1 Had I been born a thousand years ago, I would have been a "leftist."

2 All higher animal social groups, such as wolves, seals, monkeys, etc., have governments of absolute tyranny by the most superior individual, able to conquer all rivals. Only thus can nature guarantee the group the best possible leadership in the struggle to survive. No other "government" is thinkable or possible among higher animals.

3 Such natural "tyranny" is no hardship on animals unable to imagine any other state. Animals simply accept the absolute domination of their conqueror, once established, the same way they unthinkingly accept storms, pain, annual migrations, birth and other phenomena of the natural world into which they are born.

4 As the first cave men emerged from the dumb-brute state, their "government" was inevitably a simple carry-over of this rule by combat-proven conquerors.

5 In terms of geology and anthropology, not until the most recent times did man become sufficiently imaginative and intelligent to project his brief periods of surcease from the leader's domination into the abstract concept of "freedom." Even today, such a concept is utterly foreign and useless to primitive and savage groups under natural conditions. Whenever more advanced civilized groups attempt to give or force their noble concepts of "free" government on backward people, the latter quickly revert to their dictators and tyrants, as we see all over the tropics, in Africa, Haiti, etc.

6 Early kings and chieftains in European civilization, men like the Viking kings, King Arthur, Charlemagne, and William the Conqueror were very real fighting heroes, literally able to prove their kingship in mortal combat, as in all primitive groups. And, since their people were still close to nature, their governments were usually acceptable to most citizens of the time, even the lowest.

7 Strong and truly brave men are rarely cruel and evil; meanness and cruelty are the traits of weaklings, never strong men.

8 But as kingship became a hereditary institution, utterly worthless and vicious weaklings, who could never survive in combat, became "kings." And their cruel, mean "governments" were absolutely intolerable.

9 Under the last of vicious and stupid tyrants, thinking and courageous men of all estates began to risk their lives to oppose these evil, little men, and to oppose the system that made such little men "kings."

10 I would have been one of those men.

11 In an age of absolute, unnatural and tyrannical authority, self-respecting men by the thousands gave their lives so that their fellows could have some relief from this arbitrary total authority by unfit weaklings and so that the system of hereditary tyranny could be brought in check.

12 The results were the first European parliaments.

13 In these groups of nobles who began to limit the absolute authority of unfit kings, those who favored still further limitations on the power of the monarch and more "individual freedom" for the people traditionally sat on the LE FT.

14 Opposite this group, on the RIGHT, sat those who favored either the status quo or more autocratic power for the king - more government and less individual freedom.

15 That was the origin of "left" and "right," and the only true meaning of the words.

16 While the Western world suffered the grinding tyranny of weaklings, fools and greedy schemers as "kings" (and the system which crowned them), the place for self-respecting men who would not bow their necks to the tyrant's yoke was on the LEFT. And that is where I would have been, until the evil was corrected.

17 In short, from the earliest emergence of Western man, humanity has necessarily struggled against the naked tyranny of the "right," against arbitrary and absolute power and the system that could place such power irrevocably in the hands of weaklings and fools. "Progress," therefore, for a thousand years, was to move to the LEFT.

18 However, bad as was the absolute tyranny of the extreme right, it had the advantage of order. There was a hierarchy of social and political status, a "pecking order" from the king down to the lowliest serf. Everybody knew his "place" and any disorder in the society was summarily put down by the king and his "nobles," backed by their army. A Martin Luther King and his riots would not have lasted ten minutes in feudal society. There was "order" in society. But it was something of the "order" of a penitentiary.

19 Thus, at the extreme right end of the political spectrum, there is absolute tyranny, but also absolute order.

20 In moving away from this absolute tyranny of the right it was impossible not to move to the left. And at the opposite extreme, the extreme left, the political opposite of the extreme right, stands total freedom and no order -"anarchy!" Anarchy is a condition of no government, with each man free to do as he damn pleases. This is the condition aimed at by the Marxists, who claim that with "perfect" Communism, government will "wither away." (Strangely enough, it is also the aim the mixed-up Birchers and Kosher Conservatives pretend to aim at - "less government," etc., etc.)

21 But when there is no government, in spite of the pretty theories of the Communists and Birchers, there is no order, and no safety for the decent citizen. During the Boston police strike in the twenties, before Coolidge put it down with the National Guard, there was bloodshed and looting all over Boston in the police-less city, and no decent citizen could come out of his home. Even in his home, the decent citizen was likely to be attacked, robbed, raped and outraged.

22 Never in this world will all humans be "noble" and full of "love" for fellow men. And as long as there is just one louse who would use force to rob, rape, loot, kill, etc., then there must be some government and some kind of force available to society to protect itself from even a small minority of predators.

23 To recapitulate, absolute tyranny by fools and weaklings is intolerable.

24 But so is absolute freedom - anarchy - intolerable.

25 As with most human affairs, the answer lies not in the extremes, but in what Plato called the "golden mean" -- a balance between the two extremes, enough authority to maintain order and enough freedom to avoid tyranny.

26 However, in struggling away from the misery of the total tyranny of the feudal middle ages, Western man had no choice but to move to the left - from total tyranny and order, toward the other extreme of total freedom and no order - chaos. I would have been forced, therefore, to move left with the struggle for some freedom from absolute tyranny by weakling, unfit "kings."

27 But humanity has a terrible habit in correcting evils.

28 Often it moves and fights long and hard to correct an evil, only to keep moving in the same direction to make an evil out of the correction!

29 This is precisely what has happened in Western Civilization.

30 "Freedom" has become an insane fetish, a crazy, illogical shibboleth toward which everybody bows, regardless of whether it is real, responsible freedom such as America knew during the eighteen-hundreds, or the wild, murderous, vicious libertinism masquerading as "freedom" of savage Africa and the American "left."

31 We of the National Socialist White People's Party believe that Western Man necessarily moved left for a thousand years, away from the total tyranny of the right, until he reached the "golden mean" of a perfect balance between the need for order (and some government) and the need for liberty.

32 We believe that that ideal political golden mean was reached in the American Constitution - not the filthy, twisted thing the present Supreme Court has made of it, but the original, magnificently balanced government of laws and checks devised by our inspired Founding Fathers. Before proceeding, let me sum up the argument so far. The terms "left" and "right" refer only to the degree of authority in a society. The more authoritarian a government, the more "right" it is; the more libertarian it is, the more it is "left." This is historical and semantic fact.

33 The extreme right of the political spectrum is absolutely tyranny - all order with no freedom.

34 The extreme left of the political spectrum is absolute freedom - all liberty and no order.

35 Both extremes are intolerable for the White men of Western Civilization.

36 The ideal to be aimed at is a perfect balance of enough governmental authority to guarantee order and safety for each citizen, while permitting him maximum personal freedom from arbitrary government and unjust force.

37 In spite of the insane misuse of the term by almost everybody today, I cannot avoid declaring that the aim of good government in Western Civilization, therefore, must be to avoid the intolerable extremes of both left and right, and establish a government of political center.

38 HOWEVER, and that is one hell of a big "however"

39 When Western Man had moved to the left far enough to correct the evil of tyranny, he failed to stop!

40 After we had established the American Constitutional Republic in 1789, the perfect balance between authority and order balanced against liberty and freedom, we continued to move to the left - toward libertinism and anarchy!

41 After thousands of years of struggle toward "freedom" Western Man was unable to be satisfied when he reached moderation. Like a man dying of thirst in the desert, who gulps down so much water that he kills himself, Western Man, thirsting madly for freedom, has gone right on past the inspired balance and moderation of the Constitution of 1789 to chase the chimera of "liberty" until today we teeter on the edge of anarchy - until there is so much phony "liberty" that the likes of Stokley Carmichael, Rap Brown and Martin Luther King can legally survive while they incite riots, bloodshed and war in our midst, and win world prizes for "peace !"

42 All forms of authority, from the father of the family, to the police and soldiers, have been so beaten down and blasted that our younger generation is scornful of all authority. Stern, old-fashioned fathers are cursed as "fascists" or laughed at and ridiculed whenever they try to assert any authority to maintain order in the family. Policemen are suspended or even tried and jailed for "brutality" whenever they use force to bring order among rioting, murdering Negroes or other disorderly citizens. College administrations are called "tyrannical" for trying to administer their own colleges, and bearded anarchists and terrorists defy all authority to parade around campuses actually carrying signs reading "F---!" as proof of their "freedom." Workers are taught that they should boss businesses. Our Supreme Court and our toady Congress have decreed that the owner of a restaurant must recognize the "freedom" of a Negro or anybody to force his way onto private property, to eat or wet on the tables - as the urge may strike him. Criminals' "rights" are so zealously guarded that there is little order or safety in our cities any more. Queers demand the "right" to be "married" in public. Kids in school terrorize their teachers. Beatniks demand free and legal dope. Jew and liberal "writers" demand the "right" to publish and sell to our kids the vilest and most perverted pornography as "literature" and "art."

