1 If Black men are simply White men with dark skins, then it would be stupid and wicked bigotry to discriminate against Black men.

2 If there is NO OTHER difference between White men and Black men than skin color, if there are no differences of mind or character, then everything the liberals and race-mixers preach would be true.

3 Just as it would be insane and wicked to hate and discriminate against people with red hair, so it would be insanity and wickedness to discriminate against a man born with a dark skin - IF the dark skin is the ONLY difference.

4 There would be no excuse for not admitting Negroes at once to full equality with White men, including the complete right to marry and breed with our women, if they are really equal.

5 But if there ARE differences of mind and character between the Negro and White man, in addition to skin color, and if the Negro has a lower grade mind and major character defects as a whole race, then it is the height of wickedness and insanity to pollute our White Race with these low-grade traits of mind and character.

6 The Negro question is thus not a question of philosophy, but of fact.

7 If, as the Jews, Communists and egalitarian liberals contend, Negroes are the same as White people, except for skin color, then I am indeed a hate-monger, a bigot, and a wicked man for fighting race mixing as hard as we do.

8 But if the race of Negroes is, as a matter of FACT, INFERIOR, then it is the other way around and the liberals, Jews, Communists and egalitarians are the wicked poisoners of a million years of White evolution and breeding.

9 What are the facts?

10 Is it so hard to find out whether the Negro is, in fact, the same as a White Man, except for skin color? Are all the well-known Negro faults the result of "persecution" by Whites?

11 Will equal treatment result eventually in equal people? Or are most Negroes born inferior?

12 The FACTS alone can answer those questions.

13 Any White Man who has had to live among real Negroes promptly finds out that the myth about no difference except skin-color is a lie.

14 The "all-men-are-equal" baloney goes up in a puff of smoke whenever a group of genuine, live Negroes shows up and moves in close to White people.

15 In fact the belief in black "equality" is inversely proportional to the number of Blacks living in the area. The mathematical correlation is not "good;" it is perfect.

16 In areas such as Canada, where there are almost no Negroes, you will find that the myth of equality is so strong you can get beaten up for questioning it.

17 In areas where there are only a very few Negroes, the "equality" myth is still very strong, because, usually, where the Negroes are a very tiny minority, they are forced to act like White people and are often almost White themselves. Also, the rare Negroes present, in such areas, are usually highly selected, and highly trained because it is only the better specimens who had the ambition to emigrate to the new area, and who thus get more education.

18 But in areas where there are many Negroes, you will find that the White people do not believe the equality myth, no matter how much it is pushed on them. Just as you couldn't sell the idea that skunks don't stink wherever there are plenty of skunks, so you can't peddle the "niggers-are-wonderful" lie wherever there are plenty of the colored "brothers" handy for folks to observe.

19 And in areas where there are more Black than White people, as in Mississippi, you will find tremendous resistance to the Blacks, and thorough understanding of the primitive savage and utterly different natures of these inferior specimens of humanity.

20 Unless this direct correlation of a low opinion of Negroes wherever there are many Negroes is the result of the inferiority of the Negroes themselves, you must conclude that somehow, almost all the people in South Africa are "bigots," almost all the people of the U.S. South are "bigots," and now, almost all the people who live in the big cities of the North are also "bigots."

21 The same Northern cities which once believed the South was "bigoted" and mistreating the Negroes, now produce howling mobs of Whites hurling rocks and bottles whenever Blacks try to move into their neighborhoods These people could be swindled with the lie that Negroes are really Whites with dark skins only so long as they were not able to observe Negroes, experience Negroes, and suffer from Negroes. But as soon as large numbers of Negroes moved in, the Whites quickly learned the truth about them.

22 If anybody will put up the money for the experiment, I can prove that hatred of race mixing is not a "prejudice' but the result of knowledge, by taking the most liberal and Negro-loving town in upper Ohio, for instance, or North Dakota, and buying up about half the homes in the town and filling them up with real, live, ordinary, garden-variety Negroes. In a few months, that town will be just as full of "bigots" and "nigger-haters" as any town in Mississippi.

23 And the reason will be, not that the White people are "prejudiced," but that Negroes are simply biologically inferior. And the results of pretending otherwise can be seen wherever these pitiful black creatures abound.

24 Anybody who tries to live with skunks will become "bigoted" and "prejudiced" against skunks, and tell you that "'skunks stink."

25 And, without exception, anybody who is forced to live with masses of Negroes (not a few select Negro doctors or lawyers, but the real, black, average Negro) will quickly form the opinion that Negroes are a very low form of humanity, and we cannot mix with them without reverting to the jungle and the filth in which they live.

26 The only reason that so many people do not know that fact today (as all people once did), is because the same Jews who have provided us with Communism, Zionism, degeneracy and decay of Western Civilization, have methodically gone about the task of promoting the lie that Negroes are equal. They know it's a lie, but they have promoted it consciously, precisely because, as we have previously shown, Jews, like ship-wreckers of old, flourish amidst chaos and ruin, and perish in a healthy society. Nothing so quickly deprives a society of its vigor as being mixed with Negroes.

27 Inevitably, when I point all this out to "intellectuals" in the colleges, they sneer back with a long list of Negro "achievers" who are statesmen, writers, geniuses, etc. They trot out Senator Edward Brooke, Adam Clayton Powell, William White, W. E. B. Dubois, Ralph Bunch, etc.

28 This is one of the trick arguments that looks good until you slow down and examine it critically. Then you will see that it is pure madness to judge "Negroes" by the likes of such "Negroes." They are presenting a MIXTURE to try to prove the qualities of one INGREDIENT. Dynamite is made of sawdust and nitro-glycerin. So, in a sense, you could say that dynamite is "made out" of wood.

29 But would anybody be mad enough to contend, therefore, that wood is explosive? When two things are mixed, the resulting product cannot be used to prove the qualities of either single ingredient.

