1 So far, this book has been mostly critical.

2 Now it is time to present constructive plans for building and creating.

3 I have put a year of research and hundreds of pages of writing into the effort to help the reader see and understand that Western Civilization is within a very few years of the end reached by Roman civilization-oblivion-and that he, personally, will suffer the fate of millions who have already fallen into the hands of the Jewish mortal enemies of Western Civilization--enslavement or, more likely, murder-unless we can find the will and the wisdom, somehow, to stop running away from the enemy and attack him with a White revolution!

4 Just how do you go about creating a revolution?

5 Are we all to grow beards, rush into the streets and begin shouting, waving our arms, throwing bombs, and otherwise acting the part of stereotype "revolutionaries"? NO! Of course not.

6 Our revolution has been all laid out for us.

7 Hitler inspired, organized, and pulled off a relatively peaceful revolution, a revolution which took far fewer lives than the American Revolution, and an insignificant number of lives compared to any ever pulled off by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

8 Not only that, but Hitler's revolution, as he promised in Mein Kampf, was 100% "legal"-legitimate---the formally expressed will of the majority of the German people, sanctioned by both the top executive officer of Germany, von Hindenburg, and by the German "congress", the Reichstag.1 Hitler had many opportunities to seize power by force and could have done it easily in 1931. But Hitler believed that a revolution against the will of the people, a revolution that gains power only by force, cannot long endure.

9 Hitler, as I do, believed that a leader is an enemy of civilization unless he has the will of his people behind him.

10 How, then, can I be calling for "revolution"? How can I write of "killing and being killed"?

11 Is not the very essence of revolution violence?

12 Not necessarily.

13 There may be an element of violence, yes. When you are attacked by a killer and faced with the choice of death or dealing death yourself, then violence is the only possibility. And Western Civilization is indeed under attack by an enemy who regularly, as a matter of policy, kills and massacres more ruthlessly than any other group in history.

14 So we must be violent enough to put a stop to the Communist enemy's killing and ruthless enough to smash his power.

15 1 In 1923, when the Reds threatened to seize power in Bavaria, the Nationalists, the conservatives, and General Ludendorf asked Hitler to lead a "Putsch"-a revolt-in Munich. Then the weakling leaders double-crossed him at the last moment. The "Putsch" was crushed and Hitler was sent to prison. But this was not a revolution against the will of the people, as events proved later. But the essence of a real revolution is never JUST the bloodshed and upheaval. In a genuine and lasting revolution, violence and killing are only one expedient means to the end of a radical change in over-all spiritual outlook-the outward manifestation of a supreme human will to establish a new arrangement of physical affairs to conform with an inner ideal.

16 The authority exercised by most of those in power today is unadulterated tyranny, though it is hypocritically disguised as "democracy". It is not the benevolent, intelligent authority to maintain order and justice established by the Founding Fathers for the benefit of White men.

17 Our revolution must be based firmly on the ideal of destroying the illegal power of tyrants, and restoring a just social order that is based on a firm authority that comes straight from our people, and is freely granted to a leader.

18 That, believe it or not, is precisely what Adolph Hitler did for Germany, and what we must do for America.

19 Our revolution, in short, must have as its driving force and goal, not merely the hatred and destruction of the enemy, but it must be imbued with an absolute determination to establish a just social order in which each man can achieve his maximum potential as a successful, happy, and productive part of our great White Race.

20 What is such a just order of society?

21 There is no need for this understanding of the scientific principles of successful group living among those in healthy societies where natural instincts are unimpaired. Animals, for instance, have orderly, successful "societies" because Nature gives every social creature all the instincts he needs for successful group living.

22 Wolves, ants, bees-and apes- for instance, have highly organized and thoroughly healthy, orderly societies.

23 Early men had healthy societies. Then man's growing control over Nature allowed him to escape his natural environment, surround himself with artificialities and luxury until he became decadent and full of arrogant conceit-a conceit that is today called "liberalism".