43 I could go on and on, but this enumeration should be sufficient to show what has happened to our once magnificent authoritarian, Constitutional Republic.

44 We are racing toward anarchy, toward chaos and total freedom for mobs.

45 Under these deadly conditions it is a matter of life or death for those who would lead us politically to know what they are talking about, and not confuse the issue.

46 Yet we have the man who commands millions of dollars of funds contributed by desperate, decent Americans Robert Welch - telling Americans "Nazism and Communism are the SAME THING!" To understand just how insane and suicidal that is, let me report an experiment we used to make when I was studying psychology at Brown University.

47 We got a bucket of hot water and a bucket of ice water, and stuck one hand in each bucket. After our hands had gotten used to the extreme heat and the extreme cold, we plunged both hands together into a bucket of water at room temperature. The ordinary water felt boiling hot to the hand that had been in the ice water, and the same water felt freezing cold to the hand that had been in the hot water.

48 I have mentioned this experiment (which you can do yourself) to point up the relative nature of the words "left" and "right." To be sure, there are absolute extremes of these terms, as I have shown: tyranny on the right and anarchy on the left.

49 But the spectrum from right to left is a very great distance, and regardless of one's absolute position on the scale, those to the left of one look like "leftists" regardless of their absolute position, and those to the right appear as "rightists."

50 This is why we have Gus Hall, head of the Communist Party of America, calling the wild, raging radicals of Progressive Labor "leftists" and calling President Johnson a "Nazi"!

51 This relativity on the left-right political scale is why "left" and "right" have lost a lot of meaning today. America has moved so damnably far toward the extreme left, that any effort to get back to the center must, by necessity, be "Extreme Rightist".

52 Three decades ago, when Jewish Bolshevik leaders like Rosa Luxemburg were hanging the Red flag up and taking over whole states in Germany, the only reply of decent Germans had to be a movement toward the most violent extremity of the right-toward tyranny. When something gets too warm you can cool it off by blowing on it. But when it catches on fire, as Germany was on fire with Jewish Bolshevism, you can't put the fire out by blowing on it-you need the OPPOSITE of fire-water, to put it out!

53 When leftism reaches the point of revolution and anarchy, you can't stop it with a Constitution, logic, pleading or common sense. You can stop it only by restoring the missing order, by force and authority!

54 This is precisely what Adolph Hitler did, and why he is so brutally hated by the scummy anarchists, Bolsheviks and assorted Jews whom he out-witted and out-fought.

55 So far, the U.S.A. has not gone as far down the road to the left as Germany. No U.S. states have hung up the Communist rag and totally overthrown order and authority, as the Jews did when Germany was defeated in World War I. So far, we can still save ourselves by Constitutional and orderly methods, and we do not yet have to move all the way to dictatorship, to correct the evil. So far. There is plenty of power in the Presidency already so that I-or any honest, decent and informed American leader-can restore order and liberty under law to our perishing America.

56 But if the Kosher Conservatives continue to temporize with the Negro situation and pretend that we can beat the Jews and their rush toward anarchy and Bolshevism by loving Jews and Negroes and never mentioning the enemy-and by pretending that "Communism and Nazism are the same thing"-God help us! We will be like a man who finds a little glow of fire in a box of dynamite and keeps blowing on it, hoping that he can "cool it off" and stop the fire without using water or radical methods, for fear of ruining his dynamite.

57 America can no longer fiddle around with easy ways!

58 America is "on fire" with anarchy!

59 But the fire is still small. We do not yet need the dictatorship Hitler was forced to adopt (because Germany needed political "martial law" with whole states going Red).

60 But we do need a movement that is radical rightist, and tough.

61 Those who keep prating of "individual freedom" should take a look in the streets of any American city and see the wild, wooly, murderous "individual freedom" we already have-for Negroes, criminals, Reds and Jews! There is too much "individual freedom" for the enemy. But the Kosher Conservatives don't dare even mention the enemy!

62 It is not more "individual freedom" we need, but more AUTHORITY for decent, White Americans, to save themselves from rampaging Negroes and Communist Jews and anarchist "students", etc.

63 The men who gave us the United States of America established, not an anarchist "democracy", but a highly organized state that, today, would be called "extreme rightist".

64 In fact, by modern standards, our Founding Fathers, would be called the most rabid kind of "fascists" and even "Nazis".

65 Let me remind the reader that his great-great-great grandparents did not grant Negroes any kind of "equality", -but chained them up as slaves. They would have laughed at modern methods of "crime prevention" by handing out more and more money and easy days in sofa jails. They set up WHIPPING posts, ducking stools and hung those who refused to conform to society's rules. Even the most rabid "Nazi" today does not advocate slavery, although the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution not only advocated slavery-they practiced it.

66 They didn't permit women or men without property to vote.

67 They didn't believe in letting the "people" select a President, being well aware of the danger of the demagoguery which plagues our nation today. Instead, they set up an electoral college to guarantee selection, not of the most popular demagogue, but of the best statesman to lead America. (So we have by-passed the Electoral College.)

68 Let me shock you with a startling fact.

69 There is a photograph that was smuggled out of the sacrosanct chamber of the United States Supreme Court.

70 It is a photograph I took myself-a photographs of the rich, red rug right under the nose of Chief Justice Warren and the other eight Justices. It covers the whole floor of the Supreme Court Chamber!

71 If you look at the rug you might recognize a symbol all over that rug in the United States Supreme Court.

72 It is called a "Fasces".

73 Here is the definition from the section on "Fasces" from Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (Fifth Edition) page 363:

74 It shows a picture of a bundle of sticks bound together to make an AX-representing AUTHORITY. fas'ces (f�s'�z), n.pl. [L., pl. of fascis bundle.) Rom. Antiq. A bundle of rods having among them an ax with the blade projecting, borne before Roman magistrates as a badge of authonty. -

75 The same "Fasces" is carved on the front walls of the U.S. Congress. In fact, the fasces is found all over National and State Government buildings, money, etc. The same symbol is on our U.S. dime [The old pre-Roosevelt "Mercury Head" dimes-ed.]

76 Do you recognize anything familiar in that name, "Fasces"?

77 You should. It is the origin of the word "fascist"-which is so much hated by the Jews and Reds. Perhaps you have been taken in by the lies of both the Jews and the Kosher Conservatives, that fascism is "evil" and "un-American."

78 If you have, then look at the definition from Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (Fifth Edition) page 365 - the definition of "Fascism:"

79 Fascist movement. The movement toward nationalism and conservatism as opposed to internationalism and radicalism, originated by the Fascisti in Italy.

80 Note that Fascism is defined as "The Movement toward nationalism and conservatism as opposed to internationalism and radicalism".

81 Now do you see why the Jews (and the rightwing cowards) hate that word "fascism" so much?

82 The "Fasces" were plastered all over everything connected with the United States Government, because, by definition, THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WAS DESIGNED TO BE A "FASCIST" GOVERNMENT! (Nationalist and Conservative)

83 Until the Jews got into the act, nobody was afraid of "Fascism"-our own government proudly placed the symbol of fascist authority all over our most sacrosanct governmental chambers, on our money and on our statues. (Abraham Lincoln's hands rest on two Fasces in the Lincoln Memorial!)

84 Why do you suppose the Jews, Reds and "Kosher Conservatives" hate that word and that symbol so bitterly today?

85 The answer is to be found in the very nature of the "fasces" themselves.

86 They originated, according to an ancient Roman legend, when the tribes in ancient Italy were torn into a thousand feuding "splinters". A great leader, meeting with other chiefs, picked up a stick and snapped it easily, showing how easily the tribes were being beaten one at a time by the barbarians.

87 Then the leader gathered up a bundle of the little sticks, tied them together and tried to break them, lie couldn't of course. All tied together, they were too tough! Then he mounted an ax blade on the bundled sticks and showed that in unity and aggressive self-defense, there is strength and victory.

88 Our kind of people used, and understood that symbol for thousands of years-right up until World War II, when Hitler and Mussolini finally realized how to stop the infernal division of our people by the Jews.