30 When we try to discuss the natural abilities of the NEGRO, the liberals, Reds and Jews instantly start pointing with pride to creatures which are anything but real Negroes - men who are almost always WHITE men with a small amount of Negro blood in them.

31 The usual examples in present day America are Adam Clayton Powell, who passed for White in college, and whose parents appear to be almost wholly White; Robert Weaver, housing czar; W. E. B. Dubois, who looked to be a White Man, with slightly Negroid features; the newly elected Senator Brooke, who is a White man with a bit of Negro blood; and dozens of others like them.

32 The only place you will find the black, heavily Negroid types in the public eye is in the fields where Negroes in Africa also excel: athletics, tom-tom beating, jungle chanting, etc.

33 In all the professions and upper echelons of accomplishments, WHENEVER YOU FIND AN INTELLECTUAL NEGRO you will find that he is almost always a WHITE man, with just enough colored blood to give the liberals something to vibrate about.

34 This is just as crazy as sprinkling some sawdust into nitro-glycerin to make dynamite, making it blow up with a bang - and then smirking that you have "proved" that wood is explosive. Dynamite is NOT wood, even though there is sawdust in it, and slightly soiled White Men with a little Negro blood are NOT "NEGROES" (in the biological sense.)

35 If you wish to know the properties of wood, you examine wood ALL BY ITSELF, the way it comes out of a tree.

36 If you wish to know the properties of the Negro, you must examine him ALL BY HIMSELF, the way he comes out of the Congo.

37 When we do this, we find not the sort of intelligence and ability found in a Senator Brooke but something far more akin to the African gorilla - something dark and terrible, something animal-like and primitive.

38 That is not "hate;" that is a FACT.

39 Liberals never tire of moaning that this obvious inferiority is only because of "lack of opportunity." But they utterly ignore the fact that Africa is perhaps the richest continent on earth.

40 The only reason it remained savage was because there were no men there capable of seeing and understanding the possibilities.

41 Thomas Dixon, author of the book that became the greatest movie of all time, "The Birth of a Nation," has put the matter more beautifully and clearly than I could hope to imitate;

42 "'Can we assimilate the Negro? The very question is pollution. In Haiti no White man can own land. Black dukes and marquises drive over them and swear at them for getting under their wheels. Is civilization a patent cloak with which law-tinkers can wrap an animal and make him a king?'

43 'But the Negro must be protected by the ballot,' protested the statesman. 'The humblest man must have the opportunity to rise. The real issue is Democracy.'

44 'The issue, sir, is Civilization; Not whether a Negro shall be protected, but whether Society is worth saving from barbarism.'

45 "The statesman can educate,' put in the Commoner.

46 The doctor cleared his throat with a quick little nervous cough he was in the habit of giving when deeply moved.

47 `Education, sir, is the development of that which is. Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa - rich beyond the dream of poet's fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a White man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of in land seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail! He lived as his fathers lived - stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape. And this creature, half child, half animal, the sport of impulse, whim, and conceit, "pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw," a being who, left to his will, roams at night and sleeps in the day, whose speech knows no word of love, whose passions, once aroused, are as the fury of the tiger -they have set this thing to rule over the Southern people -'"

48 Perhaps the most revealing and unanswerable study of racial differences between White and Black was made in Virginia by a Dr. Ferguson.1

49 Most studies seeking the answer to racial differences between Black and White are useless, because they totally ignore the White blood in many of the "Blacks" they test.

50 Ferguson took all the school children of Virginia, tested them all for intelligence, and then checked their racial backgrounds.

51 He divided them up into five racial groups. The first group was pure Black. The second group consisted of those having one White grandparent. The third group had two White grandparents, and the fourth group had three White grandparents. The fifth group, of course, was the pure Whites.

52 1. FERGUSON, G. 0., Jr. "The Psychology of the Negro" Arch. Of Psychology Number 36, April, 1916

53 The pure Blacks tested at least 40 percent below the pure Whites - (which is still the case today, in spite of all the money spent on education and pampering of the Blacks.)

54 Those "Negroes" with one White grandparent did slightly better than the pure Blacks; with two White grandparents, still better; with three White grandparents almost as good as the Whites themselves.

55 All of these Blacks lived as and considered themselves "Negroes." Their environments and "advantages" or disadvantages were exactly the same.

56 Yet ability was exactly proportional to the amount of White blood!

57 The liberals and Jews make a million excuses for this astounding correlation. But the facts remain exactly the same to this day, even on the U.S. draft mental examinations, in which 56.1 percent of the Blacks still can't pass the test, while only 15.4 percent of the Whites fail - even though the poverty and disadvantages of many of the Whites are as bad or worse than that of many Negroes. (SOURCE: Department of Labor, The Negro Family, March 1965, p. 75)

58 Those who insist that "lack of advantages" is what holds the Blacks back have an impossible task to explain what happened in Washington's schools.

59 As long as the schools were white-run, and segregated, they were the best - even with only a fraction of the money and "advantages."

60 Now that they are almost wholly Black since desegregation, in spite of more money than has ever been poured out anywhere else, they are the WORST!

61 Who did this, the White people? George Wallace? Hitler? Rockwell?

62 The answer which screams itself at all those who are not willfully deaf is that the Blacks simply lack the stuff to make good students.

63 Runners, jumpers, singers, drummers - and robbers and rapers - they surely are, and good ones. Students, executives, great creators, intellectuals, etc., pure Blacks are NOT - even though our liberal establishment and the Jews never tire of parading Negro inanities and trash as "literature" and "art."

