1 It's hot. The night atmosphere is heavy and oppressive. All the windows are open. You can hear a siren a few blocks away, the kids screaming in the street and even the drunken voices of the O'Malleys in their usual argument. But no breath of air comes through the windows. You lean back in your squeaky wicker chair, tee shirt wet with perspiration. Even the little fan oscillating back and forth just emphasizes the brutal heat and sweatiness of the air when the fan momentarily brushes you.

2 You turn on the TV and take a gulp of beer out of the cold can.

3 It seems like only another hot August night - only somehow this one's different. You can feel it.

4 There's an air of tension, expectancy, foreboding.

5 The news has been bad. But then it's been bad ever since the riots began way back in June. You've gotten used to the riots every summer, since 1963. Now, in 1971, the summers are expected to be periods of almost open warfare between Blacks and Whites. Even the winters aren't real truces any more, as they used to be in the sixties.

6 There are outbreaks of the Black-and-White war even in the coldest winter months. But always the harried authorities have managed, somehow, to restore some kind of order. By the Whites staying out of black areas, they have managed to keep working and to keep up some pretense of civilized life.

7 But this year the riots have been almost constant. The TV in front of you has just shown dramatic pictures of what's going on in other cities: the searchlight stabbing into the city night, highlighting black faces distorted with hate, fighting the police and national guard troops, the gunfire and the blazing buildings where Molotov cocktails have sent up whole blocks in flames.

8 However, it's been quiet in your city, now for almost two weeks. The cops and the soldiers beat down the last uprising by the Blacks before it got out of the Negro area only a few blocks.

9 The TV newscaster is telling how another boatload of black saboteurs fresh from guerilla training in Cuba has been intercepted alter a running gun battle in the Caribbean and has been prevented from landing in Florida.

10 You are sick of it! Sick to death of this eternal trouble with these black mobs and Communist agitators, raising hell, raping, killing, rising up and burning, looting and threatening whole cities.

11 You turn off the TV.

12 You gaze up at the ceiling in the growing darkness, wondering where in hell it will end, how it will end. The heavy, hot air of August is laden with sounds of automobile horns, kids shouting, neighbors hollering and somebody practicing the piano nearby. More sips of beer, getting warm as you reach the bottom of the can. You want to get your mind off the damned niggers, for a change. You turn on the light to read the Western paperback you bought on the way home.

13 Then you hear it.

14 At first you think it's some kind of crowd cheering at a ball game. There's the sound of a tremendous number of people shouting, a long, long way off. But somehow it's different from any sports crowd. There's a vicious, deadly sound to this roaring mob. You get up from the wicker chair and go to the window. Over the black silhouette of the brick apartments to the east, you see the familiar glow. Fires!

15 So it's started again!

16 Why can't they kill all those black bastards, once and for all, and put an end to this crazy business! To hell with it! You won't watch, this time. You close the window, go back and turn the TV back on. Maybe you can get your mind off the everlasting nigger trouble by watching some movie or comedy show.

17 With the window shut, it seems for a moment you've gotten away from the damnable nigger hell.

18 With the TV on, you can't hear the mob or the occasional gunfire.

19 You get another cold beer and try to relax in the glow of the TV tube. Just as you get interested in a Western, the damned thing goes dead on you. You get up to wiggle the plug. Sometimes you can fix it that way. Then you notice that the fan is off, too. Must be a fuse. So you go into the kitchen and look into the fuse box with the flashlight.

20 No fuses are blown.

21 But by then, you're already beginning to notice all the lights are off, even the street light which usually shines into the kitchen window. It's really black! You're not used to such total darkness, such absence of any glow or reflected light at all. It gives you an eerie feeling.

22 You stick your head out the kitchen window. Outside there is something new, something evil. You don't know what it is, but it grips your heart with fingers of ice.

23 It's silent in your neighborhood. No more kids shouting, no more piano practicing, no more quarrelling at the O'Malley's - nothing, - just silence. Dead, empty, heavy silence. The quiet lends impact to the distant sounds of the mob down in the central part of the city. In the silent dark, in which you can see nothing, the sounds of the black mob down there are amplified and emphasized until they seem to be coming at you.

24 In the darkness outside your window, you hear Jack Morgan, who's been drinking beer on his front steps, hollering to his wife, upstairs, "Don't worry, honey, it's just a power failure. They'll have it on in a little while. Keep your shirt on."

25 A kid begins to cry - then another. There is an excited, but hushed, buzz outside as the neighborhood tries to adjust to the total darkness.

26 Everybody is listening to the sound of that black mob in town, but reassuring each other that the authorities will soon put down the rebellion, as they always have.

27 Then you hear Mrs. Johnson calling to a neighbor for some water. "Something's wrong with mine," Mrs. Johnson hollers, "I can't get any water to fix the baby's bottles."

28 Then, from most of the neighbors all at once, you hear that everybody's water is off. You realize that something must be seriously wrong, and pick up the phone to call the cops. At least you can report that the water is off in your neighborhood.

29 The phone's dead!

30 Remembering your transistor radio, you turn it on.

31 ". . . . the public is asked to remain calm, until the National Guard can restore order. Stay in your homes and do not panic. There is nothing about the present emergency any different OH, MY GOD! Oh ----ahhhh."

32 Over the tiny speaker in the radio comes the unmistakable gurgling sound of a man gasping his last breath. Just before the station goes off the air, you hear "How you like that, you White Mother- f---er!"

