ANP Report for July 16, 2003

Racial Comrades: As you can see, we are finally back up and operationally running as an organization after a period of several difficult months. We have both a new up to date website and a new domain as well. There are going to be a number of changes in the way we operate versus the past. Security is going to have to take a much more prominent position in our operations in an attempt to stave off further attacks and disruptions like what we have faced recently. What isn't news, is how so many Racial-Dissident organizations have been hit over the past six months, by the system and its stooges. We can be obviously added to that growing list. Unfortunately, it was partly my fault. Several years ago, I accepted association with an individual that was an officer of Andrew Greenbaum/Bo Decker of the late KOF "fame", into the ANP. He gave a great song and dance of racial loyalty and of having been duped by his former jewish fuhrer, and I needing someone with computer skills took him at face value and added him to the team. To make a long, sad story short, when we were facing some desperate challenges a couple months ago, and looked likely to lose our former website and domain, he absconded with the Party mailing list and reportedly hooked up with a JDL operative named "Charon" who goes by the Internet handle "Commissar" no less, to create another information gathering e-list campaign. This individual likes to create useless diversion amongst the Racial Movement, by creating illusionary "enemies" to keep people off balance when it comes to the real work needed to be accomplished, such as his "Tubby" bashing nonsense, where he goads HC into saying something offensive and then runs to the individual mentioned, squealing and goading them into responding in an endless circle of inter-movement cat-fighting, which in the end run accomplishes nothing positive. Or, does it? It keeps dissidents from concentrating on the real fight, eh? Therefore, I state clearly for the benefit of those who have, might, or will be accosted and deceived, that "Jeff Kaye?/Jeff Krause?" and his wife "Rose Frank?" are no longer associated in any fashion with the American Nazi Party. Also, be aware that the mailing list that he might be utilizing is a stolen list, and treat it as an Aryan should. Finis. For the future we will be operating in this manner. #1 We will not be issuing a "mass mailing" ANPForum. Those who either become ANP Official Supporters or subscribe to our monthly publication The White Worker ( one year $20) will receive a weekly ANPForum Internet newsletter from the ANP National Office. There will be no more "freebies" for just any featherless biped who wishes to be titillated without helping to carry the costs. #2 A new message will also be up-dated here in this slot periodically, for those who seek general information, and comments on issues or events deemed newsworthy. But the "inside information", will be kept inside, for the benefit those willing to be a part of those providing it. The future is becoming darker and more serious for those of us who realize that the "movement" is no longer a fun little club, or an interesting hobby to while away a few tedious moments when the jew-tube is a repeat, or the nigger-ball game is rained out. People are literally losing their lives, and finding little real support from those that egged them on to "go public", and act as walking targets for the lightning to strike, in the pursuit of mindless, negative "publicity" for the "products" that they peddle. We intend to dig in deep, and survive to fight a battle as every other underground has in past history. We will act when we wish, on the ground we choose, and when we deem the time to be correct and in our favor. If you have abandoned suicidal tendencies, strengthened your personal dedication, conviction and discipline, and wish for a new and intelligent set of strategies and tactics, we offer those who are willing to share their talents, abilities and resources, operational Comradeship in the ANP. If this sounds too "demanding", then there are still a number of fantasy, and "role-playing" groups out there, as well as the "revolution for profit" cultists. From now on in, White brothers and sisters, it's for real. Letís get serious and start walking the walk, instead of just talking the talk. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman ANP

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