64 A recent NBC television documentary on the Igoe Housing Project in Saint Louis showed the full horror of what these ape-like people do when turned loose in modern civilization. The windows on the first four floors were smashed out from the outside by rocks. The windows on all the top floors were smashed out from the inside. The elevators are used so extensively for urinals, that the wiring is all shorted out, and the floors are rotted away. The halls stink of urine and feces, and the walls are covered with unspeakable obscenities. The light fixtures are all smashed, and in the dark halls and basement laundry rooms, the animalistic blacks rape and molest almost all the women, young and old, until the occupants are terrified.

65 Instead of realizing that all of this is not because of "deprivation," but because of the nature of the beast, the U.S. Government is moving all the blacks out of one building at a time, putting in rock-proof screens on the outside of the windows on the first four floors, and on the inside of the others, putting in stone tiling in the elevators to make them more impervious to all the Negro urine, water-proofing the wires, putting in the kind of light fixtures they have in jails which can't be smashed, repainting the walls with special paint so all the Negro vileness can be washed off every day or every few hours, and installing dozens of police to patrol the corridors. But even NBC admitted, "It may do no good." The blacks will manage to wreck it somehow.

66 You can put fancy clothes on them, send them to Harvard, teach them to play the harp, teach them to work a computer, and even teach them to be a "Ph.D." But they will still be like chimpanzees riding bicycles; they will do what they are trained and forced to do, but they cannot and never will do it all by themselves. The drive to civilize, organize, discipline and restrain themselves is lacking in the pure black. The trained "PhD" Negroes in colleges and in judges' robes are artificial, not real; - they don't rise to such abilities on their own racial heritage.

67 Let's recall some basic facts about life that most men have forgotten.

68 Nobody has to teach a dog to bark. And a cat that never saw another cat knows how to meow.

69 The very nature of "dogness" impels a dog to bark rather than make some other kind of noise. The nature of "catness" impels the cat lo meow.

70 Perhaps this sort of observation seems like a waste of time.

71 Everybody knows these things.

72 Do they?

73 Sure they do, People know that dogs bark, cats meow, and they know that each kind of animal is born with its own kind of nature, feelings and responses to it environment.

74 Most people also realize that it is in the very nature of the breed of bulldogs to hold on with their teeth until death stops them, for pointers to point, for spaniels to take to the water, and for greyhounds to run fast. They know that if you want a dog with a nature which bites and hangs on, you don't choose a greyhound but a bulldog, They know that if you want a dog who can and will run fast, you don't want a bulldog but a greyhound.

75 In short, most people know that, while "all dogs are dogs," different BREEDS of dogs have different NATURES.

76 Not only do dogs bark because they are dogs, but most folks know that certain breeds of dog have different NATURES and kinds of intelligence - because of their breed.

77 In fact, everybody knows that breeds are different in the whole animal world.

78 But they no longer know it about one animal - MAN. They have been so conditioned and twisted in their thinking about "man" that they have completely forgotten that man, too, is also an animal before he is a man, and that he is born with the particular nature of his particular BREED. Nobody in his right mind would judge each dog solely as an "individual." Any person in his right mind knows that breed determines the basic nature of most of the dogs in that breed. A person looking for a tenacious dog which will bite and hang on, with a stubborn nature, would be wasting his time trying to find a dog among the breed of Chihuahuas or poodles, when he could quickly find a dog with such a nature among bulldogs - even though all of them are dogs. Nobody in his right mind would say, "all dogs are equal" or "all birds are equal."

79 But Jews and liberals have taught most men that to look for any special characteristic among any certain breed of men is "bigotry" and "hate"

80 This utter madness may well be the one single error of modern man which will finish him off and send the planet spinning through the ether once again, silent and empty of men, as it once was for millions of years.

81 The record shows that there is only one breed of "man" which has, as a matter or history, produced "civilization."

82 Just as a dog barks because he is a dog, a cat meows, and a bulldog hangs on, so one breed of "man," the Aryan White Man, carries with him the nature that produces the justice, order and technology that we call "civilization."

83 Wherever he has gone, the White Aryan has poured out of him the things we call "civilization" from inside, precisely the way a dog naturally produces barks and a cat produces meows.

84 This book is not and cannot be an anthropology text. It is designed to be a popular book, for the average American, and cannot get into complicated and difficult scientific areas.

85 However, the evidence that the Aryan White man, particularly the Nordic, is the author of "civilization," as a matter of breed, is overwhelming, and must be known to our people if they are to survive.

86 Our people must also know that Negro inferiority has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Everybody knows that there are some people who are naturally lazy and indolent, who prefer lying around like slugs in the sun. There are other people for who such utter uselessness and idleness is intolerable. Some people just have to be up and doing. They get restless and bored with more than a very little bit of "resting."

87 Out of the original pool of humanity a million years ago, some were lazy, some were energetic.

88 The lazy and easy-going naturally stayed in the warm climates - the "Garden of Eden," where you can lay around without getting too cold and where coconuts fall on you for food. These people bred more of their own lazy kind. Over the centuries and the thousands of years, these easy-going people stayed in the easy places to survive on the earth, inbred with each other, and produced races of easygoing, lazy people.

89 On the other hand, some energetic, vigorous, early humans began to move around and migrate over the face of the planet. Some of them arrived in the frozen, semi-arctic sections of Northern Europe.

90 To survive in such a bitter climate, men needed something more than the qualities of the easy-going people of the warm tropics.

91 In the storms and blizzards of a brutal winter, those humans who had not foreseen hard times, had not laid by stores for food, and had not built themselves shelters strong enough to withstand the battering of the northern gales, simply died and did not breed.

92 More importantly, selfish men could not survive in the cold North. Men had to be ready to help each other and be fair to each other to survive in the North.

93 In the warm climates, a man could survive with a minimum of foresight and with selfish disregard of others. His shelter could be of sticks and mud. His food supply was instantly available. He had no need for stores. He did not suffer if he lacked planning and foresight. He needed little help from other men.