33 You lean out the window. "Did you hear that!" you holler to the neighborhood in general. "Hear what?" comes from a dozen throats.

34 "I just turned on my pocket-radio and heard what sounded like an announcer gettin' killed, right on the air. Then they went off!"

35 "Try another station!" somebody hollers.

36 "I already have," comes from somebody else. "They're all off."

37 "I'm gettin' my guns," you holler.

38 "Better be careful," shouts a neighbor, "you know the new laws on guns!"

39 "To hell with the new laws," you roar. "If those black bastards come messin' around here, they're gonna get shot. I don't care if they throw me in jail for it. I'm not gonna let those filthy niggers shoot up and burn this place, and hurt our women!"

40 But before you can grab your hidden guns and get out front, they are here!

41 A car comes screeching around the block, tossing Molotov cocktails and firing automatic weapons! In the glare of the flaming gasoline bombs you see the white eyes in the black faces. But even if you couldn't see them, you'd know what they are by their filthy language! As usual they are drunk and roaring typical black curses on all White people - liberal, rich, poor, rightwing, Klan -any White man.

42 As the carload of black terrorists disappears, still firing, you can hear the screams of the dying, and the expressions of horror from people whose loved ones have been shot to death.

43 You grab your old Marine Corps M 1 and the .38 and take the steps, even in the dark, three and four at a time.

44 Outside, in the flickering light of the fires, surrounded by moans and prayers of your neighbors, you find a little group of men who have had enough service experience not to panic. They have their guns ready, and are trying to decide what to do.

45 You suggest that somebody be sent to the police station over on Grand. They all agree. A kid with two pistols volunteers. He disappears into the dark. You don't know the cops are all dead.

46 Just as you are discussing where each guy will be posted, another carload of the bastards comes roaring back toward town from the suburbs, blasting away. You hit the deck, slam home the bolt of the old M 1 and feed a surge of satisfaction when the old rifle rattles off each round at the black terrorists. You can hear one of the sons-of-bitches scream as he's hit! Reminds you of the war! But then you remember - this is home! This is where your wife and kids live.

47 And that brings a new and horrible thought!

48 The wife and kids are visiting across town. What's happening there?

49 Your heart stops for a moment. But then fury surges up within you. If they've touched Janie and those little kids!

50 You begin to consider your position.

51 No lights, no water, no phone, no radio - few guns, fewer who know how to use them and have the guts to use them no organization! And very little ammo!

52 While you're thinking about all this, a matter of only minutes since the first attack, here come three more cars! You blast away with the M 1. You hit another one! But the rest of the guys are firing away at nothing, wasting the few rounds of ammo you've got!

53 You yell at them to cease-fire! It's too late. They're all out of ammo.

54 The groans and crying and prayers of the people who are hit have demoralized most of the rest of the people. Surprisingly, a lot of the women seem tougher than the men, and are doing their best with torn skirts and shirts for bandages and what comfort they can provide with words. Many of the men, especially the younger "jive" generation with the long hair and the stoop shoulders, are acting like a bunch of teenage girls, screaming and screeching, begging somebody to "help" them. "Help" them! You'd like to "help" them, with a good kick in the ass.

55 Now it's no longer dark. The whole neighborhood is blazing.

56 The fires set by the flaming gasoline are burning viciously. There's nothing to stop them. No fire department - not even any water.

57 The night was already oppressively hot. Now, with many houses roaring infernos of flame, the heat makes your skin shrivel.

58 Already, many others are moving onto a vacant lot trying to get away from the searing flames. You hear a man and his young wife screaming at each other, a few houses away. She is trying to run back into their house to get something, before it burns up. He is holding her while she struggles and screams. Their kids huddle around her, crying.

59 She never gets to go into the house.

60 A carload of blacks see her in her nightgown, as they go by. They shoot her husband and her kids. They grab her and drag her screaming, into the car, laughing insanely and boasting to each other what they are going to do. And you can't do a damned thing with empty guns.

61 Within minutes, two more carloads of the black devils roar into the neighborhood. But these don't keep going -shooting - like the others.

62 They get out to loot - and rape!

63 Most of the men around you have long since scrambled off to hide in terror. You can do little else, yourself.

64 >From under a bush on somebody's lawn, shaded from the worst of the blazing heat and light, you watch the black savages grabbing everything they want - radios, TVs - and women! God, you never thought you'd see a sight like this!

65 You'd read about it happening far away in the Congo and other places, but always thought it was something you'd never see here.

66 Now you are forced to watch, helplessly, while six of the black animals rip the clothes off the little teenage O'Malley girl and rape her, one after the other - after murdering her mother, father and brothers. At first, she screams and struggles desperately. But after two or three of the lustful black beasts have beaten her and had their way, she lies whimpering. Then there's no more whimpering.

67 All night the horror continues. The houses burn to black ruins. And still they burn.

68 The carloads of Negroes roam at will through the neighborhood, looting, murdering the wounded just for pleasure - and raping!

69 You are helpless! Beaten

70 Finally, about three a.m., things slow down a bit. You crawl out and call to some others still alive. "Where the hell is the National Guard?", you keep repeating to each other, dazedly, stupidly. "Where in the hell is the God-damned Guard?"

