1 Off the New England and Gulf Coasts of America, a century or so ago, there were murderous gangs called "ship wreckers". The gangs would set up false lights near real lighthouses, cunningly placed so that suspecting ships approaching the coast in the dark and in storms would be guided onto deadly reefs.

2 As soon as the ship was smashed, while the captain and crew were trying to survive the storm, these vultures would pounce on the helpless ship and rob it.

3 To protect themselves from exposure, the gang murdered every human being aboard.

4 There was nothing complicated in shipwrecking. It was the oldest crime in the world - murder for what the other man had. The only difference was in the method of using false lighthouses.

5 Today, there is abroad in the world an enormous gang operating in almost every nation doing EXACTLY the same thing as the early ship-wreckers, except that the modern "ship-wreckers" have added a tremendous complexity of refinements, and instead of wrecking ships, they wreck whole nations.

6 They are called "Communists", or "Marxists". But basically, the leaders are out to ROB and murder productive people for loot, just as the ship-wreckers robbed those who had worked for the ship's cargo, and then killed them.

7 Their basic technique, in the end, just as with the ship wreckers, is always naked violence and murder.

8 But also, just as with the ship-wreckers, they cannot beat the honest productive people of the world by sheer force. They also need surprise and guile. That's where the chart forgery and the fake lighthouses come in.

9 The Red gang of ship-wreckers lure decent, honest and sincere people onto the deadly reefs of Marxist insanity with their fake lighthouses of "brotherhood", "peace", "love", "democracy", "equality". And then they rig all the charts available to show these fake lighthouses as the ONLY safe guides. Meanwhile, these robbers and forgers rig all our charts (the press) to show the real, safe channels, in which America sailed to greatness, as the most deadly and dangerous of all reefs.

10 Once our civilization has been wrecked, the Red gang plans to loot it, as they have looted every nation they seize.

11 In the next chapter, I shall present the fingerprints, footprints, witnesses and handwriting experts to prove before a jury of my fellow Americans just 'WHO these Red ship wreckers, robbers and killers are.


13 Returning to the coast gangs, a hundred years ago, you can imagine the additional effectiveness of the crime, if the gangs could install some of their own criminal members as the captains of the ships approaching the phony lighthouses.

14 With a fake captain, the unsuspecting ship and crew would have NO chance - even if some of the navigators began to "smell a rat".

15 Any navigator who began to protest too vigorously that dirty work was afoot could be clapped into irons by the captain, with the full agreement of the other officers, who could be shown the phony charts. The evidence of dirty work would be too complex for most other officers and crewmen to see, and they would be led to believe the captain's lies, because the captain always has the phony charts to prove he is right.

16 That's precisely what has happened to America's ship of state.

17 Men like the great Joe McCarthy were "navigators" who tried to warn the other officers and crew that the captain and the gang were wrecking the ship.

18 But the fake captains of our nation have been backed up 1000% by the fake chart-makers - the press, TV, etc. -and have managed to keep the innocent victims (the crew and ship) convinced that it was McCarthy who was trying to wreck America on the rocks, while the crooked captains have been presented as the greatest navigators in the history of the world.

19 Meanwhile, the same "wonderful" captains have been smashing our ship of state into one rock after the other, always with brilliant explanations by the captains, and adoring acceptance of the explanations as the ultimate in statesmanship, by our crooked chart-makers the press. The American crew never really has a chance.

20 If this sounds like an exaggeration, consider some of the evidence - riot even much of it - just some outstanding examples.

21 Let's start with something, which isn't ancient history, something going on before our eyes, RIGHT NOW.

22 For more than one hundred years, America had a sacred principle of foreign policy called the "Monroe Doctrine." President Monroe had declared that the United States could not and would not tolerate the establishment in the Western Hemisphere of any power base for the forceful export to the Americas of the seething troubles in Europe. And for a hundred years, we enforced this Monroe Doctrine rigorously.

23 Today, a rabid, revolutionary, Red-Chinese-dominate Communist Cuba exists only ninety miles from our state of Florida. Far from doing anything about this dangerous situation and utter violation of the Monroe Doctrine, -we helped bring foreign communism to Cuba, and our U.S. Navy now protects and guards it from any attempt by Cuban patriots to re-take Cuba from the enemy! U. S. Navy and Coast Guard ships actually pick up and arrest Cuban anticommunists ON THE HIGH SEAS, - and drag them back to jail! Think of it! Can you believe that there are NOT enemy hands on the wheel of our ship of state?