94 But in the North, selfishness was a luxury man could not afford. Northern European man had to develop foresight and planning to survive the rigors of his environment. He had to learn to build substantial dwellings. He had to exercise and develop abstract mental powers to think in terms of the future not required in the tropics. Those who didn't died, and their qualities died out with them.

95 A natural selection of men occurred when the energetic ones left the warm climates where man originated, leaving the lazy ones behind.

96 In the North, man had to think ahead to live.

97 The foresighted and unselfish people of the north then bred with each other to produce still more foresighted, resourceful and unselfish people, just as you can breed the qualities of aggressiveness and tenaciousness into the bulldog by inbreeding.

98 Over hundreds of thousands of years, being forced to think and plan ahead, being forced to help his neighbors, the people of the North bred a race of humans in whom the qualities of energy, thought, resourcefulness and unselfishness were paramount.

99 (It should be pointed out here that Eskimos, who do not exhibit these qualities so much, are relatively recent arrivals in the North, having been driven to the arctic wastes by better men who conquered them and drove them out of more moderate climates in Asia. On the other hand, the geological records show that the Nordic Northern European has inhabited his cold climate for many hundreds of thousands of years.)

100 The Northern climate thus selected and bred a race of people who had the ability to think ahead; to think in terms of, not the concrete realities of the present moment, but the intangible ideas and conceptions of the storms, difficulties and conditions they would have to deal with in the future.

101 This was a new kind of thinking for humanity.

102 Animals and savages don't have to form abstract concepts, because they deal only with solid realities of the present. An animal - and a stupid savage - has no conception of and no care for "tomorrow," (except what instinct forces him to do in a mechanical way, without understanding.) But survival in a cold, inhospitable climate forces man to conceive of "cold," "dark" and "snow" when it is warm and sunny. He must also suppress his aggressive, selfish urges and think in terms of group organization and the sacrifice of self for the group.

103 This "thinking ahead" is the beginning of "objective," "scientific" thought; of thought, directed not solely to the immediate advancement or needs of the individual, but to the relationship between things and abstract concepts, such as "cold," "storms," "tomorrow," etc.

104 And the need for social organization and individual sacrifice is the beginning of what we now call "Justice" or "Idealism" - the sacrifice of immediate, selfish wants for the good of the group, this surrender of a little personal freedom for social order and justice.

105 It is precisely in these two areas that the Nordics excels; in the areas of objective, abstract, "creative" inventive resourceful thinking; and in the realm of justice - the higher social "rules" which make it possible for men to live in a neat balance of order and freedom.

106 It is precisely in these vital areas that the Black man falls down, because his breed has had almost no need for these qualities for millions of years. The pure Black has little or no care for the future; he cannot think well except in immediate terms of himself and his own, personal wants of the moment.

107 And, above all, he has little or no conception of sacrificing his own immediate welfare and wants for the long-range good of the group. He is selfish. He is no idealist. Above all he is shortsighted - like a beast.

108 The White man's "civilization" is the organized system designed to make human survival more productive, and noble by idealism, abstract scientific thinking, social organization and justice.

109 Justice is the group's machinery for stopping the endless battles that would otherwise be fought by separate human beings over women, food, possessions, shelter and pleasures. The group establishes rules so that each individual has a "fair" chance to gain these things, and when conflicts arise, there is organized machinery, other than individual violence, to settle the struggle. The group also has penalties and machinery to deal with attacks by individuals against the whole group the "criminal laws."

110 The people of the north were forced to develop these things far beyond the level required by the inhabitants of the tropics, because survival in the North was marginal at best, and only with the utmost unselfish idealism, foresight and "justice" could men overcome the frozen terrors of the North.

111 But, the tropics bread a race of improvident, lazy, unthinking, cruel and animalistic people who live for the moment, and cannot really understand our "science" or our lofty concepts of a "justice" or group "idealism" for which they had no need for so many millions of years.

112 Conversely, the hard life of Northern Europe bred a race of men filled with energy, idealism, a delicate sense of justice and above all, the ability to think other than in terms of themselves - to think 'objectively' - to think abstractly, mathematically, scientifically, and to act idealistically, for the group.

113 Between these extremes, there are all degrees of development.

114 The special qualities of human breeding which are responsible for "civilization," - for Western Culture - are precisely the special qualities bred by the men of extreme North Europe, - abstract, objective, scientific thinking, unselfish idealism, and a fine sense of justice.

115 The Nordics are thus supreme in those special qualities of character that build civilization; especially energy, idealism and objective, abstract thought.

116 With the Nordics, come the Alpines, Mediterraneans, Dinarics, and other members of our great White Race.

117 Most of us are mixtures of all these White groups.

118 All of these White groups are so far, far above the lowly, animalistic Blacks that Whites, - all Whites, form a separate and superior breed.

119 There is no way to "raise" the level of the abilities of the Black race, (short of being God, and having a few million years for the job) anymore than you could "raise" a penguin to the eagle's flying ability by some kind of training or "welfare."

120 Our great White Race, led by the Nordics, is the most precious thing on this planet, for all those who love the best of civilization, idealism and justice, regardless of one's own position in the racial scale. Let the heritage of hundreds of thousands of years of the White Race be drowned in a flood of darker blood, and all the idealism, justice and culture will perish.

121 Almost every high Western culture has resulted from the conquering of a native population by Aryan White Men who have imposed their laws, their science, their religion and their culture upon the lower colored race they subdued, just as the Whites did here in America to the Indians.

122 History shows that in every single case where the White Aryans performed this feat of imposing civilization on a colored race, without exterminating the inferior race, the colored race has eventually conquered the minority of White conquerors by the flood of their colored blood.

123 The earliest drawings and records of Egyptian civilization show that the men who created the pyramids and the wonders of Egypt were Mediterranean WHITE MEN. To build the mighty pyramids and great stone buildings of Egypt, these conquerors went south into the Negro area of Africa, herded millions of black, near-animals into Egypt and put them to work as slaves - like horses.

