ANP Report for August 27, 2003

Racial Comrades: Everyday, the Party receives messages from people "interested" in our organization, and although we do answer just about every intelligent query we receive...I thought I would take the time to answer a few of them in advance...therefore giving everyone a clearer picture up-front about "who and what we are"..."what we stand for"..."why we stand for it"...and "what WE EXPECT from adherents" of the American Nazi Party. Of course, these are GENERALIZED Q&A's, but I'm sure astute readers will "get the message"..............

Question: I agree with what I have read on your website, but I'm not a skinhead, and I would rather not shave my head and cover myself with tattoos. Am I eligible to join in your efforts?

Answer: A very small percentage of ANP adherents are "skinheads". In fact we DISCOURAGE the shaving of people's hair on the very principal that we DISCOURAGE the placement of IDENTIFYING items of ANY kind on a revolutionaries simply makes it easier for our ENEMIES to IDENTIFY and HARASS racially aware White people. A secondary reason also being, White people are the true "RAINBOW FOLK"...unlike other races, OUR RACE has BEAUTIFUL MULTI-COLORED HAIR and EYES...something that non-Whites are extremely ENVIOUS of! Therefore, why in the word should we OURSELVES deprive ourselves of such glorious traits, when nature has gifted US above all others in this regard?! By self-removing our TRAITS and RACIAL CHARACTERISTICS, aren't we playing INTO the enemies? game of eradicating...OURSELVES?

Question: I consider myself a National Socialist, but I would not feel comfortable wearing a "uniform" in public for the reason of the negative repercussions received by doing so. Is wearing a "uniform" an absolute "has to be" to join?

Answer: No, of course not! A National Socialist is a Nazi even when they are buck-naked in the shower! lol To be serious, America is NOT a "militaristic" society, like Germany WAS in the early 20th Century. In the ANP our "uniform" is as Commander George Lincoln Rockwell stated back in 1966- the WHITE color of our SKIN. Presently we need no other. We will all have fancy uniforms AFTER we survive and WIN, and take part in the "Victory Parade"...but, for now "uniforms" only tend to attract the "costume fetishists" and "re-enactor nazi's"...NOT the true IDEOLOGUE and REVOLUTIONARIES who realistically realize that in today?s present Police State...we NEED to have the ability to BLEND IN with the populace, not STAND OUT like WALKING TARGETS. If our movement took all the TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY that it spends in creating exotic "uniforms"...and instead directed it towards REAL revolutionary activity, we might just ACHIEVE "something" POSITIVE. Its "underground warfare" to me folks, the days of providing the jews-media with free "street entertainment" spots, and the system with "poster boys of hate" is OVER. A soldier quickly learns to "keep his head down" when the firing starts, or he becomes a dead example for others to learn by. Parading around in public when you are considered a deadly pariah, and likely to be stoned to death by the very people your professing to want to "save," is just plain STUPID. It?s NOT "brave"...just DAMN DUMB.

Question: I believe in National Socialism, but I'm not a Christian. Am I still acceptable?

Answer: Yes. "Religion? or lack of...plays NO PART in the ANP. We believe that "religion" is a purely PERSONAL CHOICE of the individual. We prefer to deal with the REALITIES of LIFE as they exist, not the "spiritual" or the "here-after"...the here-after can hopefully take care of itself. We are in the "main", concerned with RACIAL SURVIVAL and secondly with SOCIAL JUSTICE for White Working Class people. This does NOT mean that we exclude "professionals" for joining, but we have found that MOST "professionals" tend to have a VESTED INTEREST in the well-being of this corrupt capitalist monstrosity of a SYSTEM...and rather than DESTROY and OVER-THROW it...they would rather "CONSERV-A-TIVE" it, so that they can keep their juicy place at the table economically. After all, it has been the "PROFESSIONALS" that hold REAL POWER and INFLUENCE...that have GOTTEN US INTO this mess in the first place, eh? How can we even expect them to give up their SPECIAL PRIVILEGES and WEALTH=POWER...simply to save a mass of people (their own Folk) when they obviously despise us all in the first place? Like that bumper-sticker says, to paraphrase..." They are not letting go of their SPECIAL PRIVILEGED POSITION until it is extracted from their cold dead fingers." lol "Unity" from ONE END of the spectrum is NOT going to happen. Its time we accepted that, and quit illusioning ourselves with "warm-fuzzy sayings".

Question: You guys are right on target, I AGREE with 100% of what you?re saying. Unfortunately, I myself cannot become involved on the "Front Lines" like yourselves...but, I want you to know that I'm 100% behind you!