24 While we assist communism into power and protect it less than 90 miles away in Cuba, we are sending tens of thousands of American young men to fight and die in Viet Nam, TEN THOUSAND MILES AWAY FROM AMERICA, - ostensibly to "stop communism." If we are out to "stop communism," why go so far away when we can do it in our own back yard, - and have a hundred years of the Monroe doctrine to back us up and assure that it is a "just" war?

25 And if we MUST send our boys so far away to "stop" communism" why do we not let them DO it? At this writing, we are still not attacking the enemy air bases from which come the planes, which are killing Americans, nor do we attack the port of Haiphong, through which come the tons of ammunition and weapons to kill thousands of us. But all of these things are complex and there will be a thousand arguments from the liberals, conservatives and assorted creeps to justify all this, one way or the other. Instead of wasting further time quibbling with these things, let me present the most damning case I have, to prove to any honest man that the CAPTAINS of our ship of state are steering it PURPOSELY on the rocks, - for reasons I shall reveal in the next chapter.

26 When I got back from fighting World War II, I truly believed all the propaganda that I had helped the "good guys" fight the world's last war, the war to see that there was no more tyranny and "aggression." I remembered that the world declared War, in effect, on Germany, for marching into Prussia and Silesia, ex-German states which had become Poland. And it was, I was told, to get these people out from under the tyrants that I risked my life, and saw thousands die. But then I watched our "leaders" GIVING all these countries I was supposed to be fighting to "free" - to Soviet Russia. I thought I had "saved" Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Yugoslavia, etc. - Then I couldn't help noticing that we had NOT stopped tyranny in these countries, - instead, it seemed to me, by fighting in WWII I had helped turn most of the world over to the SOVIET UNION and COMMUNISM. All the Countries I went to save - who had them after WWII - and who has them NOW?

27 I began to notice, for the first time, that there was something most peculiar about this fight for "freedom" they got me and millions like me into. When ever any Country was in the hands of ANTI-Communists, we were told they were "tyrants and oppressors" and we had to fight to get them out at all costs - as we did, Germany, Italy and Japan.

28 But when a Country was in the hands of Communists -we HELPED them, and I heard nothing about "tyranny."

29 In fact, reviewing my career in World War II - I came to the conclusion that I am a Soviet War Veteran. I fought to turn over the major portion of the earth's surface to the Soviets.

30 This, in turn, led me to become politically aware, for the first time. I began to notice what might be BEHIND the things I read in the papers and saw at the movies, etc.

31 Around this time right after the War, we began to get massive doses of propaganda about a man named Chiang Kai Shek. He was a "war-lord" we were told; corrupt rotten, vicious - dictatorial and oppressive, he was the President of the China which had fought as a U. S. Ally in WWII, but now, suddenly, he was painted as an unmitigated, villain and enemy of the "good guys." Our press and magazines and books were just alive with articles and material showing over and over what a scoundrel Chiang was. At the time, I was still politically ignorant, (as most Americans still are), and didn't realize that the trouble with Mr. Chiang was that he was ANTI-COMMUNIST. I was to learn soon enough.

32 Meanwhile, there was another Chinese leader rising over there, Mao-Tse Tung.

33 The chart-forgers really went to work here, telling us what a great and good man Mao was. It's hard to believe it today, but they pulled out all the stops telling us that Mao Tse Tung was an "agrarian reformer" out to help the peasants with land reform and protect them from the corruption and extortions of "war-lords" like Chiang Kai Shek. The Saturday Evening Post, for instance, ran 26 articles in a row, praising Mao Tse Tung as an "agrarian reformer," scoffing at any idea that he could possibly be Communist - and attacking Chiang Kai Shek as a corrupt "Fascist War-Lord." Young folks today are (probably mercifully) unaware of the unbelievable extent of this lying, vicious PROPAGANDA put out to our innocent people.