124 Although the White masters took all sorts of ruthless measures to prevent the mixing of any Negro blood with their own, there were always lustful members of their race willing to satisfy their sex urges without thought of the consequences - with Black women.

125 Over the three thousand years of Egypt's decline, the first few brown mongrels bred by thoughtless Whites with Nubian Blacks, increased to hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, and finally became such a mongrel flood they overwhelmed what was left of the White Aryan masters, and utterly swamped and eliminated the culture-producing White breed. Toward the end, there was actually a colored Pharaoh.

126 The rate of Egypt's decline follows the rate of destruction of the White Aryan breed; not closely - but EXACTL Y.

127 Today, the Egyptians take their stand with Black Africa, politically, socially and racially. And their weakness and backwardness has nothing to do with lack of opportunity; it is racial!

128 If this were some unusual quirk of history, I would not have bothered to chronicle it in this book.

129 But it is NOT an odd, unusual event.

130 It has happened over and over and over again.

131 It always happens.

132 It happened in Greece, where the White Aryans produced the most beautiful civilization the world has ever known- the very model for our own civilization of today.

133 The early works of artists of Pericles "Golden Age" of Greece show that the authors of the "Golden Age" were themselves a "Golden" people with golden, yellow curly hair, blue eyes and fair skin - Nordics.

134 They, too, conquered the lesser, colored, Asiatic people they found in Greece, enslaved them, went out and gathered up the lower races of Negroes and little by little mixed with these miserable African creatures, until Greece today has only a minority of the original Nordic race. And the record of the decline of Greek civilization is precisely the record of the mixing of its blood with the inferior swarms of its own Black slaves.

135 We find the same suicide of our race in Rome, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Italy, and Mexico - everywhere the White Man has tried to live in the same geographical area with inferior races. The noble qualities of justice, law-and-order, fairness, scientific impartiality, freedom from gross superstition and all the other qualities of the Nordic White Man are the basic building blocks of what we call civilization. Without these qualities in the people who have power in any nation, that nation remains or becomes backward and finally savage.

136 The URGE to fairness, justice, objectivity, scientific inquiry, centuries-long foresight, etc. are as inseparable from the Aryan, especially the Nordic White Man as is the bark from a dog, or the meow from a cat.

137 In fact, it is this very urge to fairness, this sense of justice, this supreme objectivity, which leads Western man to his own destruction through "liberalism." The sincere, White liberal is a person who has so suppressed his natural instincts and so exalted his love of "fairness" that HE HAS LOST HIS OWN SENSE OF RACIAL SURVIVAL.

138 The single "common denominator" in all the irrational beliefs of "liberals" is this over-objectivity, this fanatic dedication to what APPEARS to their intellects as "fair," (even though, in the long run, their liberal "fairness" produces the utmost unfairness to their own people, - namely, the extinction of our race, the race which alone produces the "liberals" who love this fairness).

139 "It isn't fair," say the liberals, "that some students should be stigmatized as "failures" while others are applauded for succeeding. Those who are stigmatized, as 'failures' are emotionally crippled and therefore fail more. Therefore we must eliminate grading in schools and universities. We must eliminate the competition and find ways to MAKE all students equally successful."

140 "It isn't fair," moan the liberals, "that one man is born an (ugly and stupid) Negro, through 'no fault of his own,' while another is born a handsome and intelligent White Man. Therefore, it is our duty to repair Nature's mistakes and PUSH the Negro up to a "fair" level with the White Man." - and so liberals favor the madness of race-mixing.

141 "It isn't fair," the liberals say, "that one man should have a million while another is broke or poor." They forget the necessary working of the mechanisms of reward and punishment established by Nature to insure energy and work by her creatures, and so liberals become pro-communists and communists.

142 "It isn't fair," chant the liberals, "that America and Europe have so much, while the 'undeveloped' (colored) nations like Haiti, Africa, China, India and South America have so little," - so the liberals become international hand-out artists, to see that even the most unproductive, stupid and worthless pygmy gets his "fair" share of what the White Man produces by his energy, creativity and work.

143 "It isn't fair," piously intone the liberals, "that there should be wars in which men kill each other," forgetting that only force prevents SOME men from banditry and rapine, and so these liberal fatheads become silly pacifists.

144 "It isn't fair," say the liberals, "that an elite nation should enjoy so much while other nations have nothing, or that some groups within nations should have more control than other groups." And so the liberal love of "fairness" leads to their crazy, "one-man one-vote" doctrine, and their suicidal, black United Nations, - "democracy," - with absolutely no regard for the rights of one man who has created and produced to control what he has won, while another man has done absolutely nothing and therefore has no "rights" to the fruits of the work of others.

145 Every single dogma of the left and the liberals will be found to reek with this crazy passion to be "fair" to the unfit, the mongrel, the cowardly, the stupid and the freakish AT THE EXPENSE OF THE VIGOROUS, THE CREATIVE, THE STRONG, THE INTELLIGENT AND THE BRAVE.

146 This crazy effort to reverse the wisdom of Nature by being "fair" to failures and creeps and freaks is the very essence of what the liberal jerks call "ideal communism." "Liberalism" and "ideal communism," when sincere beliefs, represent such a crazy passion for the UNDERDOG, that the fanatic victims of this liberal delusion are eager to beat the UPPERdog to death, just BECAUSE he is better.

147 This insanity is peculiar to the super-objective White, Aryan people.

148 The Jew who preaches communism does not practice its "sharing" doctrines. No, communism for the Jew is only a WEAPON to ensnare the minds and hearts of foolish non-Jews, so he can rob and enslave them.

149 And among the black races, brutality, cannibalism and tyranny still prevail. There is no danger of there ever being any significant number of sincere "liberal" cannibals.