24 Only by going back to the simpler and more primitive life-situation of the unthinking and uncivilized animal world, and observing the workings of the instincts given them by the Creator, can we catch a glimpse of the wonders of what has also been given us-and which we have thrown away.

25 Nature has created "breeds" with which she can experiment and seek always better breeds, just as does a good farmer. The Creator, being an infinitely wiser farmer than any human, absolutely insists on the purity, the sanctity-the BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY of each group.

26 But Nature, like a farmer breeding cows, can improve the breed only by fostering the breeding of the better type, and eliminating the poorer type. Nature accomplishes this task with the most powerful instincts we are given: LOVE of our own, and HATRED of those who intrude-or "outsiders".

27 These two instincts are equally important: Love is not "good" while hate is "evil"-which is the canard so dearly loved by the Jews, liberals, hippies, queers, and half-wits.

28 Love is indeed incredibly powerful, and good, when it is NATURAL.

29 LOVE, the natural, healthy kind, is indeed what makes the world go round, and is the most beautiful, holy miracle we ever see here on this earth.


31 I should like to write much more of this particular law of social living, because, as we shall see, BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY is the essence, the be-all and end-all of National Socialism when applied to Aryan society-and, indeed, of every healthy human society which has ever existed.

32 But there simply is not space in this work for the book that could be written on this subject alone. I can only sum up by saying that the first law of all group living by social creatures is BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY; absolute, total and uncompromising loyalty to one's own racial group based on a consuming love, and absolute, uncompromising hatred of any outsiders who intrude and threaten to mix their genes with those of the females of one's own group.

33 The everyday way this law is manifested is love of one's own kind, and hatred of aggressive intruders (which is why most healthy Whites have such instinctive abhorrence of "niggers", Jews, and other "aliens").

34 The second most important law is the law of TERRITORY.

35 For example, ten or twenty males of the tiny tropical fish called "swordtails" will each stake out a section of a tank as soon as they are placed in it, and they will attack any intrusion by another male.

36 If females are introduced into the tank, the males will fight over them, as expected. But the surprise to science was that sex is not the strongest motive in the life of these little fish.

37 If you start cooling the water in their tank, you can reach a point where the water is so cold the males no longer give much of a damn when you introduce the females. When the water gets so cold as almost to kill the little fish, they pay no attention at all to the females. But even when they are on the point of almost freezing to death, they will still come out ferociously to defend their TERRITORY-their private property!

38 National Socialism is based, among other things, on this concept of private property. The law of TERRITORY comes out as "Nationalism" and private property in human society.

39 Throughout the animal kingdom, the leader is never chosen by vote, but always by the natural selection established by Nature as the only sure method of insuring that the group is led by the best-combat. This I have called the law of LEADERSHIP.

40 Once each member of an animal society learns his or her place in the natural biological order of toughness, wisdom, and cleverness, each member settles down into his own niche and the group is relatively peaceful and orderly. Only when young males begin to mature and have to fight their way up or down the ladder is there serious battles. And then, as soon as each male learns who he can whip, and who can whip him, he settles down and lives peacefully and contentedly in that place he has found for himself.

41 Thus is established two more of the fundamental principles or laws of all group living - LEADERSHIP by the best, and a natural hierarchy or scale of leadership of all the other members of the group - STATUS.

42 Finally, a study of the animal world establishes that females stay out of the affairs of males, and specialize in producing and rearing the young by organizing healthy families. To summarize: There are five basic laws of all group living, which I have called "THE LAWS OF THE TRIBE";

43 (1) The law of BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY (love inside, hate outside);

44 (2) The law of TERRITORY (private property);

45 (3) The law of LEADERSHIP (by the best);

46 (4) The law of STATUS (or the natural place of every individual in a group); and

47 (5) MOTHERHOOD for females.

48 With these natural principles in operation, as they are throughout the whole world of social animals, there is a relative peace and order in the group.

49 It is only when the group somehow is forced into unnatural conditions that the God-given instincts to obey these iron laws of Nature fail.