71 You are the only one with enough experience and leadership to try to do anything at all. You suggest gathering the wounded and helpless and trying to get them all together behind a pile of old bricks and stone in the vacant lot. The wounded are crying, really crying for water. But there is no water. Nobody thinks of food, yet. That will come later. But for now, everybody is just trying to survive. And every moment, you can hear the roar of the huge mob in the central city moving out, getting nearer!

72 The others agree to try to get the wounded down behind the brick pile. But before you can finish the job, you hear a new noise, - the clanking, motor noises you remember from the war: TANKS!

73 The Guard! At last!

74 "It's the National Guard!" you shout to the others. 'I can hear the tanks!"

75 They all listen. A feeble cheer goes up as they all hear the tanks.

76 Just in time, too, because now the black mob is within blocks! You can imagine just what it would be like if that black swarm of bloodthirsty Africans gets here to finish off the remaining survivors! Now the tanks are moving in to restore order at last!

77 You feel, for the fist time, that you will survive. And you resolve never to be caught like this again, never to be disorganized, and so poorly armed! If the bastards ever try to do it again, gun laws or no gun laws, you resolve to be ready!

78 The noise of the tanks gets closer - closer. Now you can see them! Thank God!

79 The iron monsters are clanking along the streets, clearing them, with infantry troops moving in behind them in full battle gear!

80 My God, what a beautiful, delicious, gorgeous sight!

81 Nothing ever looker so beautiful! Slowly, in a daze, those able to walk begin to move out from behind the brick pile.

82 The tanks and troops uncover a swarm of blacks hiding in a construction project. The infantry troops move in to round them up. The tanks stop.

83 But what's this! What the hell!

84 What are the tanks doing now?

85 They're turning! They're not waiting for the infantry to finish off the black terrorists in the construction project - they're turning back! My God! Don't they know there are hundreds of White people out there helpless?

86 But they're not just "turning back!"

87 The tanks have swiveled around their guns and, are going at their own infantry troops! What the hell! And while you're still stunned, the tanks open up with machine guns on their own infantry and mow them down, hundreds of them!

88 Then the top of the lead tank pops open - and you know why.

89 A big black head comes out, grinning!

90 Now there is silence among the little band of men, women and children behind the bricks. They are too stunned even to curse. Nobody needs to explain.

91 They realize now what has happened.

92 The great majority of the blacks in the armed forces and the National Guard have joined the black rebellion.

93 Now the mighty technical weapons of the United States are in the hands of black savages, only a few generations removed from animal life in the jungle. Rockets, tanks, nuclear bombs - all that White genius created to protect itself, stupidly and treasonably turned over to the enemy himself in the name of "brotherhood" and "equality!"

94 You use the last reserves of your will and energy to herd the tiny band of your surviving neighbors down into an abandoned cellar under the bricks and wreckage.

95 Now you are alone, against a world gone mad

96 No water, no food, no ammunition, no communication, no medicine! Nothing!

97 But you aren't going to give up, yet.

98 Maybe it's only local. Maybe the Army, or the Marine Corps, or somebody will be able to get control of this revolt of the jungle.

99 If only you can hold out, maybe help will come.

100 But the tanks are followed, now, by swarms of blacks streaming out of the city, drunk with whiskey and blood -acting precisely as their kind of people have acted from time immemorial in the African jungles, with animal ferocity and bloodthirstiness! Every White soldier and National Guardsman in the area is dead, many mutilated -taken by complete surprise by their own black "comrades!" Day dawns hot, more horrible than the night, filled with smoke and flames, Dozens of moaning Wounded lie all around you, crowded down in there under the rocks and bricks. The cries for water, particularly from the kids, are endless and heartbreaking. But there is no water.

101 You can do nothing.

102 About eight o'clock things have become fairly quiet in your neighborhood. Only the crackling arid snapping of the fires all around can be heard.

103 Then you hear a wail from the street.

104 Your peek out - and see one of the Negroes you shot last night, crawling, moaning and crying for help.

105 You dare not move.

106 But suddenly one of the bravest of the women'folk, a woman who has been comforting and bandaging and helping the wounded and dying all night long, dashes out from under the shelter She runs toward the black man in the street.

107 You watch with horror while she plunges a big kitchen knife, again and again and again into the quivering black body!

108 You recognize her. It's Mrs. Moody - the liberal! She's contributed hundreds of dollars to the blacks, helped them endlessly, marched in their picket lines, sat-in with them and even gone to Mississippi to register them as voters. Now you watch her out there, finally asserting the animal wisdom God gave her to protect her own! Last night her husband and kids were murdered. Mrs. Moody is no more "liberal." Now she's a member of the great White Race -a fighter! But it's too late!

109 At ten o'clock, you see more blacks roaming around the neighborhood, picking over the ruins, kicking the dead, ripping the clothing off females and laughing insanely at their unspeakable atrocities - just like the Mau Mau brothers in Africa!

110 For the whole day you manage to survive and keep the little group together.

111 But several die, and the thirst becomes unbearable for all of you.

112 About seven o'clock, when the summer night is still hot with sunshine, you have to watch a little girl die in her mother's arms. She keeps crying for her "Mommy," and her mother keeps crooning Mommy's right here, darling, right here! I'm right here!". and sobbing softly, rocking the little curly headed kid back and forth, back and forth, until the little head falls sideways.

113 Your eyes fill with tears, and your heart with rage, at the idiots and political rats that brought the greatest nation on earth to this and all in the name of "brotherhood" and "progress." Progress! At about eight, you can hear a sound truck in the distance. For a long time it cruises around and you can't figure out what it is saying.