150 In short, "liberalism" and "ideal communism" are the results of the Aryan's objectivity, fairness and love of justice, carried to the point of madness and suicide.

151 To use an apt analogy, sincere leftists (non-Jewish), are like gardeners who cannot bear to pull up weeds because they "feel for" the weeds. They can't bear to see the "weeds" of humanity pulled out of the productive gardens of society. Their emotional defense of the weeds finally leads them to the point where they are PRO-weed, and ANTI-GARDEN.

152 Only the Aryan White Man ever develops this "proweedism," this super-objective liberalism, which leads the victims to deny their own best interests and fight, (in many cases, heroically) for the "rights" of human weeds and trash.

153 All the rest of humanity, untouched by this basically Nordic ability to think and feel idealistically, unselfishly and objectively, goes about its business in the old-fashioned way of INSTINCT, with selfish singlemindness for their own welfare.

154 Nor can the White Man IMPOSE his idealism, order and civilization on lower peoples.

155 Whenever the White Man conquers a colored population, as in Haiti, and then leaves, also as in Haiti, the native colored population quickly sinks back to its natural squalor, injustice, stupidity and savagery, again as in Haiti.

156 WESTERN CIVILIZATION IS A RESULT OF THE NATURE OF THE WHITE MAN. Without the White Man, there IS NO Western civilization, no Western justice, no Western technology, no modern science or culture.

157 A dog barks because he is a dog.

158 A cat meows because it is a cat.

159 And a White Race produces Western "civilization" because it is a White Race.

160 When it is no longer White, it ceases to produce civilization, and, in fact, lapses into savagery and degeneracy.


162 Until 1900, this country was overwhelmingly Nordic -- -composed of the people of England, France, Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland, etc., all of whom are descended from the same northern human stock.

163 Although there are always some rotten elements, the majority of these people carried within them the basic urges which create and support fair courts and police systems, just government, honest politicians and statesmen, courageous and self-sacrificing fighters, good organizers, those who love truth for its own sake, energy and the will to work and produce, and all the other human qualities which have made America the greatest and richest land in history.

164 While America, composed mostly of these Nordic elements, was conquering and slaughtering the colored Indians it found as natives, it jealously guarded its shores against invasions of other races. Our immigration policies for two centuries rigorously excluded colored races and favored Whites.

165 So up until about 1850, we had a homogenous, White, relatively stable population - with the exception of the swarms of black slaves (who were held in rigid subjection).

166 Then a few Jews and damned fools loosed in our midst the first real germs of the racial disease which had already smashed every similar White civilization before, from ancient Egypt to Brazil. We allowed ourselves to fall prey to the poisonous liberal idea that perhaps colored races were only "White people with dark skins," and were only savage because they had never really had a "chance."

167 Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" -full of the most mawkish and naked propaganda on behalf of this "Negro equality" idea the world had ever seen. (Too few people know that Jewish publications boast that MR. Stowe, Harriet's husband, was not only a Jew, but also a rabbi - one of the endless number of name-changing Jews.)

168 Millions of otherwise intelligent Northern Whites, therefore (who had never seen or known anything about real black men), armed themselves and slaughtered more than a million of the best of the White Race in America on behalf of these Black people, in a suicidal "Civil War." Every nation that has tried to live in the same area with the Blacks, (even when the Blacks were kept in total slavery), has always wound up with its blood poisoned and mongrelized, and conquered by its inferior slaves.

169 After this White-blood-letting in the United States, the Blacks were not only turned loose, they were put over the White man as his governors in the conquered South.

170 Only the uprising of the Ku Klux Klan saved the South (and our race) from that unspeakable horror.

171 Taking advantage of the natural qualities of the Negro - superstition and stupidity - the Klan rode around at night in bed-sheets. The black half-animals took the sheeted Klansmen for "hants," "ghosts," etc. This, coupled with outright Klan violence and terrorism against "uppity" Blacks, soon restored White domination, order and civilization to the South. And when the average Northerner had seen and experienced the reality of the Blacks, he quickly sided with his Southern White brother - (which is why the Klan was able to survive and succeed.)

172 Our race still had the energy and unity to recover from the orgy of racial insanity of the Civil War. Even the most rabid liberal leaders of those days shrank from real race-mixing such as we have today.

173 President Lincoln never preached racial equality, nor any kind of mixing. In fact, Lincoln preached just the opposite - (another example of the way our modern, Jewized society lies to the people). Here are some of Lincoln's best utterances on the Negro, for instance:

174 "Negro equality! Fudge!! How long, in the government of a God, great enough to make and maintain this Universe, shall there continue knaves to vend, and fools to gulp, so low a piece of demagoguism as this."

175 (From Fragments: Notes for Speeches, September 1859, Vol. III, p. 399)

176 "Judge Douglas has said to you that he has not been able to get from me an answer to the question whether I am in favor of Negro citizenship. So far as I know, the Judge never asked me the question before. He shall have no occasion to ever ask it again, for I tell him very frankly that I am not in favor of Negro citizenship. Now my opinion is that the different States have the power to make a Negro a citizen under the Constitution of the United States if they choose. If the State of Illinois had that power I should be opposed to the exercise of it. That is all I have to say about it." (Speech at Springfield, Illinois on June 26, 1857, Vol. II, p.405-09)

177 "In the course of his reply, Senator Douglas remarked, in substance, that he had always considered this government was made for the White people and not for the Negroes. Why, in point of mere fact, I think so, too."

178 (Speech at Peoria, Illinois on October 16, 1854, during first Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Vol. II, p. 2S1)

179 "See our present condition - the country engaged in war! - our White men cutting one another's throats and then consider what we know to be the truth.

180 But for your race among us there could not be war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other . . . It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated

181 You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated." (Address on Colonization to a Deputation of Negroes in Washington, D.C. on August 14, 1862, Vol. V, p. 371)

182 "I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the White and Black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with White people, and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the White and Black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the White race."

