ANP Report for September 06, 2003

Racial Comrades: I saw a "Poll" yesterday on the jew-tube, that 90% of the population thought that the PRIMARY "issue" in the next upcoming national electoral shell-game farce, would be the ECONOMIC/JOB LOSS problem in the "lovely-wonderful-garden of Eden" old Jew-S-A.....not even the "terrorist threat" ranked anywhere near it....the Iraq war was LAST at 9%. This falls right in line with what I have been preaching for years now, that the ECONOMIC ISSUE would open the door to "US"...IF...we were willing to get off our old collective hobby-horse of "nigger-nigger/kike-kike"....and START to ADDRESS the ISSUES that the WHITE WORKING CLASS is CONCERNED about. Whether we "like it" or not, most of White America has "learned to adapt IE live with"...the forced racial mixing that the SYSTEMITES in the Brooks Brothers Suits...have FOISTED upon us. BUT, they CAN'T "live" period...when their JOBS are being SENT OVERSEAS, BILLS are SKYROCKETING, and WAGES and BENEFITS are DROPPING like a stone into water! Oh, I realize that there ARE quite a few people who still have jew-bucks aplenty in their pockets...the restaurant parking lots are FULL, sports stadiums play to packed houses, and the "Malls" seem to be springing up everywhere you look. At the same time, over TEN MILLION "official" unemployed are listed in this crumbling land, with another 5-6 million who have been unemployed for so long...that they are no longer even listed. Another, and even BIGGER aspect is that of the White people UNDER-EMPLOYED...and that is one of the fastest "trends" that is even "shocking" economists. Having a "College Degree", is no longer a GUARANTEE of getting a QUALITY many "tech jobs and the likes" are either being "farmed" overseas to INDIA and elsewhere, OR the third worlders are coming in HERE, and taking White Americans the welcoming behest of the greedy capitalists in those BROOKS BROTHERS SUITS. One thing that is so ironic is the "response" of the "Left" wing of the political spectrum. In the past, "economics" was a by-word of the Left...they unlike the "right", at least by and large stood for progressive workers rights. Today, it appears that the Left has been gutted of these issues...and in their the struggle against "RACISM". To me in any case this is pretty insane. "Amerika" is about the MOST UN-RACIST nation on planet earth! We who support "racial awareness" have (if we are to be TOTALLY HONEST here folks) have LOST the first round, and find ourselves in a position not unlike that of the early "Christians" in the "catacombs of Rome" period. We are denigrated, we are persecuted, we are convicted before the fact and we have NO secure recourse to the "law" even in our own land. Only those who are either total "innocents", gluttons for punishment, or outright MORONS...even dare "proclaim their faith" this "Land of Liberty" (and Patriot Act I & II lol) for FEAR of the REPERCUSSIONS that not only "can" but WILL occur through doing so. Through my "advising" White racial activists to "work below the enemies radar screen", I have been laughed at and ridiculed as a "coward" or an "alarmist", but my "record of 37 years active involvement" in the Cause speaks clearly for itself. Not to belittle ANYONE purposely, and I'll even include my most respected friend and Comrade Tom Metzger here who has given MORE in regards to SERIOUSLY BUILDING our collective Struggle than any other single individual, if you look at "everything" that he has had a hand in building, motivating, or innovating...I don't know of very many people who have lasted as long as I, and still continue to "man the ramparts", along with all that that does and might entail. Therefore, IF "I" believe that a "situation" is a certain way, I believe that it OUGHT to at least be looked into, considered, verified, dissected and if not "pulled apart and destroyed"...accepted as a possible "truth". Just as the "Klan?s" have their "era's" or phases, I believe that IF we as a collective Struggle are to successfully PROGRESS...we too MUST enter into a "NEW ERA" regards to our STRATEGIES and TACTICS in battling the enemies of our people and securing those 14words. As the old "dinosaur" organizations implode, or are destroyed through treachery...the very WORST thing that could the emergence of "NEW" DINOSAURS to simply fill in and take their place. This reminds me of the tactics of the First World War, where after one Regiment went "over the top" into the teeth of the