ANP Report for August 19, 2003

Racial Comrades: As I was one of those who experienced the recent blackout, here in Detroit...I'd like to give you a few observations regarding it.
First off, I would like to state that it reminded me strongly of the "Nightmare" scenario that you may read about in the "Rockwell's writings" section of our website. There was no warning of any kind, and suddenly the POWER, the WATER, all the TV's, gas pumps...EVERYTHING this system DEPENDS upon...QUIT WORKING!
Now I was a bit more fortunate that 99% of the sheeple out there. I was "somewhat" prepared. I had a generator for one thing, and a supply of gasoline to keep it up and running...I was the ONLY house in my neighborhood at least that had a modicum of "power". I also had a supply of water stored, which along with the toilet tanks and water heater...provided that important necessity. For a week now, the water supply still has to be boiled it is "contaminated" for human usage.
I can't tell you how many friends and relatives came heading my way, for simple necessities like CANDLES and MATCHES (for some strange reason, in spite of a fair number of them not "agreeing with my politics"...they still had this odd idea, that I might be better "prepared", and wanted "help"? lol)...I am amazed how totally UNPREPARED the general populace IS...for any kind of "emergency"...even after Holy Ashcroft?s' plea of getting together "preparedness kits". I guess they don't take him seriously either! lol
If anything, this shows me CLEARLY the weak spots of the system beast. As I have been preaching for is its WEAK UNDERBELLY- its INFRASTRUCTURE!
Now the system claims that this national blackout was NOT caused by a "terrorist act". I WONDER if they would ADMIT to it if it WAS? IF it WASN'T, then that states that this systems infrastructure is getting so OLD and MISS-MANAGED by non-Aryans and the feeble-minded...that it could/will/no doubt...happen AGAIN. And that brings me to another thought....
The power went off in mid afternoon...within minutes, the negro's in the pitch darkened MALLS...were thieving and rampaging per usual. Did you hear about THAT?
By got really DARK. The system called up everybody they had in reserve to "control" Detroit. After the State Police...there really wasn't much left...most of the National Guard are farting along with the Army in various cesspools OVERSEA' in the main, the negro's et al were "appealed to", and pretty much left to do as they wished.
Fires sprang up everywhere, and with NO WATER except what was already on the "tankers" (the water pump system was down too, remember) there wasn't a hell of a lot they could "do" but "contain" them. BTW, did you hear about the big OIL REFINERY blaze here? Yeah, things like that were "happening" across the area...maybe "someone was taking care of business"...who knows. It was a time when stores could be broken into as the alarms didn't function, the cops couldn't be called because of the phone-line disruptions, and it was so one could SEE ANYTHING anyway, and wouldn't be bothered if they did...because they were so miserable simply "coping" with the "outages" the "heat and humidity" and the FEAR of the UNKNOWN (what?s happening). Remember, NO "TV" to tell them "what to do"...NO "TOYS" to "divert their attention" from the situation...RUMORS abounding. In my area, people either sat around in the dark getting drunk on warm beverages, sat in their cars chewing up precious gas getting "air-conditioned", or fought with each other-whining and griping. This population is the most cowardly, UN-self sufficient, self-centered bunch in the history of mankind! IF the outage WOULD have went on beyond just the couple of days...I swear they would've crumpled like old women (no slight here intended, as it appeared the "old folks" took things better in stride, than the modern "instant gratification" ME generation). Comrades, "WE" honestly have NOTHING to "FEAR" from these creatures in a crunch.
I predict that we will as a nation be experiencing MORE such "occurrences" as the system continues to IMPLODE from WITHIN, along with the "helping hands" from without. The "OPPORTUNITIES" that this will provide for Revolutionary elements is limited only by the imagination. ALL the "rallies", the "marches" the weak, silly and unproductive "demonstrations" gathered together over the past fifty years...are but a fly speck compared to "what the sheeple" were taught through their "experiences" of the past few days. That is...that ZOG and its corrupt capitalist system...are NOT "invulnerable"! That "big daddy" CANNOT always "be there" FOR them! That "when the infrastructure goes out...THEY are on their OWN"!!! Think about that......
I would like to mention a few items pertaining to Party affairs. First off, we have added AUDIO in the "Rockwell" section of the website, so if you would like to hear the Commander in his own words, check it out. Secondly, the MAIL appears to be coming in without problems anymore, but please continue to ADDRESS all mail as " ANP C/O Boxholder" and thirdly, the August Issue of The White Worker is being mailed out this week. Those of you who are ANP Official Supporters or are Subscribers to TWW in good standing...should be receiving them soon.
I have been receiving a lot of messages from people regarding the apparent imploding and pending collapse of the "NA". I prefer to make no comment on this situation, beyond the hope that if this does occur..."NA" personnel strongly consider operating in a SECURE SMALL CELL and INDIVIDUAL ACTIVIST mode, rather than become disgusted with the "whole mess" and quit the Struggle in itself. To me, this only confirms the NECESSITY to abandon the endless seeking of a "great white hope" whom always seems to have feet of clay in the end...and instead the ACCEPTANCE that it is up to YOU and I...the individual IN THE effect REAL "change" in our circumstances as a Racial Entity. Its TIME for LOCAL LEADERSHIP...LOCAL CONTROL...LOCAL AUTONOMY...and LOCAL RESPONSIBILITY. Leaving it up to "some guy" a thousand miles off in the boondocks, whether deep in the WOODS or up on a an unrealistic FANTASY. IF its "going to happen", it?s going to be with YOU! and in YOUR LOCALITY. I realize this is downright "SCARY" to many of you, and "UNACCEPTABLE" to a hell of a lot more...but, that doesn't change it from being the TRUTH.
On a less pleasing note, the "summertime fun" that seems to grasp our Folk like a vampire...whether "movement" OR sheeple...has been effecting our operational $upport that we depend on to "do our work". While we TRY to "understand" and be tolerant of such lackadaisical performance, we DO NEED "SOMETHING" to PAY THE BILLS. The ANP is not into the trinket crap-selling angle, we rely instead upon the donations of people who understand and agree with what we are trying to build and accomplish. PLEASE HELP. Enough said.
Comrades, you not going to "entertain" your enemies to extinction...but, you just MIGHT do that very same thing to YOURSELVES. Once again, I call upon you to get SERIOUS and leave the games of "let?s pretend" behind. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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