114 Then it begins to move into your neighborhood, and you can hear the message rasping from the loudspeakers:

115 "This is the new Socialist Democratic People's Government of the United States. We have overthrown the racist "hate" government of the United States. United Nations Ambassador Alfred Goldberg has already recognized the new People's Democracy.

116 The Armed Forces and the National Guard are in our hands. United Nation's Chinese troops are now landing at all airports to assist the freedom-loving People's liberation army in restoring order. Resistance is useless. Nothing can move without our permission in the entire nation. You are ordered to come out of hiding, and report to the nearest registration point for movement to prepared refugee areas where you will be fed and then put to work. After nine p.m. tonight, all those who have not checked into registration centers will be shot . . . . This is the new Socialist Democratic People's Government of the United States. The Armed Forces and the National Guard of the United " -and the truck went on out of the neighborhood, playing it's message of doom for our nation, over and over.

117 Your eyes blurred with tears, you watch most of the people stumble up out of the hiding place and begin to wander around looking for the "registration points." You have found one round to put in your .38.

118 You point it at your head . . . then you notice a pretty young girl looking up at you, a silent prayer in her eyes. You hand her the pistol and stumble out of the hole before you hear the explosion.

119 What I have written is no hysterical pipe dream of an alarmist.

120 Precisely this sort of thing is planned, in detail, by the enemy - and has already been put into bloody action wherever the Blacks have risen up in places like Portuguese Angola, the Congo, Kenya, etc., against the Whites who built those countries.

121 Here in America, it has already started - the way a deadly disease starts with first a small pimple, then a sore, then more and more, until finally it breaks out with a raging fever and lays the victim low.

122 The liars and chart forgers have done everything possible to camouflage the real nature of the riots spreading all over America, and to pretend that they are the result of frustration and can be cured by making things "better" for the Negro.

123 Let me first point out that the number and viciousness of these riots is directly proportional to the degree of welfare and "freedom" lavished on Negroes. There have been no Watts-style riots in Mississippi, where there is a more realistic attitude to the Blacks, and therefore more control. It is in the big cities of the North and West that they have had the most fearful riots, although the northern politicians are on their knees kissing the toes of the arrogant Blacks. But the Blacks demand more and ever more and will never be satisfied short of sacking the city and massacring the Whites as their African brothers have already done in Kenya and the Congo.

124 The liars and chart-forgers never tell the American people what is behind all this rioting, continually repeating that it is "spontaneous" and the result of hundreds of years of oppression. These lies have succeeded well enough so that most Americans really believe that the riots simply erupt on hot summer nights because the poor, oppressed Negroes can't stand the "frustration" anymore. First, of course, there is the point that it is just as hot and frustrating for millions of poor White people, but they don't rush out with bombs and guns to riot and loot.

125 To judge just how wickedly false and dangerous is this "spontaneous" riot bit, you must know the background -the decades of patient Communist planning and organizations which has gone into producing them.

126 We have already presented the statements of Israel Cohen from 1912, reprinted in the Congressional Record, that the chief weapon of the Communists in overthrowing the U.S.A. would be the Negroes. (Chapter IX)

127 Before Word War II, Eugene Dennis, National Secretary of the Communist Party of the United States, laid out the plan in more detail. Here is an actual quote from Dennis' book, "A Soviet America," as quoted by Kenneth Goff, ex-Communist associate of Dennis, in his book, "Confessions of Stalin's Agent."

128 "At that hour large race riots are supposed to take place in every city of any size. Leaders of these mobs are to be carefully chosen and trained in advance. The disturbances are to be of some extent so as to require sending large forces of police to those areas. While the authorities are trying to quell these riots, picked bands of Communists are to seize their radio and TV stations and telephone exchanges. Flying squads of Communists are to seize control of the water supply and shut it off, also electrical power and gas. Homes will be without water and fuel, light and telephone. It will be impossible for the people to communicate with friends and relatives. Professional murderers will round up the people in the business districts in some of the larger buildings and hold the men as hostages, while their women are to be turned over to sex-crazed mobs unless the men surrender."

129 Notice the call for the shutting off of electricity, gas, etc. This has been the standard plan of Mau Mau attack on urban cities of the White Man all over Africa; first they smash the power station and the telephone, etc. Then, in the blackness and confusion, they strike with their bloody African terror.

130 I have already shown in Chapter IV how William Weiland and our own State Department conspired with incredible arrogance to oust pro-American Batista who had severed relations with the Communist nations, and install the rabid Communist, Fidel Castro.

131 This was for a purpose - but not the simple purpose of helping Communism in general.

132 The conspirators needed a base in the new world for the launching of their Black terror campaign, masquerading as a "civil rights" movement. Among other things, they wanted a radio station able to flood the minds of millions of American Negroes with their agitational propaganda, and a safe refuge for terrorists - as Laos is in Vietnam.

133 With the capture of Cuba by Castro (arranged by traitors in our own Government and press) Communist training camps were organized, where Communist black terrorists can learn all the techniques to implement the usual terrorist "war of liberation," and where equipment for sabotage, poisoning of reservoirs and food supplies can be smuggled into the United States. Remember how Castro lived in the "Therzsa" Hotel in Harlem when he came to the U. N.? Few people realize that Castro is 1/4 Negro, and his revolution is as much Black as Red!