183 (Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois on September 18, 1958, Vol. III, p. 145-46)

184 Every word attributed to Abraham Lincoln on these pages may be found in what is probably the most complete source of original Lincoln documents, The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Basler and published in 1953 by the Rutgers University Press in eight volumes plus an index.

185 Lincoln was not the first to preach racial separation, either.

186 The man who wrote "All men are created equal" in the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, wrote and thought the same thing as Lincoln.

187 As an example of how viciously our Jewized culture today lies to us, look at the inscription on the Jefferson Memorial.

188 "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate," wrote Jefferson, "than that these people (the Negroes) are to be free."

189 The inscription on the Memorial then STOPS - giving the impression that was the end of what Jefferson wrote, and what he meant.

190 But the rest of what Jefferson wrote in that sentence reverses this false impression. Here's the completion of the sentence left off the inscription: ". . . nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." (Letter to George Washington, Jan. 4, 1786)

191 The Jews, chart-forgers, and equalists, by eliminating all knowledge of our racial heritage, all knowledge of the source of civilization, all knowledge of the inferior, savage nature of the colored man, and all knowledge of the universal fate through all history of people who forgot these things, have succeeded in vastly accelerating the usual historical processes of racial degeneration and collapse.

192 Our modern generation, soaked in Jewish television, bombarded with Jewish progressive education, lied-to by Jewish newspapers, magazines and movies, poisoned by Jewish "morality" - or rather lack of it - deprived of any real home, family, beliefs and ideals, and finally ruled ruthlessly by Jewish-dominated toady politicians who pass vicious laws enforcing race-mixing with bayonets, has sunk to the point of racial degeneracy which took Rome five centuries to reach. Unless we can find some way to make our White people once more know themselves, realize who they are, what they are, and what the alien races of Jews and Negroes are doing to us, it will be forever too late!

193 Those who love Western civilization, justice, culture, and freedom must realize that these things are as much the exclusive product of the White Man as a bark is the product of a dog.

194 In fact, it is the super-objectivity - the fairness - of the White Man that makes him want to help the more unfortunate races, and makes him feel such overwhelming pity for the lower races that he has always destroyed himself in the effort to pull them up. No other race goes about the world trying to help others. It is always the White Man. And in the process of trying to "help," he is actually destroying the only thing that makes possible any justice, any nobility, any kindness and culture in this hard, cold world. He is destroying the White Race.

195 Let the White Race be destroyed, and the savagery, injustice, cruelty and superstition of the other races will quickly drag the world back to the jungle.

196 America is now the last bastion of the White Race.

197 Germany was that bastion, but the Jews got us to destroy Germany, and it is now powerless to fulfill its old role as the "bulwark against the East."

198 England has perished, in terms of energy and aggressiveness. She has turned over her colonial pioneers to Mau Mau cannibals everywhere on earth. She is welcoming the cannibals to her tiny British island, she is imprisoning those who object, and she is using everything except force against White Rhodesia to make White people submit to jungle savages. England is now so Jewized and enfeebled that, while she may revive enough to save the Whites there, it will take a century to restore her natural energy again. England cannot hope to lead the fight to save the White Race, when she herself is perishing.

199 France, Italy, Greece, etc., are too weak and Jewized even to want a revival.

200 There is no point in cataloging all the miseries of the other White nations under Jewish Bolshevism and liberal propaganda.

201 America is the last, the only hope for the salvation of all white people and therefore our civilization. Only in America is there still a large enough pool of raw, Aryan White blood with the wealth and power to lead a revival of our race.

202 If America falls finally and irretrievably into the hands of the Jews and Blacks, as England, France, Russia, and the rest of the Western world have already done, there will be no patch of ground left on this planet where even a few White men can or could get together and organize any kind of resistance to the final drowning of the White Race by the flood of inferior colored blood.

203 This is IT!

204 America is the last battleground of Armageddon.

205 We must reach the minds and hearts of our still energetic, still courageous, still racially excellent millions and millions of White Men - unite them as a race - in spite of religion, politics, geography, economics or anything else.

206 They must see that they stand on the precipice, the end of a million years of development of the great White Race -with the foot of the Negro and the Jew planted in their back and pushing.

207 They must be made to see that there is no issue on this earth as vital to them as the one issue the enemy won't let them talk about - RACE!

208 They must understand that everything we love and treasure, and almost everything of culture, civilization, justice, truth and nobility on this planet is a product of the great White Family - of which each of them is a part.

209 They must also see that we cannot afford the petty division of our great White Race into squabbling factions that hate each other. There are minor racial differences between White Men. And the Nordics is the ideal toward which we all must strive. But, compared to the vast gulf between any White Man, and the colored races, (especially the Africans) the differences between groups of White Men are almost invisible. Pole and German, Frenchman and Englishman, Italian and Lithuanian, Dane and Greek, American and Irishman, Swede and Spaniard - we are White Men - the last of the breed. We are brothers. We are surrounded and almost extinct. We dare not fight over minor differences while forgetting the greatest and most important difference on earth: the difference between us, the Whites, and them, the Blacks; between all White Men and the colored swarms which threaten to engulf and destroy our entire breed forever.

210 The color of your skin is your uniform in this ultimate battle for the survival of the West.

211 It is a matter of life and death that we find the energy, will, wisdom and diplomacy to reach the millions of "conservatives" who are spiritually on our side, but who are still blind to the issue on which all the others depend -breed, race.

212 Every single White civilization before us has perished in dark squalor because the Whites never realized that all other problems of economics, politics, theology, culture, etc., are child's games, compared to the fatal problem of RACE!

213 Our people are surrounded, discouraged, torn apart by childish squabbles, unconscious of who we are and what we are, sent scurrying into a thousand blind alleys by side issues of politics, economics, religion and culture, terrified even to mention the real racial problems which are destroying us, until we are facing a catastrophe unheard-of in all history.

