Frequently Asked Questions

About The ANP

Q: First of all, what do you prefer to be called as a group? Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, etc.

Q: What does it mean to you to be Aryan? Can you be a Nazi without being racially Aryan?

Q: Who brought the Nazi movement to post-war America? Who were the most influential leaders for your organization?

Q: On a political level, leaving out nationalism, what exactly are the Nazis about? What do they want for America?

Q: Why all the hatred for the Jews, in particular?

Q: Being American citizens, do you connect more with your American heritage; or your Aryan ethnicity? Or is there no line at all drawn between the two?

Q: The Klu Klux Klan has been around, at least in America, for a longer period of time then the Nazis. Are the KKK and the ANP on the same level with each other? Do they ever collaborate?

Q: America is a land of freedom. I've heard arguments that the men that wrote the Constitution were "White, God-fearing men." While this is historically true, they did allow for freedom of religion. As Americans, do you feel any taboo being prejudice against people of other creeds with this in mind? Or does your loyalty to the Aryan race outweigh that?

Q: My son is smart. Actually very smart. He's in the 5th grade and doing work way above his grade level. When he's out of school and of age he can attend a college which he's already expressed interest in attending, my fear is he won't be able to go. In todays society "minorities" get all the brakes and practically float through college without paying or owing a dime. Even prisoners get college for nothing, totally paid by the state. It's sad to say that my son whom is a bright young man and would actually both benefit from college and use the knowledge acquired to make something of himself is going to fall by the wayside and the talent he could bring to society as a whole will never hit fruition. Minorities don't even have to give their best as he has and they get the best of jobs based solely on the fact that their skin color isn't white. How does an NS form of government treat its bright youth in the way of furthering their education to become a more contributing member of society? Does he stand a chance at a future he deserves?

Q: I am the owner of firearms. Infact I own several. Myself and family all partake in the shooting sports competitively and in the way of hunting to put fresh, steroid and antibiotic free meats on the table. In recent years the government has raised and raised the price of the hunting licenses till we are no longer able to afford for buying even 1 of them. Hunting has in the greater sense been turned into a rich mans sport to put a head on their wall over putting a descent and wholesome meal on the table. How does NS effect my ownership of firearms and what would it do to effect change in the cost for a license so honest men and women can put proper nutritious meats on their table?

Q: The current governing body has made it very clear that they want full control of agriculture in the US, even to a point that it was argued that ownership of seeds that produce food should be made illegal and taken off the shelves. Obama also wanted to make the ownership of plants that produce food stuffs a crime punishable by law. This actually made me very aware that something is going extremely wrong here in the US. In the past it was a man's, not only right but responsibility to till the fields and provide for his family. It was expected of him. Today the greed of government has gotten so noticeable to a point that unless you’re a robot puppet and buy buy buy so the government gets it's cut, you’re a terrorist or not with their program and labeled in one of their computers as a trouble maker. Where does an NS governed body stand on an issue such as this???

Q: I believe in free speech and the public’s right to protest the wrongs. The fact is that our constitution not only was designed to give us the right to speak out again those wrongs but the wording reads that if we can it's our civic duty as citizens to take measures to right and or fix that wrong and make it right. In the current government situation it's actually considered an act of terrorism to speak out against the government and after I believe it is The Patriot Act{I could be wrong but...}, the government has the right to basically assassinate you based on just the belief and not the proven fact, that you pose a threat. In an NS governed nation, if I were to speak out against something I see and know isn't right or is a crime, how is that handled? Would I have to fear that standing up for my rights is going to see me assassinated, my wife widowed and children orphaned??

Q: Freedom of Speech is the first right guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights. Has ANP's rights ever been violated (by people other than the Jews)?

Q: Are gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood frowned upon? Or glorified? By the people and the ANP.

Q: Are passive, peaceful marches and protests favored over violent riots? How do Neo-Nazi leaders view rouge members who preform violent acts? Are they punished, or is the behavior simply ignored?

Q: Is racially purging a goal for the ANP, or has the organization moved to a more peaceful path; and even be willing to ignore, so to say, other races if they could live away from them?

Q: The Jewish people were given a state of their own shortly after the War. Do Aryans wish to have their own country, and be formally recognized?

Q: Should the USA and Germany go to war again; would you, personally, fight for your homeland, or the fatherland? Why?

Q: What is the ANP's stance on homosexuals and homosexuality?

Q: What words would you have for someone who has not acknowledged their Aryan heritage?

Q: Why doesn't the American Nazi Party engage in street demonstrations like other groups do?

Q: What about the "holohoax"? How can NS get past that one?

Q: Why don't we discard the "Nazi & Swastika" and we would be more successful?