134 The Cuban spearhead of communist Black terrorism only ninety miles from our American coast has been guaranteed by the U.S.A. against any attack by Cuban patriots seeking to free their homeland. Kennedy and Khrushchev put on a big fake drama about missiles and their removal (all of which we successfully predicted in the Rockwell Report knowing exactly what they were up to). The end result of this missile charade was that there was never any inspection - but the U. S. Navy was ordered to PROTECT the Cuban coast from any possible landings, by Cuban patriots - and this is still going on, with Cuban anti-Castroites being seized on the high seas at gun-point, and delivered to prisons in America for attempting to free their own country!

135 Not only that, but Eleanor Roosevelt and a gang of similar Reds and pinkos, organized a giant support operation to pay enormous sums of blackmail and supply vast stores of rare equipment to Castro, ostensibly to "rescue" anti-Castro-Cubans, although one U.S. Navy task force could have rescued the refugees - and Cuba, in one day.

136 As soon as Cuba was a secure and heavily armed camp, aimed like a dagger at the heart of America, the head of the NAACP in Monroe, North Carolina, a big black buck named Robert Williams, launched a trial armed rebellion and kidnapped a White couple as hostages. When his rebellion was finally beaten down, he fled to the prepared refuge in Cuba and organized the radio operation already planned, "RADIO FREE DIXIE."

137 On one of these first Cuban broadcasts, Williams gloated, "We failed with armed rebellion in Monroe only because it was our first try, and we made mistakes. We actually had enough force and arms to reduce the area to ashes and rubble. We did beat the police and emergency forces. What stopped us was the importation of terrorist state troopers from other areas. Had we attacked in these other areas too, and tied down these forces, we would have succeeded,"

138 What the chart-forgers and liars have not told Americans is that the entire blueprints for the big-city riots are all laid out in Williams' publication, The Crusader, which was first published in Cuba. Here's the cover of the issue which actually predicted the Watts riots and laid out the technique - even to the slogan, "Let it burn!"

139 And here's more precise plans from The Crusader for EXACTLY how they are doing it, and why they believe they can beat the entire U.S.A. - just as set forth in the first part of this chapter:

140 When massive violence comes, the USA will become a bedlam of confusion and chaos. The factory workers will be afraid to venture out on the street to report to their jobs. The telephone workers and radio workers will be afraid to report. All transportation will grind to a complete stand still.

141 Stores will be destroyed and looted, Property will be damaged and expensive buildings will be reduced to ashes. Essential pipe fines will be severed and blown up and all manner of sabotage will occur, Violence and terror will spread like a firestorm. A clash will occur inside the armed forces.

142 At U.S. military bases around the world local revolutionaries will side with Afro G.I.s. Because of the vast area covered by the holocaust U.S. forces will be spread too thin for effective action. U.S. workers, who are caught on their jobs, will try to return home to protect heir families. Trucks and trains will not move the necessary supplies to the big urban centers. The economy will fall into state of chaos.

143 This racist Imperialist oppressor will not be brought to his knees, simply because of the fighting ability and military power of Black Freedom Fighters and their allies inside the U.S. but because of the creation of economic, chaotic conditions, total disorganization frustration of his essential end ultra vital organs of production and adverse conditions created by the world wide liberation struggle

144 Such formidable enemy will fall prey to the new concept of revolution because of this ultra modern and automated society and the lack of psychological conditioning of his forces. Our people have already been conditioned by almost 400 years of violence, terror and hunger.

145 The new concept of revolution defies military science and tactics. The new concert lightning campaigns conducted in highly sensitive urban communities with the paralysis reaching the small communities and spreading to the farm areas The old method of guerrilla warfare, as carried out front the hills and countryside, would be ineffective in a powerful country like the USA. Any such force would be wiped out in an hour. The new concept is to huddle as close to the enemy as possible so as to neutralize his modern and fierce weapons. The new concept creates conditions that involve the total community whether they want to be involved or not, It sustains a state of confusion and destruction of property. It dislocates the organs of harmony and order and reduces central power to the level of a helpless, sprawling, octopus. During the hours of day sporadic rioting takes place and massive sniping. Night brings all out warfare, organized fighting and unlimited terror against the oppressor and his forces. Such a campaign will bring about an end to oppression and social injustice in the USA in less than 90 days and create the basis for the implementation of the U.S. Constitution with justice and equality for all people.

146 It is no longer a truism that our people cannot win such a struggle. The world has changed and the favor of the situation has shifted to the side of the Afro-American. Those who cry that we cannot win are either agents of the oppressor, latent masochists or ignorant of the new facts of life. We do not need paternal white "big daddies" for our friends now. What we need are some fighting John Browns.

147 Our friends are growing throughout the world, while those of our oppressors are diminishing. It is important that we immediately create stronger ties with our brothers of Latin America, Asia and Africa. It is important that our people stop cooperating with our oppressor and exert more effort to expose his beastly ways to the peoples of the world. Yes, we can win because our struggle is just and our friends are many. The handwriting is already on the wall. Victory is now within our reach.


149 Now read this photo static reproduction of a broadcast of their "RADIO FREE DIXIE" to millions of U.S. Negroes and you will have a better idea of what the riots and F raising by Negroes means, and what's ahead for America - if something drastic is not done, and soon.