89 In Germany and Italy the Jews had the masses of people (being led by Jewish Communists) hating their own intelligentsia as a "ruling class'-and the "ruling class' hating the masses of their own people as "greedy, brutal labor"- the suicidal "class warfare" of Communism.

90 The Jews had Germany and Italy broken into a thousand squabbling, petty, and greedy little groups that were all helpless before the united power of organized, implacable Jewry. As the Roman leader made the little sticks strong by bundling them together in the "fasces", so Mussolini made the Italian people strong enough to survive and establish order through unity and authority. Hitler did the same thing for the German people. And because a united people led by strong, honest leaders is too hard a nut to crack for Jewish parasites, merchants, money-lenders and Communist revolutionists, the Jews roundly hated Messrs. Mussolini and Hitler, and got the rest of the world to go and whip them.

91 Today, America and all White, Western, Christian nations are divided as never before. Here in the U.S.A. they have us divided into Republican and Democrat, Catholic and Protestant, rich and poor, Yankees and Confederates, Capital and Labor, Liberals and Conservatives, etc., etc.

92 Is there ANY "conservative" who has not sighed: "If only we could get together!" The Jews have lied about the nature of "fascism" to keep us divided and hating the only thing that can save us.

93 But in view of the definition in the dictionary, which we have re-printed, which shows that "fascism" is not "the same thing as Communism", but is actually nationalistic conservatism, how are we to explain the chorus of "conservatives" who are busily baying with the Jewish pack on the heels of "fascism"?

94 Why do they hate us, too?

95 The answer is that most of them are too lazy to do their homework and find out what fascism is.

96 They simply hear the Jews and Communists screaming day and night how vile it is, so they either hate it too or they are too scared of the Jews to admit to themselves that fascism and Nazism are the opposite of Communism.

97 The National Socialist White People's Party believes that our Founding Fathers established an authoritarian. republic (by no means a "democracy"-a form of government which they openly despised). They established the fasces as the very symbol of the authority that brought unity and order to the thirteen original colonies.

98 And it is an AUTHORITARIAN REPUBLIC for which we stand, as did our forbears. Our swastika is the White Man's racial symbol of orderly government and strong leadership-under a constitution and laws.

99 The "fasces" all over Washington and on the dimes in your pocket show the only way to salvation for our White American Constitutional Republic.

100 The American Nazi Party is not afraid to follow that way of the Founding Fathers in spite of the lies of Jews and the Kosher Conservatives.

101 The masses instinctively sense the need for authority and unconsciously seek a strong leader.

102 And the masses, in turn, are the very essence of that we need to win.

103 If we are to win legal, political power, we need, not a few "conservatives", but the millions and millions of essentially non-political, working people and ordinary Americans loosely called "the masses". Yet this enormous mass of power is the very thing "conservatives" can never, never, never win.

104 The U.S. News and World Report for June 7, 1965 contains a statistical analysis of the catastrophic national elections for President of 1964.

105 These figures show more clearly than any amount of arguing or wishful thinking that it is no longer mathematically possible for any sort of "conservative" national candidate to win on any sort of traditional economic "conservative" platform, without the hidden issue of RACE.

106 In fact, the figures show that an economic "conservative" not only MUST lose, but that the trend of our population is daily moving toward a situation such that only a madman will be able to pretend there is any possibility of national political victory for any sort of economic "conservative" program.

107 I will attempt to explain this further on, but for now, let me present the cold figures.

108 First, let me give the percentages of votes won by Johnson and Goldwater in the upper echelons of our population. Among professional men, managers, etc., Johnson got 58% of the vote. Among college-educated persons, Johnson got 54%. Among those with income of $10,000 or above, 56% voted for Johnson. In the smaller cities and towns, Johnson got 63%.

109 Observe that the gap between the two candidates in the higher levels and rural areas averages out to about 15% of the vote. This would not be an insurmountable difference and might easily be changed by more effective campaigning than was done by Goldwater.

110 But now let's look at the opposite to the above categories.

111 Among unskilled labor, Johnson got 80% of the vote.

112 Goldwater got only 16%! Those with no higher than a grade-school education voted for Johnson.

113 Those with incomes below $10,000 gave 70.7% of their vote to Johnson, and only 29.3% to Goldwater. The big cities and urban areas gave Johnson 72% to 28% for Goldwater.

114 The spread between Johnson and Goldwater among the lower economic classes and the urban voters averages out to a huge gap of more than 54%!

115 But even that shocking figure does not tell the whole story of why it is madness to keep trying to win political power on a "conservative" program.

116 Take a look at the relative sizes of the two groups we have compared above.

117 The World Almanac for 1965 shows that the first group we compared, the professional and managerial workers, who voted for Johnson only a 15% gap compose only 21.8% of the population, while the rest of the labor force, semi-skilled and un-skilled, account for 78.2% of the population.

118 Of the smaller cities and towns which went to Johnson only 63% are shown in the World Almanac as having a total population of 54,054,425, the urban areas which went for Johnson 72% show a total population of 125,368,750.

119 And while college graduates went for Johnson by only 54%, the total number of such college people is listed in the World Almanac as only 4,528,215; while the grade-school population that went for Johnson is listed as 40,217,215 (these figures are the enrollment in colleges and grade-schools for 1963). To the number enrolled in grade schools must be added many more millions who are totally illiterate or have only a few years in school.

120 Putting all of this together, we find that the upper echelon and rural sectors of our population, which might possibly be won by a national conservative candidate, comprise only a relatively tiny percentage of the population of the United States (Approximately 20%). However, even this most favorable economic conservative section of the U.S. population is split on economic issues and was won by Johnson, even though the average margin of his victory was only 15% in this sector of the population.

121 On the other hand, the vast masses of Americans who live in urban areas, have only a grade-school education, are only semi-skilled or un-skilled labor, and earn less than $10,000 per year comprise more than 80% of the population.

122 And in this enormous mass, Johnson won 8 out of every 10.

123 The key fact is that the vote of the most illiterate or ill-informed person counts just as much as the vote of H. L. Hunt, or Robert Welch, and there are millions of "little people" for every high-level voter.

124 For those not of a mathematical turn of mind, let me boil it all down to a very, very simple statement.

125 Except on the race issue, the ONLY place economic "conservatives" have any chance at all for a large vote is among those in management positions, upper income levels and those with higher educations-in short, among the trained THINKERS.

126 Among those with grade school educations, in blue-collar or laboring jobs, and incomes below $10,000 per year, "conservatism" sells about as well as snowballs at the North Pole. THE MASSES want a "WARM" candidate who seems "human" and "lovable". Roosevelt, Truman, Ike, Jake now Johnson have all been successful in peddling just right "IMAGE" to win.

127 No matter how we may deplore it, that is a fact - just as it is a fact that Whites don't like "niggers", no matter what the hypocrites pretend.

128 Without the masses, we can never, never win power.

129 And without power, it is a complete and disgusting waste of time to sit around groaning about "constitutionalism' "Christianity", "States' Rights", etc., etc.-interminably That's what we have been doing, and I would think any intelligent person would long ago have had all he could stand of the endless "Oh-my-God;" reports, the "What-We-Must-Do" pamphlets and the "Let's-all-get-together" societies.

130 I am not prepared to waste another moment in failure or impotent groaning. Only if every move is calculated to win power, legally, am I willing to suffer and sacrifice anymore.

131 And the statistics show, with devastating clarity that it is IMPOSSIBLE to win nationally as an economic "CONSERVATIVE".

132 How, then, can we win?

133 The answer is that we must find a way to reach the hearts of the millions who voted for Johnson, Roosevelt, Ike, Harry and Jake. Goldwater assuredly didn't do it with his "soak-the-poor" and "off-to-war" image. Neither can any other economic "conservative"-because a "conservative" is basically trying to peddle ice-cold drinks to "brace you up," when the potential customers are all shivering in the cold rain. Average people want to feel warm, safe and secure. That's the way folks are. And if you insist on trying to sell ice-cold drinks to people shivering in a freezing rain on a bitter cold night, you are sure to fail. We have been failing.

134 The enemy is brilliant in his understanding of all this and in the calculating manner in which he uses psychology on behalf of race-mixing, subversion, degeneracy, immorality and treason!

135 So far, our side is utterly, unbelievably stupid and blind in dealing with masses of human beings.

136 Some who do understand the psychology of masses explain their failure to use that knowledge effectively by claiming that it is "wicked" or "immoral" to be a "demagogue", etc.