34 Almost every one of our leaders and top journalists went to work tirelessly telling America that Mao was NOT a communist, but a great patriot and the only hope of establishing justice and decency in China. Walter Lippmann, Dean Acheson, Truman, Dean Rusk, Eleanor Roosevelt and the whole pack of our "leaders" assured us over and over again that Mao was NOT a Communist, but was only a Chinese patriot trying to help the peasants establish land reform. In fact, just to show you how far our "leaders" went, let me give just ONE example of the way they poured out these lies on the heads of our people. On June 14, 1951, Dean Rusk, then a top officer of our State Department, (now our Secretary of State) made a speech praising Mao Tse Tung at the University of Pennsylvania.

35 Rusk (with all the mountains of information available to the State Department) stood up before these thousands of Young Americans and told them, Mao Tse Tung did "not aim at dictatorship," was "not communist," and that Mao himself was the "George Washington of China"! Those were the actual words - all too easily forgotten - of the man, who now sets our State Department policy all over the world.

36 I remember, even back then, hearing the warnings of "right-wing extremists" filtering through the curtain of "good taste" thrown up to silence such rabid people, that Mao was a COMMUNIST. These "extremists" warned that there was plenty of evidence of Mao's real, Communist nature and plans. But, at the time, it was impossible for ME, anyway, to believe that our top leaders wouldn't know of such things if they existed - or that they would lie to us or cover such facts up if they did exist. At the time, I was naive enough, (as most Americans still are) to believe that our leaders "just couldn't" be working with such communist terrorists and enemies of our Country as Mao Tse Tung. That our leadership and our press was CRAWLING with enemies of our Country I NEVER could have believed. I would not even have listened to such outrageous charges.

37 So, with the American people thoroughly brainwashed on the subject of who was the good guy and who the bad guy in China, General Marshall went over there to China and BOASTED that, "with one stroke of the pen, I disarmed twenty Chinese divisions" (meaning Chiang's anti-communist troops). At the same time as our top General was "disarming" our anti-communist allies, the communists were turning over to Mao Tse Tung mountains and mountains of captured Japanese arms and ammunition.

38 In short, WE threw Chiang out of China, and turned this mighty land over to our "friend," "agrarian reformer," Mao Tse Tung!

39 Our leaders rejoiced at this triumph of justice . . . . until Mao threw off the cloak of "agrarian reformer" and revealed himself as a 100% Marxist, by slaughtering 40 million Chinamen to "thin them out," which is one hell of a way to give the peasants "land reform" - kill half of them so the rest have more to share!

40 Of course, the crocodile tears and exclamations of shock and surprise from Lippmann, Eleanor, Acheson, Rusk and the rest were copious and warm. HOW surprised and disappointed they were Here they thought Mao was a nice "liberal" like they were supposed to be - and he goes and spoils it all by exposing the fact that he was a RED COMMUNIST and a hater, killer and terrorist all the time! One would think that one such "surprising" experience would be enough for the likes of Rusk and Co. Surely they wouldn't let it happen AGAIN!

41 No sooner had our leaders gotten over their "shock" and "dismay" over Mao, than the game began all over again!

42 Suddenly our national life was filled with wails of agony about a new "Chiang Kai Shek" right here in the new world - Batista.

43 In the 1950's, our chart-forging press and "intellectual" leadership began a campaign of vilification of the leader of Cuba, Fulgencia Batista, because he was a "dictator" who was oppressing the peasants. Batista was a Christian, an anti-Communist, a friend of America and in league with no foreign power. But Batista had something about him that our shipwreck leaders didn't like and could not tolerate. He was damned and hounded by our leaders for "oppressing" people. The subject is rarely mentioned, even though every Communist dictator today is oppressing AMERICAN young men and women in Communist prison and slave-labor camps. Such Communist dictators as Khrushchev are called "Chairman" and invited to our White House by men like Eisenhower. But anti-Communist dictators are called "fascists," and are scorned and smeared almost beyond belief by everything from our presidents to the New York Times.

44 So it was with Batista. Our State Department and CIA aided and abetted every kind of movement to overthrow and murder Batista (as they did with Trujillo, another anti-Communist Latin American leader). As just one sample of how "our" State Department operated to get rid of anti-Communist Batista, one has only to study the U. S. Senate Internal Subcommittee's hearings on the man whom the State Department assigned to run the campaign against Batista, William Weiland. The record shows that this man, Weiland, went to incredible lengths, including perjury and withholding of official U. S. documents to cover up the fact that the man we were helping, Castro, was a COMMUNIST.