151 Zero hour approaches. The winds of turmoil and violence approach the shores of oppression and discontent. The racist forces of tyranny and hate sweeping out of the distance to cast havoc on our dehumanized, so-called violent and helpless people. In this crucial hour of the long and bitter struggle for the survival of our people in racist America, the philosophy of so-ca violence is a pathway to suicide and extermination. The racist oppressed people in North America is a savage brute. He is a raging beast devoid human sensibilities. Those deluded dupes who speak of the power of non-violence and love in taming the wrath of racist white savages are no more than recklessly leading our brutally oppressed people down the violent, blood of genocide.

152 The racist thug advocates of white supremacy have a mortal fear of self-defense on the part of our long submissive people. This is because fact that the United Stales' position in the world is so sensitive and today that any long drawn massive rioting across the nation would stnke knell for the farce called the democratic way of life. Contrary to what Unc and racist buffoons would have our people believe, it is not the Negro who would be exterminated in such a conflict, but the so-called American way of those racist imperialists who conspire to conquer, dominate and spread Birmingham type justice around the world. All the civilized peoples of the world sympathy with our struggle to civilize the master race savages and their jungle called representative democracy of the Christian USA.

153 Knowing what the Communist forces of "liberation have done in the Congo, Kenya, Vietnam and all over the planet in the way of wholesale slaughter and torture, rap and pillage, can you have any doubt left as to what is ahead for America?

154 Does the first part of this Chapter still seem improbable?

155 It should not - not to anybody who sees the historical pattern that has been developing, unhindered, for half a century now.

156 The White Man once ruled the world with an iron, relatively just and humane hand. There were abuses, but nothing like what happens when rule is turned over to the colored races the White Man has dominated and civilized.

157 Now that the White Man has become "too liberal to fight", as Khrushchev boasted, and will no longer enforce civilized conduct on the backward colored races, they are rising up like unleashed jungle animals all over the earth and sinking their fangs into the jugular veins of their one-time masters. It has already happened to the people of Kenya. Whites scoffed at the idea that the Mau Mau could ever win by their primitive and bloody voodoo and terrorism. But the Mau Mau did win, and the Mau Mau devil, Kenyatta, now rules Kenya, including the Whites who waited too long.

158 The Whites of the Congo and a dozen other places waited too long before realizing what was up, and they are now dead, raped, or gone.

159 In Rhodesia, the Whites finally realized what was ahead and have made a brave stand to protect themselves, and civilization. It is interesting to note, however, that the entire leadership of the U.S.A. is backing the forces of savagery and murder against our own White brothers and sisters in Rhodesia (and South Africa).

160 The people of the United States still cannot see that the Black hell going on is not sporadic, spontaneous and the result of frustration-but the highly organized and planned invasion of our country by the enemy, who has already landed by the millions, and is attacking.

161 If they got off of ships and ran up a beach, and did what they are doing to our cities, it would be stopped immediately. But since our chart-forgers and liars with their "love" and Brotherhood baloney, keep most Americans believing "there no plan" behind it, we tolerate a yearly escalation of the attack upon us by millions of Blacks and Communists, including most of our own "leaders".

162 One of the purposes of this book, White Power, is to alert our people to this deadly threat. And one of the best ways to do that is to LISTEN to the enemy. He is not hiding what he plans; he boasts about it! I have printed only a tiny fraction of the available documents that YOU can get. Just to show what I mean, here is the back page of one of these Crusaders put out by Robert Williams. You can get one for yourself, by writing to the person and address shown on the back of this vile Communist plan for murder and rape of America.

163 .professors in Japan who are interested in the affairs and problem, of the Negro people. It is not only an academic research group but it moves against any racial discrimination and porticipate3 in democratization movements in Japan.

164 They send delegates to the Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Congresses and cooperate with the Japanese Committee Anti-Racial Discrimination in South Africa. The Kobe-City University society, aside from these activities, publishes a quarterly bulletin wh.ch brings up-to-date information to the Japanese people on the liberation struggle of Afro-Americans and includes literary works by Negroes and historical informative articles in the Japanese language.

165 TUNE IN TO. RADIO FREE DIXIE - 690 on the dial (long wave) Best Reception: Transistor, Car and Home radios with outside aerial. FRIDAY, 1011 p.m. SUNDAY and TUESDAY, 11-12 midnight (E.S.T.)


167 HELP build THE CRUSADR! We need volunteer distributors throughout this world. We, especially, need people in the black ghettoes to pass our message along. Help by distributing THE CRUSADER in your church, school, club place of employment or unemployment line. Financial contributions needed, also Jazz records for RADIO FREE DIXIE. Send for your bundle today to: THE CRUSADER, MRS. ANNE OLSON, 21 ELLIS GARDENS, TORONTO 3, ONTARIO, CANADA.



170 The filth is distributed in North America via a woman in Canada named Mrs. Anne Olson, as the photostat shows. That's how we got what you've already seen.

171 Here's a letter we received from this wretched woman, showing how relatively easy it is to get this material:

172 Now that you've seen some samples from this Crusader, and seen the letter from Mrs. Olson, of 21 Ellis Gardens, let me supply another piece of the puzzle-a truly frightening piece!

173 Remember that all through these documents, the Communist race-agitators call for attacking the White Man's sources of ELECTRICITY first, so that they can spread their terror in the blackout. That is the recurrent theme in the Crusader; again and again the American Mau Mau leader emphasizes that the first step in seizing America by terrorism is to smash the POWER PLANTS and create mass blackouts.