137 This is like watching a robber and rapist tearing up your home, ravishing your wife and kidnapping your children and refusing to try to stop him because he has a gun, and it would be "wicked" for you to use a gun, just like the criminal.

138 As long as bad men use psychology and demagoguery to win the masses for evil purposes, good men must use these methods to help our people unite and survive, or we die!

139 I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that I would draw the line at nothing to save our White race. And that includes risking my own life countless times, being beaten, jailed and lied about by almost everybody. I can see no great moral victory in seeing our people, our women, our little White children and young girls rounded up for Chinese Communist slave-labor camps or brothels, or turned over to billions of howling African savages-all because our side is too "nice" to use sound psychology to win the masses.

140 But we don't have to do anything really "vile" to win.

141 We have only to quit the sterile effort to win by trying to drive cold, hard unsympathetic facts into the minds of the masses. It won't work.

142 We have only to put the truth into a form suited to the people. You don't do that with long dissertations, rationalizations, statistics, facts and unvarnished truths.

143 You do it with PARABLE, analogy, slogans, diagrams, posters, demonstrations, and above all combat-things that reach the hearts of men and then filter into their minds.

144 When we can finally make the rightwing leadership understand that, then we can stop the madness of economic "conservatism" and get busy on the ONE issue that DOES reach the hearts of millions-RACE!

145 Point out to a man that if he elects Candidate A he will have a "nigger" neighbor and his kids won't be safe and his property value will crash, and you will reach his HEART. You will beat Candidate A.

146 But tell him the national debt is too high, that "the Constitution is being violated" and that corporation taxes are too high, and he will hardly hear you. You will lose.

147 Tell him that we must be ready to start up a war to preserve the "Monroe Doctrine" and he will call you a "war monger" and be scared to death of you.

148 Tell him you are down on benefits, working folks, high wages and social security, and that you want to cut down on taxes on rich people, and he will actively despise you, as "anti-people".

149 The other side tells him they are "for the little guy"; they holler "down with the big interests" and he'll vote for them till kingdom come, no matter how many mansions or TV stations they own or how they turn him over to outright crooks posing as leaders.

150 The other side has been doing this kind of thing on behalf of evil for years and winning the masses, thus winning power, and thereby changing America into a nightmare of treason and degeneracy.

151 Our side has been too damned snotty and uppity to take stock of itself, and is still peddling the bitter and icy "pill" of economic "conservatism" to the masses of people who have rejected it for fifty years, by bigger margins each time.

152 It took me 15 years to figure that out.

153 In 1956, I sold out the magazine I had successfully started for the wives of Service men all over the world, ("U. S. Lady" Magazine) and put all the money into an effort to "unite" the conservatives. I formed the "American Federation of Conservative Organizations," innocently believing that, if only we could get the right wing together, we could easily conquer the left.

154 By this time, I had plenty of opportunity to look over the activity of the "right wing"-the conservatives-and had come to the conclusion, in my total ignorance of the real nature of the case, that all they needed to succeed was an organizational drive to get them "together", with a business-like PLAN. I had found that there were dozens and maybe hundreds of very rich men, like H. L. hunt of Texas, and Robert Welch of Boston, who felt much as I did, and who, together, could pool enough money and resources to swamp the Marxist-Zionist Jews and left wingers. There seemed to be plenty of talent and ability-and actually a majority of our people over on my side of politics, so that common sense seemed to force the conclusion that it was only a lack of determined effort to put this TOGETHER which permitted the left-wing minority, sparked by the sub-minority of Jews, to keep winning victory after victory and send America down the path to Marxist socialism and racial disintegration.

155 I realized, even then, that talking and educating are useless unless they are directed at the only worthwhile political goal, POWER.

156 But I reckoned without any knowledge of the human content of the "right-wing", in those days. >From the millionaires to the scared little people who attend the endless pitiful "conservative", "100% American", "old-fashioned", "constitutional", "state's rights"-meetings-I learned by bitter experience, that the human material of the right wing consists 90% of cowards, dopes, nuts, one-track minds, blabber-mouths, boobs, incurable tightwads and-worst of all-hobbyists-people who have come to enjoy a perverted, masochistic pleasure in telling each other forever how we are all being raped by the "shhh-youknow-whos", but, who, under no conditions, would think of risking their two cars, landscaped homes, or juicy jobs to DO something about it.

157 Knowing none of this, however, and being full of my usual enthusiasm and drive, I paid for a series of radio spots before and after rightwing commentator Fulton Lewis' show, announcing a Washington meeting to organize the rightwing.

158 The response seemed to be gratifying. Hundreds of people called and I arranged with one of them, Sam Jones, the correspondent of Bill Buckley's National Review, to use the lovely old Virginia mansion in McLean for our first meeting,

159 Of the hundreds who called, only about fifty showed up at the meeting.

160 I addressed the meeting in the best "conservative" style lecturing "nicely" on the need "to get together" more than anything else, and receiving little flurries of polite applause.

161 How I shudder now to think of all that feeble, useless, stupid "niceness"-while our race and our whole world are being brutally destroyed!

162 >From time to time somebody in the audience would ask "what about the Jews?" And there would be snickers and shifting around of feet, like grammar school kids when somebody mentions the word "sex". Then I would scold this "bold" character for such a "disgusting display of prejudice", making my righteous love of the wonderful Jews very clear, and even sharing knowing winks with some close friends at my "clever" deception.

163 The Jews would not have disturbed such a meeting for anything in the world. We, like a million other "conservatives", were giving ourselves the illusion of "fighting" treason, subversion, Communism and race-mixing (the Jews) without doing anything and without hurting the enemy himself. If we did NOT have such silly little secret meetings, we would eventually build up such a pressure of frustrated patriotism that we just might have done something forceful-and therefore effective.

164 A little collection was taken up; we passed out membership cards, and then stood around babbling, as is the inevitable custom after such "battles" with the enemy.

165 Everybody congratulated everybody else at this new and terrible assault on the "Eskimos", as John Kasper called them then, and we went home all aglow with the great "success".

166 I poured out my time and money in an all-out effort to organize the rightwing "nicely", as the "American Federation of Conservative Organizations", and publish a national conservative paper.

167 We held meetings in the best meeting rooms in the Statler and Mayflower Hotels. I had beautiful stationery engraved in gold. I used all my skill in art, writing, organizing, promoting and leading-the same skills that are now serving the American Nazi Party-but were useless then. The basic premise-the premise of conservatism-was wrong.

168 Although it is made to appear so, the battle between the "conservatives" and "liberals" is NOT a battle of ideas or even of political organization. It is a battle of force, terror and power. The Jews and their accomplices and dupes are not running our country and its people because of the excellence of their ideas or the merit of their work, or the genuine majority of people behind them.

169 They are in power in spite of the lack of these things, and only because they have driven their way into power by daring MINORITY TACTICS. They can stay in power only because people are afraid to oppose them-afraid they will be socially ostracized, afraid they will be smeared in the press, afraid they will lose their jobs, afraid they will not be able to run their businesses, afraid th4y will lose political offices. It is FEAR, and FEAR alone that keeps these filthy left-wing sneaks in power- NOT ignorance by the American people as the "conservatives" keep telling each other.

170 Our right-wing "fighters" keep assuring each other "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". But the truth is that any SLAVE knows the truth, but what good does it do him, unless he can somehow get the POWER to FORCE his way to freedom. It is not the truth that will make us free in America, because millions already know the truth and hate bitterly what is going on, but they are AFRAID even to admit they know the truth. Ten million signed the petition for Joe McCarthy-and they are not all dead. But they might as well be, as long as the right wing spends all its time and money trying to "win" another ten million instead of getting the ten million we already have to STAND UP! We have plenty of people, money and facilities to take America back from the traitors tomorrow morning if all the people who already know what is going on, were not AFRAID anymore and would STAND UP!

171 As long as the right-wing confines its fighting to being "nice", the great masses of the public will bow down like sheep to the left-wing which is NOT nice - which uses smear, economic persecution, legal harassment, and finally physical terror to maintain its domination of our national life and culture by FORCE. The force is disguised, of course, in checkbooks, judge's robes, rigged party conventions, etc.-but it is still either the force itself, or the threat of force which has America down and AFRAID.

172 No amount of papers and pamphlets, were they all masterpieces of propaganda-and no amount of talk and meetings can stop this growing left wing force and POWER and FEAR it inspires-much less drive it back and finally destroy it.