45 Castro helped LEAD an abortive revolution in Venezuela which is all reported in the Senate hearings on Weiland.

46 Castro's brother, Raul Castro, was trained in the techniques of Communist revolution in Moscow. All of Castro's life he had devoted himself to Marxist uprisings and revolutions, and this fact was known to our State Department, AND much of our press.

47 Yet we poured aid and comfort on Castro, and heaped scorn, hatred and attacks on Batista. We refused to sell arms to Batista, even while Czechoslovakia was pouring arms in to Castro - ARMS MADE AVAILABLE TO CZECHOSLOVAKIA BY "U. S. AID"!! (Even after Castro took power and began to abuse and shoot Americans as an arrogant, open COMMUNIST, Kennedy and Johnson continued to give "AID" to Czechoslovakia.)

48 All of this was done by our sold-out "captains" in violation to the Monroe Doctrine and in open furtherance of the Communist wrecking of the American Ship of State. The system they use in suckering the poor, innocent crew of the good old ship, "U.S.A.", is to play upon the noblest instincts of our people to help the oppressed and helpless. In the name of the oppressed peasants of Cuba, they disarmed and destroyed American friend Batista (because he was "brutal" to his people), and then installed a devilish and much more brutal COMMUNIST tyrant.

49 All the while, the relatively few people who saw this terrible steering of our ship of state onto another Communist rock were doing their best to alert the American people to the fact that Castro was a RED COMMUNIST! But our people were lulled to sleep by the chart-forgers who used their usual technique of accusing their victims of the very thing they themselves were doing.

50 The New York Times' Herbert Matthews, for instance, assured the American people over and over again that Castro COULDN'T be a Communist that he was an "agrarian reformer" trying to help the peasants who were being oppressed and brutalized by Batista. Patriots who tried to deny this fairy tale were blasted as "extremists", "haters" trying to "divide" Americans and thus HELP the Communists! President Eisenhower lent his support to this campaign against BATISTA, and for Castro. So did all our political pundits, from Walter Lipmann to Eleanor, from Dean Acheson to Dean Rusk, ALL of them, the men in the best position to know the facts, told us over and over again that Castro "COULDN'T BE A COMMUNIST" - that he was an "agrarian reformer".

51 The same "leaders" did everything possible to smear and discredit those patriots wise and courageous enough to try to warn America of the facts. McCarthy, Welch, Hargis, Smith, McGinley, Buckley, among others - and Rockwell - were all preaching and printing the FACTS which proved that Castro was exactly what he turned out to be, a Communist robber and tyrant.

52 All such patriots were blasted as "fanatics" (or sometimes, as in Smith's and my cases, given the silent treatment). We were "Red-baiters", paranoiacs seeing Reds under every bed, etc., etc.

53 So Mr. Castro was duly able to smash a Batista we disarmed, with Communist weapons we supplied, whereupon Castro was brought to the U. S. A. for a triumphal tour of the nation. Ed Sullivan put him on national TV and, before millions of innocent Americans, said that Castro was "the George Washington of Cuba"! From our president on downs Americans were hearing the same deadly lies. Can you BLAME our people for being lost, confused and often disgusted?

54 Of course, as soon as Castro got back to Havana, he proceeded to stand up and boast, with utmost arrogance, that he had always been a Communist and his revolution was Marxist. Then he started the usual shooting of his opponents and LOOTING of American property. (Remember what we said about the ship-wreckers and how they operated - that they are primarily ROBBERS who use lies and murder as tools?) Remember how the ship-wreckers looted the ships and shot the possible witnesses? Castro and every other dictator always grab PROPERTY and MURDER those who possessed or defended it!

55 The crocodile tears from Eleanor, Acheson, Ike, Rusk and Lipmann, et al., over this Communist "betrayal" by Castro were a wonder to behold. They were "surprised" and "caught unawares" to the point where they were speechless.

56 But no amount of these disastrous PRO-COMMUNIST "mistakes" by our leaders ever provokes any outcry from our press, radio and TV, etc. On the contrary, they give each other endless Pulitzer, Nobel and "Brotherhood" prizes. But the "extremists" and "bigots" who turn out to have been right each time, get the full treatment from both the Chart-forgers and the Crooked Captains.