174 Mrs. Anne Olson, of 21 Ellis Gardens, funnels this material to Negroes all over North America.

175 Why do I repeat that name and address TWICE?

176 Because there is something startling about somebody ELSE who lives at 21 Ellis Gardens. Mr. Olson, Mrs. Olson's husband, went to visit Castro's Cuba in the summer of 1965. Three months later, on November 9, 1965, the Sir Adam Beck No. 2 Hydroelectric Plant near Toronto, Ontario, experienced a monstrous power failure which spread utter darkness throughout the night, from New York City to Canada-1/4 of the U.S.A., plus Canada!

177 Mr. Olson works as the technician at the Sir Adam Beck No. 2 Hydroelectric Plant! (See Christian Crusade Bulletin, March 1966, p. 5)

178 Is this not at least suspicious?

179 Yet the officers of the National Energy Board of Canada, the officials of The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario and the U.S. Power Commission who investigated the power failure never once mentioned this curious fact, but engaged in a lot of double talk about "miscalculations". (Other power failures since then: Texas, New Mexico and Mexico later in 1965; Cincinnati and Kentucky in Nay 1967; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware in June 1967.) "Miscalculations"?-backing out thirty million people for twelve and more HOURS?

180 Would it not be at least prudent to check on Mr. Olson, to see if he DID what he awl his wife RECOMMEND?

181 Meanwhile, there is unfortunately a good deal of truth in what Williams and these black terrorists are preaching: that while Americans have grown strong in weapons and machinery, we have grown soft and dependent on that machinery and weaponry.

182 I remember well that in World War II we won partly because of enormous superiority in firepower and material. We "sat on" the Japs and Germans, much as a fat man could sit on a tough but tiny fighter, even if the fat man couldn't fight a lick.

183 Not that Americans can't fight; it's just that we have ever more and more machines and fire-power to do it for us, and we get more and more dependent on the easy, mechanized ways every day. We are losing the fighting ferocity of our forefathers which whipped the Indians and everybody else in sight. We are becoming a nation of button-pushers.

184 "If ever the TV and radio goes off, the electricity is shut off, the telephone is gone, the water disappears and there is nobody to tell them what to do, most White Americans will panic," boasts this black Communist terrorist, Robert Williams.

185 And Williams is right!

186 "They'll sit around in the dark waiting for the radio to come back on and tell them what to do", he continues.

187 And he's right again - unless we change things!

188 Now add the fact that the Negroes in Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and many other cities have already proved that they can conquer the entire police departments of these huge cities. Only the National Guard, with heavy weapons and tanks has been able to restore order. In Detroit, even the National Guard was not enough, and the Army had to be called. The police, by themselves, are helpless. (And every day, they apply more and more "handcuffs", review boards, etc., to make the police still more helpless and they work to get guns away from White people.

189 But that's not the real danger, nor the final aim of the Black revolutionists.

190 As shown by the Crusader photostats, they're after the Armed Forces!

191 Day after day, week after week, year after year, the Blacks pour into our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps-and National Guard.

192 All recent Presidents and political leaders have gone way overboard insuring that Negroes get favored in promotions, over White Men. Not just equal, but favored.

193 President Kennedy even set up a Jew, Abe Fortas, to make the Gesell Report, (G.R.) a special study to find ways to make more and more and more Negro officers and noncoms, by setting up political commissars in almost every unit - usually black - to report any senior officer not pushing Negroes up. It's going on now, as you read these lines.

194 As a result, the services are filling up faster and faster with Negroes, and especially with black bosses: black corporals, black sargeants, black lieutenants-all the way up to black generals! Today, all services except the Navy are between 1/4 and 1/8 Negro, with an even higher percentage of Negro non-come! (See Gesell Report)

195 Ask yourself what happens in every neighborhood where Negroes move in.

196 Don't the Whites move out?

197 Even the Jews are recognizing that U.S. cities of the North are now more segregated than the South, as a result of the flight of the Whites to the suburbs, as the Blacks have gotten more and more numerous in the cities.

198 When Blacks move in, Whites move out.

199 And that's precisely what is happening in our Armed Forces-exactly as planned! Except for draftees who have no choice, the Armed Forces are filling up with Negroes-and Negroes are getting the commands. Any effort to stop the upward rush of Negroes by honest White officers is blasted as "bigotry," and the White officer who tries to insist on merit, even by Blacks, is himself discriminated against. I know. I was in, not too long ago.

200 The Blacks re-enlist; Whites get out.

201 The process is one which goes faster and faster, and feeds on itself. If you've ever seen a neighborhood "go Black", you know what I mean. First one Negro, then a few-quite a few. Then, suddenly, the whole neighborhood is Black.

202 That's the way it's happening in the Army, Air Force, Marines, and to a lesser extent, to the Navy. We think we are protected behind a barrier of rockets, nuclear weapons and other technological machinery, which are undoubtedly the most powerful the world has ever seen.

203 But if that machinery and weaponry falls under the control of the enemy, it is not only useless to us, it is sure death!

204 At this very moment, the sell-out politicians and demagogues are turning these mighty technical weapons over to more and more Africans!

205 And the Blacks, in turn, are falling more and more under the control of Mau Mau revolutionists!

206 Aside from the danger we face from our own Armed Forces in Black hands, there is the personal danger you face on a man-to-man basis, from the t('mfic organization of the new generation of Black guerilla-fighters in the big cities of the North.