50 In evaluating all this in your own mind, think of the apparently "crazy" pattern of juvenile delinquency. We have the sons and daughters of some of the most "advantaged" and wealthy people suddenly seeming to go mad, beating up old folks, tearing things up senselessly, taking poisonous drugs, and becoming arrogant, anti-social criminals. At the same time, we find the children of some of the poorest groups in our society producing almost no delinquents at all.

51 Until very recently, for instance, young Chinese were never delinquents (and they still have a far lower delinquency rate than other groups) The young of tightly knit, even though very poor, groups are often untouched by the modern madness of juvenile delinquency.

52 Why is this? Why should a wealthy young boy or girl become a thief, a vandal, and be violently anti-social in spite of all conceivable advantages, while the children of some of the poorest people in America are well-adjusted and constructive?

53 The answer is that children who are brought up in a group which has managed to maintain some semblance of the laws of natural group living (the "Laws of the Tribe"), who feel that they are loyal members of a group, a "tribe", that they "belong" to something or somebody worthwhile, and who therefore have a sense of the five basic laws of all group living, are not frustrated, not lost and not empty.

54 The Jews, with their spreading of liberalism and Communism, have consciously and scientifically gone about the process of wiping from the souls of our people all memory of the sacred 'Laws of the Tribe", which, alone, can make a group of humanity healthy, happy and peaceful.

55 No human being can live in peace and productive happiness OUTSiDE of some kind of "TRIBE" to which he is SUPREMELY LOYAL and which in turn SUPPORTS HIM SPIRITUALLY.

56 The Jews have spread the unspeakably destructive idea of "universalism", "one-world-ism"-one mob of raceless, stateless, and atomized individuals-as the supreme idea of mankind. Even the conservatives have been suckered into paying lip-service to this same unnatural, fragmented, super-individualistic, JEWISH disease of society.

57 We are told by the Jews that the Law of BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY (love inside, hate outside) is "racism"-the "ultimate evil" of all time! We are told that if we do not love Yellow men, Black men-and especially Jews-as much as our own people, then we are vicious, perverted, and doomed-we are "racists". Millions of pitiful White suckers believe that Jewish lie!

58 We are told that the Law of TERRITORY (private property) is an UN-natural greed, and that decent men must wish to share everything and have no desire for their own private property. They call this "Marxist socialism", "Communism", and various other names indicating a concern for "society" and "community"-but all of them striking at the heart of the most powerful and only motivation in living creatures to build, create, and produce. More millions believe these Jew liars.

59 We are told by the Jews that the Law of LEADERSHIP (rule of the best) is "dictatorship" and that we must strive for "democracy" (rule by mobs) : Millions of White Aryans have been suckered into believing this siren song of "democracy", until mobs of human garbage are now terrorizing our whole nation.

60 We are told by the Jews that the Law of STATUS (the establishment of the natural order of ability of each person in his right place) is "class exploitation" and that the natural leaders of society-those who have been successful- must be smashed and murdered by those who have not. Whole nations full of good White Aryans have been suckered with this vile Jewish method of dividing and conquering our people through class warfare.

61 Finally, we are told by these ever-loving Jews that the specialization of women in child-rearing is a beastly enslavement of our females, that women are intended to be judges, locomotive engineers, army officers, and business executives. The result, of course, is the growing destruction of that sacred and beautiful institution of all healthy civilizations, motherhood, and with it the home and family. Our entire Western world has fallen for this "democratic" Jewish swindle, which has made women the most pitiful victims of the Jewish disease. Millions of "modern" women are hopelessly lost, frustrated and utterly miserable, even while they are squawking about more "rights" through loudspeakers and marching around in hell-raising, militant, political organizations. Meanwhile, millions of families are without warm, wonderful mothers, and homes are becoming more like luxurious jails than the miracles of love and warmth that were the homes of a century ago.

62 Have you ever wondered why so many juvenile delinquents congregate in gangs? For years, like most people, I presumed this was an unnatural perversity in "bad" boys, because I was brought up in a sort of bourgeois "cocoon", knowing little of the brutal realities of life.