214 Whenever before the Whites have suffered disaster -in India, Egypt, Brazil, etc. - there have always been places left on earth where the White race could breed true, and produce new energy and the seeds from which could spring a renewed White Race.

215 Today, the Jews, Bolsheviks and liberals have succeeded in a worldwide attack upon the White Race. They have left no hiding-place, no refuge for our breed to survive and replenish itself. Their United Nations has made it t crime of "genocide" even to mention these facts. Ai now they are pushing viciously for a world police for to enforce racial catastrophe under the name of "broth hood" and "equality."

216 A century of Jewish propaganda, Jewish brainwashing Jewish "equality," Jewish propagandizing of the "masses" against the elite, the Jewish domination of our race by the power of gold and Jewish debunking of our leaders has produced the ultimate horror upon the planet, a race of Whites who can hardly wait to destroy themselves in the name of "world brotherhood."

217 It is the inborn, basic nature of the White Race that alone can produce what we call Western civilization, which has, as a matter of fact, produced Western civilization and which alone can sustain Western civilization.

218 Emotional, tear-jerking propaganda about brotherhood and "love" can hide that fact. But all their slogans and propaganda cannot make it less of a fact.

219 On the other hand, it is the inborn, basic nature of the colored races, especially the African Black race, to be unable to develop, use or sustain Western civilization, because the drive to idealism, unselfishness, foresight, abstract, scientific thinking and cultural organization is not in the Negro. In fact, history has shown that whenever a civilizing White race has brought in dark people slaves and slowly mixed with them, the civilization of the White people collapsed exactly as fast as they became dark mixed, mongrel people.

220 If you want to see a classic scientific proof of the evil of this race mixing, compare the histories of North America and South America.

221 South America is as rich, or richer, in natural resources than North America

222 South America has as wide, or wider, range of climate, than North America.

223 South America is bigger than North America.

224 South America was settled before North America, and has had more time to grow and develop.

225 Why is South America not far ahead of North America in civilization?

226 Why do all the people of the world clamor to get into NORTH America, but few try to migrate to SOUTH America?

227 Why is North America now the "richest" continent on earth, while South America is still an "undeveloped," backward, starving continent, still containing headhunters and still largely a jungle?

228 You cannot claim this is because of "form of government," or because of "freedom," or any other reasons of economics, politics, theology, sociology, etc., because South America has had, and still has, all the things of this nature there are in North America. Most of the constitutions of Latin America are modeled directly, almost word for word, after the 'U. S. Constitution.

229 But most of South America remains, poor, chaotic, backward, dirty and "undeveloped" - as the liberals like to call the sorry, miserable colored races.

230 The only real difference between North America and South America is in the people - the RACES.

231 The people of North America are overwhelmingly WHITE - and mostly Nordic.

232 The people of South America are mostly dark - mixtures of native colored Indians, Negro slaves and Spaniards or Portuguese.

233 The English, Scandinavian, Scotch, Irish, French and German settlers of North America did not come only to loot and exploit and then return to Europe with their booty, as did the Spanish and Portuguese who came to South America.

234 The Nordics (or "Anglo-Saxons") who came to North America came to settle, and they therefore brought their women with them, and lived as families. Northern Whites largely exterminated the native, colored population.

235 The Spaniards, who came only as looters and exploiters brought very, very few of their women, and joined the colored natives.

236 Male human nature being what it is, Nature took its course.

237 In the North, the men produced more White Men, like themselves, mating only with their own women.

238 In South America, the Spaniards satisfied their lust on native Indian women, and later - the Negro slave women they imported from Africa. They produced vast numbers of stunted, stupid, brown mongrels.

239 That is not "hate" or "bigotry;" that is historical fact. And you can see the result for yourself if you visit South America.

240 In Brazil and the largest part of this vast Latin American continent, you will feel like some kind of foreign giant among colored pygmies when you walk down one of their streets. The population swarms with brown, murky-eyed, stunted and lethargic human creeps in baggy rags. Only where Northern energy and capital has moved in, as in the big cities, will you find what we would call "civilization." Wherever the native, mongrel population is left to itself, you will find filth, squalor, cruelty, incredible lack of morals or standards of conduct, political chaos, tyrants, laziness and the same kind of half-civilization you find in Africa, India and wherever the colored man rules.

241 These are cruel and brutal statements, perhaps. The heart of gentle folk rebels at their recitation. But the survival of Western civilization depends on their recital and their being burned into the minds of our people.

242 The mush-headed liberals, the Jews, the commies and the vast herds of brainwashed Americans are now doing to North America what the Spaniards did to South America.

243 And you can't afford to be tender hearted about this subject, because there is no way to correct a racial mistake, once we allow it to be made.

244 If we allow the idiots and conscious chart-forgers and ship-wreckers to make miserable little brown mongrels out of your grandchildren and their children, then you will make a South American jungle, too, out of our mighty, wondrous North American WHITE civilization.

245 Your people will drown in dark blood more surely than in all the oceans of the world. White people must be made conscious that they are all ONE FAMILY, with different branches of the family called Baltics, Nordics, Anglo-Saxons, Mediterraneans, Slavs, Dinarics, Alpines, etc. But no matter what branch of the family a White Man may be, he is infinitely closer to any of his other White brothers and sisters than to any of the colored races; and there is an unbridgeable gulf between ANY White Man and the miserable, half-animal Congo Negro who spawned the blacks in our midst.

246 Nothing on this planet is so precious to us, and should be so precious to the world, as the White "Master-Race" heredity that, alone, can produce and maintain justice, order, culture and White civilization.

247 Those Jews aid ape-like Negroes who plot to destroy that precious pool of White blood, and the "liberals" who help them in that plot, are murderers and exterminators of a whole race, - the greatest race which has ever walked the face of this planet.