machine-gun and artillery holocaust...and was meat grinded...ANOTHER, fresh Regiment was simply inserted into the trench in preparation to follow suite....INSANE! We NEED to START TRYING "things," that we have NEVER tried before. The enemy is sitting there in his IMPERVIOUS BUNKER, finger on the trigger...and so many of "our sides" leaders CONTINUE to follow the ROUTINE that the enemy KNOWS BY HEART along the "ground" that he has "ZEROED IN" completely. Is this STUPIDITY or TREACHERY?! Either way, it is time for it to stop. Just about "EVERYTHING" that this "movement" DOES....I myself have been there-done that...far too many times over. Whether its "Marches", "Rallies", "Demo's", "Running for Election", "Educating", name it...I've participated and/or seen it repeated endlessly...with NO POSITIVE RESPONSE in return. And if you still think I'm full of it, I throw you this challenge....IF these activities "work"...then WHY in hell do we find ourselves WHERE we ARE TODAY?! These things are like a frigging erotic circle jerk, ONLY the "PARTICIPANTS" (who "feel good" after their collective catharsis) believe that anything "positive" came out of it, and it?s ALL ILLUSIONARY. I keep hearing- "well, tell us EXACTLY "what" we SHOULD be "doing" Rock"....yeah, and I start talking like "that" and I'll wind up being neighbors to Chester Doles and Hale (anybody REMEMBER Matt Hale? He was such a darling of so many of you out there, and there he sits...ALONE and ABANDONED by his "mighty" followers) and I'm not feeling "sacrificial" today, thanks. I've SEEN over the years, "how" the collective movement treats its wounded, and I'd prefer not going there...I would prefer any more "sacrifice" on my part to be "WORTH IT," and not a waste of time, except to titillate the gossips of movement land. Hell, nine tenths of the movement doesn't even $UPPORT the efforts of those FIGHTING in their stead, much less "pick up the wounded AND their families", when they fall fighting for them! After the "limelight" has ceased to shine on the poor unfortunate, so many prefer to cast their eyes on the NEXT "Great White Hope," that the JEWS-MEDIA seems to regularly "build up". Hem, I wonder IF there is a "message" there to unravel to this pattern...if only we could/would OPEN our EYES? Comrades, I have SEEN so much, and EXPERIENCED so much over those 37 years...that I sincerely don't "want it to happen to you" needlessly. I'm not a MEDIA WHORE POOHBAH, who uses people as cannon fodder to gain (always negative) "PUBLICITY," in fact I have come to DESPISE you know that I personally in my endeavors NEVER "recruited" ANYONE of QUALITY on account of this NEGATIVE PUBLICITY crap. Usually, it attracted the "types" who reveled in the "IMAGE" that the ENEMY projected upon us...and I found that we were usually much better off, without these kinds in the long run. You ask- "but how will we grow"....we will increase from those Men and Women who SINCERELY BELIEVE as we do...COMING to US. In today?s Internet Age, only a moron "couldn't find a way to contact" the dissident movement- IF they really wanted to. And I've had it up to here with morons. I'm choosing to associate with QUALITY from now on in. It's SAFER, you can ACHIEVE more, and you know that the time, money and effort you a higher percentage chance that your "doing something positive" to achieve our ultimate goals, than...and I'll be bluntly honest here folks....constantly wondering if one of these idiots is going to get YOUR ass in the grinder through THEIR stupidity, trying to "DEPEND" on losers who have NO real sense of HONOR or RESPONSIBILITY, having to "socialize" and "entertain" certain "people" whom if it WASN'T "for the Movement" wouldn't be caught dead around if you could possibly help it. No, I really LIKE our "NEW WAY". In my mind after all these years, I'm actually happy in our progress and in "our movement", and for anyone who's an Old Fighter and been around the block a few times, that?s saying something. I've tempered my yearning for "growth" to a realistic understanding in regards to where we "want to go", and am building for the future, which I believe will be "VERY DIFFERENT" from whats on the table today. No one ever WON using YESTERDAYS game-plan, and no amount of wishing, hoping, praying, or fantasizing will change that truth. TOMORROW belongs to those who PREPARE to SEIZE IT! for White WORKER Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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