207 In Chicago, there is an enormous criminal gang of Black teenagers called "The Mighty Blackstone Rangers", numbering in the thousands. There used to be a smaller gang called the ~'Disciples", but they have recently merged with the "Rangers" to make the largest Black killer gang in the United States. They are so highly organized they have command centers, use walkie-talkies, and negotiate "peace treaties" with the Chief of Police of Chicago-on television! They are the terror of Chicago!

208 Today, most of them are still teenagers. They are the result of twenty years of your paying gigantic welfare taxes to breed literally millions of these Black animals-without roots, without homes, without morals, without any respect for anything 1-let alone "authority".

209 The average White American has forgotten his heritage of violence.

210 I know I had, until I launched the American Nazi Party.

211 As a kid in school, of course, you have a few fist fights. Maybe, like me, you were also in a couple of wars.

212 But even in wars, hand-to-hand combat - violence to the death - is rare. Not one in a thousand experiences it.

213 But violence-to-the-death was the day-to-day life of the human race for millenniums. And day-to-day violence-to-the-death is still the way of life to most big city Negroes. They go at one another with knives, razors, guns, axes, gouging hands and even teeth. They are used to it, and don't get particularly "shook-up" when suddenly overwhelmed by an explosion of this kind of deadly violence - any more than a dog is "shook-up" over a dogfight.

214 Most importantly, these millions of young, tough Blacks have learned the art of violence-to-the-death. They know what to do.

215 Do you?

216 What would you do if attacked, right now, by a gang of hoods with clubs, knives, guns and bombs?

217 These highly organized Blacks are familiar with violence, know how to use it and defend from it. Millions of them even enjoy it. It doesn't panic them.

218 But most White Men have become spiritually soft in terms of being ready, from moment to moment, to fight to the death, personally.

219 When these millions of Black teenagers now learning personal violence and terrorism in the streets of our big cities are in their twenties, and heavily armed, as many of them already are, they will be ready for a revolution of personal violence which will stun the average White Man and leave him helpless.

220 I know these Black "kids." They are so used to violence and horror that they laugh in its presence. They fear no policeman, no gun, and no knife - nothing. They have little to lose, and their status in their own Black gang is based on their utter disdain for danger and violence. Caged up with these wild Black animals in jails as I often am, is a terrifying education.

221 We are putting tens of thousands of these Black killers into uniform, and handing them the deadliest weapons in the history of the world!

222 Just what do you think will happen when they decide to turn those weapons on you - as we have shown is planned?

223 Already, Negroes are rebelling at killing colored people (the enemy Viet Cong), and their more rabid leaders, such as Carmichael (and now King), are telling them to commit sedition - not fight.

224 And our cowardly government is letting them get away with this sedition. How long do you think this can go on without an uprising in the armed forces? - Also as planned and documented?

225 And just how do you think the Armed Forces could put down such a Black uprising from within, when every man of the White troops has been taught that to oppose Negroes is "hate;" when many of the officers are Black; when the fighters among our White Race have been prematurely retired like the immortal "Chesty" Puller of the Marine Corps and a thousand others; when the Whites are completely disorganized, while the Blacks have instant and almost perfect communications; when every Black leader is paraded on TV and in the international press so all the Blacks can know him and be ready to obey, while there are no real White leaders, because anybody who dares call himself a White leader is blacked out of the press, or so disgraced as a "bigot" and a "hater" that he cannot be effective with his own people?

226 During the first hours of such a Black uprising in our Armed Forces, in fact, many of the Whites would help the enemy - also as planned and documented in the Crusuder.

227 Our people have been so damnably brainwashed and beaten down by the Jewish doses of "brotherhood" and "love" propaganda, not to mention naked Communist propaganda for the Blacks, that our population - and Armed Forces - swarm with "nigger lovers" - White Men who really believe it is their duty, for one reason or another, to prefer these Blacks to their own people. If properly "set," by being told the Black uprising was for the purpose of getting a more liberal "brotherhood" government, lots of these damned fool White Men would join the side of their deadly enemies, long enough to give victory to these savages and their Jew communist leaders.

228 Precisely this has happened in every country where the Reds have seized power - and the stupid collaborators have then been liquidated by the Reds - and Blacks -as the fools and dangerous turncoats they are!

229 I am well aware that, as I dictate this, it all seems too wild and impossible to be worthy of belief or even investigation. I, myself, would not have believed it, were I you, had I not investigated and found the same thing happening time after time all over the planet, with the victims always flabbergasted and unable to believe that it could have

230 The title of this chapter is "Nightmare."

231 That title refers not only to what is ahead for all of us if we let it happen, but to the indescribable agony of those who KNOW.

232 If you are one of the few people who have been warning America of her deadly peril, only to find that nobody will listen, then you know the nightmare whereof I speak.

233 The nearest thing to it is when I was a kid and went to one of those horror movies, where the hairy hand keeps reaching out to seize the unsuspecting heroine from behind. You want to scream at her, "WATCH OUT BEHIND!" - only you can't!

234 America today is that unsuspecting, carefree heroine, happily engaged in everything trivial, while the Black hairy paw with the hammer and sickle on it creeps closer and closer and closer God grant that we may be able to shout to her to WAKE UP in time!

235 This time it's no movie.

236 That hairy, ape-like black claw has already closed around the throats of dozens of unsuspecting nations before us.

237 For fifty years it has been happening to one victim after another.

238 And what have WE been doing about it?