173 But in 1955, I still imagined we could "sneak up" on the Jews, like the rest of my "sissy" friends. We would build a great "grass-roots" membership by not mentioning the Jews at all, even praising them-and then, while they suspected nothing, we would get stronger and stronger until finally one fine day we would wipe the smiles off our faces, spin around on the surprised Hebrews, and let them see just what we had in mind!

174 I found this coward's dream being promoted everywhere I went. Every conservative I met would draw me aside and groan about the latest outrages and treason of the "you-know-who's", and describe to me the latest plans to sneak up on the tormentors.

175 And I was as much a part of this childish illusion as anybody else. I spent literally hundreds of hours discussing the methods for this super-sneaky revolution.

176 And the only thing I gained from it all was the final discovery that it was-and always has been-impossible to beat terrorists by talk. One must dislodge such evil usurpers by the same weapon that got them in POWER. Theirs was and is secret and disguised. Ours, by nature, must be open, legal and honest. But it must still be POWER-not talk of pamphlets or sneaky dreams-and it involves, therefore, RISK.

177 I also learned to know the people my wife and I came to call the "die-hards" for some obscure reason I can't recall. These were the perennial "patriots", the eternal attenders of meetings, the inexhaustible talkers and babblers, the super-clever know-it-ails who are going to "throw the election into the house this time", etc., etc., and the disgusting hobbyists who discharged their pent-up "patriotism" once a week or so in the masochistic organism they seemed to obtain by flagellating themselves with the latest outrages of the Jews. These people seemed to have been "fighting" the Jews all their lives-years and years and years. Their standard reaction to anything they didn't think up themselves-a new plan for sneaking up on the Jew--was "I was fighting this thing before you were born, son"-and this was supposed to send the upstart packing.

178 As if people who had spent forty or fifty years fighting so monstrously unsuccessfully had any business daring to open their mouths at all!

179 As the months wore on and we began to see our small savings diminish with no signs of any real progress, I began to get a case of the "desperationitis" so common to the right wing. I had begun to meet a large, unorganized, but regular circle of "patriots" which exists everywhere, and discuss all kinds of "trick" methods of "spilling the beans" on the Jews, all at once. There were endless plans for dropping "the whole story" out of airplanes by the millions on the public while the helpless Jews watched the leaflets flutter down in rage. There was talk of a plan to raid a TV network station, hold the personnel at gunpoint while one of us-nobody cared to discuss exactly who-would present to the breathless millions the documents and facts on the Jewishness of Communism-which we have so abundantly but which mean so little as long as we reach only each other. There was even a scheme for sending aloft huge signs on balloons, tied to inaccessible places, which would "squeal" on the Jews from the sky while they scrambled madly to get them down. These wild ideas are actually-as you read this-being discussed by otherwise intelligent people somewhere-people who are simply too overwhelmed by their own timidity and ignorance to see that even if they DID these nasty tricks on the Jews, there would be NO RESULT at all.

180 People are more inert than it is possible to believe, even after you discover this fact. It takes an incredible amount of propaganda, repeated over and over and over and over to move them even a little bit. This is one of the reasons Joe McCarthy told me he wouldn't even attempt to tell the whole truth. "They'd simply put me away as a lunatic" he said, 'and the public would forget what it was all about". And he was probably right.

181 The idea that there is ANYTHING EASY that can be done, which will send the Jew traitors scurrying for Israel like rats, while we walk triumphantly into the White House, is one of the worst self-delusions which has been keeping the right wing babbling and conspiring while the Jews have been laughing at us and trampling all over our Constitution, our rights, our traditions, our dignity and our White Race.

182 Anybody, when he first discovers what is going on, might be forgiven a certain period of nourishing this childish delusion. But when he sees the Jews starving the families of his fellow sneaks, railroading them into jail, shipping them to mental health "hospitals", smearing and blasting them for just the teeniest weeniest little attempt to stand up to Jewish power, he ought to get the idea in no more than a few years. Any man who spends thirty or forty years pretending to imagine there is such an easy way while our country and our White Race go down and down and down- is not a dreamer-or ignorant. He is a coward!

183 "Conservatives" are the world's champion ostriches, muttering to each other down under the sand in "secret", while their plumed bottoms wave in the breezes for the Jews to kick at their leisure. Conservatives are fooling nobody but themselves.

184 One of the conservative leaders I contacted was William F. Buckley, Jr., the publisher of National Review. My friend here in D. C., Sam Jones, was his correspondent, and we got together at a meeting in New York. It was an intellectual thrill, just talking with Buckley and his staff. There is more pulsating brainpower and genius than any place else on earth I have ever been. Bill, himself, is personable in the extreme, and brighter than all the rest. But his staff contains three or four Jews, one of them particularly Jewish-looking, and the atmosphere there is different than with other "conservative" groups.

185 Buckley is extremely cagey on the Jewish question and even when you get him alone, it is difficult to elicit information as to his awareness. The best you can get are guarded implications from which you are at liberty to infer what you want. I have since learned the reason for this: Buckley's millionaire father had a major interest with the Jews in Israel, and the result, even today, is that Buckley's anti-liberalism and anti-Communism stop at the borders of Israel and the Zionist meeting halls.

186 However, at the time, I too was playing this silly "I've-got-my-eyes-closed" game, so I felt that much could be accomplished by helping Buckley, and I agreed to promote National Review for him. He deposited a thousand dollars in a Washington bank to my account and I started on a project designed to get mass circulation for National Review in colleges and universities.

187 In those days, however, I was heavily involved in my own effort to launch A. F. C. 0. and the newspaper, and I am ashamed to have to admit that I did a rotten job for Bill. I made some efforts, but they were without the drive and full enthusiasm necessary in such a promotion, and nothing happened. I returned the money to Bill, less expenses, with a guilty conscience. Outside of being too cagey on the Jewish question, which is, of course, his privilege, Bill Buckley was 1O0% square as a man, and unlike the situation with other right-wingers with whom I have worked or tried to work, my failure to accomplish anything with Buckley was entirely my fault.

188 In spite of all the money I poured into it and all the work and inspiration I gave it. My effort to "unite the conservatives" and beat the champion sneaks of the world-the Jews-by sneaking didn't work. I ran out of money and went to work for two right-wing millionaires, first Bob Snowden of Memphis, Tenn. and Hughes, Arkansas, and then Russell Maguire, (who used to publish Mercury Magazine-I was his assistant).

189 Maguire talked a good fight. But when the real fight began, he took off. I have exposed the whole ugly story in a previous book, (without libel suits by either of them), but I will not repeat it here.

190 Suffice to say that these millionaires, while sincere, simply did not and probably still do not really believe that we are in deadly danger. They figure there will be some easy way of saving their enormous wealth, short of "coming right out with it".

191 Many right-wingers are sincerely concerned, I know, about my battles with men such as Maguire, Snowden, Welch, Hargis, et al., and my revelations of what they really are. "They are doing good", I am told, "why not let them go about their business their own way. They are helping. Don't hurt them".

192 I maintain they are only giving the appearance of helping-but are actually hurting.

193 Before a mass of people will rise up and do anything effective and forceful about a tyrannical situation, there must be built up a certain emotional pressure. A firecracker has not the force of a rifle bullet because it explodes harmlessly in all directions. But the gas from a rifle bullet cannot escape, except by forcing the bullet out at terrific speed, because it is confined, directed into useful channels.

194 As long as Welch and all the rest of his ilk, rich and poor, can give themselves the illusion of "fighting the Jews" by exploding the pressure inside of them verbally and harmlessly, in all directions, and without ever hurting a Jew traitor, they keep the pressure we need to get mad and fight from ever building up.

195 The Jews know this, and permit these hundreds and hundreds of harmless rightwing organizations to spout endlessly in silence behind the Jewish "paper curtain". They don't reach any significant number of people outside their own group. Even when they do, their approach is so feeble and so psychologically wrong that they win only a few rare types.

196 They never, never get out into the public, into the streets, and reach the masses with an inspiring and driving masculine movement, which alone can win the hearts of the masses! They pass literature and talk only to each other.

197 If just one tenth of the money which pours every year, year after year, into such "fire-cracker" movements were to be contained, directed, and used behind an ideological bullet forced out by fighting men, the Jews would stop at nothing to crush and destroy that deadly "bullet". Even without that money, with only a few grains of "powder", but confined and directed with force, we have already earned the all-out hate of the Jews, the only sure sign that we are not firing the eternal rightwing "gas" at them, but the deadly bullets which they know will eventually destroy their illegal, tyrannical power.