57 Whenever any American leader shows any signs of alerting the American people to what is going on, and shows any signs of success, the chart-forgers and liars and crooks in our national woodwork pounce on the poor devil with a ferocity understandable only when you realize they are fighting for their very lives. If the American people once find out how the captains and officers of our ship of state have been working with the ship wreckers on the shore to DESTROY THIS GREAT COUNTRY, there will be lynchings from the White House on down through the State Capitols.

58 The classic example of how a potential threat to the forgers was destroyed is the case of Joe McCarthy, who was warning Americans of the truth, that Mao was a genuine Communist. So the chart-forgers in the press, on TV, in magazines - and in the White House - went to work as never before. They vilified and lied about Joe McCarthy as few men have ever experienced national attack.

59 I was commanding officer of a Navy anti-submarine squadron in Iceland at the time, and couldn't understand how a U. S. Senator could be as rotten as McCarthy was made to appear.

60 I sent away for the actual transcripts of the hearings in which McCarthy was supposed to bully and abuse the witnesses.

61 And I found that the FACTS were precisely the opposite of what the American people were being told and STILL believe! The FACTS showed that McCarthy was understating the case, if anything; that our leaders and every engine of public opinion were selling us out, lying to us. Time after time, I found that McCarthy was accused of flinging "shot-gun charges" at innocent people - only to discover by hard digging that the so-called "innocent" people were the most atrocious kind of RED AGENTS - often-outright SPIES.

62 A perfect example was the way TIME magazine tried to pillory McCarthy for attacking a man named Gustavo Duran. McCarthy accused Duran of being, at one time, an agent of the OGPU, the Soviet secret service and terrorist organization.

63 "Duran", said TIME, "never a Red, was actually a strong anti-Communist."

64 I found the evidence, produced under oath, and documented by our own House Committee, that Duran had been an agent of the OGPU in the Spanish Civil War, where he fought on the Communist side. But even this was not the revealing thing. The real shocker was the proof that the Time writer who wrote, "Duran, never a Red, was actually a strong anti-Communist" - had in his possession when he wrote that lie, the documented evidence from Time's own files that Duran was not only a Red, but an AGENT OF THE SOVIET OGPU - just as McCarthy charged.

65 Yet millions of Americans were led, innocently, to believe that McCarthy had "assassinated the character" of one more "innocent"!

66 The serious reader must ask himself just how flagrant the evidence must get before we draw the only possible conclusion - that the lies and smears were DELIBERATE and KNOWING. And if they were deliberate, then the further conclusion is inescapable that they are indeed "forging the charts" for Americans - that our biggest disseminators of information and news are either COMMUNIST or PRO-Communist.

67 Further, the record of our leaders since Franklin D. Roosevelt is even more flagrant in the way they have aided and protected and promoted Communism every time they could. Notice the PATTERN in the cases of China and Cuba.

68 Our "leaders" first begin a campaign to vilify and build hatred of a pro-American, anti-Communist leader like Batista or Chiang Kai-Shek because he is "corrupt" and a "dictator" - a "fascist". Then we begin to hear that the opposition to this "dictator" is a "George Washington", an "agrarian reformer", a "liberator" of "oppressed peoples", etc.

69 Then we arm, aid and assist the "liberator", while we disarm and harass the dirty "dictator", always in the name of "helping the oppressed" and thus "holding back Communism". Any American who casts doubt on the "liberator" is ruthlessly attacked as a "smearer", "fanatic", "hater", "Red-baiter". Once the liberator is in, in the name of helping the oppressed, he turns out to be a Red just as us "haters" and "red-baiters" warned.

70 But the people are distracted from noticing this fact by some new outcry in the press, by some new cooked-up crisis, until the Communist dictator has shot millions and established iron rule as a tyrant, much to the "surprise" of our leaders and experts.

71 Whenever our leaders do let us get into armed conflict with the Communists - observe that it is ALWAYS under conditions where we can do nothing but die, spend money and lose, while the Reds have nothing to lose and everything to gain, as in Viet Nam.

72 In Asia, manpower is not only unlimited, it is a drug on the market. They need the population thinned out. So we obligingly went to Korea and threw away vast numbers of American lives and limbs in a war our boys were forbidden to win or even fight. We did not use our best weapons, but kept our men dying for NOTHING, when we could have won in a matter of days.

73 Now we are committed even more viciously to the same madness in Vietnam. We have the force and strength to win that war in a week, if our "leaders" would let us.