Answer: Yeah, OK great. So- YOU can't get INVOLVED "PERSONALLY" is what you?re trying to weasel out? Do you want to know HOW MANY BILLS we can PAY...with your "atta' boy"? ZILCH. Listen, NO ONE has an EXCUSE anymore about "why/how they can't afford to get involved" TOO DAMN LATE for that crap. THAT?S the KIND of CRAP that has brought our race to its collective knee's! ONLY 23% of the AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ARE WHITE anymore, according to the last Census. IF, and I say "IF"...there is REALLY an honest "reason" why YOU cannot PERSONALLY become "involved" in securing a FUTURE for YOUR OWN CHILDREN...then YOU can still FINANCE those that ARE "out there on the ramparts"! I'm getting damn sick and nauseated by these "cop-outs"...who REFUSE to even $UPPORT those that ARE "doing the dirty work" FOR them and theirs. If you?re not going to become part of the SOLUTION instead of BEING a part of the PROBLEM...keep your fanny-pats to yourself! . You?re just a distraction.

Question: I would like to get involved, but is it SAFE?

Answer: Is it "SAFE"?! Is it any more "dangerous" than letting EVERYTHING go DOWN the TUBES? The potential "discomfort" you MIGHT experience, in fighting for your NOTHING...compared to what it is GOING TO BE LIKE, "IF" we sit on our collective ass, "DOING NOTHING" but complaining! It?s like a decayed tooth, the more you put if off...the WORSE its going to BECOME...until finally you DIE. If ONLY you had acted sooner........

Question: What do I GET for becoming a member?

Answer: First off, ONLY the BEST Comrades in the American Nazi Party become MEMBERS. We start off everyone with being an ANP Official Supporter...THEN and ONLY after they have PROVEN themselves WORTHY, do they have the PRIVILEGE of FULL COMRADESHIP within the Party. Unlike "other" orgs, who hand out "ranks", "titles", "costumes" and "awards" like popcorn...WE expect people to "pay their dues"...i.e. being CURRENT in their pledge schedule, being ACTIVE in their ability to combat the oppressor, LEARNING the IDEOLOGY beyond "I hate niggers and kikes", and most of ALL- LENGTH of SERVICE to the Folk. Sorry, we don't promise you ANYTHING, but SACRIFICE and SERVICE towards YOURSELF and YOUR PEOPLE. If that isn't what you were seeking, I recommend finding some CULT and its POOHBAH who'll promise you the moon and seven beautiful virgins, if you bow down and worship his greatness dutifully. We expect "self-motivators", people who don't NEED their "hand held" by big daddy and who can THINK INDEPENDENTLY...and intelligently QUESTION...anytime they believe something is not "kosher" matter WHO it comes from, or WHAT it is. We operate in a strategy of LOCAL INITIATIVE, LOCAL CONTROL, and LOCAL RESPONSIBILITY. We are NOT looking for "warm bodies"...we are looking for those MEN and WOMEN who are as dedicated and mature as those already here...are. EVERYONE has the "ABILITY" to SERVE...whether it is "up front"...or $upporting "in supply"...NO ONE has "nothing to give", in this final and most fatal battle for ultimate SURVIVAL as a people.

Question: Why do I have to be 18 or older to join?

Answer: Very simple. We don't need your PARENTS hassling us over "contributing to a minor?s delinquency". You can STILL "do" EVERYTHING an adult can...whether "activism" or whatever $upport you can offer, on your own...but, LEGALLY we are not going down that road. I realize that I myself WAS "16" when I joined the ANP back in 1967, but TIMES are DIFFERENT...yesterday and today, are two separate worlds apart. How different, you younger one's will never fully comprehend.

Question: I'm not of German ancestry, can I still be a Nazi?

Answer: I myself am a blond, blue eyed 6 footer...of DUTCH and HUNGARIAN ancestry. A White/Aryan is anyone who descended from one of the European Tribes...Irish-French-Italian-Russian etc. The "test" is THIS- IF you LOOK, THINK, and ACT "White" ARE WHITE. Simple. We NS are Pan-Aryans, NOT narrow "Nationalists." A negro, COULD theoretically be a "French Nationalist" for example...if he LIVED in France. It?s RACE, not some line on a map or bit of colored cloth anymore Comrades, we as a race lost far too many kindred over that kosher shell game, throughout all our history as a Racial Entity. Let?s wise up.

Well, I hope I answered a few of the questions some of you might have been interested in. If you don't think we are too "demanding" in our "quality control", follow through. We think it?s been long overdue, and in our case its working quite well in establishing a network of modern American National Socialists who are dedicated to the IDEOLOGY of NATIONAL SOCIALISM itself...and not the "respected trappings" of a bygone era. Thank you for your attentiveness.
for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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