63 But once one understands the laws of social living for all creatures-the human need to live by the "Laws of the Tribe"-"gang" becomes more understandable. It shows our kids, at least, still have healthy instincts, even though the outward manifestation of these instincts is vicious and antisocial as a result of the unnatural conditions imposed on the kids by their utterly unhealthy urban environment.

64 Observe that gang's very first characteristic is "exclusiveness". They fanatically "stick together". Attack one, and they all attack you. Mess with one of the gang's females, and you are dead. They are passionately loyal to each other. And they hate outsiders and attackers even more passionately.

65 They have reasserted Nature's holy laws of BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY, of group loyalty, although they know not why.

66 Observe that the next thing a gang does is to stake out a "turf"-a territory. Woe unto him who violates that "turf"-infringes upon the "private property" of the gang! Could anything more obviously exemplify the law of TERRITORY?

67 The gang is never led by "democratic" elections, but by the toughest, the best (by the gang's standards). Here is a classic example of the law of LEADERSHIP.

68 Observe how each of a gang's members is acutely aware of his own exact place in the gang-who is above him, and who below. Let anybody try to move up on him, and he gets smashed. Let him try to move up a notch, and the guy above will smash him. Here is the law of STATUS-just as in Nature.

69 And finally, observe the females of a gang. Do they give any orders to the leader? No! Do they race around and demand "rights"? Hell no! They act in the manner of females in all the rest of the animal world and do not try to act like males. They glory in their roles as females, as "belonging" to and proudly helping a powerful male. And this is precisely the role of females in wholesome and happy societies.

70 (It is interesting to note that the Jewish Freudian psychiatrist fakers are being forced to return to the laws of the group, the laws of the tribe-to effect "cures" of drug addicts and alcoholics. They form a group and their powerful instincts of loyalty to that group can sometimes overcome lonely, individual weaknesses)

71 The Blacks, too, in their blind and stupid struggling are doing the same thing, instinctively forming Black loyalties, hollering "Black Power" and calling each other "soul brothers".

72 In spite of the most extreme poverty on the Lower East Side of New York City in the early years of Jewish immigration, even these wretched swarms of Jewish refuse from Europe stuck together with such fanatical group loyalty obeying all the "Laws of the Tribe", that there was almost no delinquency and no crime against each other among them. In fact, the group loyalty of these Jews is perhaps the most fantastic in the history of the world. It has propelled them into near mastery of the entire world--not because they are braver, work harder are more intelligent or more worthy than the rest of us-but because they observe the basic laws of Nature and maintain group loyalty. While all the rest of us have fallen for their rotten "one world", "we-are-all-brothers" garbage, which disintegrates our Society, the Jews maintain their society with a group loyalty such as history has never before seen, and thus they go from one triumph to another.

73 Not until Adolf Hitler, fifty years ago, began to see all this intuitively as a new world-view, the Weltanschauung of National Socialism, did non-Jews gain their first insight into the emerging science of human group-living. What we have done instinctively for centuries, and the Jews are still doing instinctively, Adolf Hitler began to see and understand intuitively.

74 The essence of National Socialism is racism, which, in the simplest terms, is just the belief that humans differ in excellence of breed exactly the same as all other living things, and that the White Man is so far the finest breed to appear, while the Blacks are the lowest. And, as the reader will recall, this is the very first law of Group Living, "BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY" as I have designated it.

75 Contrary to the abominable lies of the Jews (and the "conservatives") private property was powerfully protected by Adolf Hitler, Krup and the other large or small property owners and businessmen never lost a cent under Hitler, nor did the German princes. (At one time, rabid "leftists" in his party wanted to dispossess the German princes, and Hitler had to put down a mutiny in his own ranks to protect their property rights, which he did. Hitler was a nationalist, a believer in territory, private property.

