1 The guy at the door of Nazi Headquarters was the living embodiment of the national suicide I have set forth in chapter I.

2 He seemed young. But you couldn't be sure, because he was wearing a matted red beard.

3 He wasn't wearing clothes just a raggedy blanket and sandals.

4 "Shades" (sun glasses) covered his eyes. Unkempt hair covered much of the rest of his face.

5 Our duty officer, sharply uniformed in well-pressed khakis, jump boots and side arm just stood there looking, bug-eyed in amazement.

6 The apparition, his head sort of bobbing and rolling to some rhythm while he snapped his fingers, looked the Duty Officer up and down.

7 "What's with you Nazi cats?" he said.

8 The Duty Officer stared.

9 "Say, man, will that thing shoot?" the man-in-the-blanket tried again, pointing a finger with inch-long dirty nails at the Duty Officer's .45.

10 "Certainly" replied the Duty Officer, finally getting over his first shock. "What can we do for you?"

11 "I want to join, man. Like I wanna be a Nazi! Wanna gas me a Jew! I wanna sign up! Where's this Rockwell cat?"

12 I was in a back room, printing. (I had to do much of it myself back then.) I heard all this going on. Although I didn't like to let visitors see me covered with printers ink, I couldn't resist coming out to see what was at the door.

13 "He wants to join, sir!" the Duty Officer said to me, still flabbergasted.

14 I couldn't resist talking to this thing from outer space.

15 I have often found that I learn most, not from books and literature, but from people and events themselves. And this guy looked like a whole encyclopedia of everything degenerate.

16 I invited him in. We talked. He couldn't stay still, but kept moving around the room, seeming to float a few inches above the floor. (I later learned that he was on pills and narcotics.)

17 After an hour or so of talking, he began to change a bit. He appeared unsure of himself in the presence of something he'd never experienced before - men who were sure of themselves and had a purpose.

18 A look of unbelieving wonder came over his blue eyes, even through the "shades" as I talked to him of what we really were and why we had given up everything of fun in life to fight for our nation and White Race.

19 Little by little, I began to get the story out of him. He was only seventeen years old, and had lived an entire lifetime.

20 He'd done everything, tried all kicks, and was already bored to death with an empty life. He'd made a mistress out of his art teacher, he'd run a den of degeneracy and debauchery called "Mule's Pad" where the local beats and wild crowds did anything, including enjoy dope. He'd shot a man, gotten off, and lived as fast and hard as he could until finally, he contemplated suicide in utter despair of finding ANYTHING worth doing any more all this at seventeen! Before he committed suicide, he told me, he decided to come to see the Nazi "cats," figuring it might be one last kick.

21 What he found, unexpectedly, was what every human being needs to survive this life a PURPOSE - something which gives life more meaning than a constant search for more pleasure and kicks.

22 He actually convinced me he wanted to try to be a Storm trooper!

23 As a matter of policy, whenever I hear that (as I do every day), I do all I can to discourage the applicant. We want no dabblers, but dedicated, fanatical fighters who will STICK through hell itself.

24 With this crazy character, I went even further. I made fun of him. I told him he'd never make it, that we'd run him off the first day.

25 He rose to the challenge.

26 "You name it, and I'll make it!" he said.

27 Strangely, I could sense a fiercely burning WILL behind the words.

28 I told him he couldn't come up to try life as a Nazi Storm-trooper until he was eighteen.

29 He left, vowing to return in a few months.

30 He did return - without the beatnik get-up. He turned out to be a blonde, young Viking, built for combat.

31 We poured it to him.

32 There was no place left inside for him to sleep. So he was assigned to a wrecked car out back. It was still winter and cold. But the kid moved into the wrecked car with a couple of blankets.

33 We put him to work cleaning the toilets, and yard.

34 He worked.

35 Spring came, and then a broiling summer. He was still in the wrecked car, eaten alive by mosquitoes.

36 I tried him on the printing press, and never saw such a bear for work. He was all dried out of booze, off the pills and dope, exercising plenty, and showing every sign of "making it." He accomplished dozens of dangerous missions against the SNCC, NAACP, Communists and peace creeps. He accompanied me to many a fight - and many a jail.

37 Within eleven months, faster than almost anybody before or since, this kid became an officer in the Storm troop section, and led more successful operations against the enemy than any single Party Officer, with one possible exception.

38 An example of the work of this kid was the time the Black agitators were trying to unseat the White Mississippi delegation, and our own blackface "delegation" sent the Black agitators packing back to Mississippi as laughing-stocks. My ex-beatnik managed to race onto the floor of Congress on opening day in blackface, with top hat, loin cloth and cigar, shouting. "I'ze de Mississippi delegation, and ah demands mah seat!"

39 The young man escaped the vicious circle of despair, boredom and degeneracy of millions of "modern youth" ONLY because he happened upon the spiritual life-preserver of Nazi love of Race and Nation before he sank forever into the putrid slime of modern spiritual syphilis.

40 There will be many who will say that he could have been saved, perhaps even more effectively by religion. Fifty years ago, yes. But I have had five years of experience seeing these lost kids on college campuses all over America. And I can assure the reader that most of these young people are far too cynical and hardened to be able to open their ears and heart even for a moment to ACCEPT a religious approach. Start talking about religion to such hard-case cynics and you drive them further and further away, no matter how hard you try.

