" that these previously mentioned "movement personalities" will "direct" these potential activists INTO? More "BUYING"? More, "MARCHING and PROTESTING"? More, "EDUCATING and ENTERTAINING"? OR.........."SOMETHING ELSE," MORE EFFECTIVE in dealing with LIBERATING a PEOPLE? There was an old saying from our Folk that went something like this, but I'll paraphrase it the best I can- ?If you?re going down for a lamb, you might as well try for the sheep." I suppose it translates into, IF the system is going to burn your ass for distributing a frigging LEAFLET...well, either QUIT the whole ball of wax...OR, "go for the gold." Yes, I know its sad and really too bad that it has to be so clear cut, I honestly wish that there WAS an "easy way out" of "ALL THIS" that surrounds us as a people today...but, I suppose that starting back in the 60's when your parents sold their home(s) in the cities and moved to the suburbs to ESCAPE their RESPONSIBILITIES in an "easy" manner...they too took that less "difficult" route, and LOOK what THEIR actions led to. I GUARANTEE you, that if "WE" abdicate as they did, our OBLIGATIONS towards the Folk...that in much LESS then "50 years"'ll live to SEE a TOTALLY ENSLAVED White Worker population. Oh, the wealthy "whites" may last a bit longer with their "gated communities" and private guards...but, White Worker- YOU can kiss YOUR ass goodbye, and that of your CHILDRENS..."Hasta Lavista." lol Its your call, whatever YOU "DO" at all. But, if there's ever an "archive" left over, at least I'll be marked as the man who "told it as it was". Some consolation, eh? For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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