ANP E-Mail Contacts


Greetings! We look forward to hearing from sincere people that have "had enough" and are looking to get involved!!

Do NOT send a single e-mail to all of the following contacts, it will likely not be responded to at all.
Do NOT rant and whine about your sad, sorry situation - instead, get involved and join us in working towards a better future.
Do NOT ask for a list of "like-minded" people in your specific area - we will NEVER give out such info to strangers.

From the "mainstream" media? Don't bother, all the info you need is on our website. Your request for a telephone interview will be deleted.

We get a surprising amount of e-mails asking, "How can I join?" The information and application for joining the National Socialist cause is right here:

General Inquiries[email protected]
Director of Media OutreachAxl Hess[email protected]
Political Advisory Board[email protected]
The White Worker[email protected]