74 But instead, they continue to pour out American lives and treasure, BLEEDING AMERICA TO DEATH, and making us the devil and laughing stock of the world to boot. Another rotten and perfidious example of crooked captains was the actions of John Kennedy in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

75 With the utmost cynical cruelty and disregard for honor and decency, Mr. Kennedy organized the whole invasion of Cuba to make it look good, committed thousands of lives of anti-Communist patriots and then, single-handedly and arrogantly ORDERED the grounding of the only force which could have given the landing parties any chance of success - air support. The CUBAN pilots, waiting to take off, were prevented from doing so by Kennedy's DIRECT ORDERS - at the last moment! (U. S. News and World Report, Sept. 17, 1962).

76 When men like McCarthy or any other patriots in our Congress have attempted to hold investigations of this sort of unbelievable treachery and treason by our top leaders, these leaders, particularly our Presidents, have applied the most ruthless kind of gag. By executive order, officials involved are forbidden to give information on these horrible catastrophes to your representatives in Congress! Perhaps the most revealing episode of all, showing the way our leaders themselves are in cahoots with the chart forgers, was Truman's incredible actions in the Harry Dexter White case. (All of this is available from the Government Printing Office, in the Harry Dexter White hearings of the Internal Security Subcommittee, U. S. Senate.)

77 Harry Dexter White (real name, Weiss) was Assistant Secretary of the U. S. Treasury, under Henry Morgenthau.

78 In that capacity, Weiss stole the engraving plates for U. S. paper money, and sent them to the Soviets to print money for use in occupied Germany. He also arranged for the mass theft of tons of our special money-paper. The Soviets printed BILLIONS of dollars of U. S. money for occupied Germany with which they were able to gain vast amounts of U. S. material, pay spies and American Communists.

79 J.Edgar Hoover went to President Truman with all the evidence that the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury was not only a Communist, but an espionage agent for the Soviets, and a master thief to boot - stealing billions of dollars.

80 Of course, the President at least fired this traitor and thief.

81 At least, that's what you would certainly think.

82 But that's not what Truman did.

83 After being told by the Chief of the FBI that Weiss was a Red SPY, Harry Truman PROMOTED Weiss to be the head of the International Monetary Fund, where he was in a position to give billions to pro-Communist governments like Poland, etc., and starve anti-Communist governments to death, which is exactly what happened.

84 When the Senate got this information from J. Edgar Hoover himself, President Truman told the Senate that what Hoover actually said was that it would be best to promote Weiss so he wouldn't realize that the FBI was wise to him. J. Edgar Hoover, as usual, with magnificent courage and integrity, promptly showed up the President as a liar on behalf of this despicable Communist enemy of America! Hoover testified under oath that he said no such thing to the President, that he suggested Weiss be gotten out of government as quickly as possible.

85 As usual, the matter was quietly dropped in the press.

86 Weiss himself was found dead - one more "suicide".

87 When Alger Hiss, the convicted Communist spy and perjurer was on trial, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dean Acheson, Secretary of State, Felix Frankfurter from the Supreme Court and many other top government officials appointed by the Presidents, went on the stand to testify that Hiss COULDN'T be a Red, just as they all testified that Castro and Mao Tse Tung "couldn't be a Communist", either.

88 The record is almost endless. The way you will find "Your" presidents acting in such a manner that Communism always gains, and damning all opposition as "extremism" and Red-baiting is monotonous. The captains of our ship-of-state ALWAYS "blunder" onto the rocks, year after year!

89 The most depressing thing about it all is the way it WORKS.

90 The people of the country are like the crew of a ship, too absorbed by their individual tasks to pay much attention to the navigator and captain's business. They presume that these officers MUST be on the level. And they are forever reminded by the chart-forgers, (the press,) what geniuses and saints these captains are, no matter how many times they smash us up on the rocks of China, Cuba, Korea and Vietnam.

91 What is going on is the old shipwrecking conspiracy, with precisely the same purposes: LOOT and MURDER.

92 The only difference is that the gang working this devilish criminal operation is not depending on just one false lighthouse to lead their victims to destruction.

93 They have installed NOTHING but false charts, showing the path to the rocks and destruction as salvation itself, and showing the only safe channels as the most deadly reefs - which they call "hate", "Red-baiting", "witch-hunting", "bigotry" and finally "fascism" or "Nazism".