41 It takes a new and SHOCKING approach, a dramatic and powerful approach to have any hope of making an impression on such lost, bitter kids. We have it, and it works.

42 Millions and millions of the youth of all Western nations are sinking into various degrees of the misery and degradation of the young "beat" who came to our door in beard, blanket and sandals.

43 Other millions of good people who don't look like beatniks are lost, without purpose, without confidence, without ambition, without beliefs or religion, without respect for home, flag, country, parents or anything else, without self-control or discipline, without morals or standards of any kind, with neither love for their own people nor hatred for their mortal enemies, without hope and without any real desire to live in any real sense. "Beat" is an apt description. They have, indeed, had almost everything beaten out of them. They have gotten disgusted with the hypocrisy, disorder and corruption of our times and QUIT. In their own words, they have "dropped out."

44 In "Battle For the Mind" William Sargent, top British psychologist, shows how the Communists use the principles of Soviet psychologist Pavlov to "brainwash" victims. And the FIRST thing they do is "empty" the minds and souls of the subject. They spiritually "beat" him until he QUITS. Once he is "empty" it is a relatively easy job for the Communist masters to pour back into his head whatever lies they want. That's how the Soviets can produce victims after a year or so in jail who get up in court and shout that they are guilty, and beg to be punished, as did the victims of Stalin's first great purge.

45 Our youth, in various stages of "beatnik-ism" are precisely like the victims of Soviet brainwashing - they are empty, or nearly empty, of anything positive. They are sick and disgusted with just about everything. Although they don't realize it they are desperate to believe in SOMETHING, to become a part of something bigger than they are, to be WORTHWHILE, to have a purpose, to have somebody care about them enough to discipline them and to show them something worthwhile to do in this world.


47 They have been made to feel they are living in a ruined, dirty, hypocritical world about to blow itself to pieces with the "bomb." Many of them have been spoiled rotten. Many know nothing of constructive efforts to earn a living, they are told they are the same as black Negroes (and they try desperately to believe that, but it destroys them inside because instincts are stronger than words).

48 Worst of all, they have been taught that mature love of ANYTHING, (except themselves and pleasure) is "corny" and "square." Their family, flag, country, national heroes, race and even God have been dragged down and ridiculed until there are no fixed stars in their heavens, nothing to aim at, nothing but an aimless wandering for more and more selfish pleasure and "kicks."

49 Unthinking animals can live from moment to moment on purely animal pleasures and satisfactions.

50 But man has been blessed - or cursed - with consciousness and the ability to imagine the future. Man forms an opinion of himself. This has given him an even greater need than the mere satisfaction of his animal needs. "Man cannot live by bread alone" says the Bible, and no truer words have ever been recorded. Men long for the admiration of other men, and a clear conscience. Every great religion in the world sets its precepts for human behavior not on mere satisfaction of animal pleasures and "kicks" but on the more lasting and deeply satisfying joys of OUTGOING activity, activity to be good and helpful to other people. When men concentrate only on themselves and their own animal lusts, they begin to despise themselves, they become despicable and hated by other men, and they become unhappy and hateful, in turn.

51 And each generation in Western civilization is being brought up to be more spoiled and selfish than the last. Predictably, each generation is becoming more and more unhappy, until today we have many young people from supposedly "the best" homes going forth into the streets to beat old men to death just for "kicks" while others abandon themselves as "hippies" to drugs, filth and sloth.

52 During the Korean War, not ONE American prisoner of war escaped! Many Americans (almost half of them) COOPERATED with the enemy when captured!

53 No matter how vicious the enemy in all previous wars, Americans have never failed to escape in large numbers, and have always resisted every effort by the enemy to make turncoats out of prisoners.

54 But now, the fighting American spirit is dying.

55 Americans have more cars, more telephones, more televisions, more household appliances and luxuries - more of almost everything than any human beings who have ever lived, or who live now.

56 Yet never have so many had so little inside. Never have there been so many suffering intolerable boredom. Never have people been packed so close as in our giant cities. Yet never have people been so alone, so cut off from one another.

57 There is a vast ocean of spiritual misery drowning great numbers of our people. Many of them have lost their religion, and there is nothing to fill the black numbing void which freezes the soul of modern, "emancipated" men. They desperately seek escape from this cold hopelessness in alcohol, LSD, dope or wild, crazy living.

58 It is not physical lacks or hardship which bears down or our people and drives them unconsciously toward national and racial suicide.

59 It is a SPIRITUAL failing, a DISEASE of the spirit, which has our people down and beaten.

60 Our people are rotting from the inside, no matter how the outside gives the appearance of prosperity and happiness. Like a man with a diseased heart, the first time America is subjected to a real crisis, unless something changes mighty quickly, America - and all of Western civilization with us will fold up with a whimper and die.

61 No spiritually healthy people would ever tolerate the sort of horrors catalogued in Chapter 1.

62 Western civilization, as Spengler predicted long ago, and America in particular, are far gone down the road toward decay and death. Nor is there any real resistance.

63 On the contrary, millions have made a "love" cult and a "religion" out of worshipping their own destroyers, and work tirelessly to hasten our national and racial death.

64 Is this a natural development? Are we, as a civilization and as a nation, dying of old age, senility and natural decay? Or is there something UNnatural about the situation? And if there is something unnatural, if there is something sinister, what is it and who is doing it? And why?

65 Where is all this spiritual syphilis coming from?