ANP Report for August 08, 2003

Racial Comrades: If you have just recently made contact with the American Nazi Party and this website, one of the first things you have probably noticed is that we DON'T give you the "same old tired right- wing line of nigger-nigger/kike-kike" diatribe. In fact, we probably spend MORE time in exposing the REAL culprits in our society-the SYSTEMITES-who by and large are nominally "white"...and without whom, NONE of "THIS" could possibly occur, as 99% of all the REAL POWER and INFLUENCE in this nation, is in their hands. All the rest are simply "symptoms" that we are forced to deal with on a daily basis, and irritating as they may be...could be overcome tomorrow, IF the "white" race-traitor capitalist's and system stooges did the right, WHITE thing...instead of betraying their own Folk!
The "war" that we White Working Class people now find ourselves involved in ( Yes, the war HAS been ongoing for quite a few years now...for all you talkers who love to brag about "what your GONNA DO when "der tag" comes..." ) is in reality a WHITE CIVIL WAR- or SHOULD be! If we only cleaned up "our race's act", just about EVERYTHING that we desire would/could be attainable. But, instead the movement insists focusing on the SYMPTOMS ( you fill in the blank here ) which is exactly what the corrupt bastards in power WANT us to do...WASTE our collective time on "NO BODIES"...instead of sighting in on the REAL "TARGET".
On August 25th, 1967 at 5 minutes to noon on a Friday...George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party was murdered in Arlington, Va. Even today, the "facts" on the "why" he was killed are not totally clear. One viewpoint is that he was the recipient of a "hit", put out by the system because he was turning into a potential threat, due to his success in Chicago and other major urban areas the previous year. Kind of like the theory that M.L. King was killed- NOT by a racialist- but by the system due to his burgeoning anti-Vietnam war stance, which could have had a dramatic effect on the large number of negroes being drafted for the meat-grinder over in that era's "economic" war.
Another viewpoint is that Commander Rockwell was murdered in an intra-Party coup, led by a faction of the Party that were fanatical "Third Reich Germanophiles"...that opposed Rockwell's shift in Party policy AWAY from the "Phase One-Hollywood Nazi" approach at the June 1967 Leadership Conference, and into a newer and more REALISTIC attitude of Aryan Resistance.
I remember those days, I had joined the Party myself in 1967 at the age of 16, and I SAW what occurred then and after. Recently, a leader of an "eight cripples joined arm in arm" use Hitler?s words in Mein Kampf...saw fit to invoke Rockwell, in an attempt to validate his continuing use of the PROVEN to be WORTHLESS tactics of "street entertainment, et al". ( PROVEN by our collective FAILURE as a movement to ACHIEVE ANYTHING POSITIVE over the past 50 years ) He tried to state that unless one was walking around as a VOLUNTARY TARGET for the system to attack, and the moronic sheeple to was a "COWARD"...because, "that?s what Rockwell did". Well, I'D LIKE TO ADDRESS THAT. #1 Rockwell, like Hitler himself...was a man of HIS times. What may have "worked" back then- 50 years ago- does NOT necessarily mean that it will work NOW. Times have CHANGED. Hell, most of America was still "SEGREGATED" back in Rockwell?s time! There were NO "Hate Laws", or "Terrorist Acts". The same could be said for Hitler. Do you HONESTLY believe that if Hitler magically appeared on the scene in Germany TODAY...he would start up a "Stormtrooper Army"?! He wouldn't last 24 hours, before he was arrested and jailed under some Draconian "law". #2 If ANYTHING, both Hitler AND Rockwell were "PROGRESSIVES" in their thinking. They believed in EVOLVING, not STAGNATING into a rut, of "doing what we did before". That?s why they were feared, hated, and SUCCESSFUL. If they were here today, they sure as hell wouldn't continue along the PATH of FAILURE...they would at LEAST be willing to TRY "something NEW and DIFFERENT in their STRATEGIES and TACTICS". But, you see, small minds fear attempting to break new ground, or tread an unbeaten "EASIER" to go where others have gone before....than BLAZE the UNKNOWN.
Comrades, its time to pause and reflect on the "WHY"...that we as a collective struggle...have a ZERO RATING when it comes to SUCCESS, in the defense of our Race. I myself honestly BELIEVE that it is because of TWO major happenstance- the FIRST is the desperate search for the "Great White Hope". HE AIN'T COMING FOLKS. It is finally time to ACCEPT that unless the man or woman in the MIRROR...MAKES it just isn?t going to happen! Secondly, it is OVERDUE that we come to grips that we who are RACIALLY AWARE are ON OUR OWN- PERIOD. The "masses" DON'T CARE. They have NEVER "cared"....the vast majority...WILL NEVER CARE, beyond tepid lip-service if we are lucky. It is ALL in OUR hands, as to "WHAT HAPPENS"...or, if..."ANYTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN".
It is NOT "cowardly" to fight an overwhelming opponent INTELLIGENTLY and using ANY "cover" that provides PROTECTION from getting "heroically creamed". To "do" ANYTHING ELSE, is the attributes of an "INNOCENT", an IDIOT, or a promotion of a god-damned SYSTEM PROVOCATEUR...when that individual has enough "time under his belt" know BETTER.
You can take it or leave it, personally I could care less as its YOU who will "pay the ultimate price" if your going to be bullheaded...but, I'VE BEEN THERE & DONE ALL THAT CRAP countless times in my 30+ years service to the Folk. IT?S A DANGEROUS WASTE OF TIME-MONEY-EFFORT. It ACCOMPLISHED ZILCH, except bringing a LOT of good Political Soldiers DOWN. Sometimes I think these proponents of this ( NEGATIVE ) "publicity" crap, are a lot like the "misery loves company" crowd. You know..."well, my ass is I ought to have some company..." . I don't look at it that way. IF we are to start "WINNING", we need to start PROTECTING our "troops"...not EXPOSING them to the endless wrath of ZOG. And we ALSO need to start setting out on that "NEW PATH"...away from the well trodden route that has BROUGHT WHERE we are TODAY.
Anything "new" is "scary" to a lot of people. But, Comrades...carrying along this present route to TOTAL a hell of a lot more "scarier" to me, than anything I can think of. For those of you who are old enough, look back at what the PAST 50 years has brought us...and PROJECT that FORWARD another 50 years. How anyone could disagree, I am unable to comprehend. For White WORKER Power! NEW Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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