76 Needless to point out, Hitler gave his people LEADERSHIP--not sweet-talk or demagoguery and they loved him for it. They followed him lovingly and willingly as do the members of all happy, successful, wholesome social groups.

77 There was peace and order among Hitler's people, because he taught that a man deserved and must get, as much respect for being a good ditch-digger (if that was the limit of his capacity to serve his People) as the man who was able to invent a new and wonderful machine, or be a Political leader.

78 Each person in Hitler's Germany was honored for his own place in society, provided he filled it to the best of his ability. They were not goaded eternally (as our people are by the Jews) to demand jobs only as Presidents, Chairmen of the Board, and executives when some people are not born with those particular talents.

79 To fail at what one could do, while raising hell and aiming for what one can't do, is to disrupt orderly and happy society, not to mention hopelessly frustrating the individual who refuses to recognize his natural place in the world.

80 Thus Hitler's state recognized the law of STATUS. Each man was honored for what he did loyally and with his best effort, regardless of whether he was a farmer, a warrior, a laborer, a factory worker, or whatever.

81 Finally, Hitler saw to it that women were restored to their ancient birthright and honored as wives, mothers and producers of happy, wholesome homes--as the authors of good people.

82 The lies about the Hitler-times are now so enormous and powerful that it is almost impossible to doubt them. But if you meet an honest and courageous German who lived through these great times (and he is willing to talk in spite of the terror which is abroad today for those who dare tell the truth), you will learn that the German people found out what good leadership and a natural healthy state is like, under Hitler.

83 To prevent that knowledge and that natural state of society from spreading (and thereby destroying the parasitic existence of Jewry) those Jewish devils provoked the rest of us to go and slaughter and smash this miracle of White Aryan renaissance.

84 But natural law cannot be smashed, anymore than you can "smash" the fact that two plus two equals four. You may terrorize people out of saying it and get them all parroting "two plus two is seventeen"--but two and two is still four, and there will always be someone with the guts and wisdom, sooner or later, to strike down the terrorists and liars to reassert the truth.

85 Already, this is happening all over the world.

86 The young "gangs" I have mentioned are only one sign of what is really going on. People will find their way back to the natural "Laws of the Tribe".

87 What Hitler gave the world, as National Socialism is, in a sense, only a modern form of the ancient, natural "tribal law", the prescription for happy and healthy group living given by the Great Spirit to all living creatures, including man.

88 National Socialism is nothing more or less than NATURAL ORDER (a name which would, in some ways, be more descriptive of the reality than "National Socialism"). Hitler had to design the name of his movement to succeed in a specific political situation, and was therefore forced to use names and terms which would accomplish his purposes. In Germany, there were millions and millions of Germans who thought of themselves as "socialists"-but were in the manipulating clutches of the Jews. Rather than fight any more battles than he had to, Hitler said, in effect, to these millions, "If you must be 'socialists', let us not be Jewish 'socialists' -Marxists------let us be 'NATIONAL Socialists', meaning a national society. Let us be 'socialists' for Germany, not the Jews."

89 And it worked! Millions and millions of good men and women who had been seduced into Communism by the Jews were won back to their own people and the Natural Order of healthy group living by Hitler's methods.

90 Beyond the fundamental elements of natural order, which I have set forth above, National Socialism, embodies something far higher and nobler than any mere set of rules or principles. National Socialism, as a PHILOSOPHY, embodies the eternal urge found in all living things-indeed in all creation-toward a higher level of existence-toward perfection-toward God.

91 This "aristocratic" idea of National Socialism-the idea of a constant striving in all Nature toward higher and higher, more and more complex, and more and more perfect existence--is the metaphysical, supernatural aspect of our ideal.

92 In other words concepts of social justice and natural order are the Organs and nerves of National Socialism but its PERSONALITY, its "religious" aspect-the thing that lifts it above any strictly Political philosophy-- its worshipful attitude toward Nature and a religious love of the Great gifts of an Unknown Creator.