198 This does not mean that we must work ourselves up to a "pitchfork-and-barricade" revolution by violence. This old-fashioned attack won't work, as our side learned in the Civil War and the Klan prosecutions.

199 There are plenty of people already awake in America. They are afraid and they are frustrated by their inability to do anything about the terrible evil they see growing.

200 Mercury magazine did indeed "inform" a lot of people. So does the Birch Society. But we don't need any more informed people who won't stand up and FIGHT to oppose tyranny!

201 Such things as Mercury and the Birch Society also kept the "steam pressure" of emotions down in millions of Americans who were already informed-who feel that as long as such things as Mercury are published and Welch is petitioning to impeach Earl Warren, "something" is being done. These good people are fooled by the constant advice to "write your senator" into imagining that we can somehow petition or talk our way out of tyranny. Worst of all, these papers and societies are financial "leaks" which keep the rightwing bled to death and anemic. There simply is no money for the battle, no money for the bullets and powder, because it has all been spent on fire-crackers, uniforms, the band, pictures of the enemy, exciting rallies, and bed-time stories for the troops.

202 You can't get these myriad stamp-licking and squawking societies together-as I found out-and every experienced "patriot" knows. And even if you could, they would be worse hitched up together than they are squabbling separately. As Hitler puts it so masterfully, "eight lame men walking arm in arm do not make one gladiator".

203 These weak rightwing leaders, who, for forty or fifty years have been preaching a million different tricks to avoid the desperate, dangerous fight which is always the price of any victory, are approaching the end of the road. They cannot much longer pretend that we can save ourselves with their sugary nostrums. When the patient feels the death rattle in his chest, as white America can feel it now, our people will become disgusted with the quack physicians and their sugar syrups and pills, and will welcome our rough and tough, but powerful medicine.

204 Our motto here is "White man, stand and fight for survival with us, or stand out of our way!!!"

205 But it is not just the pantywaist "conservative" dabblers who stand in our way and must be pushed aside if we are ever to win.

206 Even more deadly are the Judas's, the Kosher Conservative "leaders" the other side sends over to lead our side.

207 Consider!

208 A Jew, Kivie Kaplan, leads the NAACP, while other Jews like the Rosenwalds, the Sterns and the Lehmans provide the millions in gold to promote Communist race mixing in America.

209 A Jew, Milton Rosen, leads the most dangerous and violent Communist group in America, "Progressive Labor".

210 A Jewess, Bettina Aptheker, leads our college intellectuals and leftist revolutionaries.

211 A Jewess, Dorothy Schiff, publishes the leftist New York Post, while her fellow Jews publish most of the other "liberal" papers such as the New York Times (Sulzburger), Washington Post (Myers), and so ad nauseum.

212 If it's LEFT, you will find one of God's Chosen leading it and/or financing it, sometimes with a "shabbez-Goy" out front, but always with the Jews holding the purse strings and providing the sparks of life for leftist revolution, race mixing and perversion.

213 You would think that with this undeniable record of leading the attack on America, Jews would have a tough time getting themselves accepted as OUR leaders, too. You would think that the rightwing would at least be suspicious of Jews, let alone accept them as leaders.

214 In fact, the Protocols (and Lenin) have openly said that the way to emasculate and smash the opposition is to LEAD it yourself-lead it to perdition and frustration.

215 And is not the whole rightwing in perdition and frustrated as few such large movements in history have ever been frustrated?

216 Knowing the brilliance of the Jewish and Communist conspiracy, can anyone believe that these master-plotters would fail to install some of their best men and women over on OUR side?

217 It was a little difficult to SEE all this about Barry Goldwater, in spite of his sponsorship of more integration legislation than any other senator, his sell-out of Taft for Ike, his backing of "terrible 1313", and his origination of the Alaska Mental Health concentration camp laws.

218 If Goldwater was really trying to get elected in 1964, can you think of anything more stupid than to go to Appalachia and preach cutting down aid for the poor, go to Tennessee and preach cutting cheap TVA electricity to poor farmers, to go to St. Petersburg, Florida and preach cutting aid to the aged? Or, when the people were up in arms about nigger crime in the streets and the Republicans had made an excellent movie on the subject for national television, can you think of a better way to insure not getting votes than by banning this film, as Goldwater did, so that it was never shown?

219 It was downright funny for millions and millions of White Christian Americans to be working so desperately hard to elect a Jewish president of the United States!

220 But there is nothing funny about the man behind Goldwater-and behind Buckley, behind Young Americans for Freedom, behind the Committee to Keep Red China Out of the U.N., and a dozen other "fronts" operated from 79 Madison Avenue, New York City-the 100% Jew-"ex"-Communist MARVIN LIEBMAN!

221 Liebman's latest front is the "Friends of Rhodesian Independence" and, like all his other "committees' and fronts, it is raking in the influential names-and the cash-millions of dollars. He is getting free advertising from dozens of good and sincere patriots and their papers. So long as this Yiddish faker can be made to appear to be "doing something" to help our White brothers in Rhodesia, nothing real can be done to help them. It is a vile and sickening fraud which angers me more than any such Jew fakes in the recent past.

222 To present my case against Mr. Liebman, let me dissect one of his earlier "committees" which is still doing a land office business sabotaging America, even while the best Americans are still pouring out their souls and their substance to help this Jewish "right-wing leader".

223 Liebman set up the "Committee to Keep Red China Out of the United Nations" at his patriotic money-mill, 79 Madison Avenue, New York City. Like all Liebman fronts, this one was beautifully calculated to grab right-wingers and patriots in a sensitive spot, with a consequent rich haul in cash. It did and it continues to do so.

224 But few or none of the patriotic victims of this Hebrew political swindle have ever examined the letterhead of Liebman's "Committee". There they would have found the names of such sterling "conservatives" as Sen. Paul Douglas, Rep. Fino, Rep. Halpern, Sen. Javits, Hubert Humphrey and dozens of other rabid leftists.

225 Why? How come?

226 Why would leftists want to keep Red Chinese out of their beloved, Red and Black U. N.?

227 The answer is that on the day Red China gets INTO the United Nations, there is an excellent chance that the U.S.A. will get OUT. Public opinion has taken a lot from the U.N., but these leftists cunningly calculate that Red China in would mean the U.S.A. out.

228 Meanwhile, Mr. Liebman gathers up literally millions of dollars, holds mass rallies in Madison Square Garden, etc., and keeps good, patriotic American all busy as beavers fighting to keep Red China out of the U.N. so that the U.S.A. will stay in this filthy mess.

229 When it became obvious that tens of thousands of patriotic young Americans at our colleges were fed up with the rabid beatniks and leftist traitors rampaging on college campuses, Mr. Liebman got some assistant Jew (Schuchman) to organize "Young Americans For Freedom" and once again he rounded up all the opposition to Jewry and set them to harmless sputtering in carefully controlled, pro-Jewish patriotic meetings. As usual, the Goy herd of rich and influential patriots could hardly wait to pour their names and cash upon this wonderful Jew, Liebman. When I speak on college campuses, some of the most violent and vociferous opposition comes from the poor, Liebman-dominated YAF'ers who wave the stupidest, and most pitiful picket signs imaginable at me and shout that I am a "Red", etc. (Incidentally, I have also had some of my most heartening successes with these poor kids in Liebman's "YAF". They have basically good instincts, and my speech always astounds them. Often they gather with me later and it is only a matter of an hour or two to disgust them with the way Liebman and the finks running YAF have deceived them.)

230 Back in February 1962, in the ninth issue of the Rockwell Report, I started a long series of exposes of Liebman and his money-mill at 79 Madison Avenue. I exposed the fact that, although Liebman was supposed to have nothing to do with YAF, Liebman's postage meter number appeared on YAF mail, and YAF mail was opened and signed for by Liebiman's office! That included cash!

231 As soon as this expose was out, Liebman hurriedly shifted operations to cover up.

232 But I have continued to follow his nefarious operations and expose them to college students at every opportunity. Especially have I been able to make progress with college students in YAF when I reveal Liebman's atrocious Communist background. Finally, when the facts could no longer be hidden, YAF admitted them.