94 They have installed NOTHING BUT crooked captains who see to it that, no matter how many times the false channels of pro-Communism and liberalism smash us into rocks and reefs, we keep roaring ahead faster and faster toward more rocks and reefs.

95 They have destroyed all the buoys, lights and markers which once guided our people through the channels of life; the channel markers of religion, education, ideals, heroes, traditions, discipline, and morals which didn't make us perfect, but did make us a great people.

96 But our people fail to see the pattern of what they are doing, and so never realize what is happening to us.

97 Consider the pattern of what happened in China, what happened in Cuba, - and what is NOW HAPPENING IN THE USA.

98 In China, the chart-forgers and liars first began to moan about an oppressed group, the farmers and peasants, and tell us how these poor "peasants" were being "exploited" by the "war-lord", Chiang Kai-Shek. In Cuba, it was Batista who oppressed the Peasants. Then they raise up, with massive publicity, a "champion" of these poor, oppressed peasants; Mao Tse Tung in China, Castro in Cuba. In spite of foul Communist records, the liars and chart-forgers manage to make their "champions of the oppressed" into heroes with the millions who don't look too close ly. All opposition to their red "heroes" is smeared to death as "hate" and "witch-hunting".

99 Native leaders who Oppose their great champions of the oppressed are then DISARMED by our American leaders, because they are so "corrupt" and "fascist", etc., as happened with Chiang and Batista. Meanwhile, the communist "saviors" are heavily armed, with the secret connivance of our American leaders.

100 The "liberators" then take over in the name of the oppressed, but promptly turn on them, much to the "surprise" of our leaders, and start the usual communist terrorism and murder. They followed precisely this pattern in China and Cuba, and our people never noticed. Now they are doing exactly the same thing here in the USA, and millions of our best people are HELPING them, front the noblest motives in the world.

101 In America, there are no masses of starving peasants. But they do have a group which is "oppressed" in the sense that they have almost nothing, - the blacks.

102 So, in the name of helping the "oppressed" blacks, the same gang of liars and manipulators, chart-forgers and crooked captains, - have set up the exact same "movement" here to "liberate" the oppressed, with a leader who has just as "suspicious" a red record as Mao Tse Tung and Castro. The battle cry of Fidel Castro's "liberation" and "agrarian reform" movement was "Vinceramos !" (We shall overcome!) - Sound familiar?

103 It should, because the same pattern is being followed right here in America. "Agrarian Reform" here is called "Civil Rights". Instead of Mao or Fidel, we have Martin Luther King, - who "COULDN'T be a Communist! All our top leaders tell us over and over what a great and holy man he is, - JUST AS THEY DID ABOUT MAO AND CASTRO.

104 We've had two strikes in this red ball game already, China and Cuba, - Now it's America, - and our last strike. And we're fanning - striking out on our LAST chance.

105 None but the stubbornly blind and blindly stubborn can now fail to see that Western civilization cannot much longer survive the way it is being driven.

106 Unless, by some mighty, convulsive effort of intelligence and will, we can find a way to rise up in a veritably frenzy of energy and throw overboard the crooked captains, together with their phony charts and chart-forgers, our whole people will soon fall into the bloody hands of the Communist ship-wreckers. As has happened to dozens of other nations, we will be taken over in the name of liberation, and then the ship-wreckers will loot the wealth of the productive people, shoot all who protest or even appear to protest, and put the remainder to work in their slave-camp society.

107 To stop a gang of ship-wreckers a century ago, it was necessary first to IDENTIFY them, then to CATCH them, and finally to punish them and see that there were no more ship-wreckers. Precisely the same steps are necessary today, with the modern, worldwide form of ship-wreckers - the Marxists. We've got to IDENTIFY them, before we can proceed with the other, more direct steps.

108 So let's take a penetrating look at these criminals, and see if we can learn who they are.

109 Let's remember that no gang can be stopped as long as all you do is chase the peons and sub-leaders.

110 We've got to find who is the "Mr. Big" behind this gang of international, Marxist ship-wreckers. And it's going to be a little dangerous.

111 Whenever you penetrate the inner circle of a gang and begin to put the finger on "Mr. Big", you can expect lots of heat and fire.

112 We won't be disappointed.