93 Christianity, for instance, is a far higher thing than its rituals, the words of its prayers or any of its creeds. It is a SPIRITUAL STRIVING toward the believer's ideals of Spiritual Perfection. National Socialism is the same sort of striving toward ever higher and higher levels here on this earth, while Christianity is striving toward a future and later life not of this earth.

94 For the ordinary "soldier" in our "army", building and fighting for Natural Order--National Socialism--it is sufficient that they respect and obey the laws and doctrines established by the lofty ideals of our Philosophy with merely an instinctive love of those ideals, perhaps not with complete understanding of the highest forms of our Philosophy.

95 But just as the greatest Christian leaders have been those not preoccupied with details and rules but rather those who were "God intoxicated" with the highest ideals of the religion, the leaders among our National Socialist elite must share this fundamentally religious approach. For them the true meaning of our racial doctrine must be part of their idealistic "striving toward God".

96 Through total identification of ourselves with our great race, we partake of its past and future glories. When we contribute in any way, especially by self-sacrifice toward helping our race along the path toward a higher existence, we reach toward God-the Creator of the Master Race,

97 In short, while the mechanics and rules of National Socialism, as codified and set forth here, are sufficient for most of us, for the few idealists ready and willing to sacrifice their very lives in the cause of their people, National Socialism must be a very real religious ideal-a striving toward God. National Socialism is the only movement that has gained sufficient self-knowledge and insight to be able to understand this movement away from liberal artificiality and shortsightedness and toward the eternal wisdom of Nature. Our all-out belief in race, our insistence on the natural laws in society, economics and every other field of human activity are, in every case, the conscious, scientific application of Nature's iron laws, instead of conceited and short-sighted perversions of these laws, as pushed by the arrogant, peanut-brained liberals and Marxists.

98 Our liberal and Marxist opponents are just as blind to what they are doing. But in every case, it will be found that they are basically haters of the laws of Nature, conceited, hall-educated "intellectuals" who are victims of the truisms about "a little knowledge" being "a dangerous things". Because they have found they can teach a Congo Negro to recite poetry or even act like a lawyer or a doctor, they get all puffed up with their ability to wrench Nature around to suit themselves, and imagine they can make self-starting, Western White men out of any Hottentot. The fact that Nature has already made of the Negro what he is, and no human agency can make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear", they simply refuse to acknowledge.

99 National Socialism is the distilled essence of the love of and respect for Nature, and the loving, conscious, and scientific application of the eternal, just and beautiful laws of Nature to every moment of Man's existence. At the same time, National Socialism recognizes Man's need for a higher culture than that of the unthinking animals of the jungle and there raises the application of Natural law from the naked, tooth-and-fang competition of the animal world, for instance, to regulated and orderly competition, under fair rules.

100 Our opponents want to eliminate competition altogether-an utterly unnatural idea.

101 National Socialism insists that man can refine and enrich the application of the Natural Laws of life for the benefit of man, but insists also that Man cannot escape or defy Natural Law. Between the states of social health ("National Socialism" or Natural Order) and social disease (Jewish Marxism) lay the "no-man's-lands" of nothingness-the place where humans are neither dead, nor really alive.

102 Democracy, ''liberalism", and "conservatism" are pure, unadulterated states of nothingness. They have no basic, fundamental outlook on life, no understanding, no vital force deep down inside them. They are fancy tricks with pretty words and phrases, meaning nothing at all. They lead only to chaos and prepare the way for the Jews and their damnable, unnatural Communism.

103 The only way we can ever put a stop to this Jewish con game and capture the minds and hearts of our people is to restore to our people Natural Order-the Laws of the Tribe-which, alone, will give us the strength and the will to reassert the natural, biological superiority of our White Race, and thus save Western Civilization.

104 Destroy the cohesive forces of Natural Order in any group, and that group will become chaotic, hopeless, frustrated, lost, empty, vicious, and finally helpless before any other group that is united and obeys the Laws of the Tribe.

105 That's why the Blacks, in so many cases, terrify whole cities. They stick together. Hit one, and a million Blacks roar out at you. That's why police often no longer dare arrest them, even for the most outrageous offenses.