233 Here are the facts, admitted by YAF in its own publication, The New Guard, for May 1966. You read them and then judge whether Mr. Liebman could possibly be the right man to lead the kids in YAF, the patriots in the Red China Committee, the White Men in the Rhodesia Committee and all the other fronts he uses to pump the rightwing dry and keep it frustrated and miserable. Marvin Liebman was recruited by a Jew civics teacher (!) in his native Brooklyn into the American Students Union, notorious as the way-out front for young Communists. Within months, Liebman rose into the disciplined ranks of the Communist Party itself, openly joining the Young Communist League. YAF admits "few even of New York City youth were as active in the Party as young Marvin".

234 Liebman himself confesses that, in typical Jew fashion, he didn't like the open, "rough stuff" like picketing, preferring to become what he calls a "manipulator" of others!! (As he is now doing.) Jew Liebman-"Marv"-did all the right Jew things: matriculated at New York University, took an apartment in "the Village", wrote leftwing propaganda and affected all the "literary" pretensions of the dirty beatnik Reds, Negroes and general scum.

235 Drafted into the Army, YAF admits that Liebman discovered a "clever" system to avoid KP and any other details he didn't like. In typical Jewish style, Marvin simply "broke his glasses", allowing the Goyim boobs to do all the work. When this no longer worked, Jew Marvin managed to get a "cut finger". (No kidding! YAF actually admits all this in print!)

236 This sharpie Communist Jew also managed to flunk basic training!

237 In spite of ducking all KP by either breaking his glasses or malingering with a hangnail, the Jew was able to fast-talk his way into writing the KP manual for the Goyim to work harder!

238 Finally, Marvin managed to get himself discharged from the hated Army-for sunstroke!

239 The courageous Jew, fresh from "battle" in the Army, scurried back into the Communist sewer pipe and became editor of The Spotlight for American Youth For Democracy. YAF says, at this point, "Liebman flourished under Communist discipline and was proud to be a Communist functionary".

240 No broken glasses or hangnails here for this hebe.

241 Liebman became a satellite of Communist leader Earl Browder and his Jewish wife. When Browder fell from grace, Marvin found himself out in the cold with the straight commie gang, and, like most Jews, became a follower of the top Jewish Communist of all time (outside of Marx, himself), Trotsky (Bronstein).

242 As a Trotskyite, Liebman signed on with the Israeli terrorist gang, the IRGUN, and helped in the torture and murder of British young men. Then he tried to join the Greek Communists, but was discouraged by lack of funds, and decided there was a way to be a Communist and wealthy and comfortable.

243 Marv went to work as a fund-raiser for the United Jewish Appeal. These professional Jew money gatherers sent him to school on how to make a "pitch", how to design a tear-jerking campaign to rake in the shekels, how to beat the bucks out of the faithful by veiled pressure and how to gather names and influence.

244 Once he saw these professional Jew moneychangers operating, Marvin knew he had discovered his life's work. But he was still so Red, so passionately left, that he felt impelled to put his talents to work for his Jew Communist "cause". He raised money for Henry Wallace's campaign for President. He campaigned for the rabid leftist Rudolph Halley for New York City Council. Finally he wound up working for the man who set him on course for what he is doing now, a rabid leftist named Harold Oram. Oram put Liebman in charge of smuggling Chinese out of Red China (and, it must be presumed, into our U.S.A.). Liebman raised huge sums doing it and learned the techniques of squeezing money and big names out of his causes with which to get more money.

245 In 1953, when patriots were worried about a sell-out to Red China, Oram and Liebman saw their golden opportunity to:

246 1. Rake in the millions

247 2. Mislead the anti-Communists

248 3. Prevent the anti-Communists from effective action

249 4. Keep real anti-Communists broke

250 5. Discredit real anti-Communists, and

251 6. Hide the real facts about Communists.

252 They formed their "Committee of One Million Against the Admission of Red China to the United Nations". They herded in Herbert Hoover, Charles Edison, Walter Judd and many other real patriots. But mostly they gathered in the money! How it rolled in!

253 After that one, it was easy. Using the techniques learned in the Communist Party and at the United Jew Appeal school on fund-raising, Liebman set up one outfit after the other to rake in the millions from gullible patriots who never stopped to consider how odd it was that with the leftwing led almost 100'% by Jews, only a rabid Jew Zionist-terrorist "ex"-Communist seems to be available to "lead" our side in opposing all these Jews!

254 Now let's take a look at Liebman's latest, his committee on Rhodesia.

255 At the head of it he has placed no other than "Taylor Caldwell".

256 Taylor Caldwell is supposed to be a great novelist, and also a great "rightist".

257 I used to wonder how a strong anti-Communist can get her books sold so vigorously all over the world in every Jew book store.

258 Then I learned something. Miss "Caldwell" wrote me a vile letter after she read one of my Rockwell Reports about the "Berlin Crisis", in which I exposed the printed material by the Jews in which they predicted, before World War II, exactly how they would divide Germany, as it has been divided, and how they would eventually exterminate the Germans as a people, by mass sterilization. (See Rockwell Report No. 1, October 1961)

259 Miss "Caldwell's" letter was a staggering document. It was stupid and uninformed beyond my possibility of belief.

260 She wrote pages of foolishness of which I will give one example: in order to discredit my claim that Jews have something to do with Communism, she rages that the two most anti-Communist papers in New York are the News and the Mirror (this was in 1961) and that they are owned by Jews! On the other hand, says this "great" writer, the most leftwing paper in New York, the Times, is 98% Christian. ( ! ! !!) (The Times is owned by the Sulzburgers and the Ochs-Jews-while for new readers, the News is owned by the Christian Pattersons).

261 To top off her hysterical display of ignorance, and "prove" Communism is not Jewish, she writes that notorious "Sidney Hook of Columbia University is deeply conservative"!!

262 Here's a direct quote from this crazy female: "The majority of Jews . . . are deeply conservative". ( !) She adds that millions and milions of Jews were murdered by "Russian Communists"!!!

263 She ends her letter with the word, "Sh-t !".

264 A real "lady".

265 I was simply flabbergasted by this dose of madness and utter stupidity. I could not understand it, no matter how I tried.

266 Finally, I dug into the lady's background a bit and began to learn that there is a reason for her "insanity", and a reason for her great "success" as a "writer".

267 She isn't really "Taylor Caldwell"; she is really "Mrs. Marcus Reback" and is married to Mr. Reback, a Jew!

268 Her daughter married a Jew by the name of Gerald Fried Another daughter married a Jew named Goodman.

269 Now do you see why "Miss Caldwell" had such a fit when I printed the evidence of Jewish involvement in Communism and the plan to exterminate the German people? And why she can peddle her books by the millions in Jew bookshops all over the world even while she is a top Birch Society functionary and author? And why such a filthy-mouthed woman can be hailed far and wide as a brilliant authoress, just as Jewess Barbara Streisand is worshipped in every Jewish paper and magazine as the world's greatest singer, etc. etc.?

270 While "Taylor Caldwell" is one of the big wheels of the John Birch Society, she is also listed as a "contributing editor" of the magazine that attacked Goldwater as a psychopath, the great "conservative" magazine Fact, published by Ralph Ginsburg, recently sentenced to prison for his utterly filthy "Eros". Fact is about as far left as you can get, and this "Taylor Caldwell" (Mrs. Marcus Reback) gets away with posing as a great "conservative" even while she helps Mr. Ginsburg smear her supposed conservative "friends"!

271 So now "Miss Caldwell" (Mrs. Reback) has been made the head of the Friends of Rhodesia, under Marvin Liebman. With such a nice brace of Jew "friends", Rhodesia doesn't need any enemies.

272 But even this Jewish manipulator, Liebman, isn't the worst cause of the endless failure in the anti-Communist camp!

273 The most deadly danger of all are the capable "conservatives" who have somehow fallen into the clutches of the Jews!

274 These Jew-directed "Kosher Conservatives" have enormous amounts of money, industrial power and national influence. Were they ever to take a united stand against the Jewish tormentors of our people, the game would be over in the morning.

275 So, knowing this, the Jews have developed for these sincere but shortsighted wealthy right-wingers a sort of playpen in which they can thrash around to their heart's content, without ever doing any damage to the plans of our mortal enemies!

276 The very word and idea of "conservatism" guarantees that the victims of this delusion will merely try to "conserve" what is already GONE (such as the Constitution, etc.), thus condemning themselves to a pitiful, rear-guard DEFENSIVE action. They are very much like white-whiskered old Calvary Generals, long retired, cackling and fuming for the restoration of their beloved cavalry, long after tanks and rocket-launchers have swept the last horses from the battlefield.

277 Those committed to "conserving" something are doomed to think so strongly in terms of defense that the very idea of attack seems sacrilegious to them. \Whenever I propose action, such as beating the daylights out of the traitors who burn American flags, these "conservatives" react as though I had belched in the middle of the silent prayer in church.

278 The Jews have made it relatively safe for patriots who agree tacitly to remain in the official Jewish playpen. And the boundaries of that Jewish playpen consist of avoiding mention of just two things: RACE and JEWS.

279 You are allowed to be an economic conservative; you are allowed to be against all sorts of pet hates of "conservatives", such as "big government", Earl Warren, low tariffs, taxes, unions, etc. But let any conservative mention the Jews publicly and he will promptly find himself attacked with maximum Jew terrorism. Let him say that he thinks there is some evidence that perhaps Negroes are not biologically equal to White People-and the floodgates of Jewish hate and sewage will be opened to pour upon his head such a torrent of abuse and smear that he will run like a rabbit. He will be termed a "racist", a "bigot", a "hater", a "fascist"-and finally, a "NAZI"!

280 The poor, scared inmates of this Jewish "conservative" playpen are so terrified of the Jews getting even the least idea that they might even be thinking about sneaking an inch or two out of the playpen, that they usually seek to assure and reassure the Jews of their meek submission by endless attacks on "racists" and "Nazis".

281 Such organizations as The Birch Society, Billy James Hargis, Fred Schwartz, the Constitution Party all stay in their playpen, although most of the leaders know "the score". But they have decided that it is "clever strategy" to cooperate with the Jews in order, thereby, to build a larger membership and financial power.

282 But did you ever in your life hear of anybody winning a war by agreeing first never to mention the enemy, and then never doing anything to attack the enemy which was not first approved by the enemy?

283 That's precisely how we lost the Korean War and are now wasting thousands of American lives losing in Vietnam.

284 When an enemy has you down and almost whipped, it is pure insanity to accommodate him in ANY way. And to pretend he is your pal, and then allow him to dictate your strategy is pure suicide, not to mention cowardice.

285 In addition to emasculating your fight before it begins, this conservative defeatism and lack of aggressiveness- the "States' Rights" euphemisms CONVINCES OUR SIDE THAT THE ENEMY IS ALL-POWERFUL. Cocky self-confidence is a might weapon, and has more than once given victory over a big man to a little man. But any man, little or big, who cowers and cringes before the enemy, rubbing his hands and smiling and hunching his shoulders and reassuring his deadly enemy that he is just crazy about him-has disarmed himself and made it impossible for himself to FIGHT. There's nothing clever or smart about that.

286 Our nation and our people are perishing from an overdose of political sneaks, demagogues, liars and cowards. The people may not be able to articulate that thought in these words. But they know it in their hearts. They long for a man to come forth who disdains compromise, sneaking, demagoguery and slick lies. They want to hear a man say- nay shout-what is in the hearts of the people without fear and without compromise. They want a real LEADER, not another slick politician. They will accept, vote for and cheer a substitute only so long as the real thing is unavailable. The light of the moon is appreciated only when there is no sun.

287 Before such a strong leader can come forward and reach the hearts of millions of the people, the people must first be made ready for the battle that will be made inevitable by any such a leader. The Jews, Blacks, Communists, liberals -and the entrenched Kosher Conservatives - will fight desperately to prevent such a man from coming forward, because they know it will mean their own death knell as "leaders." They will fight with furious passion against the leadership of an honest man, because it will expose their own miserable failure and cowardice.

288 The people already sense this. But they do not yet want the all-out, bloody battle, in which they would probably lose their color TV, their two cars and their electric lawnmower. They still hope they can win by some EASY way. And George Wallace (as I write) represents that hopeful, "easy" way, to America's millions.

289 But the enemy cannot allow the victory of a Wallace because they know Wallace would be only the forerunner of a new, all-out "Hitler"-IF he won.

290 At the same time, Wallace has built into his campaign the same weaknesses and guarantees of destruction as the Birchers, etc.; he has insisted on trying to win a life-and death battle the same way we are "fighting" in Vietnam- by fighting only on terms and grounds allowed by the enemy Instead of fighting on the grounds of RACE, on which he could unite the squabbling and divided "right", he fight on the untenable grounds of "states' rights", "segregation' and the rest of the Kosher Conservative shibboleths which are so easily demolished by the brutal enemy.

291 The clever campaign and pressure of the Jews upon America first produced such compromising economic kosher "conservatives" as Buckley. When he was unable to stop the Jewish juggernaut (because he was with it), the few who could see the need for something more flocked to the banners of the Birch Society. But today, that too is failing, because the Birch Society also consorts with and "loves" the enemy-the Jews Jews-and gives patriots' contributions to send Negroes to college on scholarships, all while calling honest men who name the enemy "Communist agents provocateurs"!

292 The next phase of this American movement toward the right must be and is "Wallace-ism"-the covert and sneaky racism, which is now the fashion in the South and conservative circles.

293 For the same reasons that Buckleyism and Welchism failed, Wallace-ism will also fail.

294 We can't win in Korea and Vietnam when we won't fight, and we can't win here in America either when we not only will not fight, but we won't even name the enemy.

295 Are we not damned fools to continue to let the enemy dictate the terms of the struggle?

296 Are we not idiots to continue to fight on the enemy's brutal terms when we suffer nothing but defeat, and see the end only months away?

297 Are we not worse than mad to tolerate almost nothing but Jews and "ex"-Communists or pro-Communists like Liebman, Goldwater-and now Reagan-to lead us, when there are millions of pure, unadulterated Americans willing and capable of leading?

298 How long will we continue to believe we can "out-sneak" and out-wit the Jews by "smart" demagoguery, when they are the world's champion sneaks and demagogues?

299 For every sneaky lie we can tell, (such as that we are "not racists",) the Jews can tell ten much better and more convincing lies.

300 How long before our masses of great Americans get mad enough to say, as we must, "To hell with all the pretense and fancy talk! It's time to name the damnable Jewish, Zionist, "nigger" and Communist enemy, fight him, and kill those who are trying to commit treason, enslave us or kill us! It's time to fight!"

301 The answer to that question is that it will not be long. Wallace must have his day. The people must learn that our race of people can't win by any kind of sneaking-even when it is considered clever sneaking, such as denying that one is a "racist", and even saying that "racism is evil". Wallace-ism is a phase that must be grown out of, as a teenager passes through immature phases of development. Racism is not only not "evil"-racism is our only hope!

302 America will soon be ready for a leader who has gone through hell to preach pure racism, to fight for our White people, as a race, without any pretty excuses or cover-ups.

303 The people, when they have been robbed of their savings by inflation and economic catastrophe, when "niggers" are raping their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, when their country is in flames and being looted by "nigger" mobs, when Jews have become only a tiny bit more arrogant and monopolize everything, parading around as our teachers, musicians, comedians, actors, philosophers, writers and finally our owners-when the people have had only a little more of this, then the radical racial stance and record of the American Nazi Party will bring us the hearts and love of the masses of Americans.

304 It is tempting for a rightist political group to make all sorts of compromises right now in order to attract, hold and gain the financial support of large numbers of people who do not yet see the desperate need for radical measures.

305  This is what all the big, successful rightwing organizations are now doing. They say everything calculated to bring them flocks of frustrated people, and they avoid saying anything that might shock and distress these flocks of poor, frustrated Americans, even though they may know that our people need to hear and know the bloody, deadly and dangerous truth.

306  These presently "successful" rightwing organizations, including the Wallace promoters, are like a mother who is too chicken to take her son to a dentist to have his tooth pulled when it is rotten and diseased, but instead gives him doped-up soothing syrup. None of these "soothing syrup" patriots dare to go after the deadly germs which are causing the trouble, recommend killing the germs (which represents the Jewish traitors in our midst) and getting rid of the aching tooth. (Which, in this analogy, represents the twenty million "niggers" causing America the worst "ache" we have ever had.)

307  But the time comes when even the worst coward about going to the dentist can no longer fool himself with soothing syrups, and scrambles in to a real dentist to have the radical treatment which alone can solve his problem-to have the tooth jerked out and the germs of decay KILLED.

308  Nothing less can stop a real tooth-ache.

309  And nothing less than killing the enemy germs and extracting the "nigger" hell-raisers can stop the disease and pain which is killing America and the White Race.

310  Our job is to be good dentists, remain steadfast and keep our pliers and germicide ready to extract the black aching tooth and disinfect our Nation of the germs of Jewish treason and decay, when the patient is ready.

311  Fifty years of "conservative" failure is enough!