106 And the Jews are even more powerful among us, for the same reason. They stick together.

107 Adding the Laws of the Tribe to the Laws of Race which we examined earlier in Chapter IX, we can synthesize a new law of modern society; the Law of Group Dominance.

108 In a state of Nature, that animal or primitive human group that is biologically superior, the group composed of the best individuals, carrying the best genes and chromosomes, will dominate all inferior groups, because all groups in Nature (superior or inferior) obey the Laws of the Tribe equally.

109 Thus, the only factor operating competitively in the animal world is biological excellence of breeding. But scientific gadgetry, luxury and Jewish "liberalism" have so greatly destroyed the modern, civilized White Man's ability to feel and obey Nature's "Laws of the Tribe" that he has lost his group cohesiveness; he has come "unglued" as a social animal; he is fragmented and atomized into millions of isolated individuals and hundreds of thousands of selfish "pressure groups", classes, etc. This almost complete fragmentation of the great "tribe" of White men has reduced us to impotence, as a group.

110 The law of GROUP DOMINANCE among men is the rule that any group which fanatically adheres to the Natural Laws of the Tribe will be able to dominate any group which disobeys those laws, no matter how inferior may be the "tribe" which does obey the laws.

111 This is why Negroes and Jews lord it all over the White Man in the America built and owned by White men. This is why we suffer "minority" tyranny. Any organized minority of scum and human trash have power-while the great White, non-Jewish majority is a sprawling, helpless, paralyzed giant.

112 The goal, then, of our National Socialist revolution is the restoration of the Laws of the Tribe to our people, to enable their natural biological superiority of breeding once again to give the White Man dominion of what he built and should dominate.

113 This is exactly what Hitler and National Socialism did in Germany for millions and millions of fragmented, atomized people who were sunk in the depths of hopelessness and chaos.

114 Hitler did not win such astounding success with his people because he was a "tough guy", because he put on big, exciting rallies, because the Germans are natural "beasts", nor any of the other reasons put forth by the lying Jews and their toady liberal and conservative allies.

115 The reason Hitler was able to accomplish a social miracle in Germany was because Hitler intuitively understood all that I have written and restored his people to NATURAL SOCIAL ORDER.

116 Hitler taught his people to quit hating each other as isolated, lonely and frightened individuals, and gave them back that holy sense of nationhood, of "Tribe"; yes, of real brotherhood (not the artificial kind peddled by the Jews). (There is nothing wrong and everything right about "brotherhood" with your own people. It is when the Jews slyly and falsely try to extend "brotherhood" to pull the hood over the "brother" and try to make us "brothers" with Zulus, pygmies, Chinese, Bushmen and Jews, that "brotherhood" becomes a byword for racial catastrophe, as it has.)

117 Hitler gave his people the same sacrificial spirit of warm love for one's family and one's people (which is a big "family"), which unites and blesses every natural social group of creatures in creation.

118 As I have pointed out many times, no man can live happily, successfully, and productively as a lonely, bitter individual at war with all his fellows. Every one of us has a deep need for the warmth and love of his group, of those in his biological family of people. Modern man has lost that feeling of group warmth, loyalty and love, and the result is the chaos and spiritual emptiness we see all around us in this disintegrating Western society.

119 The horrors depicted in the first chapter of this book are the direct result of America's almost total disobedience of the laws of the tribe. These horrors would continue, even if all the Jews and Negroes were to disappear overnight, unless we restore to our people, as Hitler did, the NATURAL ORDER, "Laws of the Tribe".

120 Our revolution, therefore, is not material and physical, but a radical spiritual change in the feeling of our people:

121 The elimination of selfish atomism and greedy, narrow "individualism"; whether it be called "liberalism", "conservatism", or "democracy", and the restoration in the hearts of Western White men of the deeply satisfying feelings of love of our own kind. This love of one's group manifests itself in the willingness to sacrifice and give for one's family-and the larger family of one's race.